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Post by Zyrok on Sat 20 Oct 2012, 18:31

Chapter 45- Untold Stories

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
August 6, 1999
2030 Local Time

Charlie sat on his bed quietly as he reflected on the events that happened in the past few days. It was so silent that you can hear Charlie’s deep breaths as he closed his eyes. He was in bad shape just from the looks of his face. The bright energetic persona was longer there and was replaced by a sad sulky aura.

“Why is this happening?” Charlie looked at the ceiling attempting to contact a greater being.

Charlie wasn’t sure which hurt him more; joining the UNSC and risking his life to find Sarah and to find out later that she’s married or totally missing the opportunity with Mary because he was looking for Sarah, but it was all too late now. Both events equally pierced his heart like a sharp dagger. Charlie didn’t want to think about it because the more he thought about it, the dagger plunged further. He wanted to burst to tears in sorrow, but he held himself back. Only warm tear drops trickled down his melancholy face. Charlie grabbed a tissue beside his bed and wiped his face. He was alone and lost. Charlie had no idea who he was anymore or what his purpose in life was. A little part of him wanted to scream out loud so the whole world could hear his pain. Instead, he held his composure as tears continued to stream over his face. Charlie heard a couple of knocks on his door and slowly got off his bed. He wiped the remaining tears away and stood at the door. He was hesitant in opening the door as he felt ashamed if people saw him crying. The door knocked again and Charlie stood still.

“Zyrok, you in here?” Casey’s voice spoke from behind the door.

Charlie thought for a minute and walked a step back.

“Zyrok? We need to talk, it’s important.” Casey continued to knock.

Charlie struggled to walk forward. Every step towards opening the door felt like his impending doom. His men wanted to see him and he valued his men. For that, Charlie paced to the door and opened it unaware of his red teary eyes.

“Sir…are you alright?” Casey greeted and immediately looked at Charlie’s eyes.

To Charlie’s surprise, it was not just Casey who stood outside his door. In fact, Hawkes was beside him as well.

“I’m okay.” Charlie lied.

“What’s up Zyrok?” Hawkes looked at Charlie with soothing eyes.

“What do you want to talk about?” Charlie attempted to change the focus.

“It can wait. You don’t look too well sir. Do you want to talk about it?” Hawkes offered his help.

Charlie froze for a second as he thought if he should tell them his problems. He decided to tell them his pain after help was offered to him. People wanted to hear him out and perhaps it was the only way Charlie could face his problems.

“Come on in.” Charlie waved.

Casey and Hawkes entered and closed the door behind them. Charlie sat on his bed while Hawkes sat beside him. Casey grabbed a chair and pulled it in front of Charlie.

“Where do I begin?” Charlie asked.

“Anywhere you like.” Hawkes replied.

“Okay.” Charlie took a deep breath.

Charlie started off with his story before joining the UNSC followed by the real reason behind enlisting in the UNSC to find Sarah. Both the marines listened to Charlie attentively and nodded their heads followed by warm smiles. He continued on with the relationship he had with Mary and his conflicting interests. Hawkes smiled as he heard the part about Mary.

“It’s a good story. Didn’t know you were that kind of person.” Casey interrupted.

“That’s the good part…” Charlie continued.

“Continue please.” Hawkes nodded.

Charlie continued with his pursuit of Sarah over various missions. He took out his poem and a picture of Sarah he had printed off. Casey took the poem and photo and examined it.

“Now, the hard part…” Charlie closed his eyes as he felt tears fill his eyelids.

Charlie rubbed his eyes and covered his face. It was too difficult for him to tell the truth. The truth hurt and he had to face it.

“It’s okay mate.” Hawkes put his arm around Charlie.

Charlie cried a little more and the wiped his face with his sleeves. He stared at the ground and began with the conversation he had with Sarah a few days prior. Every inch of word he spoke felt like a needle poke at his heart. Charlie endured the pain as he continued to talk. His story must be told; it had to be shared. Casey listened and smiled in sympathy while Hawkes grabbed a tissue for Charlie. After Sarah’s story, he felt himself die a little, but he took a deep breath and continued on. It was painful, but Charlie soldiered on. He wanted to finish Mary’s story before he could be at peace. Charlie’s hand turned stone cold and his expression turned to lost and hopelessness.

“You can do it Zyrok.” Casey encouraged.

“It will make you feel better. Talk it out.” Hawkes handed Charlie another tissue.

Charlie reached into his pocket and pulled out Mary’s note. Hawkes stuck out his hand and took it from Charlie. Charlie started talking with the note Mary had left for him when she left for the trip to the Scavengers’ Holdout. He paused for a moment when he pictured Derek and Mary holding hands.

“I was too late. Just like Sarah…” Charlie spoke out loud in thought.

Charlie rubbed his eyes as he continued on. He talked about meeting Mary and Derek and how any possibilities of anything happening ceased to exist.

“So that’s my story as I enter my phase of deep depression…” Charlie sighed as he finished talking.

“Wow, it must be really hard on you.” Casey concluded.

“Yes, you have no idea.” Charlie held his head down.

“You are right, I have no idea. I’ve never been placed in that position before.” Casey spoke truthfully.

“I don’t see a purpose in living anymore.” Charlie placed his hand on his pistol.

“Woah there mate, easy now. It’s not that bad.” Hawkes assured with a surprised look on his face.

“I have failed myself.” Charlie pulled out his USP and pointed at his head.

“No!” Casey and Hawkes both stood up.

Charlie stood up and backed up to his desk away from the advancing concerned marines.

“Don’t do it Zyrok.” Casey motioned Charlie to put down his gun.

“I have lost everything.” Charlie cried.

“No you haven’t. You still got us. We care man. Put the gun down please.” Casey took a step forward with open arms.

“I’ve lost more than that. I lost everything! My life! My purpose! My hope! My heart!” Charlie shouted in despair as he pressed the gun barrel firmly to his temple.

“Put the gun down man.” Casey repeated.

“Zyrok, you need help. We can get you help. Can you just put the gun down? We can talk this out.” Hawkes spoke softly.

“It’s too late. I was planning this already. You heard my story. At least I would go on knowing my story was told.” Charlie felt at peace.

“It’s never too late.” Casey took a small step forward.

“Step back Casey.” Charlie warned.

Hawkes slowly walked forward as Casey stood his ground.

“I’m so sorry guys.” Charlie sighed.

“No…” Hawkes cried.

“I’m so sorry Sarah. I’ve failed.” Charlie closed his eyes and tilted his head up.

The hallway outside Charlie’s quarters was quiet for a brief period as marines walked past the door.

“No!” Casey’s voice penetrated out the door breaking the silent halls.

Bang! A loud gunshot pierced from Charlie’s room followed by a loud thump. Marines nearby the quarters heard the gunshot resonate the halls and rushed towards Charlie’s quarters unaware of what had happened. Two marines drew out their Lock 17 pistols while another marine kicked down the door. The room was dark and stuffy. Two figures crouched beside another figure lying on the ground next to a desk.

“Freeze!” the marines called out and pointed their pistols at the two crouched figures clearly unconscious of what went on in the room before they had bashed the door down and stormed in.

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Post by Zyrok on Sat 20 Oct 2012, 18:31

Ch. 46 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Sun 21 Oct 2012, 17:17

Chapter 46- The Turning Point

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
August 7, 1999
1015 Local Time

Charlie woke up with his head spinning. He opened his heavy eyelids and found himself in one of the interrogation rooms. He tried to stand up, but realized that he was handcuffed to the chair. Both his hands were locked to the armrests. Beside him was a mirror, but Charlie knew it wasn’t just any mirror. It was a transparent window and a room on the other side. Charlie looked at his reflection and saw a bruise on the side of his head.

“Hello?” Charlie called out as he wriggled in his chair.

His voice echoed in the room as he continued to call out. Charlie wasn’t sure if he had died. He only had bits and pieces of memory recalling his last conscious moments in his quarters. He remembered closing his eyes and bidding farewell to his men and Sarah. Everything went so fast after that. Hawkes and Casey lunged at him. Charlie recalled the gun going off and then a sharp pain to his head. After that, he remembered he was lying on the ground and his vision turning black as his marines crouched in front of him.

“Hawkes? Casey?” Charlie called out.

After a few minutes, the door opened. Charlie saw Cole standing outside the door as Hawkes and Casey walked in. Charlie watched as Cole shut the door and then turned to face his marines. The pair sat down in front of Charlie and looked at him silently. Both Hawkes and Casey did not spoke a word, but continued to stare at Charlie. Charlie was beginning to feel uneasy and he looked at the mirror.

“Am I dead?” Charlie asked with uncertainty.

“No, you’re not.” Casey finally spoke.

“Oh.” Charlie blinked his eyes.

“Still trying to kill yourself?” Hawkes asked.

“I don’t know man. I really got nothing to live for.” Charlie closed his eyes.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to save humanity?” Casey asked.

“A person like me isn’t going to make a difference. Just put me out of misery.” Charlie shrugged.

“Look Zyrok, I know you. You are a good man. Look at the alliance you started with the Scavengers.” Casey pointed out.

“Don’t forget, you risked your life all the time in the missions for us so we could come home in one piece.” Hawkes added.

“There are a few good men left in this world. You’re one of them.” Casey pointed at Charlie.

“Thanks.” Charlie smiled nervously.

“We need a good man to lead us and to teach others that there is still goodness in humanity despite the current society.” Hawkes pitched in.

“And it is the good men that fall first…” Charlie countered.

“Not if they can pick themselves up and dust themselves off. They turn from good to great.” Casey reasoned.

“That’s only if you have purpose in life.” Charlie spoke with a solemn face.

“Then let us help you find a purpose.” Hawkes offered his help.

“Let’s take a look. Your previous purpose was to find Sarah correct?” Casey asked.

“As much as it pains me to talk about it, yes.” Charlie nodded.

“How about you live for Sarah?” Casey questioned.

“I don’t think that’s possible.” Charlie shook his head.

“Fine.” Casey rubbed his chin in thought.

“Zyrok, what if you never had that conversation with Sarah? What if you never found her yet?” Hawkes asked with a grin.

“Yes, wouldn’t you still be looking for her? Hence you would still have your purpose.” Casey nodded in agreement.

“That’s just hiding the truth.” Charlie shook his head.

“The truth can change over time.” Hawkes countered.

Charlie thought for a moment about Hawkes’ idea. If he pretended that he never met Sarah and continued on with his search for her, he would still have his purpose. Downside is Charlie already knew the truth; Sarah was married and loved another man. He loved her, but he was too late. Charlie would have to put the truth about Sarah into the deepest and darkest corner of his mind. He would have to lock it up and pretended it never happened.

“One day, the truth will be spilled.” Charlie commented.

“It will, not unless you keep telling yourself and other people that you are still looking for Sarah. Don’t ever think about the conversation that took place.” Hawkes replied.

“That’s hard.” Charlie complained.

“That’s the only way Zyrok.” Casey replied.

“Zyrok…I just had another brilliant idea.” Hawkes grinned.

“What?” Charlie asked.

“It’s the names…” Hawkes smiled looking very pleased with his idea in mind.

“Continue, please.” Charlie wondered.

“You go by two names correct? Charlie and Zyrok?” Hawkes asked.

“Yes…” Charlie raised his eyebrow.

“Most of us call you by Zyrok instead of Charlie. Does anyone call you Charlie instead?” Hawkes asked.

“Sarah and Mary, I think.” Charlie was beginning to see a connection.

“Then that’s it.” Hawkes exclaimed.

“Calm down Hawkes.” Casey interrupted.

“Zyrok, you need to forget the past. Forget Charlie. You are now Zyrok.” Hawkes explained.

“What are you proposing?” Casey was amused.

“Repeat after me Zyrok, okay?” Hawkes requested.

“Okay…” Charlie was uncertain of Hawkes’ plans.

“Charlie is the past. Zyrok is the future.” Hawkes spoke out loud.

“Haha.” Charlie laughed.

“Say it man.” Hawkes ordered.

“Fine. Charlie is the past. Zyrok is the future.” Charlie repeated.

“Who are you again?” Hawkes questioned.

“I’m Charlie or Zyrok.” Charlie replied.

“No, you are now Zyrok. Charlie is long gone and with the past as well.” Hawkes stated.

“This is brainwashing.” Charlie complained.

“No, it’s for your own good sir.” Hawkes explained.

“How so?” Charlie smirked.

“Every time your past comes back, tell yourself that you are Zyrok and your purpose is to find Sarah.” Hawkes explained.

“It’s for the best.” Casey added.

“Very well.” Charlie sighed.

“Once we release your restraints, Charlie is no more. You are now Zyrok and will become Zyrok once you stand up.” Hawkes stood up.

“The decision is yours to make.” Casey stood beside Charlie and unlocked his handcuffs.

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Post by Zyrok on Sun 21 Oct 2012, 17:17

Ch. 47 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Wed 24 Oct 2012, 17:56

Chapter 47- A New Life
Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
August 9, 1999
1300 Local Time

Over the past few days after the conversation with Charlie, Sarah wasn’t sure if she had said the right words. She didn’t want to dwell upon it too much because she loved Cookson. Even though she knew Charlie loved her, there was nothing she could do. She was married and she was happy. Australia was slowly liberated bit by bit as the Australian Armed Forces and the UNSC forces fought tooth and nail at the major cities. Sydney was on the verge of becoming free of the infected and almost ready for civilization. Sarah sat on the bench where Cookson proposed to her and looked at the bright skies.

“Sarah!” Cookson called out from behind with an enormous military backpack.

“Mike.” Sarah greeted.

Sarah had begun to call Cookson, Mike, instead of Michael or Cookson. There was no need for her anymore to address her husband by his last name.

“What are you doing with that?” Sarah pointed at the backpack.

“Oh, it’s a long story.” Cookson sat down beside Sarah and dropped his backpack on the ground.

“Tell me Mike.” Sarah stared.

“Long story short, our battalion is getting redeployed to the United States of America.” Cookson replied.

“What? What?” Sarah complained.

“Australia is slowly heading towards recovery and can survive with one less battalion. On the other hand, the US is in very bad shape. They need all the assistance they can get.” Cookson answered.

“What about our life? Life here is slowly getting better and now you’re going?” Sarah whined.

“I know dear, but this is our life. We can’t fully have a peaceful life until all the zombies are exterminated.” Cookson waved his hands around.

“Why do you have to go Mike?” Sarah looked at Cookson with soft eyes.

“I have to fight to ensure the future of mankind. Also, it’s not just that. It’s our future together that I’m fighting for.” Cookson reasoned.

“I don’t want to lose you.” Sarah hugged Cookson.

“You won’t. You’re coming with me. I’ve already spoke with my commanding officer and he has agreed to let you come with me.” Cookson whispered into Sarah’s ear.

“Really?” Sarah’s eyes widened with joy.

“Yes, really. We will take the journey together. I’m not going to leave you behind here.” Cookson kissed Sarah’s lips.

“I love you Mike.” Sarah kissed Cookson passionately.

“I love you too.” Cookson brushed Sarah’s hair as they kissed.

The couple made out for a few minutes before Cookson realized the time.

“Oh, Sarah.” Cookson called out.

“Yes?” Sarah smiled.

“We’re departing in less than two hours. You may want to start packing.” Cookson glanced at his watch.

“Okay.” Sarah stood up.

“We’ll meet up in an hour’s time here.” Cookson pointed at the bench.

Sarah nodded and watched Cookson hurry off towards a group of marines. Sarah quickly ran to her room and grabbed the largest backpack she could find. There wasn’t really much she could take with her except the memories she had at the Relief Center. She opened up her drawers and took out all her clothes. At the bottom of the drawer was a police badge. It was Taylor’s police badge which he had given to her before he died. Sarah sniffed as she felt sorrow and picked up the badge.

“Oh, Taylor.” Sarah examined the badge as a tear trickled down her face.

Sarah was going to honor his death and continue her duties as a police officer. With that, she clipped the badge onto her belt. Sarah continued to search her room for whatever she could stuff in her backpack. After a period of searching, she was done. Her backpack was nearly full and she was satisfied with what she packed. She walked to the door and took one last glance at her room. All the memories she had in that room won’t be forgotten. She smiled and closed the door. Sarah slung the backpack over her shoulder and walked out of the building. In the distant, Sarah could see Cookson sitting patiently at the bench waiting for her.

“Mike!” Sarah called out.

Cookson stood up and walked towards Sarah.

“Here, let me take that.” Cookson took Sarah’s backpack and slung it to his back.

“You don’t have to. You already got a backpack.” Sarah pointed.

“It’s fine. I can manage.” Cookson smiled.

“Thanks.” Sarah grinned.

“You packed everything you need?” Cookson asked.

“Yup.” Sarah nodded.

“Heard the States are colder than here.” Cookson commented.

“Oh…” Sarah scratched her head.

“Don’t worry. The UNSC over there can accommodate us.” Cookson assured.

“Okay.” Sarah smiled.

“Come on, let’s go.” Cookson pointed towards the landing pads.

Sarah took a glance at the park bench and cherished the moment. It was such a magical day when Cookson proposed to her. She hoped that one day she’ll see the day Cookson described. Sarah spun around and quickly followed behind Cookson as he saluted to a marine with markings of a Colonel. Sarah smiled as she walked past the Colonel and saw a Pelican equipped with a troop pod.

“Hop on.” Cookson waved at Sarah to get on first.

Most of the seats were already filled at the back so Sarah decided to sit near the entrance. She wanted to see a last look at Bankstown before they lifted off. Cookson quickly grabbed a seat beside Sarah and placed his arm around her. As the final marines settled down on their seats and strapped in, the Colonel walked into the Pelican.

“Good luck gentlemen! Let’s show the Americans what the Aussies are made out of!” the Colonel saluted and stepped off the Pelican.

“Hoorah!” the marines shouted excitedly as the Colonel waved at the Pelican pilot to lift off.

Sarah watched as the Pelican lifted off and the whole Relief Center came into view. From the edge of her seat, she could make out the places she trained with Taylor and the park where Cookson proposed. The Pelican continued to lift as she saw the Bankstown Memorial Park and the building where Taylor and her fought for their lives. Next, the Pelican flew over the battle-torn city of Sydney. Sarah saw a lot of aircraft flying over the city before the Pelican lifted up into the fluffy clouds. Somewhere in Sydney, Azrie al-Rahman was still out there, but she will never know what exactly happened to him. The Pelican hatch closed and locked shut as the pressurization began. The interior lights lit a gloomy faint red and the chatter of the marines died down. It was going to be a long way to North America from Australia. Sarah closed her eyed and leaned her head against Cookson’s shoulder.

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Post by Zyrok on Wed 24 Oct 2012, 17:56

Ch. 48 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Sat 03 Nov 2012, 16:12

Chapter 48- High Command

Seattle, Washington, USA
UNSC Seattle Outpost
March 30, 2001
1850 Local Time

After half an hour of wallowing in despair, Zyrok came to his senses. He remembered the conversation he had with Casey and Hawkes and reminded himself that he was Zyrok. Zyrok figured he might give it a try with Forester. If it doesn’t work out, he’ll still have the purpose to find Sarah. Zyrok walked to Forester’s office and saw her locking the door.

“Hi.” Zyrok greeted.

“Zyrok.” Forester smiled.

Zyrok smiled back as Forester handed him a folder.

“Follow me. We’ll discuss this report once we’re at High Command.” Forester waved at Zyrok to follow.

“Oh, okay.” Zyrok examined the folder and followed Forester.

The pair exited the building and walked to a heavily guarded building. Two sergeants greeted Forester and asked for Zyrok’s High Command badge.

“Captain Zyrok is with me.” Forester explained.

The sergeants nodded and allowed Zyrok to enter the building. Forester swiped her UNSC ID badge on an access panel and looked into a retinal scanner.

“Welcome Lieutenant Forester.” the computer spoke and the metal door slid open.

“Come on in Zyrok.” Forester waved as she stepped inside.

Zyrok huddled inside as the door slid shut. Zyrok was amazed with what he saw inside the building as he followed Forester. There were scientists testing with colorful chemicals and engineers designing new body armor. It was Zyrok’s first time in a High Command facility and it was exactly what he had imagined it to be.

“Come on Zyrok.” Forester called as she realized Zyrok had stopped to observe a laboratory.

“Oh, right.” Zyrok snapped out of his thought and jogged up beside Forester.

“There will be plenty of time to see the facilities once we talk about that.” Forester pointed at the folder she gave to Zyrok.

“What is this?” Zyrok glanced at the folder.

“We’ll talk as we eat.” Forester took Zyrok to the cafeteria.

As Zyrok entered, he noticed the tables organized in groups. One was the scientists in their white lab coats and the other was UNSC High Command officers.

“Grab a seat Zyrok. I’ll get you your food.” Forester pointed at an empty table.

“Okay.” Zyrok nodded and quickly sat down.

After a few minutes of waiting, Forester approached Zyrok with two trays of food.

“Would you prefer caviar with cooked potatoes or fresh vegetables with mixed nuts?” Forester placed the trays in front of Zyrok.

“What do you want?” Zyrok looked at Forester.

“Don’t worry about me, I get these daily. Choose one.” Forester laughed.

“I’ll take the fresh vegetables. I haven’t had something fresh for a while.” Zyrok smiled and pulled the fresh vegetables tray in front of him.

“Sure.” Forester smiled and took the other tray.

“So about the folder…” Zyrok placed the folder on the table as Forester sat down.

“Okay, this report talks in detail about the new zombies we encountered.” Forester opened the folder.

“Okay…” Zyrok munched on the lettuce.

“The two-headed zombie that screams and brings a horde over is now called the Siren. Remember the zombie with the tentacles?” Forester asked.

“The one that took out our Pelican?” Zyrok asked.

“Yeah, that one appears to be another boss zombie similar to the Titan. The tentacle boss is now called the Wraith. The smaller size version is referred as the Tendril.” Forester explained as she flipped over some pages in the folder.

“These new special zombies are getting harder to kill by the minute.” Zyrok commented.

“It appears that the radiation from the nuclear plant meltdown has accelerated and mutated the virus.” Forester added.

“Go figure.” Zyrok watched as Forester ate her caviar.

“Hence, we are seeing different strains of the virus.” Forester continued to explain the report.

“This could mean we might lose the war with the sudden shift of firepower the zombies have.” Zyrok concluded.

“Exactly. As you remember, we already lost a Relief Center. The aggressiveness of the zombies combined with the boss could lead to the decimation of UNSC troops within a few years.” Forester nodded in agreement.

“So what does High Command have in mind?” Zyrok asked.

“My level of clearance doesn’t go that high. What I do know is that High Command is onto something big…” Forester’s voice trailed off as a tall man with a beard approached Forester.

“Sir!” Forester stood up and saluted.

Zyrok quickly stood up and saluted the man.

“I assume that’s Zyrok you talk about in your report?” the man looked at Zyrok’s name stenciled on his shirt.

“Yes sir.” Forester nodded.

“Colonel Victor Black.” the man stuck out his hand.

“Captain Zyrok, sir.” Zyrok shook Black’s hand firmly.

“I’ve heard a lot of praise for you.” Black glanced at Forester.

“Oh really, sir?” Zyrok asked.

“Yeah, being Forester’s commanding officer for three years, the both of you have brought so much valuable Intel for the High Command.” Black smiled.

“It’s nothing.” Zyrok smiled.

“Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I’ll see you soon later tonight.” Black thanked and walked off.

Forester and Zyrok sat down and watched Black leave the cafeteria.

“What did he mean that he was going to see me later tonight?” Zyrok asked out of confusion.

“Oh, I wasn’t finished.” Forester tapped the folder.

“Continue, please.” Zyrok urged.

“As Colonel Black mentioned, we make quite a team.” Forester smiled.

“And…” Zyrok laughed nervously.

“Well, the UNSC is onto something big…and we’re going to help them.” Forester spoke briskly.

“How?” Zyrok was interested.

“We’re going to search for a covert research facility that was abandoned by Secronom Inc.” Forester explained.

“Secronom…the folks who started all of this mess. And where exactly is this facility located?” Zyrok rubbed his face in thought.

“Intel from High Command points to Afghanistan.” Forester answered.

“Afghanistan?” Zyrok almost spat out his food.

“Yeah, the Middle East.” Forester laughed.

“Why us? Isn’t there other marines that’s situated closer in the Middle East region?” Zyrok complained.

“Well, we’ve got more combat experience with the special zombies. Nobody knows what Secronom might have in store for us when we enter their facility.” Forester replied.

“Great…just great. As if I haven’t died enough times already…” Zyrok laughed sarcastically.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be teaming up with a reconnaissance squad that’s situated down at the San Francisco Outpost.” Forester assured.

“Okay…I can survive one hour longer than before…” Zyrok joked.

Forester laughed at Zyrok’s joke and shook her head.

“High Command will issue us some of their top gears to increase our survivability and performance.” Forester stated.

“Okay. I will do it…” Zyrok wasn’t sure if he could say no.

“Great. We’ll go see Colonel Black and depart with your marines to San Francisco.” Forester closed the folder.

“Okay.” Zyrok nodded as he finished his food.

“Sounds good. I’ll notify Jackal Squadron at the San Francisco Outpost to get prepared.” Forester finished her potatoes and stood up.

“Let’s see the Colonel now.” Forester dumped the waste on her tray into a garbage bin.

“Afghanistan…” Zyrok thought to himself quietly.

Unsure of what would happen in the Middle East, Zyrok knew it was probably the only way to keep his mind busy. Perhaps he would find his true self over at Afghanistan or maybe confront his past and be at peace with it. Zyrok wasn’t sure about his future. For now, it was his journey to find Sarah.

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Book 2 Chapter 1 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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