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Post by dead undead on Thu 31 May 2012, 20:46

I can no longer play DF, every time i try and log into the inner city, unity web player crashes the browser, and if I try and reopen the browser my whole laptop become unresponsive, I cant do anything at all and i end up having to turn it off at the main power.

I currently use chrome, so I tried using Firefox instead, but that still didn't work so I uninstalled unity, then reinstalled both unity and chrome, which still didn't work

I have also done a full virus scan with Norton which did find anything.
I didnt change anyhting for it to stop working, i just logged off for some lunch, then when i cam back and tried to log back on it wouldn't work.

Any suggestions on how to fix the problem would be appreciated

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Post by Chalkline on Fri 01 Jun 2012, 04:07

heres a couple of things to try,,,,,,

Try to manually update windows.....
Update your video card driver
if these do not work try deleting your error your version of windows on how to do this....
if all above fails.... then start trouble shooting your hardware starting with your CPU and then RAM.

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