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[/size]an old T-1 RP Bio Final-Getsuga-Tenshou-Wallpaper-9-788x1024-1
[size=13px]Full Name: Michael Arrancar Lokvir
Aliases: MichaelLokvir, Bro Bro, Michael, Michy
Arcana: Fire, Air
Age: 298 years ( aprox. )
Gender: Male
Species: Razorback Nightwing, with Shape Shifting Abilities
Origin: White Pinnacle Mountains
Gender: Male
Occupation: King of Lokvir's Kingdom of the ShadowRose

Physical Description
Height: Varies, Human Form roughly 7'0"
Weight: Varies, Human Form 176 Lbs
Hair:Varies, Human FormBlack/red
Eyes:Varies, Human Form Silver/Blood Red
Distinguishing Characteristics: Horns, Scales, Spikes,Battle tail , Wings,

Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: Mystra
Allies: Will be Announed
Enemies: Any Who Threaten Family

Father: JohnBloodHawk
Mother EmpressTammyThorodan
Grandfather: LordThorodan
GrandMother: Nefedita Thorodan
Children: Ren, Kisa, and Luna Lokvir

Siblings (Blood & adopted):
QueenFumikoThorodan married to TheZeaks
PrincessCheffyThorodan married to EzbakeThorodan
PrincessSolace(aka AvengingTearz)

zKinkyz aka Jenna


Dragons he has raised since they were babies:
Shurikan ( Shadow Black Dragon, eldest one )
an old T-1 RP Bio BlackDragonWallpaper
Elior ( Sky Blue Dragon, the most agile, Protector of MariAnarion)
an old T-1 RP Bio 44233-bigthumbnail
Bataan ( Ruby Red Dragon, the tough one )
an old T-1 RP Bio Red%20Dragon%20-%20Digital
Rydel ( Emerald Green Dragon, the most daring one )
an old T-1 RP Bio The-green-dragon-cross
Sapri ( Wingless Silver Dragon, the most powerful )
an old T-1 RP Bio Logindragon
Nialla ( Black Dragon, the baby, Protector of Kisa Morichan
an old T-1 RP Bio N_in_air_2
In the early 1700's, the cry of an ancient Dragon was heard, telling of the new life that was born on that day, as a young child, he was naturally fascinated with the animals in the kingdom. by the age of 28 he went out, to travel the world and pray at every gods altar, to see which ones are real, and which ones aren't, in Shadowdale, one Goddess answered his prayer, Mystra, goddess of all magic, she told him that he was chosen to wield her silver fire, a rare and powerful magic. By the age of 30 he came back home, to live in the kingdom, much changed. he usually roams the kingdom, singing to the plants and animals now.Michael is a nature lover by heart, he can usually be found near the roses of an area. he makes it his lives work to try and help others, even if its out of his power to do so. he is a kind person, but nothing enrages him more then an insult to friend or family, in which he becomes violent, another aspect he likes to keep to himself. Michael doesn't feed on normal people, instead using either vials of blood or taking the blood from those who are truly evil inside.

Razorback Nightwing

Razorback Nightwings are a Fading Race, but one of the most powerful and ancient of the Magic using Dragons.they are often Black, to the point of where your eyes seem to fall off them, no matter how hard you try to stare.
They are immune to all diseases and need little food or water to survive. All Razorbacks love ale and spirits.Growing in power as they grow older, both in raw physical might, and in mental and magical power. They are fierce fighters, and those attempting to battle them can expect to be bitten, raked with their fearsome claws, buffeted by the wings, and smacked by the long tail have keen senses, able to see clearly in low-light or complete darkness, and can even sense creatures that it cannot see. Each type of dragon has additional abilities and magical spells, often specialized to their chosen habitat and fighting style.- not to mention the various breath weapons, ranging from fire, ice, acid, or even electricity. Older dragons are also formidable spell casters, in addition to the various other supernatural abilities they possess

Razorbacks are the most powerful of the encountered Dragons. thier affinity is with the goddess of the Weave, Mystra, Goddess of Magic, they have peculiarities of using a Fire Unlike those of other Dragons, that of Mystra's Silver Fire.
Razorback Nightwings have shape shifting powers

When Razorbacks Are Killed, the magical energies that are inherent in their bodies are released in a death throe with spectacular and catastrophic effects. the blast of which can Leave the ground tainted for thousands of years

an old T-1 RP Bio Mystra

Mystra (pronounced MISS-trah), the Mother of all Magic, was the greater deity who guided the magic that enveloped Toril prior to the Time of Troubles. Mystra tended to the Weave constantly, making possible all the miracles and mysteries wrought by magic and users of magic. She was believed, as was her predecessor Mystryl and successor Midnight, to be the embodiment of the Weave and of magic itself. Mystra's symbol was a ring of seven stars surrounding a rising red mist, spiraling to the heavens, though her older and more often seen symbol was a simple seven-pointed star. Her divine realm resided in Dweomerheart.

Love magic for itself. Do not treat it just as a weapon to reshape the world to your will. True wisdom is knowing when not to use magic. Strive to use magic less as your powers develop, for often the threat or promise of its use outstrips its actual performance. Magic is Art, the Gift of the Lady, and those who wield it are privileged in the extreme. Conduct yourself humbly, not proudly, while being mindfull of this. Use the Art deftly and efficiently, not carelessly and recklessly. Seek always to learn and create new magic.


Michael Possesses the Power of a Mythical Fire called Silver Fire, a gift From the Goddess Mystra, as well as his Dragon and Vampire attributes, he has recently received a taint form a Dark god he escaped from, allowing him to use Shadow Fire and Void Fire
Michael uses Three different weapon styles:
Punishment and Reconciliation - these are the names hes given to his hidden Swords, each one made of a very tough metal known as Adamaxite, which is very, very dense and virtually endistructable, each sword is enhanced with runes that Michael has carved himself using Silver fire, adding to their durability in battle, as well as giving them a curious flame based attack

Shadowfire - this Two Handed Sword was made from Darkness itself, and can cut through most defenses quite easily, even magical ones, this sword stands roughly 6 feet in length, tho it can be made up to 8 feet if Michael puts Silver fire into the blade.

Silverlight and Darklight - These Two hidden assassin daggers are a mystery to everyone, it is unclear how they came into being, or what the runes on the blades are, the material is of an unknown metalloid, but everything Michael has placed it against has been sliced clean through, the blades themselves are only 1 and a half feet in length.

ShadowEdge - This Blade has a sort of odd Sheath, Michael's Right Arm. The Blade is actually as much apart of him as his hair, Altho it is infinitly sharper then most of his other weapons, to the point of where you can almost cut yourself just by looking at it. The blade looks like a trail of Black fire that forms in his hands, givin it the appearance of being insusbstantial. This Blade Stands at Five Feet Long, and is incredibly thin.

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