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Post by Zyrok on Fri 13 Jul 2012, 12:20

Chapter 1- The Search

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Downtown City Centre
March 15th, 2001
0700 Local Time

In the distant horizon as the sun began to rise, a black Pelican with the registration F515 on its side flew past the glistening river and then landed near a ruined dock. Two UNSC marines jumped out with M16s followed by another marine holding a M21. Next, two more marines jumped off the Pelican, one holding a USP, and the other holding a Washington 870. As the marines took cover and set up a perimeter, the Pelican lifted off and flew past a couple of buildings before disappearing from the squad’s view.

A young man in his early twenties with the name “Zyrok” stenciled onto his flak jacket waved the group to huddle over. Zyrok slid his USP into his holster and took out a datapad from this utility belt.

“Another routine search and rescue gentlemen.” Zyrok called out to his men as he placed the datapad back to his belt.

“LT, this is the fifth time we’re out here and I’m feeling it’s another wild goose chase.” a slender tall man roughly in his mid-twenties voiced his thoughts out to the squad.

“Shut it. Quit complaining so much Hawkes.” a tough looking and muscular man wielding a Washington 870 eyed Corporal Jonathan Hawkes an evil stare.

“You don’t have to be so mean Sarge.” Hawkes put on a serious face after seeing Sergeant Major Fred Casey’s eyes.

“I’m game.” a young man in his early twenties with a calm composure loaded and cocked his M21.

“Good to see someone in the zone.” Casey smiled lightly at Corporal Mark Taylor.

“I sure could use the target practice.” Taylor looked into his scope and wiped the lenses with his shirt sleeve.

“You ready Private?” Zyrok lightly tapped a nervous man holding his M16 firmly pointed at the ground.

“I guess so sir.” the young man returned an uneasy look at Zyrok as he answered him.

“Aren’t you Zack Stevens, the nineteen year old who just finished your training?” Hawkes teased at the young man.

“Yes sir, I am.” Stevens answered with a nervous look.

“Leave him alone Hawkes, this is his first mission. You probably were like him when you first did your mission.” Zyrok spoke in a calm, but serious voice.

“Nah, I was a toughie.” Hawkes joked.

“Let’s get serious now. We’ve got work to do.” Zyrok took out his USP and started to walk.

“Double time marines. Keep it silent.” Casey hustled the marines to follow Zyrok.

The marines walked up a ramp and out the ruined dock. Zyrok approached a zombie and slammed the butt of his pistol to the zombie’s head. Then he grabbed the zombie’s head and twisted until there was a sickening crack. Hawkes walked over to the dead zombie corpse and nudged it with his boot. The squad continued to take out more zombies silently as they approached a mall.

“A mall…” Hawkes muttered under his breath.

“Open areas and many levels, this is a good target range.” Taylor grinned as he looked upwards with his scope.

“A distress signal was received three hours ago inside this mall. Taylor, you’re with me. We’ll search floors three and four. Casey, you take the rest and search floors one and two.” Zyrok commanded as he looked at the mall directory in front of the entrance.

Casey, Hawkes, and Stevens began to move towards a shop when suddenly a zombie ran out of the store and charged at them. Hawkes flipped his M16 and swung the butt of his gun to the zombie’s head. The zombie collapsed to the gun and dropped dead. Zyrok and Taylor walked up a broken escalator and signaled Casey to lead the team on.

“This is Zyrok, come in Casey, over.” Zyrok spoke into the RaidCall communications system inside his battle helmet.

“This is Casey, go ahead for Zyrok, over.” Casey replied on the RaidCall.

“Casey, take your team and loot supplies on the way, over.” Zyrok spoke back.

“Copy that boss, loot supplies on the way. Over and out.” Casey replied back.

Zyrok motioned Taylor to scout the area with his M21 as he reached into his belt and pulled out a bowie knife. Taylor looked around and then returned to Zyrok.

“Two zeds one o’clock and three more ten o’clock.” Taylor reported as he pointed to the direction of the zombies.

“I’ll take the group of three with my knife and you’ll take the group of two.” Zyrok looked at his reflection on the knife.

“Got it boss.” Taylor swung his rifle to his back and grabbed out a combat knife from his belt.

Zyrok crouched slowly along the wall until he came across the corner and looked at the zombies walking randomly. He rushed out to the closest zombie and slashed his knife at the zombie’s chest. He kicked the zombie over and then ran at the two zombies charging at him. He crouched down as a zombie swung at him and then tripped it. The zombie which Zyrok knocked down got up and sprinted at him while making vicious noises. Zyrok saw the sprinting zombie and threw his knife directly into the zombie’s forehead. Another zombie lunged at Zyrok, but Zyrok slid sideways and avoided the hit. Zyrok placed two hits with his fist to the zombie’s head and then kicked at the head of the zombie he tripped. He jumped to the back of the zombie and tackled to get control of its head. Within three minutes, Zyrok took out the three zombies. Zyrok turned his head to see Taylor just in time to see him clean cut a zombie’s head off. Taylor waved a thumbs up as he placed his combat knife back to his belt. Zyrok walked over to the dead zombie with his bowie knife stuck on his head and removed it with a light pull. He wiped the bloody stains on the dead zombie’s clothes before he placed the knife back onto his belt. Taylor walked over beside Zyrok and looked at the dead zombies.

“Nice throw LT.” Taylor complimented.

“Yeah, thanks.” Zyrok smiled lightly, “That took quite a lot of practice.”

“I would have preferred sniping.” Taylor patted his M21.

“Let’s finish checking this floor.” Zyrok motioned to move on.

* * *

Stevens held his M16 firmly as he approached the entrance of a sports shop. Hawkes stood ground outside the entrance and watched for zombies while Casey waved Stevens to follow inside. Casey noticed a zombie eating a corpse on the ground and walked up behind it with his shotgun in his hand. The zombie turned around and growled at Casey. Casey swung his shotgun and knocked the zombie to the ground. Then he slammed the stock of his shotgun into the zombie’s face and cracked the skull. Stevens stood motionless as he saw the zombie’s face beaten to pulp.

“You’ll get used to it. Either you kill them or be killed.” Casey spoke to the frozen Stevens.

“Got it sir.” Stevens replied uneasily.

“Hand combat is harder. Guns are easy, but they attract hordes.” Casey pointed at his shotgun.

Stevens walked over the empty sports racks and shifted over some piles of clothes and uncovered a golf club.

“Not a bad find.” Casey complimented as he searched the next few aisles.

Casey went over to the dusty cash register and slammed his shotgun on the machine and cracked it.
“No cash, huh.” Casey looked at the empty drawers with disappointment.

“Try the room behind it. It’s usually in a locked drawer.” Stevens pointed at a closed door behind Casey.

“Let’s find out.” Casey took a step back from the door and gave it a hard kick near the handle.

The door frame gave in and the door fell off its hinges. To their surprise, a mob of zombies poured out at them. Casey shoved his shotgun to hold back the swarming zombies, but got his shotgun taken away from his hands. Stevens swung his golf club franticly at the zombies, but it was no use.

“Fire at will.” Casey kicked at the zombies as he reached for his Lock 17 sidearm.

Stevens took one more swing and dropped his golf club before taking out his M16. Casey fired three rounds into the nearest zombie and then popped two rounds into another zombie. Stevens fired bursts into the crowd trying to hold the line. Suddenly, a couple of single shot fires came from behind Casey and Stevens and took out the swarming zombies.

“Figured you could use a hand there Sarge.” Hawkes grinned as he held a M16 with a smoking barrel.

“Thanks Hawkes.” Casey stood up and slid his Lock 17 into his holster.

Casey walked over to the shotgun he dropped and picked it up. Stevens stood frozen still holding his M16 pointed at where the zombies were standing before.

“We’re all alright now.” Casey patted Steven’s shoulder, “Thanks for the cover.”

“Oh, okay. Yeah, no problem Sarge.” Stevens lowered his gun and wiped off a sweat from his forehead.

Casey walked into the room and flipped over a drawer. He picked up the golf club Stevens dropped and bashed at the locks. After a couple bashes, the lock broke and Casey pried it open.

“Cash! Looks like you’re right Stevens.” Casey grabbed a pouch full of bills and begun to count them.

“Looks like you do know something after all.” Hawkes joked.

“I was a civilian before the outbreak.” Stevens relied.

“Three…hundred…make it four hundred and twenty dollars.” Casey counted the bills.

“Not bad, the zombie mob was not expected.” Hawkes pointed at the dead zombies with his M16.

Casey stuffed the money pouch into his backpack and then handed the golf club to Stevens.

“Keep it, you found it.” Casey passed the club over.

“Thanks.” Stevens took off his backpack and shoved the golf club into it.

“Let’s go search the other stores.” Casey waved at Hawkes to exit the store.

The group exited the sports ship and went to a food store. There were broken glass everywhere on the ground and spilled cans on the ground.

“Watch your feet gentlemen.” Casey waved his men.

“Sarge, need me to watch the entrance?” Hawkes asked as he checked his ammo in his gun.

“Sure, that would be great.” Casey thanked.

“Stevens, scavenge whatever supplies we can get.” Casey pointed at the cans on the ground.

“Copy that Sarge.” Stevens acknowledged with a nod and begun to pick up cans.

Hawkes stood at the entrance and looked left and right. He saw two zombies walking on his left towards him. He decided to wait until the zombies got closer so he could take them out silently. As the zombies moaned and growled towards him, he noticed one of the zombies was the mall security guard.

“Nice looking Kevlar vest.” Hawkes examined the zombie and took out his combat knife.

Hawkes charged at the security guard zombie and shoved the zombie to the ground. Then he went up to the next zombie and kneed it to its spine followed by a slash to the zombie’s neck. The security guard zombie got up and growled loudly and ran at Hawkes. Hawkes shoved the knife into the zombie’s open mouth until it came out the other side. Without breaking a sweat, Hawkes had taken out the two zombies in less than two minutes. Hawkes crouched to the dead zombie and took off the Kevlar vest.

“Brand spiffin’ new.” Hawkes examined the armor and put it into his backpack.

Stevens picked up a crushed box of crushed cereal and examined it. He turned it upside down and some moldy cereal dropped out. He dropped the box with disgust and picked up a tin can.

“Baked beans aren’t that bad…right Sarge?” Stevens hollered over an aisle.

“Better than eating nothing.” Casey replied back as he threw an empty soda can onto the ground.

“This is Zyrok, how are things going so far Sergeant?” Zyrok’s voice spoke on the RaidCall.

“Lieutenant, we had encountered a mob of zombies and had to go weapons free. So far we’ve managed to keep ourselves silent as possible sir.” Casey reported back on the RaidCall.

“Copy that, safety’s first. If you feel the need, go weapons free. How’s the search coming along?” Zyrok asked.

“We managed to loot some weapons and food, but still no signs of life here LT.” Casey spoke on the RaidCall while he searched the aisles in frustration.

“Roger that Sergeant, no luck here on our end as well. We’ve got some snacks and a couple of plasters. Zyrok out.” Zyrok spoke with some disappointment.

“Looks like we need to move on.” Casey hollered to where Stevens was.
“You got it Sarge, on my way out to meet up with Hawkes then.” Stevens shuffled slowly on the broken glass.

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Chapter 2- The Tour

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
March 15th, 2001
0800 Local Time

“This is Foxtrot 515 requesting permission to land, over.” Corporal Mike Stewart spoke on the RaidCall while leveling the Pelican for the landing approach.

“This is base, you are cleared for landing on platform Bravo, over.” a man replied back on the RaidCall.

“Copy that base, landing on platform Bravo.” Stewart acknowledged as he adjusted the heading of the Pelican towards platform Bravo.

The Pelican flew past a heavily fortified concrete wall and then slowly descended on the platform.

Stewart pressed some buttons and flipped some switches off before exiting the cockpit. He walked out the back of the Pelican and was greeted by two marines dressed in officer uniform.

“Sir, ma’am.” Stewart saluted the officers and held a firm stance.

“At ease Corporal.” a middle aged man roughly in his mid thirties bearing the insignia of a Captain approached Stewart.

“What can I do for you Captain Friedsam?” Stewart asked as he eyed the female officer.

“Stewart, I would like to introduce Lieutenant Jane Forester from the Seattle Outpost. She’s here to evaluate how we are doing and to contact High Command of our zombie eradication progress of Vancouver.” Friedsam introduced Forester to Stewart.

“Nice to meet you Lieutenant Forester.” Stewart offered his hand.

“Nice to meet you too Corporal Stewart.” Forester took his hand and shook it.

“Stewart, I’ll let you show Forester around. I’ve got to head to the command post to get updates about our deployment of our forces in the Surrey sector.” Friedsam saluted Forester and Stewart before taking off.

“What’s this deployment in Surrey all about?” Forester asked out of curiosity.

“It’s an extermination operation as we attempt to regain control of the city of Surrey, ma’am.” Stewart explained.

“Ah, I see. How much forces are stationed here?” Forester asked as she looked at some marines patrolling the concrete wall.

“A significant amount of troops. We have the 10th and 12th Company deployed from the 701st Battalion.” Stewart pointed to his 12th Company badge sewed on his shirt sleeves.

“So are you a pilot?” Forester pointed at the Pelican Stewart landed.

“Yes ma’am I am.” Stewart nodded, “I am Lieutenant Zyrok’s pilot.”

“Zyrok, that name sounds uncommon.” Forester repeated the name, “Is that his real name?”

“I only know that everyone calls him Zyrok and that his first name is Charlie.” Stewart answered to the best of his ability.

“Let me take you to our War Room.” Stewart motioned Forester to follow him.

Stewart led Forester past an open field and came across a small concrete building. At the entrance stood two marines holding M16s. When Forester appeared at the entrance, both the marines saluted and opened the door for her. Stewart walked to another door and looked into a retinal scanner. The door slid open and Stewart waved her to come inside.

“Welcome to the War Room.” Stewart opened his arms in front of a big screen showing video footage of an ongoing zombie extermination.”

Behind Stewart were ten marines sitting on their computers and talking to their headsets. A marine entered the room and approached Forester.

“This is Sergeant Major Thomas Shields from the War Room. How can I help you Lieutenant…” a middle aged man in his late thirties greeted Forester and looked at her name tag.

“Forester, Jan Forester from the Seattle Outpost. Are you in charge here?” Forester asked Shields.

“Yes ma’am, I am. You’ve come a long way. What can I do for you?” Shields offered her help.

“What kind of operations are currently going on?” Forester asked as she took out a notepad from her pocket on her right thigh.

“Well, currently we’re doing an extermination at Surrey as you can see there.” Shields pointed at the big screen map indicating all ground and air units.

“Okay, how’s that going so far?” Forester jotted down some notes.

“We’ve managed to gain ground of the northeast and southeast of Surrey. The dense population in the center makes it hard for us to easily walk in and take it back.” Shields reported as he waved his hand on the map indicating where the infected were.”

“Okay, any other ongoing operations?” Forester asked after taking down notes of the extermination operation.

“We have Echo Squad doing a search and rescue at downtown Vancouver.” Shield looked at a monitor beside him.

“Echo Squad?” Forester asked out of curiosity.

“Oh, that’s Lieutenant Zyrok and his men.” Shields enthusiastically answered.

“Speaking of that…Stewart, can you get the Pelican ready to pick them up in two hours at the extraction point?” Shields requested.

“You got it SM.” I’ll go do maintenance checks on it then.” Stewart replied and turned around.

“Stewart, wait for me before you takeoff in two hours. I want to assess the downtown area.” Forester grabbed Stewart’s shoulders.

“Sure, no problem Lieutenant. See you later.” Stewart saluted and headed out the War Room.

“Any more operations Sergeant Major?” Forester asked as she looked around.

“Fire Team Kilo is coming back from their loot run in Burnaby in half an hour. That’s pretty much it.”
Shields replied as he typed something on one of the empty computer stations.

“Okay, thank you for your help.” Forester thanked and put her notepad away.

“Anytime Lieutenant. Let me know if you have any more questions.” Shields walked her to the entrance of the War Room and saluted goodbye as the doors slid closed.

Forester walked down an empty hallway and came across a room with stairs leading up. She thought for a moment and decided to go upstairs and look around. She approached the second level and opened the door. She noticed a lot of marines crowding around an entrance and wanted to see what the commotion was all about.

“Officer on deck!” a man standing outside the entrance who appeared to be a Sergeant noticed Forester approaching.

All the men in the room stood up and shut their mouths as Forester entered.

“At ease soldiers.” Forester spoke out loud.

“What brings you here Lieutenant?” the Sergeant asked.

“I’m just touring the facilities. I’m assuming this is the Mess Hall?” Forester asked as the marines around her resumed back to chatting and playing cards.

“That’s correct ma’am. I haven’t seen you here before. Are you new here?” the Sergeant asked politely.

“Yeah, I’ve come from the Seattle Outpost to take a look here at this outpost and to report back to High Command.” Forester responded swiftly.

“Well then. Welcome, I’m Sergeant Jonathan Stokes from Fire Team Tango.” Stokes offered his hand.

“I’m Lieutenant Jane Forester.” Forester shook his hand.

“To be honest Lieutenant, the Mess Hall isn’t a good place to start your report of the outpost.” Stokes smiled as he pointed at the garbage lying on the ground.

“Oh that’s fine, I’ve seen worse.” Forester laughed lightly.

“You should go check out the Command Center and the War Room. Cool stuff there ma’am.” Stokes suggested.

“I’ve seen it already, it’s not that bad. Do you have an armory?” Forester asked.

“We have it in the building next to us.” Stokes pointed at the window in the Mess Hall.

“That one?” Forester asked as the looked at the building adjacent to it.

“Yup, I’ll get someone to take you there if you like Lieutenant.” Stokes offered her assistance.

“That would be appreciated.” Forester smiled warmly.

“Hey Stanley!” Stokes shouted across the room.

“Yeah Sarge?” a young short man stood up and approached Stokes.

“This is Lance Corporal Neil Stanley from my Fire Team.” Stokes introduced Stanley to Forester.

“Greetings ma’am.” Stanley saluted.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Lieutenant Forester.” Forester saluted back.

“Take the Lieutenant to the armory next door Stanley.” Stokes ordered.

“Got it Sarge.” Stanley acknowledged as he stood beside Forester.

“I’ll leave you two folks to it then.” Stokes saluted to Forester and walked into a group of marines playing cards to tell them to pick up their garbage.

Stokes watched Stanley lead Forester out the Mess Hall and walked around to two marines sitting on a couch.

“Who’s your new girlfriend Sarge?” a middle aged man with a chubby look blurted it out as Stokes approached them.

“None of your business Corporal Michaels. She’s not your league.” Stokes eyed an evil stare.

“Hell, it’s pretty damn hard to find a female in the UNSC.” Michaels complained.

“Guess you’ll just need your hand and some magazines.” the other marine who appeared to be a bit older than Michaels sat on the couch and sipped his lemonade.

“Why you little…” Michaels stood up with an angry face.

“You want to go? I’ll take you on anytime.” the marine stood and put his lemonade down on the ground.

“Corporal Michaels and Corporal Wilson, take a seat and cool your jets!” Stokes intervened with an angry voice.

“Yes sir!” Wilson responded and sat down.

“Yes sir, but he asked for it.” Michaels replied and sat down with an upset face.

“That’s true, but did I get upset and all rowdy when you made the comment about the female lieutenant as my girlfriend?” Stokes asked.

“Fine, you win Sarge.” Michaels gave up.

“Sarge always wins.” Wilson smiled as he took a sip from his lemonade.

A young man ran into the Mess Hall and approached Stokes.

“Sir, Captain Yashin requests your presence at his office.” the young man saluted him as he passed the message.

“Thank you Private Hemmings. I’ll be on my way in just a minute.” Stokes looked at Michaels and then Hemmings.

“Better not be a complained from the LT joke you made or you’re screwed man.” Wilson joked at Michaels.

“I’ll be back gentlemen.” Stokes laughed and walked out with Hemmings.

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Post by Warheero on Mon 16 Jul 2012, 13:11

awesome keep up the good work

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Post by Zyrok on Mon 16 Jul 2012, 14:52

Thanks for your support War!

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Post by Zyrok on Tue 17 Jul 2012, 16:46

Chapter 3- Be Careful What You Wish

Auburn, Washington, USA
UNSC Communications Relay Station
March 15, 2001
0930 Local Time

Corporal Jason Milo sat on his chair staring at the radar. He took out his clipboard and took note of the blips he saw on the radar. He jotted down the number and resumed to stare at the screen. A middle aged man with a beard walked over to Milo and took a seat beside him.

“Same old same old Sarge. Just a few zombies walking around.” Milo turned and spoke to the man.

“Good. You take some rest Milo, you’ve been staring at that screen for three hours.” the Sergeant patted his back.

“You know Sarge, the three of us have been stationed here for four months. We should get in on the action.” Milo stood up and waved at a young man sitting by a computer typing.

“I agree with Milo, Sarge.” a man overheard and shouted as he continued to type.

“Just finish that report Private Tyler and you can get your rest.” the Sergeant shouted back.

“Got it Sarge.” Tyler put on a serious face and resumed to type his report.

Milo went to the kitchen and poured himself some hot coffee. He grabbed the cup and headed up the stairs to the rooftop. He looked at the clear skies and then looked at the horizon. The city of Tacoma was in smoke and the buildings damaged. He looked around and found a stool to sit on. Milo was tired of being stationed here at the station. Everyday he would get up, look at the monitor, do reports, sit on the roof and do nothing, and then go back to sleep for the next day. Milo wanted to join the action and fight alongside his brother, Corporal Daniel Milo. It’s been one year since Milo has seen his brother. All he knew was that he was serving in the 7th Company stationed at the San Francisco Outpost. Milo took a sip of his coffee and thought about the life before the apocalypse. Suddenly the alarm bell went off and Milo jumped up from his seat. He knew the alarm meant there was a horde of zombies coming to the station.

“Finally, we’ve got some action.” Milo cheered himself up as he drank all his coffee and headed downstairs.

“Here, grab this Milo.” the Sergeant handed Milo a UMP.

“Thanks Mitchell.” Milo took the UMP from the sergeant.

“Tyler, you watch the entrance with your SA80.” Mitchell pointed at the sealed front door.

“Copy that sir.” Tyler hurried off.

“Milo, you and I will take them out from the top.” Mitchell swung his MSG-9 over his shoulder.

“This will be like shooting fish in a barrel.” Milo flipped the safety switch off and walked up the stairs.

Mitchell laid his MSG-9 on the roof edge to steady his aim while Milo stood beside him holding his UMP.

“How many?” Milo asked as he saw a horde of zombies slowly moving towards them.

“Radar showed us around fifty.” Mitchell replied.

“Great, fifty versus three.” Milo put on his game face.

“We have higher ground and we have weapons.” Mitchell reassured Milo.

“I see them coming.” Milo pointed at the horde approaching their fence.

“I’ll take them out first.” Mitchell aimed his sniper rifle at the horde.

Mitchell fired five rounds and took down five zombies. He looked at the horde becoming more aggressive and waved at Milo to shoot. Milo fired a couple of rounds into the horde and looked as the zombies fell down one by one. Mitchell resumed sniping and grabbed out a magazine from his pocket. As the two men fired at the horde, the bodies began to pile up. The bodies were starting to become a ramp over the chain linked fence.

“Get ready Tyler.” Mitchell spoke on the RaidCall.

“Copy that Sarge. Locked and loaded.” Tyler replied back on the RaidCall.

Milo emptied out his magazine and placed a fresh clip into his UMP. The gun was providing a good cover fire, but the zombies continued to scale the fence. Mitchell placed his MSG-9 on his back and took out his Lock 17 and started firing at the horde of zombies.

“Pistol’s way better than a sniper at this range.” Mitchell fired as the zombies climbed over the fence.”

“I’ll lay down some cover for you.” Milo fired a bit faster at the oncoming zombies.

“Couple more left. We can get Tyler to assist us.” Mitchell scanned at the remaining mob of zombies.

“Tyler, open the main entrance and assist in taking out the remaining zombies. Be careful Private.” Mitchell spoke on the RaidCall.

“Copy that boss, on it.” Tyler spoke on RaidCall with enthusiasm.

From the rooftops, Mitchell fired his pistol at the zombies near the entrance while Milo provided a light cover on the climbing zombies. The door below them slid open and Tyler walked out with his SA80 in his hand. He fired bursts of three at the nearest zombie and then whacked a zombie with the butt of his gun before placing a round into its head. In less than a minute, the marines had cleaned all the zombies and regrouped at the entrance.

“Nice work gentlemen.” Mitchell congratulated his men.

“This is the first time they got past the fence.” Tyler looked at the dead zombie corpses on the ground.

“Let’s clean up people. Milo, you take all the corpses and throw them outside our base. Tyler, you do a perimeter check and see if all fences are good or need repair. I’ll go load up our magazines and watch our radar in case anything gets here again.” Mitchell directed his men.

“Yes sir.” the men replied in unison and walked off to begin their duties.

“Finish early and we’ll have lunch early.” Mitchell shouted as he headed outside.

Kent, Washington, USA
Near Kent Elementary School
March 15, 2001
0950 Local Time

Thirty five year old Danny Millows and his twelve year old son Patrick walked on the streets searching for food. It’s been two days since they had food. They headed back to a barricaded home and rested on the couch.

“Dad, I think we should go to Tacoma. It’s a big city there and there must be some food.” Patrick rubbed his belly.

“Patrick, the bigger the city, the more zombies there are. We should go to Auburn instead.” Danny suggested, “It’s easier for us to survive there.”

“Sure Dad, any place will do as long as we get food.” Patrick nodded his head in agreement.

“Auburn is a couple of mile. We can use whatever gas we got at the house for the car and head there on a one way trip or we can try walking there.” Danny told his son the options.

“I don’t think I can walk that much with an empty stomach” Patrick looked sad.

“I know, but it’s a gamble with the last bit of fuel we got left in hope of food.” Danny looked at his son and explained.

“Mommy would have wanted us to drive.” Patrick looked upset.

“I know she would have.” Danny felt tears in his eyes, but held himself from crying.

It’s been one month since he had lost his wife to the zombies. They were at the community center looting for supplies when they got attacked. She got bit and had gotten infected. Danny remembered when his wife asked him to kill her before she became a zombie. He remembered how he promised to continue living and to protect their son.

“I hate zombies Dad, Mommy would have been alive if it wasn’t for them.” Patrick punched the ground.

“Me too Patrick. Me too.” Danny focused on the present and then stood up on the couch.

“Come on Patrick. Let’s pack what we can carry and drive to Auburn.” Danny told Patrick as he handed him a backpack.

“I’ll get our weapons and our medic kit.” Patrick rushed off upstairs.

“I’ll get the last remaining gas and fuel up our car then.” Danny went to the kitchen to find fuel.

Danny looked around the pictures on the wall and smiled. He saw pictures of his son growing up and pictures of his wife on their honeymoon. He took down a family portrait and placed it in his backpack. He crouched under the kitchen sink and took out a tank of gasoline. He opened the lid and peered inside.

“Less than half a tank.” Danny examined and closed the lid.

Danny looked around the countertops and placed two chef knifes into his backpack. He picked up the tank and walked into the garage. He went to his tool box and took out nails and a claw hammer. He looked at the mini storage unit he made for his wife and opened it. He grabbed three flares, five candles, and one BBQ lighter.

“Dad, I’m done.” Patrick stood at the garage door entrance.

“Good, put your backpack into the car.” Danny pointed at a burnt orange sedan.

“Oh, I forgot to take the fire poker.” Patrick dropped his backpack and ran back into the house.

Danny opened the fuel door on his sedan and emptied the tank into the car. He looked at the fuel meter in his car to realize that it only had one quarter of his fuel tank filled.

“Hopefully, it should be enough.” Danny thought and reassured himself.

Patrick rushed back into the garage with a fire poker in his hand and then sat down at the back seat of the car.

“You ready?” Danny placed his backpack at the passenger seat.

“Yes Dad.” Patrick spoke with excitement.

Danny walked to the garage door and lifted the door. He looked left and right for zombies.

“Coast is clear.” Danny smiled and got into the driver’s seat.

Danny turned the ignition and locked the doors. The car slowly went on the road and then sped up on the empty street. Danny swerved a couple of times to avoid hitting zombies walking down on the streets and then turned onto a ramp onto the highway headed for Auburn. Danny drove on the highway past a couple of broken cars and then glanced at the backseat. Patrick was asleep holding his backpack as the sun bathed on his cheeks. Danny entered the outskirts of Auburn and passed a ruined airport. He exited down the ramp and headed towards the outer rural communities in Auburn. He continued driving down a street until he came to a forest. He parked his car and looked at the tank. The empty tank lit up on the dashboard and Danny frowned. He turned off the engine and woke up Patrick.

“Our fuel is near the bottom.” Danny picked up his backup and slung it over his back.

“Are we there?” Patrick rubbed his eyes.

“Almost, I think we can take a look around. This forest looks clear of zombies.” Danny grabbed a chef knife from his backpack.

Suddenly, sniper shots echoed near the forest followed by machine gun firing.

“Get down.” Danny shouted as he crouched next to the car.

Patrick ducked behind the car and grabbed his fire poker. The gun shots continued to fire from behind their car, but no bullets flew at them. After a couple of minutes, the firing died down.

“If there was shooting, there must be other survivors and that means there’s got to be a base.” Danny said.
“Or zombies got them like Mommy.” Patrick looked frightened.

“Don’t worry, let’s check it out. If it doesn’t look safe, we’ll head back to the car and go elsewhere.” Danny stood up and looked around.

Auburn, Washington, USA
UNSC Communications Relay Station
March 15, 2001
1200 Local Time

Mitchell walked to the radar and looked. Two friendlies near the buildings and two blips near the outer perimeter. He studied at the two blips’ movement and looked as one blip moved first and then followed by the other.

“That must be human.” Mitchell examined.

“Tyler and Milo, be ready for two friendlies approaching our station.” Mitchell spoke on the RaidCall.

“Copy that Sarge.” Milo replied back.

“You got it boss.” Tyler responded with enthusiasm.

Mitchell grabbed a set of binoculars beside his desk and headed for the rooftops. Mitchell looked into the binoculars at the edge of the forest and noticed a man and a child running towards their station. He waved his hand back and forth at them in hopes to catch their attention.

“I see them Sarge.” Tyler spoke on the RaidCall.

“Go and bring them in.” Mitchell ordered.

“On it sir!” Tyler spoke back.

Mitchell watched as Tyler run towards the two survivors and huddled them towards the station. Mitchell rushed down the stairs and saw Tyler talking to the man and the child.

“That’s my Sergeant.” Tyler introduced Mitchell to the two survivors.

“Sergeant Steve Mitchell.” Mitchell offered his hand.

“Danny Millows and my son Patrick.” the man shook Mitchell’s hand and patted Patrick’s shoulders.

“Welcome to the UNSC Communications Relay Station.” Mitchell placed his binoculars onto the desk.

“I’m all done Sarge.” Bodies are removed.” Milo spoke on the RaidCall.

“Excuse me sir, do you have any food?” Patrick asked politely.

“Of course we do. Tyler, show them to the kitchen.” Mitchell spoke to Tyler.

“Thank you so much Sergeant.” Danny thanked as Tyler led them to the kitchen.

Milo entered to the room and walked up to Mitchell.

“Milo, go have some lunch and introduce yourself to them in the kitchen. I’ll watch the radar.” Mitchell sat down next to the radar.

“Thank you, sir.” Milo hurried off with a smile on his face.

Mitchell looked at the computer screen and then heard people chatting loudly.

“This place is going to be livelier.” Mitchell smiled at his thought.

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Loving the read!! <3 <3

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Post by Zyrok on Thu 19 Jul 2012, 12:04

Chapter 4- An Unexpected Turn

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Pacific Center Mall
March 15th, 2001
0900 Local Time

Hawkes and Casey entered the hardware store on the second floor. It was semi-barricaded at the front with blocked windows. It took Hawkes and Casey quite some difficulty to squeeze inside.

“Hello! Anyone here?” Casey hollered assuming that the hardware store was a makeshift holdout.

“I don’t hear anyone and it’s dark.” Hawkes turned on his flashlight attached on his M16.

“Private Stevens, come inside and watch the entrance.” Casey spoke on the RaidCall.

“Roger that, I’m coming in.” Stevens spoke back on the RaidCall.

Casey turned on his flashlight on his shotgun and pointed it at the entrance they squeezed through. Stevens’ head popped in and then he squeezed inside.

“Take point here.” Casey shone his light at the entrance, “We’ll go take a look.”

Casey and Hawkes slowly walked past some broken boards and furniture and then split up in different aisles. Casey swept his gun back and forth as he advanced down the aisle. Hawkes panned his gun left and right as he walked down aisle by aisle. Casey turned to a closed door and slowly reached the handle. Casey wanted it to be stealthy and not be like the mistake they had made in the sports store. He slowly turned the handle and pushed the door open slowly. He stuck the barrel of his gun forward and turned his head in. The light revealed a radio, food, and bottles of water.

“There are survivors here.” Casey told himself as he picked up some water bottles and food and placed it into his backpack.

Hawkes continued to sweep the aisles and reached the storage room. He steadied himself as he poked his gun into the darkness. He approached a heavy duty metal door and heard some whispers. Stevens stood his ground and looked around as he shone his light at the cash registers. He suddenly turned around to the entrance thinking that he had heard a noise. He tightened his grip on the gun and walked forward. Click. Stevens froze as he felt a gun barrel touch the back of his helmet.

“Freeze!” a man said from behind Stevens. “Drop your weapon.”

“We’re here to help.” Stevens lowered his M16 and placed it onto the ground.

“Turn around slowly.” the man ordered as he nudged his gun at Stevens’ back.

Stevens turned around and saw a man holding a Webster 1942.

“Who are you?” the man asked.

“Private Zack Stevens from the UNSC, sir.” Stevens pointed at his name stenciled on his flak jacket.

“Thank goodness, I thought you might be those looters who steal from other survivors.” the man lowered his gun.

“We’ve received a transmission and we’re on a search and rescue mission.” Stevens said.

“I’m Tim Owens, the last survivor here.” the man looked relieved.

“What happened to the others?” Stevens asked.

“A horde was roaming here and got them all.” Tim looked upset.

“Well, let’s get going then. I’ll notify my Sergeant.” Stevens looked around and then decided to use RaidCall.

“Sarge, I’ve found the last remaining survivor. He’s with me at the entrance.” Stevens spoke on the RaidCall.

“That’s great. Regroup at the entrance and I’ll notify Zyrok.” Casey commanded.

“What about my stuff?” Tim pointed at a direction down the aisles.

Suddenly, a series of machine gun fire echoed from the back of the store.

“Run now!” Hawkes ran out of the storage room spraying at a horde of zombies chasing after him.

“Forget your stuff! Get outside first.” Stevens picked up his M16 and dragged Tim out the entrance.

As Hawkes ran towards the entrance, Casey slid beside him and pumped three rounds into the crowd.

“Go!” Casey shouted.

“Got it.” Hawkes squeezed out of the entrance and quickly reloaded his M16.

“Zyrok, do you read over?” Stevens spoke on the RaidCall.

“Loud and clear. What’s the noise downstairs?” Zyrok spoke back and asked.

“A horde of zombies are attacking us. Request backup on the second floor hardware store next to the elevators.” Stevens called for help.

“Copy that, we’re on the way.” Zyrok replied.

Casey squeezed out the entrance quickly as the zombies attempted to pull him. Hawkes laid down a heavy cover to hold the zombies from pouring out. The barricade gave way and the horde poured out.

“Run!” Casey shouted as he fired his shotgun.

Stevens and Tim ran towards the escalators next to the elevators and realized there were more zombies running upwards.

“Bottom is compromised!” Stevens fired bursts at the oncoming zombies.

“Head up, Zyrok can cover us.” Casey ordered.

Hawkes emptied his gun and placed a new clip and headed to the escalators.

“Go, go, go.” Hawkes tapped Stevens’ shoulder and took his place holding the zombies from coming up.

Stevens reloaded his gun and ran up the escalators.

“Clear!” Stevens shouted.

Casey and Time ran up the escalators and stood next to Stevens.

“Hawkes, get up here. Cover fire people.” Casey shouted.

Hawkes stopped firing and slung his gun over his back as the zombie horde and the mob of zombies downstairs ran at him. Hawkes ran up the escalators while the men laid down heavy support fire. When Hawkes reached the top, he turned around and fired a couple of shots.

“This is Zyrok and Taylor on the fourth floor in position. Head for the rood, we’ll provide cover.” Zyrok spoke on the RaidCall.

“Got it LT, on it.” Casey waved at the men to head up.

The men hurried up the next set of escalators while Taylor fired continuous headshots at the zombies behind them. Zyrok was standing next to the entrance to the roof stairs waving them to head up. Casey took out some shells from his belt pouch and loaded his shotgun. He pumped one round to one zombie’s head and another to its chest. Casey stood beside Zyrok and watched as Stevens, Hawkes, and Tim got up.

“Taylor, get in here now!” Zyrok shouted as he fired at a zombie behind Taylor.

“Yes sir!” Taylor swung his sniper rifle over his back and sprinted towards Zyrok.

Zyrok and Casey fired furiously at the oncoming zombies. When Taylor headed up, Zyrok and Casey headed inside and closed the door. The zombies pounded furiously and violently while Casey and Zyrok pressed against the door trying to keep the door from bursting open.

“Try this. It’s empty anyways.” Taylor offered his M21.

Zyrok took the M21 and wedged it between the door handles. It was going to hold, but not for long.

“We need to call for evac now!” Zyrok waved at Taylor to head to the roof.

Casey and Taylor ran up the stairs and regrouped with an exhausted Stevens, Hawkes, and Tim sitting on the ground. Zyrok took one last look at the M21 wedge and ran up the stairs.

“This is Echo Team to Foxtrot 515 requesting immediate evac on the Pacific Center Mall roof over.” Zyrok spoke on the RaidCall.

“We read you Echo Team, we just left base headed for the extraction point. Rerouting flight path. ETA ten minutes.” Stewart replied.

“Listen up gentlemen, our ride isn’t going to be here in another ten minutes. Reload all guns and prepare to defend the rooftops.” Zyrok spoke to the men.

Stevens took out his clip and looked at the near empty clip. He put the clip into his belt pouch and took out a full magazine. Casey loaded two shells into his shotgun and pumped it. Hawkes looked into his ammo pouch and saw one clip remaining. He pulled out his Lock 17 and loaded the gun. Taylor just looked at everyone loading their primaries and shrugged. He reached for his Lock 17 and cocked the handgun. Tim sat on the ground as he emptied the barrel of his revolver. He checked his pocket to find two rounds remaining. He slid the bullets into the revolver and set his gun down beside him as he watched the marines form a defensive line in front of the entrance. Zyrok walked to the edge of the stairs and looked at the door. The handles and door frame was loosening as the zombies continued to bash violently.

“Get ready.” Zyrok shouted as he formed up in the defensive line.

“Tim, get behind us.” Casey shouted at Tim who looked scared.

The door frame broke and the zombies poured up the stairs.

“Fire!” Zyrok shouted as five more zombies appeared.

Casey blasted one round at the first zombie and then sprayed another round at the emerging horde. Stevens fired single shots towards the heads in attempt to hold the line. Hawkes fired bursts of two into the masses of zombies trying to lay a light cover. An endless wave of zombies continued to pour out onto the rooftops. The marines began to move back slowly as some of the marines reloaded.

“Down to my last clip.” Hawkes shouted as he placed his last magazine into his gun.

“Take mine Hawkes, I still have one more.” Stevens hurled a magazine at him.

“Thanks bud!” Hawkes caught the magazine with one hand and continued to fire.

Casey took the last shell from his belt and fed it into his shotgun. A zombie leapt at him and made him swerve his shot. Casey swung the butt of his shotgun and slammed it hard to the zombie’s skull.

“I’m out!” Casey swung the empty shotgun at a zombie and slung it to his back.

Casey kicked a zombie and pulled out his Lock 17 and fired. Taylor fired his Lock 17 as he noticed a zombie approaching a reloading Stevens.

“Thanks Taylor. Last clip guys.” Steven smiled at Taylor and continued to fire.

Zyrok fired his USP into the crowd and checked his spare clips. He knew his team wasn’t going to survive against a horde with just pistols. He looked at his watch and then looked at the sky.

“They must be here.” Zyrok scanned the skies and saw nothing.

“LT, I’m running low on my sidearm.” Taylor shouted as he reloaded his gun.

“Here, take mine instead.” Zyrok tossed him his USP and his remaining clips.

“What about you sir?” Taylor grabbed the USP and asked.

“I’ll use my knife.” Zyrok pulled out his bowie knife and charged at a zombie.

“Out! Switching to secondary.” Hawkes switched over to his pistol.

Tim looked at the zombies pouring out and then at the marines shooting down zombies with nothing but their pistols and knives. He noticed a zombie behind Zyrok and placed a well aimed shot. Bam! The zombie head exploded as the bullet hit its skull. Zyrok turned around and nodded thanks.

“Argh!” Stevens screamed as two zombies whacked his flak jacket.

Casey ran to Stevens and fired at the two zombies. Casey looked at Stevens’ damaged flak jacket and helped Stevens up to his feet.

“Thanks Sarge.” Stevens looked at his chest.

“Fall back!” Zyrok ordered, “Fall back!”

The men slowly retreated to the edge of the roof and formed a box around Tim. Hawkes was down to his last clip and Casey was down to three rounds. Stevens has switched over to his golf club and was swinging the club randomly. Both Zyrok and Taylor had reverted to using melee as the zombies ran at them. Suddenly, an engine noise came from behind them and a Pelican lifted upwards.

“This is Foxtrot 515, ready for evac. Need a hand?” Stewart spoke on the RaidCall.

“About time you got here.” Zyrok spoke with enthusiasm.

The Pelican turned around and a female marine stood on the mounted M60 turret. She fired the M60 into the crowd as the Pelican docked next to the edge of the roof.

“Get on!” the woman shouted.

“Hurry up! Double time!” Zyrok shouted to his men.

Tim and Stevens got inside and quickly sat down. Taylor looked at Zyrok and then got on.

“Go LT, I can hold them off.” Hawkes fired his gun while Casey covered Zyrok as he began to move.

The woman turned the turret to the front line of the zombies and sprayed down some heavy cover.

“Go!” the woman shouted.

Casey and Hawkes turned and didn’t look back as the zombies chased after them. Once all the men go onto the Pelican, the woman fired suppressing fire as the Pelican lifted off. The woman dismounted and then sat down in front of Zyrok.

“Lieutenant Forester from Seattle.” the woman offered her hand.

“Nice to meet you Lieutenant, I’m Zyrok.” Zyrok shook her hand.

“We have a lot to talk about.” Forester spoke looking at Zyrok’s men.

“I’m sure we do.” Zyrok said with exhaustion.

The Pelican lifted into clouds and headed towards the Richmond Outpost.

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UNSCDF Chapter 1 Concept Art 1 is out and only exclusive at Memoirs of Zyrok.

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UNSCDF Chapter 1 Concept Art 2 and Concept Art 3 is out and only exclusive at Memoirs of Zyrok.

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Ch. 5 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 5- The Assembly

Auburn, Washington, USA
UNSC Communications Relay Station
March 19th, 2001
1300 Local Time

Word got around the UNSC marines that new breeds of zombies are roaming the streets. There were a few zombies that had a burnt feature to their skin. They were stronger and were able to take a lot more damage than normal zombies. Another variant the marines had discovered were bulky muscular zombies. These zombies seem to have developed hardened bones and had spikes growing out of their arms and backs.

“What’s with the new zombies Sarge?” Tyler asked.

“I don’t know, all I heard was that it was probably from some radiation from a nuclear plant that melted down in Nebraska.” Mitchell replied.

“It’s quite possible.” Danny commented.

“I don’t care what they are. If they’re not human, shoot it.” Milo pitched in on the conversation.

“Great, zombies are now officially harder to kill.” Tyler concluded sarcastically.

“Pretty much.” Danny nodded his head with a smile.

Patrick walked beside his Dad and looked at the men talking.

“What’s up Patrick?” Danny asked.

“The printer is printing out lots of paper and making funny noises.” Patrick pointed at the printer in the office.

“I’ll go take a look Patrick.” Mitchell stood up from his chair and walked up towards the office.

Mitchell picked up the paper and looked at it. He flipped the pages and skimmed it. He smiled and headed to the group of men.

“What’s up Sarge?” Milo asked as he saw Mitchell’s smile.

“We’re going to Seattle.” Mitchell grinned.

“What do you mean?” Tyler asked.

“Since the UNSC is coming to pick up Danny and Patrick, they are also transferring us out of this station.” Mitchell explained as he flipped the papers in his hand.

“Man, that’s great!” Milo looked pleased.

“Get ready to pack gentlemen.” Mitchell patted Tyler.

“So what are we doing in Seattle anyways?” Tyler asked.

“Don’t know. All I know is that it’s issued by High Command.” Mitchell looked at the papers in detail.

“Hot damn, what did we get ourselves into this time?” Milo jumped from his seat.

“I don’t know guys. This paper is so vague on the details.” Mitchell shrugged.

Tyler and Milo walked off to their quarters to pack. Danny and Patrick had clueless looks on their faces.

“What about us?” Danny asked.

“You’ll be living in the Seattle Outpost with the other survivors.” Mitchell reassured them.

“I guess we won’t see you folks anymore?” Danny asked again.

“I guess so. The UNSC High Command wants us to do something.” Mitchell replied.

“Well then, I offer my sincere thanks for taking care of us these past few days.” Danny stuck out his hand.

“No problem.” Mitchell shook his hand.

“Say thank you Patrick.” Danny nudged Patrick.

“Thank you, sir.” Patrick thanked.

“No problem Patrick.” Mitchell saluted him.

Patrick saluted back and giggled. Danny took Patrick to their rest area. Mitchell looked at his watch and then got a seat next to the radar.

“Two more hours and I’ll be out of this hell hole.” Mitchell looked at the radar.

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
March 19th, 2001
1500 Local Time

A middle aged man with a stubble walked into the briefing room filled with marines. All the marines stood up and looked at him.

“At ease. Take a seat.” the man said.

Zyrok and Forester sat in the front row while the rest of Echo Squad sat in the back. In the adjacent row, Fire Team Tango was there.

“As of 1400 local time, we’ve received an order from High Command to initiate a search and rescue operation down in Central US.” the man briefed.

“Captain Yashin, I assume all of us here are going?” Zyrok spoke out loud.

“That’s correct,” the team was chosen by Lieutenant Forester’s report.

“So that’s what the evaluation was about.” Zyrok looked at Forester.

“Yes and no. Other parts included in assessing the facilities.” Forester smiled.

“So what exactly are we searching for this time?” Zyrok asked.

“I haven’t been informed about it. All I can tell you is that you will be flown to the Seattle Outpost and be briefed there.” Yashin replied.

“Captain, I guess I’m flying all of us there?” Stewart raised his hand.

“That’s correct Corporal.” Yashin replied.

“Alright.” Stewart grinned.

“You will depart for Seattle at 17000. So get packing and good luck soldiers!” Yashin spoke and left the briefing room.

Zyrok stood up and looked at Fire Team Tango. The team composed of five men which was led by Sergeant Jonathan Stokes. Zyrok didn’t really know Stokes’ team that well, but he figured that he’ll get to know them on the ride there.

“Echo Squad, form up.” Zyrok shouted.

“See you later Zyrok.” Forester walked up to Zyrok and waved goodbye.

“Yeah, later Forester.” Zyrok replied.

“What’s up boss?” Casey walked over and grabbed a seat next to Zyrok.

“I want everyone to put on their game faces on. It’ll be our first time seeing High Command.” Zyrok spoke.

“You got it LT.” Taylor smiled.

“I always have my game face on.” Hawkes joked.

“No you don’t.” Casey eyed Hawkes.

“I’m ready Lieutenant.” Stevens replied.

“How’s that bruise on your chest?” Zyrok asked.

“Slowly fading, sir.” Stevens replied.

Zyrok looked as Stokes led his men out of the briefing room and waved at Zyrok before leaving. Zyrok waved back and then turned to face his men.

“Stewart, get the Pelican prepped up for flight.” Zyrok directed.

“Okay sir.” Stewart got up from his seat.

“I’ll see you all in one hour next to the Pelican with your gear.” Zyrok stood up.

“Copy that boss.” Casey replied.

“Dismissed.” Zyrok walked to the entrance.

“Alright men, hustle up!” Casey ordered the men to move as Zyrok opened the door for them.

Seattle, Washington, USA
UNSC Seattle Outpost
March 19th, 2001
2000 Local Time

Major Ryan Tory grabbed his folder and left his officer. High Command had issued him an operation and he had to assemble a team. Since Forester was out doing research and she saw some action in Vancouver, he felt that she could use the people she met and work together on this operation. However, he knew that a squad was not enough for the operation, so he needed an extra squad and some extra marines. Luckily, word got out that the UNSC Communications Relay Station at Auburn encountered survivors and he felt the team there should suffice. He still needed an extra squad so he asked his friend in Richmond, Captain Nicholas Yashin, to bring along a team. Tory looked at his folder at the team he had assembled. Echo Squad, Fire Team Tango, and three marines from Auburn seemed like a good team. He smiled and closed the folder. He walked down a corridor and was greeted by Forester.

“Sir, everyone is assembled and ready at the briefing room.” Forester saluted.

“Nice to see you back on site, Forester.” Tory saluted back, “Let’s get going.”

The officers entered the briefing room and were immediately greeted by Zyrok.

“Good evening, Major.” Zyrok saluted.

“Good evening, Lieutenant.” Tory saluted back.

“Grab a seat Zyrok, we’re about to start.” Forester pointed at an empty seat.

“Sure no problem.” Zyrok walked to the chair and sat down.

“All right ladies and gentlemen. You are probably wondering why you are here.” Tory stood at the podium with his folder opened.

“As you have heard, the two new breeds of zombies have been discovered recently in the Central US. It is in fact a mutation of the virus caused by the nuclear plant that melted down in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.” Tory looked at his papers.

“You’re right Sarge.” Tyler nudged Mitchell and whispered.

“Hot damn, are we going there?” Milo spoke to Mitchell.

“Yes you are. The radiation has already been cleared and safe to enter.” Tory replied as he overheard Milo’s conversation.

“As of 1230 local time, we lost communication of Omega Squad that was doing a reconnaissance on gathering Intel about the nuclear plant meltdown and the new zombies. The primary objective is to find Omega Squad and extra them out of the hot zone. Secondary objective is to recover UNSC assets from Omega Squad’s camp situated two miles out.” Tory pointed at a map on the wall.

“Where will we be dropping in?” Casey raised his hand.

“Two Pelicans will be dropping you folks off at Insertion Alpha and Insertion Bravo.” Tory pointed at one place near the camp and the other near the nuclear plant.

“How many teams are there?” Mitchell raised his hand.

“Two teams, let me look at the assignments.” Tory flipped his papers.

“Echo Squad would be commanded by Lieutenant Zyrok. Sergeant Major Fred Casey, Corporal Jonathan Hawkes, Corporal Mike Stewart, Corporal Mark Taylor, and Private Zack Stevens would be in this team.” Tory read the list.

“Fire Team Tango would be commanded by Lieutenant Forester. Sergeant Jonathan Stokes, Sergeant Steve Mitchell, Corporal Jason Milo, Corporal Steve Michaels, Corporal Adam Wilson, Lance Corporal Neil Stanley, Private Thomas Hemmings, and Private Brandon Tyler would be in this team.” Tory flipped the page.

“Sounds good, sir. Are we in Fire Team Tango for good?” Mitchell asked.

“For now, we’ll see after this mission Sergeant.” Tory replied.

“Am I flying one of the Pelicans?” Stewart raised his hand.

“Not this time, you’ll be flown in by our pilots here.” Tory answered.

Tory looked around for any raised hands and saw none. He closed his folder and looked at the men.

“Alright people, get your rest today. You’ll be departing for Nebraska in 0600 tomorrow.” Tory exclaimed and walked out of the room.

“Echo Squad, let’s get geared up in half and hour. I want people armed and ready.” Zyrok spoke to his marines.

“All right marines in Fire Team Tango, we’ll do a quick overview of this mission in the meeting room in one hour.” Forester shouted out loud.

Zyrok looked at Forester and smiled. He knew this mission was going to be interesting and exciting.

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Post by Zyrok on Tue 31 Jul 2012, 08:45

New concept arts released exclusively on Memoirs of Zyrok:

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Post by Zyrok on Tue 31 Jul 2012, 10:12

Ch. 6 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Wed 01 Aug 2012, 08:15

Chapter 6- The Insertion

Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, USA
Insertion Alpha
March 20, 2001
1230 Local Time

Zyrok sat at the seat behind the cockpit door of the Pelican and looked at Echo Squad calmly sitting down and chatting. On the turret stood an excited Hawkes as he looked at the places the Pelican passed by.

“Alright Echo Squad, we will be approaching Insertion Alpha in three minutes.” the pilot spoke on the RaidCall.

“Copy that.” Zyrok replied.

“All right gentlemen, lock and load!” Zyrok shouted out loud as he pulled out his USP.

“Sound off!” Casey shouted as he pumped his Washington 870.

“All good here Sarge.” Stevens checked his M16.

“Same here.” Taylor adjusted his M21 scope.

“Ready.” Stewart slung his UMP to his back.

“I’m good.” Hawkes hollered as he took a glance at his M16.

The Pelican descended slowly over farmlands and landed at a patch of tall grass. Hawkes scanned the fields with the turret and looked at Zyrok.

“Clear!” Hawkes shouted.

“Everyone out!” Zyrok commanded.

“Let’s go marines. Out! Out! Out!” Casey stood up from his seat and waved at the marines.

The men quickly jumped out of the Pelican and formed a circle in the field.

“Good luck Echo Squad.” the Pelican pilot spoke on the RaidCall as the Pelican lifted up.

Zyrok looked as the Pelican turned its heading back to the base and another Pelican approaching towards them.

“Good luck Zyrok.” Forester spoke on the RaidCall and waved at Zyrok.

“Good luck Forester.” Zyrok waved back.

Zyrok took out his datapad and pressed some buttons. He looked at it for a minute and then placed it onto his belt.

“Alright marines, Omega Squad’s camp is two kilometers east of here. We’ll split up into two squads and approach it Southwest and West from the camp.” Zyrok directed.

“Stewart and Taylor on me.” Zyrok pointed.

“Alright, you heard the LT. The rest of you form up on me.” Casey waved his hand in a circular motion.

“We’ll be call sign Echo 1-3.” Zyrok spoke to Casey.

“We’re call sign Echo 2-3 then.” Casey responded.

“Copy, let’s move.” Zyrok stood up and hustled his men to move.

“See you later LT.” Casey waved and walked in a different direction.

Zyrok led his men through some tall grass and then motioned to crouch. In the center of the grass field stood a spiked muscular zombie. Zyrok thought about whether to kill it or not, but decided it would be in the team’s interest to complete their objective.

“We’ll go around it. Our task is to go to Omega Squad’s camp.” Zyrok looked at the zombie as it stood still.

“Good idea, we’re not even sure how to fight it.” Stewart looked at the zombie.

“We’ll just have to go around using the grass for cover and keep ourselves quiet.” Zyrok motioned to move right from the zombies.

Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, USA
Insertion Bravo
March 20, 2001
1245 Local Time

Forester watched as their Pelican lifted off. The group of marines gathered around Forester and waited for their orders.

“Alright marines, I’ll form Tango 1-3. Sergeant Mitchell, Corporal Milo, and Private Tyler on me.” Forester gave out instructions. “The rest of Fire Team Tango will form Tango 2-5.”

“Understood.” Stokes nodded.

“Copy ma’am.” Mitchell replied.

“Tango 2-5 would enter the power plant while 1-3 would be searching the labs.” Forester directed.

“Understood LT.” Mitchell acknowledged with a nod.

“Let’s move people.” Stoked shouted.

“Good luck Sergeant.” Forester waved him goodbye.

Stokes led his men to the building next to the power plant and entered last before taking one more glance at Forester’s team.

“Alright, the lab is a couple hundred meters from here. Let’s get a move on it.” Forester pointed at a charred building.

“Keep your eyes sharp.” Mitchell steadied his MSG-9 as he looked into the scope to observe the surrounding areas.

“Will do Sarge.” Milo held his UMP close to his chest.

“Be careful, we might encounter the mutated zombies. Engage only when under attack.” Forester pulled out her SIC Apollo sidearm and walked forward.

“Not sure if we’re lucky if we encounter the zombies or not.” Tyler scoped with his SA80.

“Doesn’t matter. We’re here to find Omega Squad. Let us be lucky in finding them.” Mitchell replied with a grin.

“Or what’s left.” Forester interrupted as she looked at a severed arm on the ground with a UNSC insignia.

“Damn.” Milo replied with disgust.

“Keep searching.” Mitchell urged on.

“Suddenly a zombie ran out from behind Tyler and knocked him to the ground.

“Argh.” Tyler shouted in pain as he smashed face first into the ground.

“Kill it.” Mitchell shouted and ran at the zombie.

Milo pulled out his combat knife and slashed at the zombie’s back as it tried to reach for the fallen Tyler. To Milo’s surprise, his knife couldn’t cut through the skin. Mitchell ran up beside the zombie and swung the stock of his MSG-9 to the zombie’s head. The zombie fell to the ground and growled. Both Mitchell and Tyler whacked the zombie with their guns until the zombie’s head was caved in.

“What the hell is this?” Milo looked at the zombie’s skin.

“A burnt zombie.” Forester approached and gave Tyler a hand.

“That was some serious whacking. These guys are a lot tougher.” Mitchell looked at the caved in face.

“You alright Tyler?” Forester asked with concern.

“I’m alright LT, just didn’t expect it.” Tyler replied.

“Other than a crack on your visor, your armor looks normal.” Milo walked up beside Tyler and examined his gear.

“A crack? That’s nothing, I’m just glad to be alive.” Tyler picked up his SA80 that he dropped on the ground.

“Let’s get moving and check your corners.” Forester waved.

Forester led her team to the doors of the laboratory. The two metal doors were pried open halfway.

“Lights on.” Forester took out her flashlight from her belt and shone in the darkness while holding her SIC Apollo.

“Copy that. Milo watch the entrance. Nothing gets in and nothing gets out.” Mitchell commanded as he turned on his flashlight on his MSG-9.

“Yes sir.” Milo stood at the entrance as the team walked into the darkness.

“Weapons free people.” Forester flipped the safety switch off as she saw three mutilated bodies on the ground.

“Looks like the scientists.” Tyler studied at the bodies.

“No signs of Omega yet.” Mitchell spoke and looked around.

“Tango 2-5, this is Tango 1-3. See any signs of Omega yet?” Forested spoke on the RaidCall.

“Not yet ma’am, we’re about to enter the plant.” Stoked replied.

“Copy that, 1-3 out.” Forester replied.

“Sergeant, can you put a flare here to mark our path?” Forester pointed at the ground as they reached a forked path.

“Sure thing LT.” Mitchell took out a flare and dropped it on the ground.

“Now what?” Tyler asked as he looked left and right down the dark halls.

“I’ll take the left and you take the right.” Forester spoke to the men.

“You sure LT.” Mitchell asked with concern.

“Yeah, no worries Sergeant.” Forester replied.

“Alright, let’s move Tyler.” Mitchell took point and turned right.

Forester looked at the men disappear into the darkness and she looked at the flare. She took one more look behind and turned left. She approached the first door and went inside. There were smashed computers and paper all over the ground. She directed her flashlight to a broken desk and noticed a helmet. Forester picked it up and examined the helmet.

“This is UNSC’s.” Foresters concluded.

Suddenly, a crash came from behind her and Forester quickly turned around and pointed her gun, but saw nothing. Another noise came from behind her and Forester spun around to see a burnt zombie with military equipment. The zombie ran at her swinging its arms at her randomly. Forester took a step to the right and dodged the blow. The zombie growled and took another swing, but Forester dodged again. Forester kicked the zombie and fired a round to its chest. It did not kill the zombie, but made it more aggressive. Forester fired two rounds into the head and brought the zombie down. She stood over the body and looked at the name tag. On the armor was the name “Willow” stenciled on it. She looked at the badge on its arm and saw the Omega Squad insignia.

“Damn, the zombies got him.” Forester reached down and pulled off Willow’s UNSC dog tag and placed it into her pocket.

Forester searched the body for any ammunition and found none. She reached into the back pocket of the body and found a notepad. She flipped it open and saw a hand drawn sketch of a burnt zombie with notes about the zombie characteristics.

“This is good Intel.” Forester told herself and placed the notepad into her pocket.

“This is Tango 2-5, encountering hostile…backup over.” Stoked spoke on the RaidCall.

“Tango 2-5, this is Tango 1-3. Please repeat over.” Forester spoke back not sure what Stokes need backup for.

“1-3, we’re pinned down by a massive… Oh no! It got through! Run people!” Stokes replied.

“Copy 2-5, we’ll be on our way. What’s your location 2-5?” Forester turned and walked out the room.

“We’re at power plant three. Man down! Cover fire marines. Argh!” Stokes communication ended.

“Come in 2-5. Come in 2-5, over.” Forester spoke with concern and got no reply.

“All units in Tango 1-3, rendezvous at Milo’s location at the front door.” Forester spoke on the RaidCall.
“Copy LT. We’re heading back.” Mitchell replied on the RaidCall.

“This doesn’t look good.” Forester thought to herself as she ran past the flare on the ground.

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Post by Zyrok on Sat 04 Aug 2012, 14:05

Ever wonder who Lieutenant Zyrok looks like? Visit the Memoirs of Zyrok to see the exclusive concept art of LT Zyrok!


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Post by Zyrok on Tue 07 Aug 2012, 15:27

Ch. 7 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 7- Heroes Come and Go

Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, USA
Omega Squad’s Camp
March 20, 2001
1600 Local Time

Zyrok walked up to a ripped tent and motioned for Stewart to take point. Stewart crept forward slowly and pushed the tent doors open. A putrid and foul smell came out and Steward gagged.

“Looks like we’re too late.” Zyrok looked at a pile of mutilated bodies on the ground.

“Rest in peace.” Stewart mumbled.

“Collect their dog tags and let’s see what happened here.” Zyrok spoke to Stewart as he walked to a cracked monitor.

“Hey boss, we’ve got some zeds coming here.” Taylor shouted from the door.

“Take them out with your M21.” Zyrok turned on the computer.

“Copy that boss, it’ll be done in a minute.” Taylor replied with excitement.

Zyrok focused on the screen and looked at the computer.

“Authentication ID. Hmm…” Zyrok studied at the screen as Taylor fired his M21 in the background.

“All done boss, three tags here and two more that we found in the other tent makes five KIA.” Stewart walked beside Zyrok.

“Thank you Stewart, we’re still missing a lot though.” Zyrok typed his name into the computer.

The computer beeped and asked for a handprint confirmation. Zyrok took off his glove and placed his right hand on a panel beside the keyboard.

“Welcome Lieutenant Charlie.” the computer spoke with a female voice.

“Guys! I need a hand over here.” Taylor yelled as he reloaded his gun.

“Give him a hand Stewart.” Zyrok stared at the computer and spoke to Stewart.

“Voice command enabled.” the computer spoke.

“Great! Retrieve data logs.” Zyrok spoke to the computer.

“Retrieving data logs. One moment please.” the computer responded.

“Boss, looks like the special zombies. Burnt and the muscular ones.” Stewart fired his UMP at the incoming crowd.

“Deal with them. Hold them off as long as you can, I’m extracting info over here.” Zyrok said with annoyance as the computer was pulling up the files.

“Thirteen data logs retrieved. One emergency data log retrieved.” the computer had a flashing message icon.

“Play emergency data log.” Zyrok commanded.

“Playing emergency data log sequence Alpha Two One.” the computer screen faded and turned to show an injured marine in front of the monitor.

“This is Sergeant Major Riley Thompson of Omega Squad. We’ve encountered massive hostiles and are currently defending this camp. Our communications was knocked down by what appears to be a massive muscular zombie.” the video played.

“Give them hell Stewart!” Taylor shouted in the background.

“Trying, but these suckers won’t get down.” Stewart fired his UMP.

“We have many casualties and are now holding the line.” the video continued to play as Thompson turned his head. “Oh no! They’re in! Fire at will marines!”

Zyrok watched as Thompson turned away from the computer and fired his M16. A minute later, the zombies swarmed around him and knocked the computer camera to the ground. All Zyrok could see was the zombies’ feet and a blood curling scream of Thompson in the background.

“Sequence Alpha Two One ended.” the computer closed the video.

“Initiate data extraction.” Zyrok took out his datapad and placed it on the hand scanner.

“Commencing data extraction to remote device.” the computer responded.

“They’re getting closer!” Taylor shouted as he took a step back from the entrance.

“We need to hold the line until we recover the data.” Zyrok took out his USP.

Zyrok looked at the horde of zombies and felt scared for this first time. The horde consisted mainly of the burnt and muscular zombies. This was Zyrok’s first time having to fight the special zombies and he had no idea how to effectively take them out.

“Echo 2-3, this is Echo 1-3. Come in, over.” Zyrok spoke on the RaidCall and fired his USP.

“Echo 1-3, we read you, what’s up boss.” Casey replied on the RaidCall.

“Requesting immediate backup at the command tent. We’re pinned down by a horde of specials.” Zyrok reloaded his gun.

“Roger Zyrok, we’re on our way. ETA five minutes.” Casey replied.

“Roger that.” Zyrok replied with disappointment, “1-3 out.”

Zyrok looked at Taylor and Stewart and then looked at the horde. He knew they weren’t going to make it.

“This is it gentlemen. You all heard Casey from the comms. They will be here in five.” Zyrok fired a few rounds and killed a burnt zombie.

“It’s been an honor sir.” Taylor saluted as he dropped his empty M21 onto the ground and pulled out his Lock 17.

“Likewise.” Zyrok saluted back.

“I’m with you all the way Zyrok.” Stewart saluted.

“Thank you guys.” Zyrok saluted and fire three rounds into the horde.

“Data extraction complete. All files transferred to remote device.” the computer spoke in the background.

“Go get it boss, we’ll give them hell.” Stewart sprayed and took down one muscular zombie.

“The mission comes first.” Taylor reloaded his gun and fired.

Zyrok handed his USP and two clips to Taylor and ran towards the computer. He picked up the datapad and glanced at the downloaded files.

“Alright marines, let’s push our way out of here.” Zyrok picked up an iron pipe on the ground and ran towards his men.

“I’m game, let’s get out of here.” Taylor placed empty Lock 17 into his holster and fired with Zyrok’s USP.

A muscular zombie charged at the marines and swung at Zyrok. Zyrok miscalculated the swing and got whacked to his back. The swing of the zombie was so powerful that it flung Zyrok into a nearby tent causing the tent to cave in on him. Zyrok’s helmet cracked and had a gash to his back as his flak jacket ripped apart.
“Zyrok!” Taylor shouted as he saw Zyrok fly across his face.

Zyrok’s head throbbed with pain and vision began to blur as he heard his men scream as the zombies swarmed around them. Zyrok felt useless as he was pinned down by the metal poles from the tent holding him down. He saw one of his men get ripped apart as pieces of his body flew everywhere. Suddenly an explosion occurred at the rear of the horde and flung zombies everywhere. Zyrok knew it was too late as he fainted by the blinding flash and saw the zombies beginning to move towards him.

Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, USA
Power Plant Three
March 20, 2001
1700 Local Time

Forester took point and slowly walked to a lifeless marine on the ground.

“Cover me.” Forester shouted as she approached the body.

She flipped over the body to a bloody Stanley. Suddenly the lifeless Stanley opened its mouth and attempted to bite Forester. Forester knocked the infected Stanley and pulled out her sidearm and fired once.
“He didn’t deserve this.” Forester mumbled as she pulled Stanley’s dog tag from his neck.

Stanley was a light-hearted fellow and interesting marine. Even though Forester met Stanley on the way to the armory, she felt pain as she lost a good guy.

“We’ve got Private Hemmings here.” Mitchell shouted as he walked past some debris and pointed at a marine missing its legs.

“Double tap and take his tag.” Forester spoke with sadness in her voice.

“No zeds here.” Tyler scoped the perimeter.

“Let’s keep searching.” Forester motioned on.

Forester walked to a cracked building beside the plant and noticed a pile of mutilated bodies.

“We’re too late.” Forester saw a decapitated Stokes in the center of the pile.

“We’ve got some bodies from Omega as well.” Milo shifted through the pile of corpses.

“Looks like this was their holdout.” Mitchell looked at the makeshift barricades.

“We got a survivor!” Milo shouted as he saw a critically wounded Michaels buried in the pile.

“Get me morphine Tyler.” Forester rushed over to the wounded Michaels.

“Michaels! Can you here me?” Milo gently shook him.

“Huh?” Michaels spoke wearily.

“Here you go LT.” Tyler handed a morphine needle to Forester.

“This will make you feel better.” Forester injected the needle into Michael’s arm.

“Kill me please…” Michaels begged.

“Where are the others?” Forester asked.

“Dead, all dead.” Michaels coughed blood.

“Sergeant Stokes mentioned about a massive thing. Where is it and what is it?” Forester held onto Michael’s hand.

“No idea…never seen it. A bulky muscular zed around two stories high. Please kill me. I don’t want to turn into one of them.” Michaels gripped Forester’s hand tightly.

“Did you know where it went?” Forester slowly took out her sidearm.

“Headed North towards the Omega Squad’s camp.” Michaels continued to cough blood.

“You did great Michaels. You are a hero.” Forester thanked.

“Thank you Lieutenant Forester.” Michaels smiled and closed his eyes.

“God be with you Steve Michaels.” Forester pulled the trigger and placed a clean shot to Michaels’ forehead.

“God damn it!” Mitchell kicked the ground in frustration.

“I know how you feel Sarge.” Milo sympathized.

Forester pulled the dog tag off Michaels and placed it into her pocket.

“Search for any weapons or ammo you can find. We’ve got to warn Echo Squad.” Forester picked up a HK69 beside Michaels.

“Whatever it is, I’m going to freaking kill that monster.” Mitchell picked up a M16 with half a clip.

“Me too.” Tyler searched his area and found a magazine for a Lock 17.

“We all are.” Forester pitched in and took out two fresh clips from a body from Omega Squad.

“Here, take this LT.” Mitchell offered the looted M16.

“Thanks.” Forester graciously accepted it.

“I’ve already got a primary.” Mitchell patted his MSG-9 on his back.

“Echo Squad, this is Fire Team Tango. Come in, over.” Forester spoke on the RaidCall.

“Fire…Tango…what’s going…over?” Casey replied on the radio with interference.

“Echo, you’ve got a massive zombie heading your way.” What’s your status?” Forester replied.

“Copy that, currently heading…Zyrok’s team for backup.” Casey replied.

“Roger, we’re coming ASAP to assist.” Forester responded quickly as she had a flashback of Stokes’ distress call before all communications went out.

“Copy…Team Tango…Echo…out.” Casey replied.

“Alright marines, let’s hustle and hunt down that monster and assist Zyrok’s team.” Forester commanded and began to run.

“Let’s get there in time!” Mitchell hoped. “Double time marines!”

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Post by Zyrok on Fri 10 Aug 2012, 11:08

Ch. 8 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Mon 13 Aug 2012, 09:39

Chapter 8- The Beast

Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, USA
Extraction Point Alpha
March 20, 2001
1800 Local Time

Lance Corporal Brooks sat in the co-pilot seat in the Pelican waiting for Sergeant Trom to return from his washroom break outside. Brooks looked out the cockpit window to see if he could see his Sergeant. It’s been ten minutes since Trom left the Pelican and Brooks was starting to feel uneasy.

“Sarge, you done outside?” Brooks spoke on the RaidCall.

“Hold your horses Brooks. I’m just scouting the perimeter since I’m outside.” Trom replied.

“Well, I didn’t see you.” Brooks replied.

“Well, you won’t be seeing me with my pants down.” Trom joked.

“You’ve got a point.” Brooks stood up from his seat to stretch.

“Wait, I think I see something in the trees.” Trom suddenly replied with a sense of curiosity.

“I don’t see anything here.” Brooks looked out the window.

“Holy mother of god! Get the Pelican ready to takeoff ASAP!” Trom shouted in fear.

“Copy that Sarge. What’s up? What did you see?” Brooks flipped some switches and the Pelican engines began to warm up.

“A massive zombie…it’s running too fast!” Trom panted as he fired at the zombie.

“I’ll man the turret and cover you.” Brooks offered his help.

“Look son, I’m not going to make it in time. Takeoff without me and get in the sky. You’ll be safer.” Trom breathed heavily.

“I’m not going to leave you behind Sarge.” Brooks complained.

“That’s an order Brooks! Get out of here. Good luck soldier.” Trom commanded.

“Aye sir. Good luck.” Brooks lifted the Pelican off the ground and saw some trees shaking a couple meters in front of him.

Suddenly, a massive muscular zombie with spikes busted out behind a running Trom. Trom fired his SA80, but did no damage to the zombie. Brooks watched as the zombie whacked Trom once and splattered him into pulp. Brooks turned the Pelican to point its primary turret at the zombie and fired. The zombie was fast and quick. Before Brooks could get a good shot at the zombie, the zombie ran under the Pelican and jumped. With a graceful swing, the zombie took out the Pelican’s engines and planted a massive dent to its hull.

“Mayday, mayday. This is Sierra 23, we are going down. We’ve encountered a massive hostile. Repeat, we are going down.” Brooks shouted on the Pelican’s communications.

The console of the Pelican was beeping loudly and flashing red lights. Brooks realized that the Pelican had lost its communications from the hit and growled in frustration. The Pelican swerved left and spun crazily towards a hill.

“Damn it! Lost hydraulics. Bailing out.” Brooks got up from his seat and grabbed a parachute. Brooks kicked the cockpit doors open and saw the background spinning as the Pelican continued to spin out of control. Brooks yelled as he jumped out of the smoking Pelican and pulled his parachute. Brooks jumped just in time to see the Pelican smash into the hill and explode. The explosion flung flaming shrapnel to Brook’s chute and cut his chute to shreds.

“Oh no.” Brooks cursed as he saw the flames from the shrapnel eat away his parachute.

In a matter of minutes, Brooks was free falling towards a giant tree. Brooks smashed his side along the tree trunk and then hit his head at a branch breaking his visor. Brooks hit the ground with a hard thump and was knocked out cold.

* * *

Private Powell sat in a trench in the forest trying to hide from the massive zombie that took out his squad. Powell heard distant gunfire followed by a loud crash of metal being hit.

“Could it be rescue?” Powell wondered.

Powell got out of his trench and saw smoke in the sky and noticed a Pelican spinning out of control. Powell decided to head over and see where it might crash. Powell ran past some bushes while keeping his eyes peeled on the smoking Pelican. He noticed a person jump out of the rear of the Pelican before it crashed and blew up on the hill. Powell watched in horror as he noticed the massive zombie also heading towards the crash site. Powell decided he should go and find the survivor to improve his chances of surviving.

“Screw this.” Powell took off his flak jacket and dropped it on the ground to reduce his weight.

Powell ran as fast as he could to the outskirts of the crash site and saw an unconscious marine with a broken visor.

“Hey!” Powell shook the marine. “Wake up!”

The marine groaned in pain and slowly opened his eyes.

“We need to get out of here! That beast is coming back!” Powell lifted him up to his feet.

“Huh?” the marine replied with confusion.

“Take off your gear. The lighter we are the more agile we are.” Powell unfastened the marine’s damaged flak jacket.

“Oh, okay.” the marine pulled of his helmet and dropped it on the ground.

“Let’s go.” Powell motioned for the forests for cover.

“Aw man, my arm is pretty beat up.” the marine mumbled.

“It’s run or die. Forget about the pain.” Powell looked at the trees shaking in the background.

Powell and the marine picked up their pace and ran towards some high bushes for cover. They looked as the zombie walked to the crash site and stood there motionless. The marines waited for another few minutes and saw the zombie move into the forest and disappear.

“I’m Private Richard Powell from Omega Squad.” Powell offered his hand.

“Lance Corporal Bobby Brooks from Hawk Squad.” the marine shook his hand.

“You here to rescue us?” Powell asked.

“Yeah, so much for rescue…” Brooks looked at the crash site. “I wasn’t able to send a distress signal out and my helmet got smashed up.”

“Well, I’ve got nothing on me. No armor, no weapons, just nothing.” Powell patted his chest.

“I’ve just go my Lock 17 sidearm. Other than that, I’m pretty much the same as you.” Brooks pulled out his Lock 17 sidearm.

“I assume there’s a team out there? Powell pointed at the direction of the nuclear power plants.

“Yeah, two teams, Echo Squad and Fire Team Tango.” Brooks commented “Are there more survivors from Omega?”

“I’m not sure. we got split up after we had a horde attacking us. We were fine until that beast showed up.” Powell looked with a straight face.

“What the hell was that?” Brooks questioned.

“We don’t know for sure. We were supposed to find out more about the meltdown and how zombies mutated. This beast seems to be a bigger version of the muscular zombies. Perhaps it got more of a mutation than the others?” Powell replied.

“That thing sure is scary. It took out my Sergeant with one hit and splattered him” Brooks looked at his injured arm.

“Any chance we can find the other marines?” Powell asked.

“Yeah, Omega Squad’s camp and the power plants.” Brooks replied.

“Perhaps we should go to the camp, there are supplies there. You arm looks like it could use some bandages.” Powell suggested.

“Sure, sounds good.” Brooks handed his pistol to Powell “Take it, I can’t shoot well anyways.”

“Thanks.” Powell accepted the pistol and took one more look at the crash site.

“Don’t worry, there’s still another Pelican in this area.” Brooks reassured Powell.

“Let’s hope that beast doesn’t see them.” Powell hoped.

“Yeah, me too. I think that’s our last ticket out.” Brooks spoke out his thought.

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Ch. 9 is complete along with a new exclusive concept art for Chapter 4. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Wed 15 Aug 2012, 04:04

Chapter 9- Sacrifices and Promises

Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, USA
Omega Squad’s Camp
March 20, 2001
1830 Local Time

Taylor fired his USP at the nearby zombies and ran towards Casey’s team that was firing at the rear of the horde. To his surprise, he saw Forester and her team fighting alongside Casey.

“This is out.” Forester dropped an empty HK69 onto the ground and then slung over her M16 and fired.

“Where’s the rest?” Casey shouted to Taylor and fired his Washington 870 into the crowd.

The grenade explosion had taken out a majority of the horde and the marines had enough firepower to hold the line.

“Stewart didn’t make it and I’ve lost Zyrok.” Taylor scanned the battlefield.

“First, let’s kill them all and then we look for Zyrok.” Casey commanded as he put fresh shells into his shotgun.

“Lieutenant Forester, where’s the others?” Casey looked at Mitchell.

“Stokes and his team didn’t make it either. They got wiped before we even saw the massive zombie they described.” Forester shook her head with sadness.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Casey walked forward to the horde as he continued to fire.

“I’m just glad we can assist here.” Forester reloaded her M16.

One by one, the zombies began to fall as the marines advanced forward bringing down a rain of bullets. Within five minutes, the ground was filled with dead corpses.

“Whew! That was close.” Hawkes looked at the field of corpses.

“Spread out and find Zyrok.” Casey ordered as he reloaded his shotgun.

“Do an ammo count.” Forester dropped her empty M16 onto the ground.

“Twenty rounds left ma’am.” Mitchell replied.

“Three clips here.” Milo checked his pockets.

“I’m down to my last clip.” Tyler pulled his magazine out from his SA80.

“Four rounds left in this USP.” Taylor studied at the USP Zyrok lent him.

“Ten shells plus another four in my gun makes fourteen left for me.” Casey looked at his ammo belt.

“One and a half clip for me LT.” Hawkes responded.

“Seven rounds left for my M16 ma’am.” Stevens checked his gun.

“Hawkes and Stevens, check the perimeter near the forester. Mitchell and Tyler, check and see if there is an armory nearby here. The rest of you just search this big field of corpses.” Forester directed.

“Roger that.” Hawkes waved Stevens to follow him to the forest.

“You got it ma’am.” Mitchell replied and ran off with Tyler.

“Zyrok?” Taylor yelled out loud across the battlefield, but got no response.

Forester looked at the trees in the forest shaking followed by a series of automatic guns firing.

“Hawkes and Stevens.” Forester thought.

“Lieutenant, this is Stevens. Run and hide. The massive zombie…argh.” Stevens spoke on the RaidCall and was cut off.

“Come in Stevens. Come in Hawkes.” Forester shouted on the RaidCall, but got no response.

Forester looked as suddenly a massive muscular zombie and spiky zombie ran out of the forest.

“Positions everyone!” Forester shouted at the marines beside her.

“Holy…what the hell…” Taylor ran to take cover.

“Mitchell, how are you doing with that armory search?” Forester spoke on the RaidCall.

“We’re here, but there is not much weapons or ammo. It’s just a couple of Lock 17s and grenade ammo.” Mitchell replied with disappointment.

“Grenades…” Forester looked as Milo fired his gun at the massive zombie. “Get them all Mitchell.”

“Copy, anything else?” Mitchell offered.

“Small arms are not going to be effective. We’re going to need a little more firepower if we are to even make that massive zombie bleed.” Forester replied.

“Roger, we’ll scavenge whatever we can find.” Mitchell replied.

The zombie approached Milo and swung at him. Milo rolled to the side and nearly dodged the deadly swing. Forester fired her SIC Apollo in attempt to distract the zombie away from Milo.

“I’m out.” Taylor held up his empty USP.

Forester looked down the field and saw Mitchell and Taylor running together. She pointed at the direction of the zombie and waved them to go around.

“Casey, make some noise and distract the zombie.” Forester shouted.

“On it.” Casey fired his shotgun at the zombie.

The zombie turned away from Milo and ran towards Casey.

“Oh shit.” Casey fired and ran backwards.

Mitchell and Taylor approached Forester with a belt of grenades and two M16s.

“Milo, find the HK69 I dropped nearby you.” Forester took the grenades.

“Got it.” Milo dropped to the ground and started searching.

“Give one M16 to Taylor and leave me the other one. Now go and assist Casey.” Forester slid her pistol into her holster as she looked at Casey running from the zombie.

Mitchell handed Forester a M16 and then ran off with Tyler chasing the zombie. Suddenly, the zombie turned around and started to engage Mitchell and Tyler. Mitchell fired three rounds into its chest, but did no damage.

“The spikes are thick and blocking it!” Mitchell shouted in frustration.

Tyler sprayed his SA80 at the zombie’s feet trying to reduce its speed. The zombie leapt at Tyler and crushed him to bits with its foot.

“Man down!” Mitchell yelled.

“Milo, where’s that launcher?” Forester shouted as she looked at a terrified Mitchell.

“Still searching. Too many bodies here.” Milo shouted.

Forester ran with her M16 and laid a light cover fire for Mitchell to take cover. Casey was on the rear of the zombie reloading his shotgun as he took of his helmet. The zombie lost Mitchell as he took for cover and saw Milo in the field searching through the corpses.

“Milo, watch out!” Casey shouted.

The zombie charged at Milo and took a swing at him. Milo crouched and avoided the hit.

“Found it!” Milo shouted as he spotted the HK69 lying next to the zombie’s feet.

Milo lunged forward towards the zombies and picked it up.

“Take it!” Milo threw the launcher towards Forester.

The zombie saw Milo at his feet and took a step forward.

“For the UNSC!” Milo watched as the zombie planted his foot on him and crushed him to death.

Forester loaded the grenade into the launcher and fired. The grenade missed the zombie by a couple of meters and flung dirt everywhere. Forester reloaded and fired again. This time the grenade hit its arm and blew off some of its spikes. The zombie was now furious as it sprinted at Forester and knocked her over. Mitchell ran out from his cover and fired at the zombie’s injured arm. The zombie turned around to Mitchell and ran at him. Mitchell ran past an unconscious Forester and picked up her launcher and her grenades.

“This is how it has to be.” Mitchell spoke to Forester and saluted.

Mitchell fired his gun again to lure the zombie to the center of the battlefield. The zombie approached Mitchell and roared. Mitchell threw the grenade belt onto the zombie’s spikes and charged. The belt got hooked onto one of its spikes on its chest and Mitchell ran underneath the zombie. Mitchell fired the launcher towards the belt and got consumed by a massive explosion.

“Mitchell!” Forester stood up and shouted as the flames engulfed Mitchell.

The zombie went up in flames and had serious damage to its torso.

“What in the world…” Casey ran beside Forester and Taylor as they watched the zombie still standing with flames all over its body.

“Fire! Give it all you got.” Forester shouted and fired at the burning zombie.

The zombie roared and charged towards the marines. Suddenly, a troop transport Warthog sped out in front of Forester and rammed into the burning zombie.

“Run!” the driver shouted and ran out of the vehicle followed by another marine from the back seat.

The zombie collapsed and fell to the ground. Forester, Casey, and Taylor watched as the two marines ran towards them.

“Take cover!” the driver yelled.

Suddenly, the Warthog exploded and blew the zombie to pieces.

“Hoorah. We did it Brooks.” the marine high-fived the driver.

“We sure did Powell.” Brooks smiled with relief.

“Wow.” Forester stood motionless looking at the smoke.

“That’s for taking out my Pelican.” Brooks shouted at the dead burning zombie.

“That you Brooks?” Casey asked.

“Yeah, it’s me. Boy am I glad to see you guys.” Brooks patted Casey.

“Who’s this?” Forester looked at Powell.

“That’s Powell from Omega Squad ma’am.” Brooks introduced.

“Omega? I believe you are the last survivor.” Forester commented.

“Yeah. Where’s the rest of your team?” Powell asked.

“We are all that’s left. We’re just missing Lieutenant Zyrok.” Forester looked at the battlefield.

“Well, let’s go find him. You found me and I’d expect to do the same.” Powell offered help.

“Let’s retrace steps here.” Forester suggested.

“Good idea.” Casey agreed.

“Taylor, when was the last time you saw Zyrok.” Forester questioned.

“Near that tent. I remember him flying across my face.” Taylor pointed at a large ripped tent.

“He flew?” Forester widened her eyes.

“Yeah, one of the specials got him.” Taylor walked towards the tent.

“Let’s hope we at least find him.” Forester walked alongside Taylor.

“He could have been flung to nearby tents.” Brooks pointed at some tents laying flat on the ground.

“Spread out and check.” Forester directed.

“Got it.” Powell replied.

Forester walked to a collapsed tent and lifted the tarp. To her surprise she saw a bloody Zyrok with a cracked helmet.

“Found him!” Forester shouted out loud.

Taylor ran beside Forester as she crouched in front of Zyrok.

“Medic! I need some meds.” Forester slowly removed Zyrok’s helmet and checked his pulse.

Casey ran and knelt beside Forester as she placed her hand at Zyrok’s gash on his chest to slow the bleeding. Casey took out bandages and applied it to Zyrok’s wounds.

“Zyrok, can you hear me?” Forester spoke softly at Zyrok, but got no response.

“Give him a dose of morphine.” Forester told Casey.

“Got it, one dose coming up.” Casey reached into his backpack and pulled out a morphine needle.

Casey took the safety cap off and tested the needle. Then he injected the needle into Zyrok’s left arm. Forester took off her helmet and laid it beside her knee.

“Zyrok, wake up. Don’t die on us.” Forester continued to speak softly.

“Let’s call for a medevac.” Casey suggested.

“Good idea, call it in.” Forester agreed.

“There should be one Pelican docked at Extraction Point Bravo.” Brooks chimed in. “Our Pelican got destroyed by that beast.”

“Extraction Point Bravo…that’s near the plants. It’s going to be a while.” Casey commented.

“Call it in.” Forester spoke as she tended Zyrok’s wounds.

“I’m on it.” Casey replied swiftly.

“This is Echo Squad requesting immediate medevac at Omega Squad’s Camp, anyone copy?” Casey spoke on the RaidCall.

“Echo Squad, this is Hotel 22. We read you, we’re at LZ Bravo over.” a man replied on the RaidCall.

“Hotel 22, you have direct orders from Lieutenant Forester to commence medevac at Omega Squad’s Camp, how copy?” Casey commanded.

“Solid copy Echo Squad, we’re lifting off. ETA fifteen minutes over.” the man spoke back.

“Copy 22, Echo out.” Casey turned to look at Forester.

“Fifteen minutes.” Casey spoke to Forester.

“Understood.” Forester looked at Zyrok’s eyelids which seemed to be in its dream state.

* * *

Charlie sat on his computer chatting with a girl. In the background, gunshots fired in the background as zombies pounded on his door.

“Sarah, the zombies are infiltrating the city.” Charlie typed and looked at the profile picture of a beautiful Australian girl smiling.

“So is Australia. We are starting evacuation now.” Sarah typed back.

“Look, I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again here.” Charlie typed with a sad face.

“I don’t know, perhaps this may be the last time we’ll see each other.” Sarah replied.

“Look, I promise I’ll find you one day. I’ll come to Australia to find you if it needs be.” Charlie promised.

“The soldiers are here now and I have to go now.” Sarah typed back.

“I’ll enlist in the UNSC and work my way up and find you.” Charlie typed frantically.

“I know you will.” Sarah responded.

“I love you.” Charlie typed his thought out.

“I know...” Sarah replied and went into offline.

Charlie felt tears in his eyes as he never felt so lost in his life. The girl he cared so dearly for was now gone and perhaps he will never see her. He printed the photo of Sarah and put it into his wallet. He was determined to find Sarah and finally meet her in person. He looked at the UNSC recruitment poster on his desk and walked away from this computer.

“Time to join the UNSC and find Sarah.” Charlie told himself.

* * *

Zyrok knew he was on the verge of dying as pain spread throughout his body.

“Wake up! Wake up!” a gentle female voice spoke into his ear.

“Sarah?” Zyrok opened his heavy eyelids and saw a feminine silhouette in front of him.

Zyrok willed his mind to ignore the pain and to conquer death as he told himself that he needed to find Sarah. Zyrok slowly felt awake as he saw the silhouette becoming clearer. It was Forester crouching in front of him calling him back to the world. Zyrok felt a new sense of strength as he felt the promise he made to Sarah a long time ago. He will live to see her.

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UNSCDF Fanfiction Empty Re: UNSCDF Fanfiction

Post by Zyrok on Wed 15 Aug 2012, 12:23

Ch. 10 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Fri 17 Aug 2012, 04:27

Chapter 10- The Devil’s Offensive
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
UNSC Relief Center
March 22, 2001
1100 Local Time

Zyrok lay on a hospital bed and looked around. Casey sat beside him and smiled at him.

“Oh, you’re awake.” Casey got up from his seat and walked to the door.

“Doctor!” Casey shouted.

A middle aged man with a beard walked into the room with a white lab coat.

“Where am I?” Zyrok asked.

“Fort Collins Relief Center.” Casey stood beside the doctor.

“Where’s that?” Zyrok shook his head in confusion.

“Slow down with the questions Lieutenant.” the doctor looked at Zyrok’s heart monitor.

“Colorado. We took you to the nearest medical facility.” Casey replied.

“Alright, it looks like your vitals are normal. I suggest you take some more rest.” the doctor spoke to Zyrok.

“Where are the others?” Zyrok looked around.

“They’re in the lounge.” Casey replied not sure if he should tell Zyrok about the fallen marines.

“Oh, where’s my datapad?” Zyrok looked at his hospital gown.

“Forester took it and sent it to High Command already.” Casey replied.

“She’s still here?” Zyrok looked as the doctor wrote notes on his clipboard.

“Yeah, she just came back an hour ago.” Casey looked at his watch.

“An hour…wait, how long have I been out?” Zyrok asked the doctor.

“Two days. You’re lucky to know someone from High Command.” the doctor replied.

“Forester…what do you mean doctor?” Zyrok thought and put on a confused face.

“You got infected and were deemed to turn into a zombie. Your friend, Lieutenant Forester, came back from High Command with nanotechnology.” the doctor answered.

“Nanotechnology?” Zyrok was confused.

“Nanites, to be exact. It’s a cure for the virus.” the doctor answered.

“Cure?” Zyrok was fascinated.

“Yes, you won’t be turning into a zombie. Downside is that you require Nerotonin-2 injections weekly to keep the nanites working.” the doctor explained.

“Great, I need drugs to keep myself alive.” Zyrok said sarcastically.

“That’s all I know about these nanites. Perhaps you can ask Lieutenant Forester after you rest.” the doctor suggested.

“Yeah, so much to take in.” Zyrok closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep.

* * *

Charlie walked to the front door and noticed two zombies bashing at his door. He walked into his garage and grabbed a baseball bat. He opened the door and shoved the first zombie and bashed the second one to its head.

“I’m going to kill all of you.” Charlie swung the bat at the other zombie and broke its neck.

Charlie ran down the streets and saw a troop transport Warthog with two marines.

“Hey!” Charlie called out.

“What are you doing out here?” a slender tall marine in his early twenties waved Charlie over.

“I want to enlist in the UNSC and help the fight.” Charlie firmly said thinking about Sarah.

“Sure, hop in the back.” the marine pointed at the back seat.

“What’s your name son?” the other marine sitting in the passenger seat asked as he removed his helmet.

“Charlie.” Charlie stuck out his hand to the other man who was in his late thirties with a scar on his face.

“I’m Sergeant Felix Fay. You got a last name?” the marine shook his hand and asked.

“I don’t go by one. I either go by Charlie or Zyrok.” Charlie replied.

“Sure, doesn’t matter anyways. Welcome aboard Charlie.” Fay smiled.

“Lance Corporal Dawson Mack.” the slender marine shook Charlie’s hand.

“Let us drive first to see if we can pick up some survivors.” Fay told Mack.

The Warthog drove past some battle torn streets when suddenly a large pickup truck sped out an alley and smashed into the vehicle. The Warthog cart-wheeled and then slammed into a traffic light pole. Everything turned into darkness.

* * *

Zyrok woke up from his bed and noticed an alarm ringing from outside the building. Zyrok had heard this alarm before.

“Where have I heard that before?” Zyrok thought for a moment “Oh damn, it’s an outpost attack.”

Zyrok got up from his bed and pulled the heart rate monitor off his chest.

“Woah.” Zyrok suddenly felt dizzy.

“Anyone in here?” a man shouted down the hallway.

“Yeah.” Zyrok slowly walked out the room and saw a marine holding a UMP.

“We are evacuating this relief center. A big horde is attacking our gates followed by two massive zombies.” the marine explained as he pulled a Lock 17 from his belt.

“I need my gear Private Nevarez…” Zyrok looked at the name stenciled on his flak jacket.

“Aaron Nevarez.” the man saluted “Take my pistol.”

“Thanks.” Zyrok accepted the pistol “Where’s my team?”

“You mean Echo Squad?” Nevarez asked “At the gates holding off so the civilians can evacuate.”

“You gear can be found in the storage room.” Nevarez pointed down the hallway.

“Let’s go.” Zyrok ran.

“Attention all UNSC personnel. The zombies have breached the entrance. Fall back and evacuate. Repeat, fall back!” the announcement broadcasted on the speakers.

Zyrok entered the storage room and saw his uniform and armor.

“Give me a minute.” Zyrok closed the door and changed as Nevarez stood watch outside.

In a matter of minutes, Zyrok was in his battle outfit holding the Lock 17 Nevarez gave him.

“Let’s get out of her now.” Nevarez spoke as the same announcement broadcasted in the background.

“You got extra clips for his pistol?” Zyrok asked.

“Two, here you go.” Nevarez handed Zyrok two clips from his pocket.

“Echo Squad, this is Zyrok. Anyone copy?” Zyrok spoke on the RaidCall.

“Loud and clear Zyrok. Glad to see you back in action.” Casey replied with excitement.

“Where you guys at?” Zyrok asked.

“We’re just about to takeoff. Where are you?” Casey responded.

“I’m at the hospital. Can you pop by?” Zyrok asked.

“Copy, we’ll pick you up on the rooftops. Ground level is overrun.” Casey replied.

“Got it, on my way.” Zyrok motioned Nevarez to head for the stairs “Zyrok out.”

“Head up ASAP Private. We got ourselves a ride out of here.” Zyrok opened the door for Nevarez.

Zyrok looked down the stairs and saw zombies frantically running up the stairs.

“Hurry, they’re coming.” Zyrok ran behind Nevarez.

Zyrok and Nevarez busted out the roof doors and saw Casey waving them over beside a hovering Pelican.

“Come on boss.” Casey shouted.

Zyrok and Nevarez ran as fast as they could with a mob of zombies chasing after them. They leapt onto the Pelican and Casey fired the turret as the Pelican lifted off.

Zyrok saw two massive zombies with spikes smashing the hospital they were in, followed by a sea of zombies pouring from the entrance. Zyrok turned and looked at the marines sitting inside the Pelican and saw Forester, Taylor, and two other marines.

“Where are the others?” Zyrok looked dazzled.

“I didn’t want to tell you in the hospital, but I guess I’ll have to tell you now.” Casey replied and looked at Forester.

“They died defending the outpost?” Zyrok asked with a sad face.

“No, they died during the mission two days ago.” Casey apologetically said.

“They were heroes and they died honorably.” Forester chimed in.

“Aww hell.” Zyrok covered his face.

“It’s alright Zyrok. We all feel the same.” Forester expressed her sympathies.

“Did we accomplish the mission?” Zyrok asked.

“Yes, we did. Their sacrifice did not go unnoticed.” Forester replied.

Zyrok felt upset as he blamed himself for the death of his marines. He felt sick to his stomach and wanted to throw up. Zyrok looked at the relief center which was now distant and turned to face Forester.

“What the heck were those two massive zombies that had spikes?” Zyrok asked.

“From the data you collected, it seems to be some sort of boss which is actually a bigger version of the muscular spiky zombie.” Forester answered.

“Boss?” Zyrok asked.

“We call it the Titan now. The muscular mini version is the Bone. It was the Titan that killed our team.” Forester commented.

“Did you kill it? Zyrok looked away and stared at his feet.

“Yes, we did.” Forester replied.

“We sure as hell gave it our best shot.” Casey pitched in.

“Good, I assume those were two new ones back there?” Zyrok pointed at the center.

“Yeah, not sure where they came from.” Forester replied.

Zyrok’s head was spinning. He was not fully recovered and he had already ran a flight of stairs to avoid death. He sat comfortably in his seat and passed out.

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Post by Zyrok on Fri 17 Aug 2012, 04:27

Ch. 11 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Sat 18 Aug 2012, 01:11

Chapter 11- A Near Miss

Greenacre, New South Wales, Australia
Roberts Park
July 18, 1999
1615 Local Time

Sarah got off the school bus along with other civilians. She was upset that the soldiers dragged her out of her house and brought her here. She was waiting for her parents to get home, but it did not seem possible at this point in time.

“All able-bodied men should report here.” an Australian soldier spoke on the speakers and waved his hand.

Sarah wondered if this was where Charlie signed up for her and decided to take a look around.

“Sorry ma’am, you can’t enter.” a nearby soldier grabbed her shoulder as she made her way halfway through the line.

“Why?” Sarah asked.

“Women and children go to the other line.” the soldier pointed.

“I’m looking for my parents.” Sarah brushed his hand off her shoulder as she quickly gave her reasons.

“Then head on over there.” the soldier gave her a serious stare.

Sarah took one more look and then headed over to the other line and saw a different uniformed soldier. Sarah noticed aircraft lifting off in the background ferrying the civilians. As she approached the soldier in front of the line writing down names before people entered the aircraft, she saw the word “UNSC” stenciled on his flak jacket.

“Name?” the soldier glanced at Sarah.

“Sarah. Sarah Hunter.” Sarah decided to use her mother’s last name in hopes of finding her mother.

“Alright, get on the Pelican.” the soldier waved her to the aircraft.

Sarah was a bit lost with everything happening so fast, but she felt a bit reassured knowing Charlie went to enlist in the UNSC and that she was riding in a UNSC Pelican. She looked at the people sitting beside her and noticed so many scared faces. The Pelican lifted off and Sarah looked at the distant cities. Sydney was hit the hardest; the city had been overrun with the zombies within two days. Sarah glanced at two marines sitting next to the cockpit door and then looked at another marine manning the turret. She noticed a sweaty woman coughing beside the marine on the turret and saw her eyes. The woman looked at Sarah and suddenly got up from her seat.

“Sit down!” the marine manning the turret commanded.

Suddenly, the woman charged at the marines and bit his neck. The marine screamed in pain and collapsed to the ground. The civilians saw the infected and all ran towards the cockpit doors. This sudden shift of weight caused the Pelican to tilt downwards as it skidded over the roofs of many houses.

“Shit!” one of the marines yelled as the Pelican crashed to the ground.

Luckily, Sarah still had her seat belt fastened and was just bruised by the impact. She released her seat belt and scanned at the pile of bodies beside a burning cockpit door.

“Help!” a muffled yell came from under the pile.

Sarah’s gut told her to run away, but she couldn’t leave a person behind to burn to death. She flipped over some bodies and uncovered a dark skinned marine in his late twenties.

“Thanks.” the marine pulled himself out and grabbed his M16. “Let’s get out of here before it explodes.”

Sarah nodded and ran quickly out the rear of the Pelican. She turned around and noticed the marine detaching the M60 turret and then run towards her.

“You know how to fire a gun?” the marine asked.

“Yeah, did it in Army Cadets once.” Sarah replied.

“Take this.” the marine gave her his M16.

“Thanks?” Sarah laughed.

“What’s you name girl?” the marine waved her to run away from the flaming Pelican.

“I’m Sarah.” Sarah replied.

“I’m Corporal Azrie al-Rahman. You can call me Az.” the marine took off his damaged helmet and dropped it to the ground.

“What do we do now Az?” Sarah asked.

“My comms got fried so we won’t be expecting a rescue.” al-Rahman pointed at the helmet on the ground.

“Now what?” Sarah asked uneasily holding the M16.

“We’ll have to walk our way to the Relief Center down in Bankstown.” al-Rahman explained.

“Bankstown…” Sarah thought out loud.

“I know, it’s a couple kilometers.” al-Rahman sighed. “We’ll have to be stealthy to avoid any infected along the way.”

Sarah and al-Rahman walked past a few houses when the Pelican exploded behind them.

“Better hurry. That’s going to attract a lot of attention.” al-Rahman pointed at the explosion.

“Or help.” Sarah joked to reassure herself.

“I don’t think so…” al-Rahman pointed his M60 at a group of zombies running at them.

“Damn.” Sarah steadied her gun.

“Go down the alley first. I’ll cover you.” al-Rahman pointed at an alley beside Sarah and fired his gun at the zombies.

Sarah ran down the alley and came across two zombies feasting on a corpse.

“Shit!” Sarah aimed her gun and fired as the two zombies noticed her.

al-Rahman saw Sarah firing in the alley and ran towards her.

“Let’s get inside Sarah.” al-Rahman fired at the zombies.

Sarah bashed her gun at the window next to the door handle and reached in to unlock it. In a matter of minutes, the alley was flooded with zombies on both sides.

“Die!” al-Rahman yelled and sprayed a heavy cover fire as he backed up into the building.

“Az! Come here now.” Sarah shouted as she opened a metal door and waved at him.

al-Rahman quickly turned around and ran inside as she closed the door and locked it shut.

“Phew, that was close.” al-Rahman wiped sweat off his forehead.

“We have to find a way out of here.” Sarah pointed at the metal door being pounded by the zombies.

“Agreed, let’s take a look at our ammo.” al-Rahman opened the magazine box on his M60.

“I’m at one quarter of a clip.” Sarah removed the magazine from her gun.

“It looks like I’ve got another twenty rounds left in this beast.” al-Rahman closed the magazine box.

“Let’s check the back. Maybe there is an exit.” Sarah hoped.

al-Rahman pushed some chairs and tables to the metal door and wedged it to buy them more time to look around. Sarah noticed a wooden a door and waved at al-Rahman.

“I’ll go first. You watch my back.” al-Rahman slowly opened the door.

Inside the room was an old grey sedan in a garage.

“Let’s see if I can hotwire this thing.” al-Rahman mounted the M60 on top of the car.

Sarah looked at al-Rahman break the window on the passenger’s side and opened the door. Sarah turned her head to the metal door and saw some screws falling of its hinges.

“Az, you better hurry up.” Sarah looked uneasily.

“Trying, take this.” al-Rahman took the M60 off the car and mounted in front of Sarah and the door.

“Okay…” Sarah had a confused look.

“When they get through which they will. Squeeze the trigger. When you’re out, use your M16.”
al-Rahman explained.

“Great.” Sarah smiled nervously.

“I should be done in a few minutes.” al-Rahman reassured her.

The metal door groaned as the zombies bashed it. After a minute, the door frame gave in and came smashing to the ground. Sarah fired the M60 at the crowd, but ran out of ammo in five seconds. She quickly picked up the M16 and fired bursts. Click. Click. The gun ran out of ammo.

“I’m done. Get in now!” al-Rahman shouted as he opened the door for her.

The zombies ran inside the room and pounded at the car. al-Rahman slammed on the accelerator and smashed through the garage door and drove up a sidewalk. After a few turns, they had managed to lose the horde.

“You alright?” al-Rahman looked at a tired Sarah.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Sarah closed her eyes.

“You are a brave girl.” al-Rahman continued to drive.

Sarah began to wonder if her parents were alive after seeing how scary and powerful the zombies were.

“Maybe everyone close to me is gone.” Sarah felt a wave of sadness as it swept over her in thought.

“Perhaps even Charlie…” Sarah thought about the chat she had with Charlie. “The only friend who still hasn’t abandoned me after the apocalypse.”

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