CW's Vintage RP Story: The Gods of Four and One

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CW's Vintage RP Story: The Gods of Four and One Empty CW's Vintage RP Story: The Gods of Four and One

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According to the Book of Divinity written by most priests all over the world, Eradia was created and governed by four gods that each controls certain element that shapes it.

The Four Foundations

Furion is the oldest of the gods and also the strongest. He commands the element of fire and have a matching raging temper to go with it. He is the patron of war, bloodshed and destruction. Nowadays he is mainly worshiped by gladiators, warmongers, murderers and soldiers. He have many wounds on him which could never be healed due to a duel with a legendary hero named Sesos the Savior. Although the wounds weaken him, he is still a powerful force to be reckoned with. People worship him by first offering him blood of a slain animal (sometimes beings) which was believed would help keeping him alive by replacing his lost blood. In return, he would grant them strength to overcome anything in this world. Priests pictured him as a strong red muscular titanic being with blood from his wounds constantly dripping on his left hand and holding a huge fiery battleaxe on his right. He have a fiery red hair which is poorly kept.

Maeldrim is the younger brother to Furion and also the most unpredictable. Water is his domain which reflects his calm and composed personality. He is also the most violent one when angered so he is often respected by his siblings. He is the patron of seafaring, fishing, traveling and life. He is commonly worshiped by sailors, fisherman, and healers. People worship him by pouring water into a bowl on his altar. Usually people pray to him for rain, calm sea, safe traveling and to heal from sickness. Priests always advise the worshipers to keep the bowl well watered. Leaving a dried bowl on his altar would displease him. Priests pictured Maeldrim as a handsome sea green colored middle aged man who holds a spear with a fish impaled on it and a pail of water on the other hand. He also have a bluish wet wavy hair.

Egon is the younger brother to Maeldrim. He is also the biggest and the brightest of the four. Earth is under his command which matches his hardiness and rough personality. He rarely gets angry but when he does, he leaves a trail of destruction. He is the patron of craftsmanship, invention, and hard work. Popularly worshiped by bards, smiths, carpenters, and inventors. People worship him by sitting on the ground while counting prayer beads which is commonly made by small stones. While the beads are counting, you make a wish and hope he grants them. Popular belief is that, if the beads were made out of precious stones or metal, Egon would hear your prayer louder. People usually pray to him for safety during working and to have inspiration. Priests pictured him as a large earth colored happy man with a big belly. He have shaved head and a thick gray long beard On his right hand he holds a large boulder on his head and on his left a smith's hammer.

The lovely and eternally beautiful Aerin is the youngest of the four. She controls the air domain and her power is the most versatile of them all. She can be easily angered but most of the time she is very caring and understanding. She is the patron of beauty, fertility and all kinds of art. Women, artists, musicians and dancers like to worship her. She gets along well with Egon since they both share some common values making the words “heaven and earth” a nice synergy. To worship her, you must offer her a lock of your hair or fur. Make a wish then blow it with the wind. Hopefully your wish traveled to her ears so she may grant them. It is said that those who offered her a beautiful lock hair will be added to Aerin's long hair which is believed would increase the chance of her granting your prayer. Priests pictured Aerin as an elegant young women with a very long silvery hair which flows with the wind and playing a harp.

The Creation of Eradia

According to the Tome of Creation, the four gods banded together to forge the world. The eldest of the gods, Furion, formed the core of the planet with fire.

Then came Egon, who created the land like mountains, hills and craters around the core and then filled it with metals and precious stones. It is also said that much of the creatures in Eradia were created by Egon like the animals, Delvers, and Varoneans to roam the land. Egon is also known to create trees and other plantations with the help of Maeldrim.

Maeldrim, filled the land with water, forming lakes, rivers and the sea. He also filled it with fishes, frogs and other water dwelling creatures to swim the waters.

Finally, Aerin, created the skies, clouds and wind to finish the creation. She also created the birds, Aerion people and other flying creatures to soar the skies.

Disaster Strikes

The world prospered with life living together in harmony and peace since the creation. However, after 1000 years, the inhabitants neglected to worship the gods. This greatly angered them and so they created disasters like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornado across the land. Many of the land were deformed and broken into small islands.

The most people of Eradia then began to curse the gods for bringing in disasters. This threw the gods into a rage. Furion had an idea that would bring the creations of the other three gods to their knees. He began to reshape and deform some of the creatures into monsters as well as creating scorched lands that later turn into deserts. Green pastures were plagued then turned into desolate wastelands with the help of Aerin and Maeldrim.

Egon who is most displeased of them all, filled some of his creations with rage, anger, and greed.
Not long after that, murder, corruption and war plagued the land. At long last, people began to fear the gods and returned to worship them.

War of the Gods

After the Age of Disaster, god worshiping restarted across the land. However, most worshipers picked favorites among the four gods instead of worshiping all of them at once. This causes jealousy among the gods. Furion never had any worshipers because he never created any creatures in Eradia. At this time, worshipers chose their creator to worship instead of the others.

So, Furion, stirred the world core and created volcanic explosions across the land. He also rain down fiery hailstorms upon major settlements across Eradia. People then began to fear Furion and started worshiping him instead of the other gods.

Egon who had the most worshipers began to retaliate and urged his priests to rally the people for war against those who left to worship Furion. The other two gods also joined the fray to take the opportunity to gain more worshipers for themselves.
And so, the first crusade began as the army of the four gods clash among each other in a great global war. Furion was the first to lose the battle but was able to win back his followers by granting his priests the power to manipulate fire. Victory were easily gained quickly and the tide of battle quickly fall into Furion's favor.

The other gods soon grant their priests with divine powers to combat their enemies. Egon gave his priests the ability to manipulate the earth. Maeldrim the ability to manipulate water, and Aerin the ability to manipulate the air. Battles then quickly intensifies as casualties have gone up higher and the world was torn asunder by destructive battles. Thus began the Age of Chaos that lasted for over 200 years.

Sesos the Savior

In the Age of Chaos, one individual being who was a Hadarin named, Sesos, prayed to all the gods to stop the conflict and bloodshed. After 30 days and 30 nights of praying, only Aerin answered his prayer as she have already grown weary of the senseless destruction that have been going around the world.

She took Sesos to see her in the skies and there she spoke of her desire to end the war. She also gave Sesos the power to command the air which can only be rivaled by her own powers. She also taught Sesos how to bend or wield the air to combat the various power of the other gods.

Duel with the Gods: Earth Quaking Battle with Egon

The only way to end the war was to defeat each of the other three gods in a duel. No being have ever thought to directly confront the gods let alone brave enough to fight them in a duel. Sesos decided to confront Egon since his powers could be defeated with Aerin's gift alone since his powers were not as powerful as Aerin to fight the others head on.

The battle took 3 days and 2 nights to end as Egon threw various combination of earth attacks against him. Sesos used Aerin's gift of wind to repel rocks from hitting him. Tornadoes were summoned to fling some of the boulders back to Egon. As Egon summoned a wall of mountains to protect him, that's where Sesos saw an opening to conjure up a lightning bolt to pierce through to strike down Egon. The mountain didn't rose up fast enough to block the faster lightning bolts and so Egon got hit.

Egon wasn't killed, only wounded but that alone was enough to defeat him. Egon was so pleased to be defeated by a being with lesser powers, he gave Sesos the power to wield the earth just as powerful as Aerin's gift to him. Egon too desires to be part of the effort to bring peace to the land, so he also taught Sesos how to bend earth to his will.

Duel with the Gods: Raging Tides Against Maeldrim

The next god Sesos went to duel with was Maeldrim since Furion refused to confront him until he defeats his younger brother. The battle took place in the middle of the ocean, so Sesos have to levitate most of the time to do battle. It took about 14 days to defeat Maeldrim since he have vast command over water.

Waves of tsunamis were swept towards Sesos and each time it was deflected by a wall of rocks summoned by Sesos thanks to his earth bending gift. Sesos cleverly maneuver around Maeldrim as he kept sending tsunamis against him and each time he does that, Sesos deflected it with a rock wall. It takes 11 days to setup a broad wall of rocks around Maeldrim. By the time Maeldrim realized what was happening, he changed tactics and began tossing a barrage of water balls towards Sesos.

Sesos made a mistake by conjuring a tornado in the middle of the ocean which he hoped to use it to defend against the new attack. Maeldrim grins and controls the water that were collected by the tornado to engulf Sesos. Luckily Sesos was able to surround himself with earth before he drowns.

Sesos had an idea while sitting in a ball of earth. He decided to use the wind to push the earth ball he is in to roll around the wall of rocks he created around Maeldrim. He circled around Maeldrim for 3 days to keep him guessing when he was going to strike him. Opportunity came when there was no moonlight around the ocean and it was pitch black. With Maeldrim unable to see where he might attack from, he summons bolts of lightning to distract him and attack Maeldrim from behind.

Maeldrim was able to react to the attack but doesn't have enough time to conjure a wall of tsunami thick enough to repel the high speed ball of earth flying towards him. Maeldrim crashes into the ocean and he was hurt at the head by that attack. Sesos emerged victorious with a bit of a headache since he have been rolling around in that ball of earth.

Maeldrim congratulated Sesos and agreed to end the war. In return for knocking him to his senses, Maeldrim gave Sesos the power to command water which would be powerful enough to be useful against Furion's powers. He only taught Sesos how to use the water to heal his wounds since much of the other techniques were already shown to Sesos during the duel.

Duel with the Gods: Furion's Fiery Fury

Furion is a proud and arrogant god. He never thought that a mere mortal would defeat him in a duel even with his sibling's lesser powers given to Sesos. He gave Sesos the option to choose the place to duel which he will later regret of giving. Sesos chose to do battle at a mountainous coastal area where there are plenty of air, earth and water to command.

Furion began by rising up five volcanoes around Sesos. Sesos managed to stop two of them from rising up by using a combination of earth and water to crush the volcanic mountains. Furion used this opportunity to barrage him with fiery balls which caught Sesos off guard since he was distracted. Sesos managed to dodged almost all of them by flying but one managed to hit him at his left leg.

Using the lesson taught by Maeldrim, Sesos healed his wound with water. This enraged Furion and he conjured a wave of lava towards him. Sesos countered it by summoning tsunamis to freeze the lava which then turned to rocks. Furion then wisely blast the rocks to pieces sending sharp rocky shards towards Sesos.

Sesos countered that by summoning a tornado to fling back the shards back to Furion but he managed to melt the rocks before it reaches him. Furion erupted the volcanoes causing a rain of fire to fall around Sesos. Unable to repel the large chunks of fiery rocks, Sesos surrounded himself with earth just like when he duel with Maeldrim. This was what Furion expected and that move gave him the advantage to mount an all out attack. He tried to overwhelm Sesos by covering his earthly shell by lava. Sesos realized that the lava is slowly melting the earth and he isn't powerful enough to freeze the lava faster than it melts his defenses.

The siege lasted for days and Furion felt that victory was near at hand. Sesos finally had an idea on the 30th day since the duel began. He burrowed the earth forming a tunnel which the lava would flow and follow the path he made. He stopped right below Furion who was unaware. As the lava have filled up the tunnel, the heat began to create a pressure which spins the ball of earth that protected Sesos. Sesos call in a bolt of lightning to crack open the earth and the earth ball flew to hit Furion from below. Furion was quick enough to dodge but the attack managed to hit him at his proud chin.

This further enrages Furion and so he threw every combination of fiery attacks towards Sesos. Sesos flew high up in the air where the temperature is at freezing level. He is safe at that height but he is also in danger of freezing to death himself. He muster up all of his energy to trap Furion by covering him with mountains of earth. Furion tried to use fire to smash the earth from the outside, but Sesos managed to pull Furion deep into the sea. Even though Furion was sealed underwater, he can still keep barraging Sesos with his attacks. So Sesos have to defeat Furion before he freeze to death.

On his dying breath he summoned a powerful bolt of lighting to strike the trapped Furion, sending a wall of earth and water crashing down onto Furion. Furion was finally defeated as the last attack gave him serious wounds which would last for an eternity. Furion never planned on stopping the war even though he would be defeated, but Sesos's sacrifice rendered him too weak to support the war.

The First Legend of Lore

Sesos may have sacrificed himself to end the Age of Chaos, but his name were forever written, sung and ultimately remembered as a legendary hero of the world. His frozen body were preserved by the gods who gave him power and placed in a tomb. The tomb is located on an island created by Aerin, Egon and Maeldrim which were later known as Sesos Island.

People of Eradia later made yearly pilgrimage to this island on the anniversary of his sacrifice to pay their respects and gratitude for what Sesos have done to save the world from certain destruction.

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