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Post by Zyrok on Sat 18 Aug 2012, 01:12

Ch. 12 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Sat 18 Aug 2012, 16:39

Chapter 12- Strong Attachments
Seattle, Washington, USA
UNSC Seattle Outpost
March 22, 2001
1545 Local Time

A Pelican landed on platform Delta and Casey jumped out.

“Let’s get some rest.” Casey waved the marines off the Pelican.

“What about Zyrok, sir?” Nevarez asked as he looked at a sleeping Zyrok.

“Let him rest Private. I’ll get the pilot to wake him up after he’s turned off the engines.” Casey replied.

“I’ll see you guys inside.” Forester looked at Zyrok and then Casey.

“Sure.” Casey smiled.

Casey climbed onboard the Pelican and went inside the cockpit. Inside the cockpit sat a young man in early twenties with a boyish look.

“Hey Pruett, give Zyrok a shake once you’ve shut the engines and exit the Pelican would you?” Casey patted the marine.

“Yeah, sure thing.” Pruett nodded and flipped some switches.

“Let him know we’ll be in the Mess Hall if he needs us.” Casey thanked and exited the Pelican.

Pruett looked at the computer screen and then pressed one more button before leaving the cockpit. He walked up to Zyrok and gave him a gentle nudge.

“Sir, Lieutenant Zyrok.” Pruett talked softly.

Zyrok slowly opened his eyes and looked at Pruett.

“Yeah?” Zyrok rubbed his eyes.

“We’re here.” Pruett replied.

“Where?” Zyrok slowly stood up to stretch.

“The UNSC Seattle Outpost.” Pruett answered “I’m your new pilot.”

“Oh.” Zyrok looked at Pruett’s outfit.

“Lance Corporal Brandon Pruett reporting for duty, sir.” Pruett saluted.

“Nice to meet to meet you Pruett.” Zyrok saluted and exited the Pelican with Pruett.

“Casey said that they’ll be in the Mess Hall if you need him.” Pruett pointed at a building.

“Oh, thanks. I’m going to find a place to rest first. My back still hurts.” Zyrok touched his back.

“Not a problem, I can take you to see the doctor if you like.” Pruett offered.

“Thanks, but I’m good.” Zyrok appreciated “You go on ahead without me.”

“Understood, sir.” Pruett saluted and walked off.

Zyrok stood motionless for a second and then walked to the Officer’s building. He took the elevator to the third floor and walked to his room. Zyrok places his hand on the hand scanner to open the door when someone tapped his shoulder.

“Thought you might be here.” a woman spoke behind him.

Zyrok turned around and saw Forester.

“Forester.” Zyrok replied with surprise.

“May I come in?” Forester asked politely.

“Sure.” Zyrok let her inside and then closed the door.

“You want to talk?” Forester offered help.

“Talk about…?” Zyrok grabbed a seat as Forester sat on his bed.

“Well, you seem troubled. I can tell something is going on in your head.” Forester pointed it out.

“Well, my near death experience has brought back my past.” Zyrok explained as he took of his armor and placed it on his desk.

“Does it have something to do with Sarah?” Forester blurted out.

“Oh…Sarah…” Zyrok blushed.

“Your wife?” Forester asked.

“No, it’s a girl that I really cared about. I’ve been trying to find her since I joined the UNSC, but I can’t find her.” Zyrok replied uneasily.

“Ah. When was the last time you saw her?” Forester studied Zyrok’s face.

“I’ve never met her in person. We only talked on the web. I remember that exact date when I lost contact with her. July 18, 1999, yeah that’s the date.” Zyrok recalled.

“Where were you and where was she?” Forester asked.

“I was in Richmond, British Columbia and she was somewhere near Sydney, Australia. That day, we were being evacuated and lost contact after that.” Zyrok spoke with a solemn face.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Forester sympathized.

“I’ve been trying to find her for two years.” Zyrok took out his wallet from his pocket and looked at a wrinkled picture of Sarah and smiled.

“Can I see?” Forester asked as she stuck out her hand.

“Sure.” Zyrok handed his wallet over.

“She’s a pretty girl Zyrok. I’m sure she’s glad to have someone like you.” Forester examined the picture and handed back Zyrok his wallet.

“She means the world to me.” Zyrok placed the wallet back into his pocket.

“I’m sure she does. I’ll see if I can get more info on Sarah for you.” Forester stood up from Zyrok’s bed and flattened the sheets and headed for the door.

“Hey Forester.” Zyrok called.

“Yeah?” Forester quickly turned to face Zyrok.

“Thanks for being here.” Zyrok smiled “Appreciate it.”

“Not a problem, I’m here for you.” Forester smiled back and walked out the door.

Zyrok walked to his bed and lay in the center and stared at the ceiling. Zyrok was still surprised that after all the years without talking to Sarah; he was still attached to her. Zyrok wondered for a moment if Forester liked him, but then told himself about the promise he made to Sarah and pushed away his thought. He tucked himself and went to sleep.

* * *

Charlie opened his eyes and found himself upside down in the back seat of the Warthog. He noticed the vehicle was smoking and decided it was best to get out even though his body ached. Charlie saw three armed men approaching them down the streets and saw the marines groaning in pain.

“This was an ambush.” Fay climbed out of the Warthog.

“It’s the damn Scavengers.” Mack pulled out his M16 from the vehicle and looked at the three armed men approaching.

“Who’s that?” Charlie asked as he took cover behind the Warthog.

“A bunch of crazy people who think they own the city. Pretty much preying on the other survivors for their own survival.” Fay explained and cocked his M16.

“What can they steal from us?” Our weapons and armor?” Charlie asked.

“We haven’t told him, have we Sarge?” Mack steadied his M16.

“Told what?” Charlie was confused.

“We are transporting months of research of the infected on this.” Fay pointed at a datapad on his belt.

“How did they know?” Charlie asked.

“I think we just happened to be in the wrong place in the wrong time. We could have used an escort, but we didn’t.” Fay guessed.

The three armed men approached into view and fired at the marines and Zyrok.

“Fire!” Fay commanded.

Mack got out of his cover and fired. He took down two men when suddenly a sniper round hit his head. Mack collapsed to the ground and dropped his M16.

“Sniper!” Fay ducked as he saw Mack lying in a pool of blood.

Charlie decided to lend a hand and picked up Mack’s M16.

“Keep your head down. We’re going to need a plan to get out of here alive.” Fay peeked at the roofs.

“I see an alley we can enter. I can cover fire while you run to that alley. Then you cover me and I’ll regroup with you.” Charlie pointed.

“Sounds good. You’ve done this before?” Fay asked.

“Played a lot of video games and watched a lot of movies.” Charlie replied.

“Oh.” Fay scratched his head.

“Don’t worry, I know that it’s different in the real world. I won’t let you down.” Charlie reassured.

“Okay, it’s not that we have a choice anyways.” Fay looked as three more armed men walked towards them.

“Let’s go on the count of three.” Charlie suggested.

“Ok.” Fay readied himself.

“One…two…three!” Charlie shouted and got out of his cover and sprayed a light cover fire firing single shots.

Fay ran as quickly as possible and safely got into cover behind the alley. Fay waved at Charlie and stuck up his fingers one by one. When the fingers counted three, Fay opened fire and suppressed the enemy while Charlie sprinted beside Fay.

“Whoa, that was close.” Charlie panted.

“Let’s keep moving. We’re just a couple of blocks from the outpost.” Fay pointed at a building in the horizon.

“Yeah, we can do it.” Charlie encouraged.

Fay and Charlie ran past a couple intersections when they saw a pickup truck with a mounted machine gun.

“Shit, they saw us.” Fay crouched down as the vehicle reversed towards them.

The gunner fired the machine gun at the general direction of where they were.

“We’re pinned down. If we don’t leave this area, we will be cornered.” Fay looked as he noticed more armed men walking and shooting at them.

“The outpost is another two more blocks east from here.” Fay reloaded his gun.

“We can crawl our way inside that building and then escape from the back.” Charlie pointed at a department store.

“Let’s do it. It’s a do or die situation now.” Fay flattened himself on the ground.

“I’ll take point.” Charlie began to crawl under the cover of some cars.

Suddenly two armed men jumped over the care behind Charlie. Fay fired and killed the first man, but the other man fired and shot Fay. Charlie quickly turned around and shot the man down.

“Fay!” Charlie yelled.

“I’m alright. Just a shot in the shoulder.” Fay winced at the pain.

Charlie crawled inside followed by an injured Fay. Fay coughed a bit and spat blood.

“Look son, I don’t think I can make it. Take this datapad and hand it to a Lieutenant Major Jerry Cole.” Fay handed Charlie his datapad.

“Look, we’re going to get there.” Charlie said assertively.

“I think the shot to my shoulder penetrated my armor.” Fay looked at his wound.

“Let me give you a hand.” Charlie placed Fay’s arm over his shoulder and walked forward.

“Ok, let’s go.” Fay walked slowly and coughed.

Charlie picked up the pace as he noticed the armed men entering the store.

“Hang in there Sergeant.” Charlie turned and fired his M16.

Charlie pushed open the back entrance and walked out. The UNSC outpost was within their view.

“We’re almost there Fay.” Charlie waved his hand.

Charlie approached the perimeter of the outpost and saw marines pointed turrets at them.

Fay looked at the marines and waved his hand in a circular motion. The marines still trained their turrets towards them.

“I don’t think they understood us.” Charlie stopped walking.

The marines fired the turrets and the bullets flew behind them. Charlie and Fay crouched to see a group of armed men retreating down the streets.

“We’re safe now.” Charlie lifted Fay to his feet. “We’re safe.”

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Post by Zyrok on Mon 20 Aug 2012, 16:51

Ch. 13 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Mon 20 Aug 2012, 16:54

Chapter 13-The Beginning

Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
July 18, 1999
2030 Local Time

“We’re here.” al-Rahman parked the car and waved at two marines to come over.

“What is it sir?” a marine asked.

“Our Pelican crashed a couple kilometers southwest of Roberts Park.” al-Rahman opened the door for Sarah to get out.

“How many souls on board?” a marine took out a notepad.

“Nine plus three. We are the survivors.” al-Rahman pointed at himself and Sarah.

“Alright, we’ll notify operations and do a run to pick up bodies.” the marine placed his notepad into his pocket and left.

“So this is it Sarah. You’ll be living here now. I’ve got to get back to my platoon and get back to work.” al-Rahman walked Sarah to a building.

“Don’t leave me here alone.” Sarah felt scared after hearing that al-Rahman was leaving her alone in the center.

“Don’t worry Sarah. I have a friend of mine working here. He’s a police officer and maybe you’ll learn some skills from him.” al-Rahman opened the door for Sarah to enter into the building.

al-Rahman walked to a room and knocked on the door. A man about the same age as al-Rahman with a dark tanned skin greeted al-Rahman with a hug.

“Taylor.” al-Rahman hugged.

“Az, it’s been a while.” the man hugged back.

“I would like you to meet Sarah.” al-Rahman introduced Sarah to Taylor.

“Hello.” Sarah said shyly.

“Officer White, but you can call me Taylor like my buddy Az.” Taylor laughed.

“Can you take good care of her for me?” al-Rahman asked.

“Of course Az.” Taylor looked at Sarah “What’s your story?”

“Umm…” Sarah froze.

“We actually survived a crash landing and she was the person who pulled me out of the wreckage before it exploded.” al-Rahman looked at Sarah and gave her reassuring eyes.

“Wow, Sarah. You saved my best friend’s life. I owe you.” Taylor grabbed two seats over for them to sit.

“It was nothing.” Sarah blushed.

“Sarah’s got a lot of potential. Train her in the arts of marksmanship.” al-Rahman said.

“Sure. How does sniping sound to you Sarah?” Taylor asked.

“I’ve always wanted to try it out.” Sarah replied with excitement.

“Looks like it’s settled then.” al-Rahman got up his seat “I’ve got to regroup with my platoon now.”

“See you later bud.” Taylor got up and shook al-Rahman’s hand.

“Have fun Sarah, I’ll visit when I can.” al-Rahman patted Sarah’s back.

“We’ll have lots of fun shooting.” Taylor smiled.

“Thanks Az.” Sarah smiled.

With that, al-Rahman walked out the door leaving Sarah alone with Taylor.

“Sarah, you got a family?” Taylor asked.

“Yeah, except I can’t find them.” Sarah said with disappointment.

“What is your last name?” Taylor asked.

“Hunter.” Sarah replied.

“Any brothers or sisters?” Taylor took out his notepad.

“An older sister, she moved out three years ago and I haven’t heard from her after that.” Sarah replied.

“Parents? What about them?” Taylor began his investigation.

“My dad’s a family doctor in Sydney and my mom’s an accountant working at a firm in Strathfield.” Sarah answered.

“Sydney…” Taylor jotted it down “That place got hammered pretty bad.”

“I know. With some luck, he can still be alive.” Sarah replied with optimism.

“Name?” Taylor asked.

“Fred Parks.” Sarah replied “My mom’s Joanne Hunter.”

“I see. I thought you’re Sarah Hunter.” Taylor remarked.

“Parks is my real last name. I said Hunter because it can be easier finding my mother in Strathfield unlike Sydney.” Sarah explained.

“Very well.” Taylor scribbled down notes.

“I feel that they’re still out there.” Sarah looked as Taylor wrote his notes.

“I’ll go look around for you.” Taylor closed his notepad and looked at Sarah. “Don’t worry.”

“Thanks.” Sarah smiled lightly.

“You want to grab some food? I’ve been sitting in this room doing some work all day long.” Taylor stood up.

“Sure.” Sarah stood up.

“After that, we’ll go do some firearms training.” Taylor winked.

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
July 19, 1999
0830 Local Time

Charlie sat beside Fay’s hospital bed and looked at the heart monitor. A bald man in his fifties walked beside Charlie and grabbed a seat.

“Fay told me everything about you. Had it not been for your efforts, Fay may have not made it back home.” the man spoke and looked at a sleeping Fay.

“Oh, we’re all humans. It is the compassion that binds most of us.” Charlie looked at the man’s uniform.

“Thanks for getting our research in one piece.” the man took out the datapad which Charlie passed it over to a marine on his way to get Fay medical attention.

“You must be Lieutenant Major Jerry Cole.” Charlie looked closely on the name on the man’s uniform and saw the word “Cole”.

“Yeah, that’s me.” Cole placed the datapad onto his belt.

“Pleased to meet you.” Charlie stuck out his hand.

“Likewise.” Cole shook Charlie’s hand.

“I heard you wanted to enlist in the UNSC.” Cole stood up.

“That’s correct.” Charlie nodded his head.

“Why?” Cole asked.

“Why not? The survival of the human species is dependent on how hard we fight back. An extra hand may save an extra life.” Charlie explained and thought about Sarah.

“Well put. It turns out Fay was right, you do have leadership element. With more training and experience, perhaps you can become a general in the future.” Cole replied.

“Thanks.” Charlie replied shyly.

“I’ll go file some paperwork and get you to our Officer Corps. I’ll see you later, Lieutenant.” Cole saluted and walked off.

“Thank you, sir.” Charlie quickly saluted back.

Charlie looked at Fay and then stood next to him.

“Thank you Fay.” Charlie whispered.

Charlie turned around and went out the room. He paused for a moment and then decided to look around the outpost.

“Can I help you?” a tough looking marine approached Charlie as he walked past two marines chatting on a couch.

“I’m just looking around.” Charlie replied.

“You new here?” the marine asked.

“Yeah.” Charlie nodded.

“Welcome, I’m Fred Casey.” the marine greeted.

“Charlie, I also go by Zyrok.” Charlie greeted back.

“Jonathan Hawkes.” the other marine stood up from the couch and greeted.

“Nice to meet you.” Charlie smiled.

“Hawkes, go on without me. I’ll show Charlie around.” Casey told Hawkes as he looked at his watch.

“Got it sir.” Hawkes replied and walked off.

“So Charlie, I like your other name. Zyrok sounds like a great covert name.” Casey pointed it out.

“Yeah, I don’t mind which one you call me.” Charlie laughed lightly.

“Zyrok it is then.” Casey waved his hand. “Follow me.”

“Alright.” Charlie smiled and followed Casey.

Casey led Charlie to a cafeteria full of marines and lined up for food.

“I’ll have the usual missus.” Casey smiled at a young girl with blonde hair serving the food.

“Sure, who’s you’re new friend?” the girl asked and looked at Charlie.

“That’s Zyrok.” Casey winked at Charlie.

“Oooh, that’s unusual for a name.” the girl looked at Charlie.

“Real name’s Charlie.” Charlie stuck out his hand.

“I like your name Zyrok. It’s different.” the girl shook Charlie’s hand.

“What’s your name?” Charlie asked.

“Mary. So what can I get you today?” the girl asked.

“Whatever the special it is today, I’ll take it.” Charlie looked at the menu.

“Baked beans with garlic toast.” Casey interrupted.

“Or he can have spaghetti and meatballs.” Mary smiled.

“But it’s not on the menu.” Casey complained.

“True, Zyrok asked for the special and I am giving him the special.” Mary flashed her eyes at Casey.

Mary scooped a bowl of spaghetti and dropped ten meatballs on top of the spaghetti and handed over to Charlie’s platter.

“How come I get six meatballs every time I ask for pasta?” Casey looked at Charlie’s bowl.

“Just cause.” Mary winked at Charlie.

“Gee, thanks.” Charlie blushed lightly.

“Alright, let’s get moving.” Casey groaned.

“See you around.” Mary smiled at Charlie.

“Yeah, for sure.” Charlie smiled back.

Casey grabbed a seat and pulled up a chair for Charlie.

“I think Mary likes you.” Casey ate his sandwich.

“I think she was just being nice.” Charlie commented.

“Yeah, totally man.” Casey pointed at Charlie’s meatballs “Because I never got ten.”

“You want one? I don’t mind if you grab a meatball.” Charlie laughed lightly and offered his bowl.

“Nah, I’m fine.” Casey declined.

“Great. I am so hungry.” Charlie said sarcastically as he bit on a meatball.

“You should give her a shot man.” Casey eyed Mary busily serving other marines. “Girls like her are hard to come by.”

“I know…” Charlie’s voice trailed off as he thought about Sarah.

Charlie turned his head at Mary and noticed her watching him. Charlie smiled and Mary smiled back and looked away shyly.

“See what I mean?” Casey pointed as he saw the exchange of smiles.

“What?” Charlie smiled pretending as if nothing happened.

“Gentlemen.” a man spoke from behind them.

“Sir!” Casey turned around and saluted to Cole.

“Hello sir.” Charlie saluted.

“At ease, gentlemen. I see you folks are getting along well.” Cole pointed out.

“Just showing him around.” Casey replied.

“He’s been a great help.” Charlie said and looked at Casey.

“Charlie, I need you to come to my office after you’ve finished. I’ve got some paperwork.” Cole pointed at Charlie’s food.

“Got it. I’ll be there shortly.” Charlie began to munch on the food.

“Take your time, just see me before tonight.” Cole patted Charlie’s shoulders.

“Ok.” Charlie slowed down his speed.

“Later, Lieutenant.” Cole walked off.

“Lieutenant? Holy crap, I didn’t know.” Casey almost spat out his food.

“It’s fine. I just got enlisted in the UNSC Officer Corps.” Charlie wiped his face with a napkin.

“Perhaps you’ll be my commanding officer in the future.” Casey finished his sandwich.

“You never know…” Charlie finished his bowl of spaghetti and wiped his face.

“I wouldn’t mind. You’re a swell guy.” Casey patted Charlie on the back.

“I’ll go see Cole now and do some paperwork. I’ll catch you later.” Charlie dumped the garbage into a waste bin.

“Yeah, you go on ahead.” Casey dumped his garbage.

Charlie looked at Mary and waved goodbye, but she was too busy to notice it.

“This is going to be interesting.” Charlie thought about leading Casey’s team as he headed out the cafeteria.

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Post by Zyrok on Mon 20 Aug 2012, 16:55

Ch. 14 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Tue 21 Aug 2012, 12:16

Chapter 14- First Mission

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
July 22, 1999
0950 Local Time

“We’re ready for liftoff Zyrok.” a man in his mid twenties shouted from the Pelican cockpit.

“Let’s get moving.” Charlie waved his hand as he looked at Casey and Hawkes sitting in front of him.

“First mission Zyrok. What do you think?” Casey looked at Charlie looking down at the outpost as the Pelican lifted off.

“I’m excited. The mission doesn’t sound that difficult. We just need to do a reset on a communications tower.” Charlie replied.

“Yeah, but I heard there’s a lot of infected down in Abbotsford.” Casey commented.

“Doesn’t matter. If it gets in our way, we crush it.” Hawkes pounded his fist.

“Don’t be overconfident Hawkes.” Casey glared at Hawkes.

“He’s got a point.” Charlie agreed.

“Well, it’s my game face.” Hawkes grinned.

“War is not a game, my friend.” Charlie replied.

“What do you know about war?” Hawkes challenged.

“I know the value of life. Every life is important.” Charlie countered and thought of Sarah.

“Enough Hawkes, he’s our commanding officer.” Casey nudged Hawkes.

“It’s alright Casey. Look you guys don’t need to treat me special just because I’m a lieutenant. I’m not your boss, I’m your friend.” Charlie explained.

“Wow, man.” Hawkes widened his eyes.

“What?” Charlie asked.

“You’re different. I thought that you were one of those hardcore hardened officers that I’ve encountered before.” Hawkes replied.

“Well, I’m not.” Charlie grinned.

“That’s why I like him.” Casey looked at Hawkes.

“Get some rest now. We’ll be there in half an hour or so.” Charlie sat comfortably in his seat.

“Yeah, I sure will especially when we’re getting our own ride back.” Hawkes commented.

“Cole told us there are UNSC assets left behind in the tower.” Charlie reassured.

“Probably weapons and armor. Wait till we go there and don’t see a Warthog in sight.” Hawkes joked.

“We’ll find a way back. It’s Cole testing us in the field. Putting skills we learned to use.” Charlie closed his eyes to rest.

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Abbotsford International Airport
July 22, 1999
1025 Local Time

“We’re here. Good luck marines. I’ve got to pick up marines down at Pitt Meadows.” the pilot shouted from the cockpit.

“Alright thanks.” Charlie exited the Pelican holding a USP.

Casey and Hawkes immediately followed behind Charlie and then waved at the Pelican as it lifted off into the blue skies.

“The communications tower is nine hundred meters west of our location.” Charlie studied his datapad.

“Got it, let’s move.” Casey ordered as he slung his MSG-9 over his back.

The team lightly jogged west and reached the tower in twenty minutes. A zombie was standing in front of the door when Casey smashed his gun at its back of its head.

“That was easy.” Casey laughed.

“Hawkes, you stay here while Casey and I reset the communications junction up at the tower.” Charlie directed as he swiped his UNSC ID badge on the access panel.

“Access granted. Welcome Lieutenant Charlie.” the computer spoke in a woman’s voice.

Surprisingly, the door only slid open one tenth and could not allow the marines to squeeze through.
“Damn it.” Charlie hit the panel with frustration.

“We can boost you over to the second ledge.” Casey pointed at the second floor window.

“Sounds good.” Charlie agreed.

Hawkes boosted Charlie to the second ledge and then boosted Casey as Charlie assisted.

“Good luck. I’ll kill anything I see in sight.” Hawkes waved.

“Alright, see you soon.” Charlie waved back and entered a dark room.

“The junction should be a couple levels up.” Casey pointed at the stairwell.

“Let’s double time it.” Charlie commanded.

Casey and Zyrok ran up a few flights of stairs and opened the door to the rooftop. They saw the tower flashing red and looked at an opened communications box twenty meters above their head.

“I’ll climb it and reset it.” Charlie headed for the metal rails and began to climb.

After a few minutes of careful climbing, Charlie looked at the box and studied it.

“You’ll need to flip the switch beside power that looks like a lever.” Casey hollered.

“I see it.” Charlie flipped the lever.

Suddenly the alarm sounded off from the whole building.

“Warning, all systems reset. All doors unlocked. Quarantine cancelled.” the speakers announced.

“Quarantine cancelled?” Casey hollered.

“I flipped the right level.” Charlie began to climb down.

Out of nowhere, a mob of zombies sprinted out viciously from the rooftop entrance.

“Run! Find Hawkes and get a vehicle first. I’m not going to make it.” Charlie stopped climbing.

“What about you?” Casey fired his gun at the zombies.

“Get transport first and get me later. Now go! That’s an order.” Charlie climbed back up to the top of the tower and saw Casey climb down the ledge holding on to some cables.

“Sir, this is a mess down here.” Hawkes shouted on the RaidCall.

“I know Hawkes. Casey’s coming down, see if you can cover him from the west wall.” Charlie replied back with urgency.

“Solid copy. What about you sir?” Hawkes asked with concern.

“Find transport first and then get me. Understood?” Charlie replied and looked down to see zombies swarming the tower left and right.

“Solid copy, Zyrok. Good luck. Hawkes out.” Hawkes ended the RaidCall communications as he fired at three zombies.

“Casey!” Hawkes yelled as he laid a light cover to hold the line as Casey slowly climbed down to the second floor.

“Oh man.” Casey groaned to realize that he had to jump one full story down.

“Jump Sarge!” Hawkes reloaded his gun.

“UNSC!” Casey ran and jumped onto a zombie.

Casey crushed the zombie and then bashed its head.

“We need to find transport.” Casey told Hawkes.

“I know. I saw a hangar nearby when I was done here guarding.” Hawkes pointed at a building in the far distance.

“Then let’s move!” Casey ordered and began to run.

After a cycle of running, shooting, and covering, the team finally made it to the hangars.

“We need to get inside. The zombies are coming!” Casey frantically looked for an access panel.

“Hurry up!” Hawkes laid suppressing fire into the mob chasing after them.

“Found it!” Casey found a side entrance and swiped his ID badge on the panel.

The door unlocked and Casey waved at Hawkes to follow through. Casey slammed the door shut and heard the zombies pounding on the door.

“This is what I’m talking about.” Hawkes shouted as he saw a Falcon docked on a platform.

“Sweet! Let’s fire it up and get Zyrok.” Casey smiled.

Hawkes approached the Falcon and noticed it was missing all its armaments. He shrugged and then jumped into the cockpit.

“No weapons or turrets.” Hawkes replied as Casey climbed on the Falcon and peeked at the console.

“That’s fine. One person flies and the other shoots from the back with what we have. Question is…who can fly this?” Casey asked.

“Darn, I thought you knew.” Hawkes climbed out of the cockpit.

“Nope. Let’s see if we can find a manual of some sort.” Casey flipped through the drawers inside the cockpit and found nothing.

“I’ll go look around the office.” Hawkes pointed at a room nearby.

After a few hours of searching, the marines were tired and had given up.

“I’m just going to do trial and error.” Casey jumped into the cockpit with frustration.

“Hit that yellow big button.” Hawkes pointed.

Casey pressed the button and the system lit up. The screen flashed a low battery and a low fuel sign and the screen went black.

“It’s out of juice.” Casey exited the Falcon and went to find fuel.

“I’ll get jump start cables to see if I can start it up.” Hawkes headed back to the office.

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Communications Tower
July 22, 1999
2200 Local Time

“What’s taking them so long?” Charlie wondered as he sat on the ledge as zombies swarmed below the tower.

Charlie wondered if his marines made out alive at all because his RaidCall was not functioning long range due to the tower interference. He also began to wonder if he would make it out alive.

“Well, this looks like it’s the end of the road for me.” Charlie looked sadly “I don’t think I’ll ever see Sarah.”

Suddenly, he felt a sense of hope and inspiration as he took out his wallet and looked at the printed photo of Sarah.

“I made a promise to her and I will find her.” Charlie felt determined.

Charlie felt renewed strength inside him to wait for his marines to bring transport and rescue him. As he was waiting, he took out a piece of napkin he left in his pocket from the cafeteria and began to write a poem. After thirty minutes, he looked at what he wrote and smiled.

“On that dark cold weary night,

There were zombies coming left and right.

I sat alone on the damp moldy tower,

And in the mist was a single flower,

That brought hope and promise to the forsaken lands,

Which cast a shadow over cracked buildings and rubbled sands.

I stood there thinking about the happy times,

The troubles no bigger than pennies nor dimes.

The flower inspired me the courage and strength to fight,

To wipe out all infected within my sight.

In a world of chaos and destruction,

That flower showed me the strength of determination.

I am just a lonely survivor on this desolate planet,

Sitting alone by myself like a zombie magnet.”

“This is for you Sarah.” Charlie looked at the dazzling stars in the night sky and smiled.

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keep it up

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Post by Zyrok on Tue 21 Aug 2012, 16:15

Ch. 15 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Warheero wrote:keep it up
Thanks for your support War!

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Chapter 15- New Roles Mean New Responsibilities

Seattle, Washington, USA
UNSC Seattle Outpost
March 22, 2001
2000 Local Time

Just as Zyrok was about to leave his room for a late dinner, Tory walked down the hallway and waved at Zyrok.

“Zyrok, follow me to my office. Let’s have a chat.” Tory spoke as Zyrok closed the door.

“Got it Major. What’s up?” Zyrok asked.

“We need to debrief on what happened back at Fort Calhoun.” Tory replied.

“Alright.” Zyrok walked with Tory.

The gentlemen walked down the hallway and reached an office.

“Take a seat.” Tory sat down and pointed at a chair in front of him.

“Where do I start?” Zyrok sat down.

“Let’s start with the data you recovered.” Tory replied.

Zyrok began his story and talked on for almost half an hour until Tory asked about the casualties.

“I understand that even though the mission was a success, there were many casualties.” Zyrok spoke with sadness.

“Do you know how they died?” Tory asked.

“To be honest, I was knocked out before all this happened.” Zyrok replied.

“Here’s the report from Forester. Your men sacrificed themselves for the UNSC.” Tory dropped a folder in front of Zyrok.

“I see.” Zyrok opened the folder and skimmed the documents.

“I’ve also heard reports that there were two Titans that took out our Relief Center down at Fort Collins. Is that correct?” Tory asked.

“Yes, that’s correct.” Zyrok nodded.

“We need to find more information about these Titans. I’m transferring a couple marines to rebuild your Echo Squad along with other marines you brought back from the last mission.” Tory explained.

“Sir?” Zyrok asked.

“Go ahead Zyrok.” Tory cut his conversation short.

“Permission to speak freely?” Zyrok asked.

“Go on.” Tory listened.

“Personally, I don’t think any of us has the physical and mentality to go back and face the Titan after what we’ve been through.” Zyrok spoke out his thoughts.

“I understand that, but only your team has the most experience because you encountered it.” Tory reasoned.

“All we need is firepower and not manpower. The more people there are, the more potential casualties there are.” Zyrok spoke thinking about new marines he didn’t know die on a difficult mission.

“What do you propose?” Tory took out a blank sheet of paper from his desk.

“One Pelican with one Warthog carrying Echo Squad. All I need would be three more marines extra, not another squad.” Zyrok requested.

“You sure about that?” Tory wrote it down.

“Yes. One Pelican to do insertion and extraction. A Warthog to give us mobility and firepower from the turret. Just three more marines to add to Echo because that’s all I need for extra manpower.” Zyrok explained his request.

“I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, accept this.” Tory reached his drawer and took out two pins.

“Captain?” Zyrok exclaimed as he saw the pins.

“You’re promoted to Captain now.” Tory handed Zyrok the two pins.

“I don’t deserve this.” Zyrok looked at the pins place in front of him.

“Your leadership skills are exemplary. You’ve completed a lot of missions. Take it.” Tory replied.

“I’ve lost men at Fort Calhoun. I think Forester deserves this more than I do.” Zyrok suggested.

“Your men need to be inspired. Forester’s promotion is based on High Command. I’ve put in a good word for her, but High Command requires her to have a longer service period.” Tory explained.

“Alright. Is Forester coming along?” Zyrok took off his old pins and replaced them with new ones.

“Yes she will. High Command has an eye on this mission as well since it’s very important for all UNSC forces.” Tory stood up from his chair.

“Thank you, sir.” Zyrok saluted.

“Good luck Captain Zyrok.” Tory opened the door for Zyrok to exit.

“Thank you.” Zyrok thanked and exited the office.

Zyrok walked to the Mess Hall to see if he could find his marines, but didn’t see them.

“Too late.” Zyrok looked at his watch.

Zyrok went to the cafeteria and grabbed two plates of fresh vegetables. He sat alone at his table and munched on a carrot.

“What’s an officer doing all by himself here this late in the cafeteria?” Forester walked up beside Zyrok and grabbed a seat in front of Zyrok.

“Oh, hello Forester.” Zyrok swallowed his food “I’m currently eating my dinner.”

“Just vegetables?” Forester looked at Zyrok’s plates.

“Just today because I feel like eating something fresh.” Zyrok replied.

“Ah, I see Captain.” Forester looked at Zyrok’s new pins on his collar.

“It should’ve been you Forester. I did nothing.” Zyrok glanced at his pins.

“It’s fine, Captain Zyrok.” Forester spoke the new rank out loud “Sounds good.”

“Do you know that we’re going back to the hell hole to find out more info on the Titan?” Zyrok asked.

“I know already. We all got briefed three hours ago.” Forested looked worried.

“What’s wrong?” Zyrok asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing really.” Forester put on a happy face.

“You sure? You looked a bit worried.” Zyrok asked.

“Yeah, it’s not big deal. I just think that our team would have to face a haunting past once we get back over there.” Forested replied with concern.

“I had the same issues too. I told Tory, but he said we’re more experienced.” Zyrok voiced his thoughts.

“Don’t worry about it. Take your rest, the mission begins the day after.” Forester got up and took a broccoli off Zyrok’s plate and smiled “Night.”

“Goodnight Forester.” Zyrok looked as Forester walked away.

Zyrok continued to eat his food and thought about Forester. He had made mistakes in the past with other women that showed interested in him and didn’t pursue anything more than friends. He was still attached to Sarah, but he felt like he had to loosen up. As Zyrok continued to eat and think, his own mental defense came into play.

“You can’t go out with Forester. She’s a team member and an officer of High Command.” Zyrok’s mind spoke.

Zyrok thought about it and decided to leave it as friendship for now. The last thing he wanted to do was to affect Forester and himself in the battlefield the day after because of any close feelings. Zyrok finished his food and left the cafeteria. He was a Captain now and he has new duties.

“There will be no relationships for the time being.” Zyrok’s mind told him to focus on the mission coming up.

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Ch. 16 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 16- Different Feelings

Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
July 25, 1999
1415 Local Time

Sarah and Taylor stood on the rooftop and looked at zombies in the distant.

“Now, let’s put your training to its use. It’s going to be harder because the targets will be moving.” Taylor explained.

Sarah steadier her Chesterfield on the ledge and aimed its sights on a zombie twenty meters away. She felt the wind blowing and adjusted her angle of elevation. Taylor smiled quietly as he studied Sarah concentrating on the zombie. Sarah fired a shot and hit the zombie’s arm instead of its head.

“Nice try. Try to move your rifle with the target.” Taylor suggested.

“Okay.” Sarah reloaded and aimed again.

After a minute of trailing the zombie, Sarah fired. This time the bullet hit its mark and killed the zombie.

“There we go.” Taylor gave words of encouragement.

“Thanks.” Sarah grinned with a sigh of relief.

“Let’s get another one.” Taylor pointed at a zombie thirty meters away.

“That’s so far.” Sarah looked and could barely see the zombie.

“Well, practice makes perfect.” Taylor smiled.

Sarah reloaded her gun and aimed at the distant zombie. She focused herself and paced her breathing to steady her hands. She took two minutes of trailing and then fired. The shot went wide and missed.

“Darn it.” Sarah complained.

“It’s all about experience, you’ll get the hang of it.” a very young marine in his early twenties with a cool composure approached Sarah.

“What can I do for you?” Taylor looked at the marine.

“I’m just patrolling and I saw you folks.” the marine looked at Sarah with soft eyes.

“Oh, we’re just doing target practice.” Taylor replied.

“Corporal Michael Cookson, pleased to meet you.” the marine stuck his hand out to Sarah.

“Sarah Parks.” Sarah shook Michael’s hand and blushed lightly.

“Officer Taylor White.” Taylor also shook Michael’s hand.

“Well Officer White, you can give her better rifles than a Chesterfield don’t you think?” Cookson asked.

“I’m not the UNSC with all the big toys.” Taylor replied.

“Well Sarah, if you ever want to try something else, come find me.” Cookson pointed at a building.

“It’s not about power of each rifles, but the skill in aiming and trailing. You have to learn the basics before you can shoot accurately. The type of rifle only enhances your skills. If you got no skills, switching to a better gun will still enhance nothing.” Taylor explained.

“Ok.” Sarah said quietly.

“See you later guys. Bye Sarah.” Cookson smiled lightly and walked away.

“Let’s get back to training.” Taylor interrupted a dreamy Sarah.

Sarah missed the next three shots in a row and Taylor decided to give her some rest. Sarah’s mind was stuck on Cookson’s handsome face and could not focus her mind on the sniping.

“We’ll go for another round later tomorrow. You do whatever you like.” Taylor took the Chesterfield from Sarah and pointed at the building Cookson showed her.

“How did you…” Sarah replied shyly.

“I can tell by the looks on your faces. Go find him. It’s hard to come by people these days in a world like this.” Taylor smiled.

“Thanks.” Sarah grinned and ran off.

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Communications Tower
July 22, 1999
2340 Local Time

Charlie began to feel drowsy as he sat on the ledge thinking of a way out. He looked at the darkness below him and heard zombies clawing at the tower. He pulled out his USP and decided it would be best if he made a run for it than dying from starvation on the top. As Charlie slowly climbed down, a Falcon dropped from the sky.

“Get on!” Casey’s voice popped on the RaidCall.

Hawkes was in its hull shooting at nearby zombies below the tower as the Falcon slowly descended onto the roof. Charlie jumped down and whacked a zombie and then fired his USP. Hawkes cleared a tiny entrance for Charlie to get to the Falcon and then waved at him.

“Hurry!” Hawkes shouted as he saw zombies starting to close the gap.

Charlie ran with all his might and jumped inside the Falcon. Casey lifted the Falcon just in time to prevent zombies from climbing aboard.

“Thanks for coming to get me.” Charlie gasped for air.

“No problem, we couldn’t leave without you boss.” Hawkes replied as he reloaded his gun.

“I’m surprised Casey’s a pilot as well.” Charlie took a seat.

“I’m not. I’m just a marine. This is my first time.” Casey overheard Charlie’s comment and interrupted.

“Oh great…” Charlie laughed nervously.

“It’s not that we had a choice either.” Hawkes replied.

“Get some rest Zyrok. You spent a lot of energy running for your life. We’ll be back in an hour or so.” Casey told Charlie.

“Alright, thanks.” Charlie closed his eyes.

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
July 23, 1999
0015 Local Time

“We’re here sir.” Hawkes shook Charlie gently as Casey shut off the Falcon’s engines.

“That was a good nap.” Charlie felt refreshed.

“Looks like you made it in one piece.” Cole walked over with a grin.

“Yeah, barely.” Casey smirked at Cole.

“Get some rest marines, we’ll debrief tomorrow morning at my office.” Cole smiled and walked away.

“Alright guys, I’m going to head to my quarters. Good night.” Charlie dismissed his men and walked to the entrance of the Officer’s building.

“Zyrok!” Mary ran out behind him and greeted.

“Mary, what are you doing up this late?” Charlie opened the door and let Mary inside.

“I’ve been worried. I heard you went on a mission that was supposed to be done within a few hours, but we didn’t hear from you for the whole day.” Mary looked at Charlie.

Charlie walked to the entrance of his room and looked at Mary.

“You want to come in and have a chat? I’m awake now.” Charlie opened the door.

“Sure.” Mary replied with enthusiasm.

Charlie took off his helmet and armor and placed it beside his bed.

“How was the mission?” Mary sat beside Charlie.

“Mission was good. There was a moment when I thought I was going to be dead.” Charlie thought about the poem he wrote for Sarah.

“Well, you’re alive aren’t you?” Mary touched Charlie’s back.

“Yeah, I am. War really does put your life into perspective.” Charlie replied.

“I’m glad you’re back. I was worried that something happened to you out there.” Mary grabbed Charlie’s head over and planted a passionate kiss to Charlie.

Charlie was surprised by the sudden move made by Mary and blushed. Mary unbuttoned Charlie’s top button on his collar while he was kissing him when Charlie suddenly pushed her away.

“I’m sorry.” Charlie apologized.

“No, it was my mistake.” Mary looked nervous.

“We can’t have this.” Charlie replied as he thought about Sarah.

“Have what?” Mary brushed her hair.

“A relationship.” Charlie sat upright on his bed.

“Why? Is it someone else?” Mary looked upset.

“I’m sorry, but I have feelings for someone else.” Charlie replied apologetically as he thought of Sarah.

“I see.” Mary stared at the ceiling.

“I have feelings for you too Mary, but I really like this girl.” Charlie smiled and placed his arm around Mary.

“I understand. It’s getting late, I should get going.” Mary stood up and walked to the door.

“I’ll see you later Mary?” Charlie asked.

“Yeah, for sure.” Mary looked at Charlie and smiled as she closed the door.

Charlie sighed as he reflected on what had just happened. Charlie wanted to keep himself loyal to Sarah, but did not expect that he had to turn away Mary. Mary was a nice girl, but so was Sarah. Charlie laid on his bed thinking about meeting Sarah one day. His heart was true to her, but Charlie didn’t know if Sarah knew that. Charlie was tired and decided to take a shower the next day as he fell asleep on his bed.

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Ch. 17 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 17- Sunlight in Nighttime

Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
July 25, 1999
1700 Local Time

Cookson took out the MSG-9 off the gun rack and presented it to Sarah.

“The MSG-9, twenty round capacity featuring a scope that makes you see more than thirty meters away. It can be used as a sniper or an assault rifle.” Cookson said with confidence.

“Wow, this is awesome.” Sarah smiled and peeked at the scope.

“There’s even better stuff, but my clearance is not high enough.” Cookson pointed at his insignia badge.

“That’s fine.” Sarah handed the gun back to Cookson.

“What do you want to do Sarah?” Cookson asked.

“I don’t know.” Sarah was waiting for Cookson to ask her out for dinner.

“You want to go grab some food at the cafeteria?” Cookson asked shyly.

“Sure.” Sarah smiled as Cookson read her mind.

Cookson walked beside Sarah and took her to the cafeteria.

“What do you like?” Cookson asked as he looked at the menu.

“I’ll get whatever you’re getting.” Sarah grinned and looked at Cookson.

“Then tinned spaghetti with cream soup.” Cookson studied at the specials.

“Alright, sounds tasty.” Sarah licked her lips.

“Sarah, you go grab a seat. I’ll bring the food over.” Cookson pointed at an empty table.

“Okay.” Sarah nodded and walked away.

Cookson grabbed the food platter to the table and sat beside Sarah. Sarah grabbed her portion and began to eat.

“How’s the food?” Cookson looked at Sarah eating.

“It’s good.” Sarah nodded her head.

Sarah turned her head and saw Taylor sitting with some other officers eating their food. Taylor looked at her and smiled. Sarah smiled back and looked away.

“Sarah, I’ll need to talk to you later. I have information regarding your parents.” Taylor tapped Sarah’s back.

“What? What about them?” Sarah look surprised.

“It can wait, there’s a lot to talk about.” Taylor decided not to spoil her moment with Cookson.

“Did you find them?” Sarah blurted.

“I’ll tell you this evening.” Taylor smiled and walked away.

“Parents?” Cookson asked.

“Yeah, Taylor was helping me find them.” Sarah explained as she saw Taylor walk out the cafeteria.

“I’m guessing he found them by the tone of his voice.” Cookson at his food.

“I’m hopeful.” Sarah smiled lightly.

“So, what do your parents do?” Cookson asked.

“My dad’s a doctor and my mom’s an accountant.” Sarah answered.

“Talented background.” Cookson summarized.

“Thanks.” Sarah took a sip of her soup.

After half and hour of chatting, Sarah decided to find Taylor and ask about her parents.

“Taylor, I’m here. Tell me about my parents.” Sarah approached Taylor.

“Take a seat Sarah.” Taylor offered a chair.

“What’s up?” Sarah asked as she took a seat.

“I have good news and bad news. What do you want to hear first?” Taylor spoke in a calm tone.

“Something happened?” Sarah tensed up.

“Let’s start with the bad since you asked. Your dad was killed by the zombies during the evacuation of Sydney. A couple of marines confirmed it by the driver’s license he had in his pocket.” Taylor spoke solemnly.

“No…” Sarah closed her eyes.

“I’m sorry. I truly am.” Taylor hugged Sarah as she began to weep.

“It can’t be.” Sarah cried.

“Look Sarah, I know you feel. I lost my wife to the infected. On the bright side, your mother may still be alive in Strathfield. We have a Joanne Hunter registered in the UNSC Relief Center over there. I’ve arranged a ride for you to go over there and see if it’s your mom.” Taylor explained the news.

“Okay, thank you.” Sarah wiped her eyes.

“I’m sorry about your dad.” Taylor apologized.

“Thanks for looking for them.” Sarah hugged Taylor.

Strathfield, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
July 26, 1999
1030 Local Time

Sarah got off the Falcon and headed to the central building.

“I’m looking for a Joanne Hunter. Is she here?” Sarah approached the receptionist.

“One moment please.” the lady checked on the computer.

“Alright thanks.” Sarah looked around.

“Joanne Hunter should be in Room 201 of the East Wing.” the lady replied.

“Thanks.” Sarah hurried off with hope on her mind.

“Sarah stood outside Room 201 and knocked.

“Who is it?” a woman’s voice answered behind the door.

“Mom?” Sarah asked.

The door opened and an old lady came out with a walking stick.

“Sorry girl, I’m not your mom. You have me mistaken for someone else.” the old lady replied.

“This is Joanne Hunter of room 201, correct?” Sarah asked with disappointment.

“That’s correct, but I do not know you.” the old lady replied.

“Aw…” Sarah said and began to weep as she ran away.

Sarah was feeling awful and alone. Her dad was now officially pronounced dead and her mother was missing. She decided to fly back to Bankstown to let Taylor know the news. She got back onto the Falcon with other marines and cried inside for the duration of the trip. The world had put her to deal with the zombies all by her lonesome and she was depressed. She wondered for a moment if Charlie would feel the same if he couldn’t find her on this forsaken planet and then reassured herself that at least someone still cared for her in this world.

Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
July 26, 1999
1900 Local Time

Sarah finished telling Taylor the news and then hugged him for comfort.

“She’s probably still out there. We’ll find her. We’ll find her Sarah.” Taylor hugged and reassured her.

“I hope the zombies didn’t get her like my dad.” Sarah wept.

“They won’t. Get some rest Sarah, you had a long day.” Taylor wiped her tears off her cheek.

“Alright.” Sarah slowly exited Taylor’s room.

“Sarah! What’s up?” Cookson ran up beside her.

“Nothing.” Sarah sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Cookson looked at her red eyes.

Sarah suddenly began to cry as she thought about her parents. She sat on the ground and covered her face.

“Tell me, I want to know.” Cookson sat down beside her.

Sarah explained the whole story to Cookson and then turned her face away from him.

“It’s alright Sarah. I’ve lost my parents to the infected as well. I know how you feel. It’s okay to let it all out. I want to let you know that I’m here for you, any day, any time.” Cookson put his arm around her.

“Thank you.” Sarah cuddled next to Cookson and closed her eyes.

“I care about you Sarah. I’m certain your mom is still out there.” Cookson smiled as he took a tissue and wiped Sarah’s tears off her face.

“I hope so too.” Sarah sighed.

“Please don’t cry, you have such a beautiful face.” Cookson smiled.

“Thanks.” Sarah blushed and smiled.

“There we go.” Cookson touched her shoulders gently “Welcome back Sarah.”

Sarah felt a sense of hope and happiness knowing that people out there still cared for her when her world was collapsing. People like Az, Taylor, Charlie, and Cookson was showing her the goodness and faith left in humanity in a zombie infected world.

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Ch. 18 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Tue 28 Aug 2012, 22:52

Chapter 18- The Revisit

Seattle, Washington, USA
UNSC Seattle Outpost
March 24, 2001
0725 Local Time

Zyrok sat in his office and checked his computer for mail He noticed a folder marked “Important! Please Read” and clicked it to read the contents. Tory had sent him a list of the three new marines he had assigned into Echo Squad. He looked at the list and noticed two familiar names.

“Lance Corporal Brandon Pruett and Private Aaron Nevarez.” Zyrok read the names out loud.

He looked down the list as he saw a “Lance Corporal Joshua Schmidt” at the bottom of the list. Zyrok closed the folder and decided to meet his new marines before departing for the mission in two hours. Zyrok exited his office and went to the Mess Hall. Zyrok glanced over the first few tables as he noticed a loud Casey pounding the table and laughing. Zyrok approached his men and tapped Casey on the back.

“What’s the commotion?” Zyrok asked amused.

“Oh, we’re just enjoying the time while we can.” Casey laughed.

“Sir, Lance Corporal Joshua Schmidt reporting for duty.” a young marine with a cool composure stood up from his seat and saluted Zyrok.

“Nice to meet you Schmidt.” Zyrok saluted back.

“I was telling Schmidt not to overestimate the Titan.” Taylor spoke to Zyrok.

“Indeed, the Titan took out a lot of marines on our previous mission.” Zyrok nodded in agreement.

“Yes sir.” Schmidt nodded back.

“Alright, I want you folks geared up in one hour before departing. I’ll see you folks soon.” Zyrok waved goodbye and left the Mess Hall.

“Zyrok!” Pruett ran up beside him.

“Yes Pruett?” Zyrok turned around.

“The Pelican is already loaded up with the Warthog you requested, sir.” Pruett replied with satisfaction.

“Good job. We’ll regroup one hour before departure to get geared up. Take some rest.” Zyrok patted Pruett’s shoulder.

“Got it sir.” Pruett saluted and walked off.

Zyrok wanted to see what armor upgrades he could get and headed over to the armory. He went to the counter and asked the marine in charge for an upgrade of his armor.

“Captain Zyrok, you can choose whether you want a SN-42 or a Reactive SLX. Both are fine pieces of armor.” the marine took out the armor.

“I’ll take the SLX.” Zyrok grabbed the armor and placed it on him.

The armor was a good fit and lightweight. The SLX had a better look than the flak jacket he originally wore. Zyrok adjusted the side straps and then patted his chest. It felt nice and comfortable as he tested its mobility.

“Thanks.” Zyrok thanked the marine and walked out.

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Insertion Kilo
March 24, 2001
1250 Local Time

“Alright, we’re here. Everybody out!” Zyrok commanded as Pruett landed the Pelican in the outskirts of the city.

“Pruett, drop the Warthog off and hold position at Extraction Point Hotel until further notice.” Zyrok spoke to Pruett before jumping off the Pelican with the other marines.

“Got it sir. Detaching Warthog. Good luck sir.” Pruett pressed a button and detached the Warthog.

“See you soon Pruett.” Zyrok waved as the Pelican lifted off.

Forester hopped into the passenger’s seat as Nevarez manned the turret.

“I’ll drive.” Casey volunteered.

Zyrok watched as Taylor and Schmidt huddled over beside him and waited for instructions.

“Forester, your call sign is Echo 2-3 and ours 1-3. We’ll enter the rooftops to scout ahead while you’re on the ground doing the devastation.” Zyrok smiled.

“Sounds good Captain.” Forester saluted.

“I love it.” Nevarez fist pumped the air.

“Alright, let’s move.” Zyrok commanded as he motioned his men to head towards the city.

“Let’s roll.” Forester told Casey as Zyrok hurried off with his men.

Casey drove past some ruined buildings and cars and then stopped as he saw a group of zombies blocking their path.

“Shall I?” Nevarez pointed his turret.

“Don’t. Ammo is limited, so splatter them.” Forester waved her hand forward.

“Gladly.” Casey peddled to the metal.

The Warthog screeched as the tires spun on the dry pavement and then jerked forward. The zombies turned to the noisy Warthog and walked forward. The speeding Warthog rammed the zombies and splattered them all over the road.

“Whoot.” Nevarez shouted.

Forester smiled as she pointed at an intersection to make a turn right.

“We should reach the Relief Center in a couple of blocks. We might be able to grab a vehicle and give one to Zyrok.” Forester explained.

“Alright. Let’s do this.” Casey continued driving down the road.

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
City Park
March 24, 2001
1500 Local Time

“We’re almost at the vantage point for scouting.” Taylor pointed at a building far away.

“I’d say it’s another few kilometers.” Schmidt sighed.

“Come on folks, we can do it.” Zyrok encouraged.

Zyrok took point as he turned around a corner.

“Holy crap!” Zyrok spun around and ran back to his men.

“What?” Taylor steadied his M21.

“The Titan is right around the corner.” Zyrok pointed.

“Let’s get to higher grounds.” Taylor pointed at a building across the street.

“Double time, let’s hurry.” Zyrok directed.

Zyrok ran onto the street as he saw the Titan roaming beside other zombies. Zyrok saw a two-headed zombie next to the entrance of the building and watched in horror as the zombie screamed a high pitch scream.

“Get inside now!” Zyrok shot the two-headed zombie and waved frantically as the Titan turned its head and ran towards them.

Zyrok and his men closed the door and quickly ran up the stairs. The Titan began to bash the building as Zyrok watched from the rooftop. Below the building, a horde of zombies had gathered around the base and there was no way out.

“Echo 2-3, this is Echo 1-3. Do you copy, over?” Zyrok spoke on the RaidCall as Schmidt guarded the rooftop entrance.

“Go ahead 1-3, what’s up?” Forester replied back.

“We are being engaged by the Titan and a horde of zombies. Request support.” Zyrok looked as the windows below them shattered from the Titan’s blows.

“Solid copy 1-3. We’re on our way. What’s your location over?” Forester asked.

“We’re near City Park on the roof of a building.” Zyrok responded quickly as he looked for a way out.

“Copy 1-3, we’re coming ASAP, 2-3 out.” Forester replied and ended the RaidCall.

Zyrok looked as the Titan knocked out the foundations of the building saw the building began to tilt.

“Aw hell.” Taylor complained as the left corner of the roof smashed into another building.

“Brace yourselves!” Zyrok shouted as the building tilted and smashed into the adjacent building.

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Ch. 19 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 19- A Team Effort
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
City Park
March 24, 2001
1700 Local Time

Zyrok woke up the roof of the adjacent building in a pile of rubble and smoke. The building they were originally in was now leaning beside them.

“Guys?” Zyrok stood up and shouted.

“I’m alright.” Taylor stood up from a pile of debris and coughed.

“Schmidt?” Zyrok scanned the roof.

“He’s here.” Taylor walked to an unconscious Schmidt shaking his head.

“Hey man. Wake up.” Zyrok gently nudged.

“This is too crazy.” Schmidt complained and opened his eyes.

“Echo 1-3, do you read over?” Forester spoke on the RaidCall.

“Go ahead 2-3.” Zyrok responded.

“Great, we thought we lost you. The Titan is currently following us.” Forester replied.

“Copy that. We’ll relocate and then flank the Titan.” Zyrok replied.

“Copy 1-3, make it quick. We’re getting low on amno.” Forester replied.

“Loud and clear, we’ll notify you once we’re in position. 1-3 out.” Zyrok waved his men over.

“Here’s the situation gentlemen, Forester is going to lure the Titan to us. We’ll need to blow it up with the HK69 Schmidt has.” Zyrok explained.

“Let’s blow it up!” Schmidt pulled out his HK69.

“Let’s hurry. The Warthog doesn’t have that much ammo.” Zyrok pointed to the fire escape ladder.

Zyrok peeked down on the streets for zombies and saw none. He waved his men to go first while he checked his watch. Taylor went down first and then followed by Schmidt. Zyrok took one more glance at the roof and then climbed down. Zyrok led his team down an alley and whacked two zombies with his gun as they ran towards an office building. In the distant background, Zyrok could hear the turret of the Warthog firing and decided to quickly head inside the building.

“A few levels up and we should be fine.” Zyrok looked at the building directory.

Taylor opened the doors to the stairwell and two zombies rushed out. Taylor shoved one zombie aside and then tripped the other zombie. Zyrok walked beside Taylor and placed two clean shots to the zombie.

“Let’s hurry. Forester is waiting for our cue.” Zyrok ran up the stairs.

Zyrok opened the door to the fourth level and pointed at the windows facing the street.

“There, break the glass.” Zyrok pointed.

“Got it, sir.” Schmidt hurried off.

Schmidt swung his handle of his HK69 into the window and shattered it.

“Echo 2-3, we’re in position in an office building. We’ll pop orange smoke to mark location.” Zyrok spoke on the RaidCall.

“Copy 1-3. Waiting on your mark.” Forester replied with gunfire in the background.

“Schmidt, pop smoke to the center of the street.” Zyrok commanded.

“Aye sir.” Schmidt replied and took out a smoke grenade.

Schmidt pulled the pin and threw it down to the streets below. The grenade hit the ground and exploded an orange smoke that lifted into the skies.

“Get ready gentlemen. Weapons hot.” Zyrok looked at the orange smoke drifting as the wind blew.

“Echo 1-3, we see your smoke. Get ready marines, things are going to be noisy now.” Forester spoke on the RaidCall.

“Solid copy 2-3, see you soon.” Zyrok replied as he took out his USP.

Down at the intersection of the office building, a Warthog sped out from a corner with its turret firing rapidly behind them. In less than three seconds, the Titan emerged sprinting rapidly behind the vehicle. The Warthog sped past the smoke and then skidded sideways as it did a U-turn.

“Fire!” Zyrok commanded as the Titan entered the smoke.

Schmidt fired a round of his HK69 and placed a good shot to its right arm and blew it off. Taylor sniped at some of its spikes on its chest while Zyrok fired at its head, but did no damage. The Warthog sped towards the injured Titan and rammed its left leg. The Titan wobbled for a second and swung at the Warthog. It managed to clip a piece of the rear bumper and flung the Warthog across the street.

“Again!” Zyrok shouted.

Schmidt fired another round at the Titan as it began to chase after the damaged Warthog. The grenade missed and Schmidt quickly reloaded. Zyrok watched as Casey and Nevarez got out of the Warthog and dragged Forester out of her seat.

“Cover fire.” Zyrok sprayed his pistol to attract the attention of the Titan.

Taylor fired multiple rounds into its injured leg while Zyrok fired at its severed arm. The Titan felt pain as the bullets pierced into its skin. It turned to the direction of fire and began to run.

“Steady Schmidt. We’ll need to make that shot count.” Zyrok watched as the Titan approached them down the streets.

“Understood sir!” Schmidt replied.

The Titan ran up beside the building and started to smash. Luckily, the Titan was one floor below them and Zyrok saw the opportunity.

“Now! Everyone aim at its head.” Zyrok peeked over the ledge as the building shook from the Titan’s smashes.

Taylor fired at the spikes protecting its head and severed it. Zyrok fired his USP at its head while Schmidt aimed and fired his HK69 to its neck. The grenade hit its mark and exploded violently. The explosion ripped the upper portion of the Titan off and burned the rest of its body. The Titan wobbled and collapsed to the ground in flames.

“Hoorah!” Schmidt high-fived Taylor with satisfaction.

“That’s how we roll.” Zyrok smiled at the corpse.

Zyrok reloaded his gun and looked at the damaged Warthog. He saw the marines taking shelter in a building with Forester lying on the ground.

“Echo 2-3, what’s your status, over?” Zyrok spoke on the RaidCall with concern in his voice.

“Zyrok, it’s Forester. She’s not looking too well.” Casey spoke and waved at Zyrok.

“Copy, we’re on our way.” Zyrok waved his men over and waved back at Casey.

Zyrok and his men ran down the stairs and exited the building. Zyrok glanced at the burning corpse and then hurried into the building Casey was in.

“What’s the situation?” Zyrok asked.

“Multiple rib fractures and minor lacerations to her back.” Casey injected a morphine needle into Forester.
“Call for evac now!” Zyrok crouched beside Forester.

“Yes sir.” Taylor responded.

“I’m sorry Zyrok.” Forester moaned in pain.

“Don’t be, you did great.” Zyrok smiled as he took off his helmet.

Taylor spoke on the RaidCall with Pruett and then turned to Zyrok.

“Pruett’s coming over to the orange smoke in les than ten.” Taylor reported.

“Good.” Zyrok assisted Casey as he wrapped bandages around Forester’s chest.

“Ow.” Forester cursed as the bandages were tightened.

“Sorry. Help is on the way. Hang in there LT.” Casey apologized.

“I’m calling it a mission abort.” Zyrok concluded as he looked at his tired marines and then Forester.

“Don’t. Finish the mission without me.” Forester grabbed Zyrok’s arm.

“Either way, we’re sending you to the nearest medical facility.” Zyrok looked at Forester’s wounds.

“Ok, but finish the mission. We are almost done.” Forester glazed at Zyrok.

“Fine.” Zyrok nodded.

A Pelican flew over the smoke and slowly descended. The engines shut off and Pruett rushed out with a medic kit.

“Pruett, take Forester to the nearest UNSC base for medical attention. She’s got fractured ribs and lacerations to her back.” Zyrok directed as Pruett looked at Forester.

“Got it Captain.” Pruett nodded in acknowledgement.

“Alright marines, let’s bring Forester to the Pelican.” Zyrok commanded.

The marines huddled around Forester and slowly lifted her up. They walked to the Pelican and laid her on the seats.

“Schmidt, you take care of Forester while Pruett flies the Pelican.” Zyrok ordered.

“Yes sir.” Schmidt nodded and handed over his HK69 to Zyrok.

“Let’s get her out of here.” Zyrok patted Pruett to go as Schmidt climbed aboard.

“Yes sir.” Pruett saluted and ran into the cockpit.

Zyrok watched as the Pelican lifted off into the sky and flew out of their view.

“So, it looks like it may be a while till they get back.” Zyrok concluded.

“Yeah, it’s getting dark. We should get shelter.” Casey suggested as he noticed the skies darkening.

“Alright, let’s get a DNA sample of the Titan.” Zyrok pointed at the charred corpse.

Taylor took out his combat knife and cut off a piece of its skin and placed it into his backpack. Zyrok nodded thanks and glanced at his watch.

“Is the Warthog still operational?” Zyrok looked at the damaged Warthog.

“I’ll take a look boss.” Casey volunteered and went to the Warthog.

Casey inspected the Warthog for five minutes and then shook his head.

“The turret is broken along with a flat tire on the rear left tire. The engine coolant is leaking as well. Pretty much it’s dead weight for us if we want to use it.” Casey summarized.

“Leave it then. We’ll walk by foot.” Zyrok concluded as he looked at nearby buildings.

“Sir, I suggest that we take shelter on ground level. That way we have easy mobility to move about in case we encounter hordes.” Nevarez pitched in.

“Good idea. Let’s get going.” Zyrok pointed at a convenience store down the street.

“Hustle. Hustle.” Casey yelled.

Zyrok glimpsed at the dead Titan and sighed as he thought about Forester. He was worried about her, but he had a mission to finish first.

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Ch. 20 is complete along with a story summary featuring new artwork. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 20- Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
July 25, 1999
1130 Local Time

Charlie walked out of Cole’s office and looked at his watch. He needed a break from thinking about his first mission and decided to eat lunch early. Charlie entered the cafeteria and noticed Mary sweeping the floor.

“Hi Mary.” Charlie called out.

“Oh, hello Zyrok.” Mary waved.

“You busy?” Charlie looked at the broom Mary was holding.

“Not really, I start work in half an hour.” Mary replied.

“Can we talk about…?” Charlie’s voice trailed off.

“What happened two days ago?” Mary asked.

“Yeah, that.” Charlie said uneasily.

“Sure, grab a seat. I’ll put this broom away.” Mary pointed at a nearby table.

Charlie grabbed a seat and saw Mary hurry into the kitchen. He was getting anxious as to how Mary would react when they discuss that night. After a few minutes, Mary walked out the kitchen with two plates of sandwiches.

“Here, thought we could both have lunch.” Mary smiled and placed a plate in front of Charlie.

“Thank you.” Charlie smiled and graciously accepted the food.

“Not a problem. Where do you want to start?” Mary glanced at Charlie.

“Well, I just wanted to see how you were feeling after that night. I felt so bad.” Charlie spoke his mind as he took a bite of his sandwich.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.” Mary looked at Charlie and then grabbed her sandwich.

“Oh, I don’t have a girlfriend. She’s a girl who has been there for me so much and left an imprint in my life.” Charlie explained.

“So a friend who is a girl? So a girl friend.” Mary played around with the words.

“You could say that.” Charlie laughed.

“I don’t understand…” Mary paused in thought.

“Understand what?” Charlie stopped eating and looked at Mary.

“You’re not taken, but…” Mary wondered.

“Look Mary, I like you as well, but I have feelings for this girl.” Charlie put down his sandwich and looked into Mary’s eyes.

“Is it someone here?” Mary looked at the other female marines eating at the other tables.

“No, she’s not here. She’s somewhere in Australia.” Charlie sighed.

“Woah. That’s very far.” Mary looked surprised.

“Yes it is.” Charlie nodded in agreement.

“Are you sure she’s still alive out there?” Mary questioned.

“I’m not sure, but I have faith in her.” Charlie said with optimism.

“If she’s alive, how do you plan to find her?” Mary asked.

“To be honest, I don’t have any idea for that. I enlisted into the UNSC in hopes of improving my chances her.” Charlie answered.

“Wow.” Mary ate her sandwich.

“Wow what?” Charlie was confused.

“I can tell that she means a lot to you from what I’ve just heard from you.” Mary clarified her comment.

“Yeah, she means the world to me.” Charlie took a deep breath and pictured Sarah’s face in his mind.

“Well, she’s one lucky girl. You really are different from the other guys I’ve met.” Mary wiped her face with a napkin.

“Thanks.” Charlie finished his sandwich and wiped his face.

“You are so loyal and faithful.” Mary commented.

“Why do you say that?” Charlie glazed at Mary.

“Well, you’re not taken yet you chose to stay true to her even though you’re just friends. We would have probably slept together that night and became closer, but you followed your heart.” Mary gave her reasons.

“I see.” Charlie rubbed his chin.

“Most guys won’t do what you did.” Mary smiled and finished her sandwich.

“In my mind, I feel like cheating.” Charlie replied shyly.

“But it’s not.” Mary assured.

“I know, but that’s how I feel.” Charlie spoke out his feelings.

“You’re unique Zyrok. I’ve got to head back to work. I’ll talk to you soon.” Mary looked at the clock on the wall and got up.

“Yeah, for sure. Thanks for the meal.” Charlie smiled and pointed to this plate.

“Anytime.” Mary grinned and walked away.

Charlie got up and walked out the cafeteria as a group of marines entered for lunch. He saw Casey talking to a young marine in his early twenties with a mustache.

“Hey Zyrok, I want you to meet Corporal Mike Stewart. He’s our pilot from now on.” Casey introduced the marine to him.

“Lieutenant Zyrok, Corporal Stewart at your service.” Stewart saluted.

“Nice to meet you Corporal.” Charlie saluted back.

“I was telling Stewart how I had to fly a Falcon with no experience.” Casey chuckled.

“He’s not bad.” Charlie laughed.

“I’ve been trained in most air assets, sir.” Stewart replied.

“That’s good to hear. Oh, by the way, there’s no need to address sir to me.” Charlie smiled.

“Understood, sir…I mean…understood.” Stewart grinned and nodded his head.

“Zyrok, I told Cole we could either get a pilot or train us to fly. It looks like he gave us a pilot which is better because I really hate flying.” Casey patted Stewart’s back.

“Alright, good to hear. I’ve got some business to attend to. I’ll let you gentlemen acquaint each other.” Charlie laughed.

“Alright Zyrok. Let’s go Stewart.” Casey waved and walked with Stewart to line up for food.

Charlie left the cafeteria and went to his office. He sat in his seat for a good ten minutes doing nothing and decided to download the chat program he used to talk to Sarah. He downloaded the program and installed it.

“Here it goes.” Charlie took a deep breath and opened the program.

Suddenly an error message popped up saying that the server was offline and all network based channels were now used by the UNSC.

“No…” Charlie thought about the slim chances of meeting Sarah.

Charlie frantically flipped through his desk for a contact list Cole gave him when he first signed his paperwork to join the UNSC. He opened up the book and skimmed the list of departments and numbers.

“UNSC Communications.” Charlie read it out loud “There’s still a way of finding Sarah.”

Charlie placed the book into his pocket and walked out of his office. Just as Charlie was about to head over to the Communications Department, Cole walked over and handed him a folder.

“New mission. Get your team ready in one hour at the briefing room.”

“Yes sir.” Charlie nodded and watched as Cole walked away.

Charlie sighed as he looked at the folder and skimmed the documents. He looked at his watch and was disappointed. The Communications Department had to wait. He had a mission to do.

“Finding Sarah is getting harder and harder.” Charlie thought and headed off to find his marines.

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Ch. 21 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Lurking Shadows
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
UNSC Relief Center
March 25, 2001
1030 Local Time

“We’re here.” Zyrok stood at the destroyed entrance to the UNSC Relief Center.

Just a few days ago, the center was lively and packed with soldiers and civilians. Now, it looked like any other part of its neighboring communities which were in ruins and destruction. The ground was now scattered with bullet shells and dead corpses.

“Would you look at that!” Casey pointed at a big hole in the central building.

“That was from the two Titans.” Zyrok recalled.

“We should go find some weapons and transportation.” Nevarez suggested.

“Alright, listen up folks. Casey and Nevarez will be call sign 2-2 and go look for the armory. Taylor and I will be 1-2 and go find some transport.” Zyrok delegated the tasks.

“Copy that sir.” Nevarez nodded.

“Look sharp and watch your six. There is still one more Titan we know out there.” Zyrok looked at the central building.

“Will do boss.” Casey acknowledged.

“Let’s move people.” Zyrok pushed on his men as they started to walk towards the central building.

“Good luck.” Casey replied and hurried off with Nevarez to a small ruined building at the corner of the West wall.

Zyrok and Taylor dashed across the open fields to head towards the side entrance of the central building. They noticed a few zombies roaming around, but were quick enough to avoid detection. Zyrok opened the door slowly and peeked inside. The corridor was dark as night and the sunlight from the outside only lit up the first three meters.

“We’ll need to find the directory to know where we can find the vehicles instead of running around the whole center to look for the garage.” Zyrok told Taylor his plan.

“It’ll be a quick in, quick out then?” Taylor turned on his flashlight and pulled out his Lock 17.

“Yeah. We have no idea how many hostiles may be inside.” Zyrok took out his flashlight and pointed into the corridor.

Taylor took point and slowly walked forward as Zyrok followed closely behind, Zyrok turned around and watched the back for a quick second and noticed a figure ran past the entrance and disappear into the darkness.

“Crap!” Zyrok pointed his gun while aiming his flashlight.

“What?” Taylor turned his head and whispered.

“Something just ran behind us.” Zyrok whispered back.

“Let’s pick up our pace and find that directory and get the hell out of here.” Taylor walked forward scanning the nearby rooms.

“Agreed.” Zyrok picked up his pace.

“This place is giving me the creeps.” Taylor wiped his visor with his shirt sleeve.

“Me too.” Zyrok gulped as he heard wet footsteps in the background.

Taylor entered an office and quickly scanned the room.

“Clear.” Taylor called out quietly.

Zyrok entered the room and walked to a desk. He flipped through the drawers to look for a directory book, but he didn’t find a thing.

“Next office, let’s go.” Zyrok directed.

Taylor peeked his head out the doorway and saw a zombie with tentacles charge at him. Taylor fired his Lock 17 to cover as he quickly closed the door.

“We won’t be exiting that way anymore.” Taylor took a deep breath.

“What did you see?” Zyrok looked as the door shook has the zombie pounded on it.

“I’ve never seen it before. It’s not the Bone or the burnt one. This one had tentacles.” Taylor pointed at the door.

“We better hurry. I don’t think the door is going to last.” Zyrok watched as the door frame began to crack.

“I see a side door.” Taylor pointed at a closed door at the back wall.

“Let’s go. We don’t have a choice.” Zyrok waved.

Zyrok opened the door and saw a hallway leading towards the stairwell.

“Up or down?” Zyrok asked as he approached the stairs.

“My gut says up.” Taylor replied.

“Let’s head up then.” Zyrok looked up and panned his flashlight.

“Let’s check one more up. I don’t think we’ll need to go that up.” Taylor climbed the steps.

Zyrok opened the second door and waved at Taylor to scout as he guarded the stairwell. Taylor gave a thumbs up and Zyrok ran up beside him. Zyrok opened the nearest door and went inside.

“Same plan. You guard entrance while I search for the directory.” Zyrok flipped over a table and sifted threw the drawers.

Zyrok flipped over a pile of documents, family photos, pencils, and then saw a mini notebook. He flipped it open and saw the directory. He smiled at it and put it into his pocket.

“Got it. Let’s get out of here.” Zyrok approached Taylor as he readied himself.

“Go!” Taylor ran down a hallway and knocked over a zombie blocking his way.

Zyrok jumped over the knocked zombie and ran past Taylor as he headed to another stairwell. Zyrok pushed the door open and saw a two-headed zombies staring at him.

“Oh shit.” Zyrok smacked the zombie down the stairs, but was too late as the zombie screamed an ear-splitting scream.

“Run!” Taylor shouted as he saw a swarm of zombies burst out different rooms.

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
UNSC Relief Center
March 25, 2001
1205 Local Time

Casey swiped his badge on the access panel and the doors slid open. Nevarez walked in and saw empty magazines litter the ground. Casey kicked the ground in frustration.

“It’s been all looted.” Nevarez spoke with disappointment.

“Let’s head to the back shelves and see if we can find other weapons.” Casey pointed at a gun rack cabinet that was partially open.

Casey swung the door open and saw a fully loaded FM Mag lying in the bottom shelf.

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Casey grinned and picked up the machine gun.

“I’ll go take a look around and see if I can find an equivalent.” Nevarez walked off to the other racks.
After twenty minutes of searching, the pair had found two M16s, one Lock 17, and one FM Mag. The pair decided to take a quick snack break when a loud scream erupted from the central building.

“Not good.” Casey stood up and put his water bottle into his backpack.

“Let’s hurry and give them a hand.” Nevarez picked up the looted weapons.

“Better hope that a Titan don’t show up.” Casey began to jog towards the central building.

“Yeah.” Nevarez nodded in agreement as he followed Casey.

Casey looked as a swarm of zombies poured out of the front doors chasing Zyrok and Taylor.

“Cover fire.” Casey shouted as he deployed the FM Mag.

Nevarez crouched to the ground and placed a light cover as Zyrok and Taylor ran behind them. Casey fired the FM Mag into the swarm as Zyrok and Taylor picked up the looted weapons and started firing. In a minute or so, the swarm was exterminated and corpses scattered the battlefields.

“Thanks for the assist.” Zyrok took a deep breath and relaxed.

“Not at all.” Casey smiled.

“Let’s get transport.” Zyrok took out the directory book and looked at it.

“That way.” Zyrok pointed at a building beside a destroyed wall.

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Ch. 22 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Wed 05 Sep 2012, 19:44

Chapter 22- The Spark
Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
July 27, 1999
0945 Local Time

Sarah sat comfortably in her chair as she tied her shoes. A knock on her door made her lose concentration as she was thinking about what to do at the center.

“Sarah! You here?” Cookson called out.

“Yeah, hang on.” Sarah stood up and walked to the door.

Sarah unlocked the door and saw Cookson dressed in full battle gear.

“Woah.” Sarah was surprised.

“Look Sarah, I’m getting deployed to assist with the extermination of Sydney.” Cookson held Sarah’s hands.

“You are going to Sydney?” That’s the most dangerous place to be.” Sarah looked into Cookson’s eyes with concern.

“I’m in Jackal Squadron. Basically the reconnaissance team we have here.” Cookson explained.

“Going over there is death.” Sarah was upset.

“Don’t worry Sarah. We’re teaming up with the Australian army in a joint operation to begin our first offensive to regain control of major cities.” Cookson assured.

“Please don’t go.” Sarah begged.

“I have to Sarah. As much as I like spending time with you, someone still needs to fight for our home.” Cookson hugged Sarah as she began to get emotional.

“Someone else can do it. I don’t want to lose another person.” Sarah held Cookson tightly.

“We have to fight so that we have a better future.” Cookson brushed Sarah’s hair.

“Promise to come back.” Sarah looked at Cookson’s eyes.

“I will.” Cookson smiled as he touched Sarah’s cheek with his hand.

“Say it.” Sarah demanded.

“I promise Sarah.” Cookson kissed Sarah’s cheek and smiled.

“Wait!” Sarah called as Cookson began to head off as other marines ran towards the Pelicans docked outside ready to depart.

Cookson turned and saw Sarah running towards him. Sarah jumped onto him and gave Cookson a passionate kiss. Cookson blushed as he kissed and then Sarah let him go.

“Stay safe.” Sarah smiled.

“I will, be sure to practice those sniping skills when I get back.” Cookson stared at Sarah with dreamy eyes.

Sarah watched and waved as Cookson got onto a seat on the Pelican. She watched as Cookson stare at her as the Pelican lifted off into the sky and flew off.

“Nice man.” a man spoke behind her.

Sarah turned around and saw al-Rahman suited in full battle gear holding a FM FAL.

“Az!” Sarah spoke with excitement.

“Nice to see you Sarah.” al-Rahman patted her shoulder.

“You’re going as well?” Sarah looked at al-Rahman’s suit.

“Yeah, same team as Corporal Cookson.” al-Rahman pointed at his badge of Jackal Squadron on his arm.

“Oh, you guys be careful.” Sarah cautioned.

“We will. Look Sarah, I know how much Cookson means to you.” al-Rahman spoke as he watched a Falcon land.

“What do you mean?” Sarah asked shyly.

“You guys spend a lot of time together and that kiss…” al-Rahman’s voice trailed off.

“Oh.” Sarah blushed.

“Look, I’ll watch out for him. Hell, I’ll even put my life over his just for you Sarah.” al-Rahman smiled.

“You’d do that? For me?” Sarah felt honored.

“You remind me of my daughter. She got infected and I lost her.” al-Rahman sighed.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Sarah spoke solemnly.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll take good care of your Cookson. You have my word.” al-Rahman assured.

“Thank you.” Sarah hugged al-Rahman.

“See you soon Sarah.” al-Rahman hugged back.

“Bye Az.” Sarah waved as al-Rahman got on the Falcon with other marines and lifted off.

Sarah felt alone as the marines emptied out the field. She stood there alone in the cool breeze as wind blew her hair covering her face. She was motionless as she thought about Cookson. Over the days, they had bonded and got to know each other well. She was in love with him. Sarah took a deep breath and thought about who she could talk to.

“Charlie…” Sarah remembered.

Sarah had forgotten that Charlie from Canada was still out there looking for her. She decided to head over to the Mess Hall and find a computer to download the chat program she used to talk to Charlie. She wasn’t sure if Charlie still remembered her or had given up in finding her, but she wanted to give it a shot. Sarah looked around and then hurried inside.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Insertion Tango
July 27, 1999
1100 Local Time

Cookson watched as the Pelican landed in the outskirts of Sydney and saw an Australian soldier drive a school bus beside them.

“Everyone on board.” the driver waved his hand out the window.

Cookson grabbed his M16 and got inside the bus along with eight more marines. The bus doors closed as the Pelican lifted off into the sky. Cookson looked out the window and saw Pelicans flying in and out of the city center. The bus drove past some ruined houses and came to a stop as a Falcon landed. Cookson watched as three marines got off and hopped on the bus.

“Az!” Cookson shouted at al-Rahman to grab a seat beside him.

“Hey Cookson.” al-Rahman smiled and sat beside him.

“Where’s the rest of the squad?” Cookson looked at the other marines.

“We’re scattered all over. The bus is taking us to Camp Galileo to regroup.” al-Rahman explained.

“I see.” Cookson looked as the bus moved past some marines walking in the distance.

The bus halted to a stop at an intersection as the driver got up from his seat.

“I’ve got orders from my CO to let any Sparrow Squadron and Jackal Squadron members off at this location.” the driver spoke out loud.

“Here? In the middle of nowhere?” a man in his mid thirties with a scar on his cheek asked.

“Sparrow and Jackal Squadron will be picked up by UNSC forces. That’s all I know Sergeant.” the driver spoke to the marine.

“I guess I’m by myself.” the sergeant stood up and looked around for his squad mates.

“You’ve got us for now.” al-Rahman pointed at his Jackal Squadron badge.

“And me.” Cookson stood up.

“Let’s go.” al-Rahman exited the bus with Cookson.

The sergeant got off the bus and watched as the bus drove off towards the city.

“Sergeant Joey Patrick from the Australian Marine Corps.” the sergeant introduced himself.

“Corporal Azrie al-Rahman, but I go by Az.” al-Rahman introduced.

“Corporal Michael Cookson, from Jackal Squadron.” Cookson saluted a crisp salute.

“Nice to meet you.” Patrick saluted back.

“Glad to see us teaming up.” al-Rahman smiled.

“Yeah, I guess our common goal is to wipe out the infected.” Patrick looked at his watch.

“I have no idea when they’re coming. Let’s get some cover first.” Cookson eyed the vacant intersection.

“Agreed.” Patrick pointed at a nearby building.

Patrick scanned the streets with his SA80 as he took point. Patrick gave a nod and then al-Rahman entered the building followed by Cookson. Patrick went inside and closed the door. Cookson looked out the cracked windows and saw a troop transport Warthog sped to the intersection carrying five civilians. Patrick opened the door and shouted.

“Climb aboard!” the driver honked.

The group hopped into the back seats and saw tired and scared faces on the civilians.

“Corporal Myers from Sparrow Squadron along with Private Johnson from Jackal Squadron.” the driver said as he drove down the streets.

“Survivors…I thought Sydney was lost.” al-Rahman spoke to an old man who stared at him.

“We tried our best to hide.” the old man replied.

“We’re going to drop them off so we can get them to safety first.” Myers replied as he overheard the conversation.

“Sure.” al-Rahman nodded.

“We’ll be there in a few minutes.” Myers accelerated and sped through the streets.

The Warthog did a turn right and came up in front of a landed Pelican. Myers waved the civilians to get on and watched as the Pelican take off.

“Alright, off we go.” Johnson said as he looked at the skies.

“Heard we need to set up camera to monitor the streets.” Myers pointed at the rooftops.

“Let’s go.” Cookson urged as he felt that it was an easy thing to do.

“And find any survivors along the way if any.” Myers added.

“Alright.” al-Rahman nodded.

“Technically, Sparrow Squadron sets up cameras while Jackal Squadron assists in the search while they head indoors.” Johnson joined the conversation.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Patrick laughed.

“Off we go then.” Myers turned the Warthog on and drove forward.

Cookson smiled as he thought about Sarah. He couldn’t wait to finish the task and head back to see her at the center.

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UNSCDF Fanfiction - Page 2 Empty Re: UNSCDF Fanfiction

Post by Zyrok on Wed 05 Sep 2012, 19:44

Ch. 23 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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UNSCDF Fanfiction - Page 2 2mr73nl

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UNSCDF Fanfiction - Page 2 Empty Re: UNSCDF Fanfiction

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