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Post by CenturyWarlord on Thu 06 Sep 2012, 01:24

Added RSS Feed on Portal. Easy for you guys to check for updates and access the blog.

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Post by Zyrok on Thu 06 Sep 2012, 04:31

CenturyWarlord wrote:Added RSS Feed on Portal. Easy for you guys to check for updates and access the blog.
Thanks CW!

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Post by Zyrok on Thu 06 Sep 2012, 10:40

Chapter 23- A Big Heart

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Wesley Conference Center
July 27, 1999
1515 Local Time

Cookson exited Warthog as the vehicle pulled to a stop at an office building.

“Alright, let’s head inside.” Myers turned the engine off.

Johnson grabbed his Mini-14 and scoped the streets. al-Rahman walked to the office entrance and opened the glass door. Patrick and Myers quickly entered followed by Cookson.

“I’ll stay and watch the Warthog.” Johnson cocked his rifle.

“Alright, let’s get this done.” Patrick hustled the marines as they opened the door to a stairwell.

“Jackal Squadron can look between floors for any survivors while we head to the roof.” Myers pointed up.

“Let’s get this done already.” Cookson opened the second floor door and watched Myers and Patrick run up.

Cookson scanned the hallway and waved at al-Rahman.

“Quick sweep and we move up.” Cookson jogged lightly.

Within two minutes of quickly checking each room, the group headed up to the next level. Cookson took out two zombies by swinging the butt of his gun at their heads while al-Rahman knifed a zombie to its head and severed it.

“This is Silverfish Squadron of the Australian Army requesting backup at the Centerpoint Sydney Tower, anyone copy?” a man broadcasted on the RaidCall.

Cookson paused and looked out the window. In the view was the tower and he saw gunfire at the top. Cookson looked at al-Rahman and nodded.

“Let’s go assist.” al-Rahman replied.

“I’ll tell Sparrow Squadron.” Cookson looked at the ceiling.

“Alright.” al-Rahman looked at his watch.

“Sergeant Patrick from Sparrow Squadron come in, over.” Cookson spoke on the RaidCall.

“Go ahead, Patrick here.” Patrick replied.

“Az and I are going to assist at the Centerpoint Sydney Tower. Johnson will stay behind as we walk by foot.” Cookson responded.

“Copy, we’re good so far. We’ll join you once we’re done. Patrick out.” Patrick replied.

“Silverfish Squadron, this is Jackal Squadron. We read you and are coming to assist.” Cookson broadcasted.

“Solid copy Jackal Squadron, things are getting heated up here. Multiple casualties. Please hurry.” the man’s voice replied with gunfire in the background.

“Will do Silverfish Squadron, Jackal out.” Cookson headed for the stairs.

Cookson and al-Rahman ran down the stairs and exited the building. Cookson waved a farewell to a serious Johnson and the pair ran down the streets as they saw light flashes and smoke emerging from the tower.

“Hurry.” al-Rahman urged.

Cookson kicked down a zombie in his way and placed a round into its head. The team rushed inside the building and saw an opened elevator.

“Always take the stairs.” al-Rahman pointed at the stairwell.

al-Rahman pushed the door open as two zombies popped out. Cookson fired two rounds behind al-Rahman and killed the zombies.

“Thanks.” al-Rahman said with relief.

“Need help…please…hurry!” the man spoke on the RaidCall with desperation.

al-Rahman began to run up the stairs as Cookson followed closely behind. In less than five minutes, the pair was panting as they finished all the stairs to the top. To their surprise, there were more than thirty zombies crowded on the top level. The pair sprayed their guns at the crowd and ran to an injured soldier.

“I’m not going to make it.” the soldier spoke to al-Rahman as he fired his Lock 17 at the crowd.

“What’s going on?” Cookson quickly reloaded his gun as he laid a heavy cover fire.

“You need to reset a communications junction at the back.” the soldier pointed behind the zombies.

“Okay.” al-Rahman nodded.

“Charge!” Cookson ran forward.

al-Rahman followed behind closely as Cookson cleared a path forward to the junction. Cookson pressed the button and the computer screen turned on.

“System online.” the computer spoke.

“Now let’s get out of here!” Cookson reloaded his gun as al-Rahman covered him.

The pair quickly cleared a path and ran up to the injured soldier.

“I’m bitten, leave me.” the soldier replied.

“Shit!” Cookson covered al-Rahman as he spoke to the soldier.

“What?” al-Rahman turned around.

al-Rahman watched in horror as zombies poured out of the stairwell they came from. There was no exit out and their ammo was running out.

“Look, I have only one parachute on me. Take it and jump off the tower. It’s your best shot at survival.” the soldier took off his backpack as he began to cough blood.

“Only one?” al-Rahman asked.

“Yes, good luck soldier.” the soldier pointed the gun to his head and fired.

al-Rahman knew the soldier was about to turn to turn and that he had put himself out of his misery.

al-Rahman took the backpack and looked at a busy Cookson. He didn’t know there was only one parachute and the zombies were getting closer. al-Rahman picked up another dead soldier’s backpack and walked up to Cookson.

“Take this. We’re jumping.” al-Rahman handed Cookson a backpack.

“How about you?” Cookson took the backpack as he continued to fire.

“I’ve got one too.” al-Rahman showed Cookson the other backpack in his hand.

“Let’s get the hell out then.” Cookson put on the backpack and turned to the window.

al-Rahman fired his gun to cover Cookson as he broke the window with a hard swing of his gun. Cookson jumped to the ledge and waved at al-Rahman to hurry up.

“Hurry!” Cookson felt the wind blowing strongly at his face.

al-Rahman knew it was his time and that only one person could make it out alive. He ran up beside Cookson and placed his hand on his shoulder.

“This is the end of the road for me good friend. Take good care of Sarah and love her to your fullest.” al-Rahman smiled.

“What do you mean? Jump first.” Cookson was confused.

“I have no chute. You do. I promised Sarah to look out for you…” al-Rahman answered.

With that, al-Rahman pushed Cookson off the ledge and watched him fall down.

“Pull the cord!” al-Rahman yelled and then turned around inside to face his fate.

“Noooo!” Cookson cried out loud as he fell.

Cookson pulled his cord and the parachute opened up. The parachute jerked his body upwards as he continued to fall. He had opened his parachute too late and was still falling at a fast speed. A gust of wind blew Cookson into a building and smashed his side against it. The parachute got caught into a satellite dish and ripped violently. The satellite dish reduced Cookson’s speed, but was insignificant. Cookson watched as he crashed into the solid concrete sidewalk.

“Sir!” Johnson sped on his Warthog carrying Patrick and Myers.

Johnson had saw Cookson jump out the tower and had managed to follow closely. After a couple of turns, he had found him. Cookson coughed and cried in pain as he felt excruciating pain to his legs and numbness to his left arm.

“I cant’ feel my arm and my legs. Ow!” Cookson cursed.

“You’ve probably broke your legs Cookson. Let’s get you to base.” Patrick said as Myers walked up with a morphine needle.

“Az…” Cookson looked at the tower and saw nothing.

“Let’s get him to Camp Galileo.” Johnson said as he watched Myers inject morphine to Cookson.

“Hang in there mate.” Patrick assisted Johnson as they lifted Cookson and placed him into the rear of the Warthog.

Johnson quickly ran to the driver’s seat and stepped on the accelerator. Cookson lay on the seats as he stared at the skies. His friend Az has sacrificed his life for him so that he would live to be with Sarah.
“Az…” Cookson moaned.

“I’m sorry about your friend.” Patrick patted Cookson as he looked at the tower.

“There’s nothing we could have done.” Myers spoke apologetically.

“There was only one parachute and he gave it to me.” Cookson muttered.

“He died a hero then.” Patrick assured.

“He gave it to me so that I can be with the girl I love.” Cookson began to tear.

“I can see how much he valued the friendship. May he rest in peace knowing that he saved your life.” Myers spoke with a straight face.

Johnson continued to drive the Warthog until it passed a roadblock occupied by two Warthogs.

“State your purpose.” a sergeant walked over beside Johnson.

“We have a marine in serious condition.” Johnson pointed to the backseat.

“Alright, Camp Galileo is in that underground parking lot.” the sergeant pointed and waved at his marines to move out of the way.

Johnson drove slowly as he saw marines walking to and from the streets.

“Hang in there Cookson. We’re almost there.” Johnson called out.

The Warthog approached the parking lot and stopped.

“Medic!” Myers called out.

Two marines rushed out with a medic kit and approached them.

“We’ll take it from here.” a marine spoke to Myers.

The marines lifted Cookson up from his seat and took him to an adjacent building. The marines watched as Cookson disappeared inside the building and decided to take a look around the camp.

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Post by Zyrok on Thu 06 Sep 2012, 10:41

Ch. 24 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Fri 07 Sep 2012, 01:47

Chapter 24- The Scavengers

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
July 25, 1999
1400 Local Time

Hawkes opened the door for Charlie as they exited the briefing room. Cole had given Charlie a rifleman into their newly formed squad called “Echo Squad”.

“Hey Taylor, do you know how to fly?” Hawkes joked at the young marine walking beside Casey.

“I don’t, but we’ve got Stewart.” Taylor countered as he pointed at Stewart.

“Alright gentlemen, knock it off. Zyrok, you read?” Casey told him men as he looked at Zyrok.

“Huh? Oh, I’m ready.” Charlie snapped back to reality as he thought about Sarah.

“First search and recover mission for us. It doesn’t seem that hard.” Hawkes assured himself.

“Yeah, let’s just get this done already. Stewart, fire up the Pelican. We’re leaving in ten minutes.” Charlie commanded.

“Understood sir.” Stewart nodded and ran off.

“You heard the LT. Let’s move! Double time!” Casey hustled.

Charlie watched as Casey and the others ran down the hallway and disappeared around the corner. Charlie thought about his first mission and went to the cafeteria. He watched as Mary served food for the other marines and walked up to her.

“Hi Zyrok.” Mary noticed Charlie approaching.

“Hello Mary, how are you?” Charlie greeted.

“It’s been busy today, what about you?” Mary scooped soup into a bowl.

“I’m alright. We’re just about to head off for another mission.” Charlie replied.

“Another one in such a short time frame?” Mary asked.

“Yeah, this one’s going to be a search and recover mission.” Charlie responded.

“Well, you be careful out there.” Mary wished.

“Thanks Mary, I’ll see you soon.” Charlie smiled.

“Bye Zyrok.” Mary waved as Charlie walked off.

Charlie exited the cafeteria and headed out the building. He walked to the landing pad and saw Stewart cleaning the windows of the Pelican. Hawkes was inspecting the turret while Taylor sat patiently on a seat. Casey walked out of the cockpit and greeted Charlie.

“All set boss.” Casey pointed at the Pelican.

“Great, let’s get going.” Charlie walked up beside Stewart.

“Sir.” Stewart greeted.

“Let’s go.” Charlie replied.

The marines entered the Pelican and sat comfortably in their seats as it lifted off. Charlie watched his men chat loudly as he sat by himself wondering about Sarah. He had witnessed what the zombies were capable of and how powerless one can be when faced with a horde. Deep down in his mind, he wasn’t sure if Sarah got evacuated in time to safety. He could only hope for the best and that she was safe. For all Charlie knew, he probably was lying to himself so that he’d still have a purpose in life. His family was gone and he was alone. Sarah was the only person who he cared and that was his inspiration to continue on. Charlie watched as the Pelican flew over houses and apartments and then over a bridge.

“ETA 2 minutes to Insertion Mike.” Stewart called out from the cockpit.

“Roger that.” Charlie replied and put on his military helmet.

“Let’s do this.” Casey pumped his shotgun.

“Listen up marines, we’re about to enter the Scavengers’ turf. Maintain stealth and fire if fired upon. We’re there to recover a downed asset.” Charlie briefed.

“Don’t forget the zombies as well.” Casey added.

“Great, we’ve got two factions that we’re up against.” Hawkes laughed.

“It can be used to our advantage. Just keep that in mind.” Charlie gave his thoughts.

The Pelican descended on a rooftop parking lot of a mall and the marines ran out. Charlie gathered his men beside a pillar and watched the Pelican lift off.

“Echo Squad, I’ll pick you up when you’ve recovered our asset. Good hunting, Foxtrot 515 out.” Stewart spoke on the RaidCall as the Pelican disappeared into the clouds.

“Alright people, report says we should walk south for one kilometer into the neighborhood.” Charlie studied his datapad.

“Let’s keep our formation tight.” Casey suggested.

“Remember, after five hundred meters, we’ll be on Scavenger’s land.” Charlie warned.

The squad moved down the ramp and walked onto the streets. After walking for a few blocks, they saw warning signs placed on windows and doors telling any one who entered may be killed on sight. Taylor looked at the sign and gulped. Hawkes simply walked over to a sign and kicked it over. Charlie watched and decided not to comment as Hawkes grinned at the destroyed sign. Charlie led his men down a street and then heard a truck approaching.

“Cover people.” Charlie ducked behind a bush as a truck carrying three armed men passed the street and stopped at an intersection.

The marines stayed in cover as they watched a man holding a katana walk out the passenger door. To Charlie’s surprise, the man grabbed a briefcase with a UNSC logo on it and walked into a house.

“That’s it.” Charlie whispered to Casey.

“The briefcase?” Casey whispered back.

“Whatever it is, we have to get out hands on it.” Charlie pointed at the house.

Charlie looked at the truck turn around and leave as a black sedan drove to the house. The man with the briefcase exited the house holding the briefcase with both hands and stepped inside the vehicle. The sedan drove down the street and turned at an intersection and disappeared from view.

“Let’s follow.” Charlie whispered and pointed.

The marines left their cover and began to quickly sprint down then road. An armed woman walked out of a townhouse and saw the marines. She aimed her AK47 at Charlie and fired. Luckily, Taylor was one step ahead and placed a clean headshot into the center of her forehead. The gunshot from Taylor’s M21 echoed down the street and could be heard kilometers away.

“Great.” Charlie looked around the streets.

“Didn’t have a choice LT, her gun was pointed at you.” Taylor looked at Charlie.

Charlie saw a group of armed men run out in front of them with guns spraying at them. Charlie took cover behind a car as Casey laid cover fire. Taylor placed his rifle on the roof of a car and started to snipe. Charlie fired his USP as Hawkes slid across the next to him.

“Shit.” Hawkes swore.

The bullets whizzed past their heads and shattered the car’s windows.

“We need to move to the houses and away from the streets.” Charlie studied the environment.

“We can cover you first while you get to safety.” Hawkes replied.

“Alright.” Charlie readied himself.

“Go!” Hawkes shouted as he got out of his cover and sprayed his M16.

“Covering.” Casey shouted as he fired multiple rounds of his shotgun as the armed men took cover.
Charlie ran out from his cover and sprinted to the side of a house. He took cover and waved at Taylor. Suddenly, a pickup truck sped onto the street carrying a squad of more armed men. A man mounted a M60 on the roof of the truck and laid down heavy suppressive fire. Taylor saw the truck and quickly ducked for cover as a hail of bullets flew at where he was originally standing. Charlie stood behind the wall of the house as the armed men slowly advanced to his marines.

“We’re pinned down and we’re not going to make it. Get out of here boss.” Casey spoke on the RaidCall as he reloaded his gun.

“I can’t stand and watch you die.” Charlie spoke back.

“We’re going to surrender. That’s our only way out. You must leave now or you’ll get captured and we’ll have no one to rescue us.” Casey spoke as he looked at Charlie.

“Good luck LT.” Hawkes spoke.

“I’ll be back.” Charlie nodded and ran into the backyard of the house and jumped over a fence.

Casey watched Charlie disappear and then looked at his men. He nodded and then lifted up his gun.

“We surrender!” Casey shouted as he stood up slowly.

Hawkes and Taylor quickly followed and raided their guns into the air. The armed men ran towards them and kicked the marines to the ground.

“Why are you here?” a man shouted as he jabbed his gun barrel to Casey’s chest.

“We’re here to take back our property.” Casey replied as he looked at Hawkes.

“Take them to HQ.” the man pointed at the pickup truck.

The armed men confiscated the marine’s weapons and took off their helmets. A man shoved the marines onto the rear seats of the truck and blindfolded them.

“Is this necessary?” Hawkes spoke as he couldn’t see anything.

“Shut up.” a man spoke and punched Hawkes to his head.

“Ow.” Hawkes groaned in pain and then kept his mouth closed.

After a few minutes of driving, the truck halted to a stop. The marines were pulled out of their seats and removed of their blindfolds. Casey’s eyes widened as he saw a lot of men and women walking around the streets.

“This is like our outpost.” Casey thought as he looked around.

“Move it.” a soldier shoved the marines into a building.

After going through a couple of hallways, the marines were moved into a small room and locked up.

“Great, we’re screwed.” Hawkes looked at the locked door.

“Keep it together man. Zyrok will come get us.” Taylor assured as he sat on the ground.

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Post by Zyrok on Fri 07 Sep 2012, 01:47

Ch. 25 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Sat 08 Sep 2012, 17:21

Chapter 25- The Infiltration

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Scavengers’ Holdout
July 25, 1999
2100 Local Time

Charlie peeked over a fence and saw a massive base. There were soldiers patrolling the perimeter and men chopping firewood in the distance. Charlie studied the base and concluded that the Scavengers were similar to the UNSC. There were women and children farming the yards of the houses. This was not what Charlie had seen the Scavengers as. They were civilized people and living in harmony. He wondered why the UNSC and the Scavengers couldn’t work together. Charlie thought for a second and decided to not call for backup to Stewart. He could only see bloodshed if the UNSC came to rescue his marines, but he was putting the live of his men at risk as well.

“This is difficult.” Charlie thought about the decision he made.

Charlie decided to find some plain clothes to disguise himself to infiltrate the base. He went inside a nearby house and went to a bedroom. He looked around the room and saw family portraits.

“This was someone’s home. A happy family before the apocalypse.” Charlie studied a photo as he sifted through the drawers.

Charlie found black trousers and a grey t-shirt. He took off his armor and uniform and put on the clothes. He removed his helmet and placed it on the bed. He had to go without communications in order to blend in. He took out his USP and slid it under his shirt. He reached into his backpack and took out two extra magazines. He took one glance at his gear and uniform laying on the bed and walked out the door. Charlie exited the house and watched as a group of men enter the entrance. He saw the men waved a thumbs up sign and the gates opened allowing them to pass. Charlie studied for a good half an hour and concluded that the thumbs up sign was the access signal.

“You can do this Charlie.” Charlie reassured himself as he got onto the streets.

Charlie walked calmly towards the gate and looked at a guard. He stuck a thumbs up sign and watched the guard nod at him. In a few seconds, the gates opened and Charlie was inside.

“Hey!” a guard called out to Charlie.

Charlie pretended he didn’t hear and continued to walk into a crowd of people.

“Hey.” the guard ran up to Charlie and grabbed his shoulder.

“Oh, hi.” Charlie tensed up.

“You forgot to sign in.” the guard pointed at an outpost beside the entrance.

“Oh, silly me. I forgot.” Charlie laughed nervously as he walked back with the guard.

Charlie looked around as he walked into the outpost with the guard and looked at a clipboard. He had no clue what to do and he knew the guard was getting suspicious.

“What are you? New here?” the guard questioned.

“Yeah, I am.” Charlie replied and quickly punched the guard in the face.

The guard wobbled for a bit as he tried to ready his gun, but Charlie was quicker and placed a hard blow to the side of his head. The guard fell on the ground and was unconscious. Charlie dragged the body into the storage room and decided to wear the guard’s uniform. It was a tight fit, but it was the only way to access restricted areas. Charlie tied the guard up and then locked the storage room. He adjusted his beret and looked at his reflection in a mirror. He was now a Corporal Jenkins for the Scavengers and he hoped that Jenkins wouldn’t be a popular guy or he would be caught. He exited the outpost and decided to look around for his men.

* * *

Hawkes sat on the ground as he studied the room. It was a windowless room with one door. Casey closed his eyes to rest while Taylor looked at his watch.

“We need a plan to escape.” Hawkes suggested.

“What do you propose?” Casey replied with his eyes closed.

“Ask for food? Washroom? I don’t know. Any way for the guards to open the door.” Hawkes pointed at the door.

“After that?” How do we leave the base without being shot halfway?” Casey challenged.

“I have no clue. We’ll improvise along the way. I just don’t want to be stuck here doing nothing.” Hawkes hit the wall with his fist.

“You’re going to get us all killed man.” Taylor pitched in.

“He’s right Hawkes. It’s best to be patient right now.” Casey took a deep breath.

“Waiting for death. I’d rather die with a fight and with honor.” Hawkes gritted his teeth.

“Take it easy Hawkes.” Taylor tried to calm Hawkes with a light smile.

“No, you’re too relaxed. We’re stuck in a room. God knows how long…” Hawkes raised his voice.

“God damn it Hawkes. Cool your jets, that’s an order.” Casey opened his eyes and spoke loudly at him.
“Sir, but…” Hawkes calmed down.

“Don’t talk about it. For now, we all rest while we can.” Casey cut him off.

“Understood.” Hawkes nodded and kept his mouth shut.

“Because we’re going to need all the energy we got when help arrives.” Casey looked at Taylor as he was walking around the room.

Taylor heard Casey and quickly sat down. Casey smiled at Taylor and then closed his eyes.

“Help will be here guys. Zyrok is still out there.” Casey grinned at his thought.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Camp Galileo
July 27, 1999
2250 Local Time

Cookson opened his eyes and found himself on a bed. His left arm was slung to his chest and both of his legs were in a cast.

“You’re lucky to be alive.” Patrick spoke as he sat beside Cookson.

“Did you guys find Az?” Cookson looked at Patrick with concerned eyes.

“A team went out to look for him, but didn’t find him.” Patrick spoke softly.

“He could still be out there.” Cookson widened his eyes with hope.

“He’s presumed MIA now.” Patrick sighed.

“There’s still hope.” Cookson looked out the window.

“Look son, in a couple of hours, the UNSC is going to transfer you back to Bankstown to recover. This is ground zero and they need every hospital room vacant in case of an emergency. I’ve got to regroup with my squadron and complete our tasks.” Patrick got up from his seat.

“Patrick.” Cookson called out.

“Yeah?” Patrick turned his head.

“It was nice meeting you. Thanks for everything.” Cookson stuck out his hand.

“Yeah, no problem. Good luck mate.” Patrick shook his hand.

“Stay safe man.” Cookson wished.

“You take good care of yourself.” Patrick waved and walked out the door.

Cookson wondered for a minute about Sarah and how she would react when she saw him in his current condition. He also thought about what to say to Sarah about Az. No matter how hard the truth hurts, he had to tell what exactly happened to Az. The least he could do was to honor Az’s sacrifice for him to be with Sarah. Cookson nodded his head as he planned out what he should do once he got back to Bankstown. For now, Cookson need his rest.

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Scavengers’ Holdout
July 26, 1999
0300 Local Time

Casey heard the door open and opened his eyes as he watched a guard enter the room alone. He got up quickly and jumped onto the guard. Hawkes woke up from his sleep and tackled the guard to the ground.

“Freeze!” Casey pulled the guard’s sidearm and pointed at him.

“Guys! It’s me.” Charlie coughed.

“Damn. Sorry sir. Boy am I glad to see you.” Casey lifted Charlie to his feet.

“Let’s get out of here. I took out a few guards along the way. Sooner or later, we’ll be discovered.” Charlie pointed at a guard lying unconscious on the ground outside the room.

“Take their uniforms. It will be out best bet out of here.” Charlie pointed at the guard.

Casey and Hawkes got dressed while Taylor watched Charlie look around for another set of uniform.
“No more.” Charlie concluded.

“We can make it look like a prisoner transfer.” Hawkes suggested as he scratched his head.

“Not a bad idea, we don’t have any choice either.” Charlie looked at his watch.

“Let’s do it.” Taylor nodded.

Charlie led his men out the building and walked past a couple of guards smoking next to a washroom.

“We still need to recover our asset.” Casey whispered.

“There’s no way we can do that. I don’t even know where it is.” Charlie looked for nearby guards.

The marines approached a house when suddenly an alarm blared loudly. A ton of guards rushed out from their stations and ran towards them.

“Freeze!” a guard called out.

“Charlie looked as they were circled and had nowhere to run.

“Put it down guys.” Charlie dropped his pistol to the ground.

“We were so close.” Hawkes raised his hands to surrender.

“We were.” Casey agreed.

“Does the UNSC know we’re captured?” Taylor asked as the guards approached them.

“Nope, I didn’t want them to bring a battalion to rescue us while killing innocent women and children in the process.” Charlie shook his head.

“Great…just great.” Hawkes sighed.

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Post by Zyrok on Sat 08 Sep 2012, 17:21

Ch. 26 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Mon 10 Sep 2012, 04:14

Chapter 26- Hunting the Hunter

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
UNSC Relief Center
March 25, 2001
1515 Local Time

Zyrok opened the garage door and walked inside. In the middle of the garage was a troop transport Warthog. Taylor jumped into the driver’s seat and smiled. Zyrok hoped into the passenger’s seat and placed his M16 beside him.

“I guess we’re at the back.” Casey sighed.

“Come on Casey, don’t be like that. We’ll switch later.” Taylor winked.

Nevarez climbed to the back seats and sat next to Casey. Casey looked at the ammo box on the FM Mag and began to count the rounds left.

“Let’s roll and find the other Titan.” Zyrok pointed at the gates.

Taylor turned the Warthog on and drove out the garage. A zombie walked out in front of them and Taylor ran it over.

“Nice!” Nevarez shouted excitedly.

Taylor continued down the road and exited the Relief Center. He turned left at an intersection and continued to drive down the road until they saw a horde of zombies walking in front of them.

“Splatter them.” Casey suggested.

“Don’t. I have a feeling that every time we encounter a horde, the Titan is nearby.” Zyrok studied as the horde moved past them without noticing them on the stationary Warthog.

“Alright, let’s go around the horde and see if the Titan is nearby.” Casey looked at the vacant streets.

“You heard him.” Zyrok looked at Taylor.

Taylor nodded and stepped on the gas pedal gently and slowly moved forward keeping his eyes open for nearby zombies. Zyrok turned his head to face Casey.

“After this is done, we need to write a report about the new zombies we saw.” Zyrok said to Casey and Nevarez.

“You mean that two-headed screamer?” Casey laughed.

“Yeah, that one and another one with tentacles that Taylor and I saw back at the center.” Zyrok nodded.

“Tentacles? Sounds more like aliens.” Nevarez joked.

“It must be the mutation. The radiation has really changed the normal zombies. I wonder what else we’ll encounter along the way.” Zyrok wondered.

“Contact.” Taylor called out and stopped the Warthog.

Zyrok turned his head to see the Titan in the center of a horde and walking down into an alleyway.

“We don’t have enough firepower.” Zyrok looked at this M16 and then looked at the horde.

“Don’t forget, we still have a round for the HK69.” Taylor pulled out the grenade launcher from his backpack.

“I have an idea.” Casey pitched in.

“Do tell Casey.” Zyrok looked at the Titan.

“I remembered that we took out a Titan with a Warthog and grenades back at Fort Calhoun.” Casey smiled.

“How exactly did you do it?” Zyrok was amused.

“Well, we had a belt of grenades stuck on the Titan and then rammed the Warthog and blew it up.” Taylor explained.

“We got the Warthog, but only one grenade left.” Zyrok watched as the horde disappear from their view.

“We’ll have to improvise with what we have.” Casey patted his FM Mag.

“We need to flush out the Titan and lure it away from the horde so that we can take it out with ease.” Zyrok began to draft a plan.

Zyrok looked around at the buildings nearby and looked at the weapons they had available. He took out his datapad and wrote some ideas down.

“Alright. Height is our advantage.” Zyrok pointed at an office building down the streets.

“I understand. We learned that from killing that previous Titan.” Nevarez nodded.

“We’ll have two men stationed on the high grounds. The other two will drive to lure the Titan to the building. We’ll engage when the Titan approaches the building to divert its attention so that it will attack a stationary target.” Zyrok drew some sketches on his datapad.

“And where does the killing part come in?” Nevarez spoke with excitement.

“Calm down, I’m getting there. Once the Titan is baited to attack the building, we’ll drive the Warthog back and ram it. Then we blow it up with the launcher.” Zyrok smiled at his plan.

“Assuming nothing screws up halfway.” Taylor joked.

“Pretty much. It’s all about timing and precision. The grenade must not miss its target.” Zyrok spoke seriously.

“We’ll need someone with good aim.” Casey spoke and eyed Taylor.

“Looks like Taylor. He’s a rifleman.” Nevarez laughed.

“I have good aim, but I’m no explosives expert.” Taylor laughed nervously.

“We don’t have a choice. You are our best shot.” Zyrok spoke and handed Taylor the HK69.

“So we need a good driver now…” Nevarez looked at the steering wheel.

“Either Nevarez or I can do it.” Casey offered.

“Casey drive and Nevarez shoots with the FM Mag.” Zyrok directed.

“Very well. Same teams, boss?” Casey offered.

“Yeah, 1-2 for Taylor and I. 2-2 for you.” Zyrok looked at Casey and Nevarez.

“Sounds like a plan.” Nevarez clapped his hands together.

“Casey, drive us to that building over there for us to set up.” Zyrok commanded as Taylor exited the driver’s seat and swapped places with Casey.

“On it sir.” Casey saluted and turned the Warthog around.

Casey drove down the street and stopped at the tall building. Zyrok and Taylor got off and went inside the building while Casey and Nevarez drove off to hunt for the Titan.

“Let’s go to the fifth floor.” Zyrok suggested.

“Alright. Let’s go.” Taylor opened the doors to the stairwell for Zyrok.

Zyrok and Taylor ran up the stairs and exited the stairwell. Zyrok saw two zombies walking in front of the windows and shoved them straight into the windows. The windows shattered and the zombies fell to their deaths. Taylor looked down to see the zombies splattered on the asphalt.

“Echo 2-3, this is 1-2. We’re in position.” Zyrok spoke on the RaidCall and looked at the sky.

“Echo 1-2, we read you. Commencing our run, over.” Casey replied back.

“Copy 2-2, good luck. See you in a bit, 1-2 out.” Zyrok ended the communication.

“This is going to be intense.” Taylor held on to the HK69 firmly.

“It will be. Lock and load.” Zyrok spoke as he heard machine gun fire echoing the streets.

“I’m ready.” Taylor took a deep breath.

Zyrok and Taylor stood next to the window and waited for quite some time. Zyrok began to become impatient as he heard the machine gun fire slowly die down.

“Echo 2-2, what’s your status over?” Zyrok spoke on the RaidCall.

“Sir, we’re running out of ammo. The Titan managed to hit the Warthog, but we’re fine. It’s coming, get ready 1-2.” Casey replied in distress.

“Copy, we’re ready.” Zyrok assured.

Zyrok looked at Taylor and nodded. Taylor looked out the window and saw the Warthog speeding towards them. Taylor took out his M21 and began to snipe at the Titan behind the Warthog. Zyrok aimed at the Titan and sprayed a light cover. The Warthog passed the building and quickly turned around the corner. The Titan paused for a moment to locate the Warthog, but couldn’t see it. It turned to face its new threat, Zyrok and Taylor.

“Brace yourselves!” Zyrok crouched as the Titan smashed the wall of the building.

Taylor fell to the ground as the windows beside him shattered to pieces from the vibration. Taylor grabbed his HK69 and looked outside.

“Casey, get the Warthog ready to ram.” Taylor spoke on the RaidCall.

“Solid copy, we’re on our way.” Casey replied.

Casey and Nevarez watched as the Titan smashed the building violently and then accelerated the Warthog towards the Titan. Nevarez jumped out of his seat followed by Casey as the Warthog crashed into the Titan’s leg.

“Now!” Zyrok shouted as the Titan wobbled.

Taylor aimed the HK69 and fired.

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Ch. 27 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 27- Open Discussions
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Scavengers’ Holdout
July 26, 1999
1030 Local Time

Charlie sat in a detention cell and looked at the bars. Casey and Hawkes were in the cells adjacent to him while Taylor was in front of him. A guard walked in with a man in his late thirties with a beard.

“Not bad, you managed to bypass our security.” the bearded man approached in front of Charlie’s cell.

“Well, I had to come back for my men.” Charlie studied the man.

“Ah, most of them would rather avoid death and not rescue their men.” the man rubbed his chin.

“It’s my responsibility to look out for my men. Every life we got is important especially in a world like this.” Charlie looked at his men.

“Yet you put your life over theirs, Lieutenant.” the man looked at Charlie’s insignia.

“They’d do the same for me, why would it be different if I was their CO?” Charlie eyed Casey and nodded.

“Well, well, well…a man who has guts and values life.” the man clapped his hands.

“What do you want?” Charlie demanded.

“I bet you’re waiting to be rescued. So we’re going to use you as hostage or leverage.” the man smiled.

“Actually…” Charlie began to speak.

“Look, we have an officer captured as well as your property.” the man grinned.

“The UNSC doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.” Charlie concluded.

“Then I guess you’re expendable to them. It’s a shame how you value other people’s life, but they don’t value yours.” the man sighed.

“I know they don’t. Which is why I didn’t call for reinforcements when I came here. I didn’t want innocent people to be killed for something that was just between the UNSC and the Scavengers.” Charlie explained.

“Oh, so no one knows you guys are captured…” the man reached into his pocket to look at a piece of paper.

“I must say. If the UNSC knew about the civilians here, I’m sure we could work together.” Charlie suggested.

“Guard, release him. Let’s have a chat Lieutenant.” the man ordered the guard.

The guard took out a set of keys and unlocked the cell door. The guard handcuffed Charlie and grabbed him out of his cell.

“Follow me.” the man turned and headed out the room.

Charlie looked at his men and nodded his head to reassure his men before exiting the room with the guard. Charlie walked down a hallway and entered an office.

“Take a seat Lieutenant…” the man pointed at a chair in front of his desk.

“Lieutenant Zyrok.” Charlie sat down.

“An uncommon name for an uncommon man.” the man sat down.

“And you are?” Charlie asked out of curiosity.

“Anthony Wells, the leader of the Scavengers.” the man brushed his beard.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” Charlie looked around the room.

“Let’s talk about the briefcase. I know you’re here to take it back. I want to know what’s inside.” Anthony reached under his desk and pulled out the briefcase.

“You haven’t opened it? I don’t even know what’s inside.” Charlie laughed.

“There’s a fingerprint scanner with a key code on it.” Anthony showed Charlie.

“I don’t know. My task was a search and recover mission. I do the job and don’t ask the questions.” Charlie shrugged.

“Very well, you seem to be telling me the truth.” Anthony studied Charlie’s face

“I am.” Charlie spoke calmly.

“Look, you can have it back.” Anthony slid the briefcase to Charlie’s feet.

“Just like that?” Charlie eyed Anthony cautiously.

“Just like that. Look, I agree with your idea of working together. A lot of survivors here are getting sick and we’re getting low on medical supplies. Can you be able to get some supplies for us? We are big on farming and food resources over here.” Anthony explained and released Charlie’s restraints.

“Sounds like a good exchange.” Charlie nodded.

“One thing, we would still like to govern ourselves. We don’t want a militaristic structure to be run over here.” Anthony added.

“Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.” Charlie tapped his head.

“Sounds good.” Anthony stood up and stuck out his hand.

“Hey, I can’t guarantee everything. I’m only a Lieutenant. I will do my best because in the end, it’s all about the survival of mankind.” Charlie shook Anthony’s hand.

“Fine.” Anthony nodded.

“You don’t mind returning all confiscated weapons? I can call my pilot to land here and take us back to our outpost.” Charlie asked politely.

“We’ll return your items, but take you outside our base for you to call your ride.” Anthony responded.

“Very well.” Charlie thanked.

“I’ll send a guard to release your men.” Anthony nodded at a guard.

Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
July 28, 1999
0715 Local Time

A Falcon landed on the landing pad and two marines walked up with a wheelchair. The marines lifted Cookson from his seat and transferred him to the wheelchair. Cookson groaned and then sat comfortably as a marine pushed him towards the medical building.

“Cookson!” Sarah ran up to Cookson holding a M21.

“Hey Sarah.” Cookson smiled.

“What happened to you?” Sarah looked at his cast.

“Jumped out of a building.” Cookson laughed.

“It’s not funny. You could have been killed.” Sarah stared at Cookson.

“It’s not like we had a choice.” Cookson covered his face as he thought about Az.

“Sir, let me push him. I’ll take him to the medical facility.” Sarah spoke to the marine pushing the wheelchair.

“Alright. Take him to the third floor to do a physical assessment.” the marine pushed the wheelchair in front of Sarah.

“Thanks.” Sarah smiled and began to push Cookson.

“Sarah, there’s something I want to tell you.” Cookson turned his head.

“Yeah?” Sarah continued to push Cookson towards the building.

“What exactly happened at Sydney…” Cookson’s voice trailed off.

“What happened?” Sarah stopped and crouched in front of Cookson.

“Az. His sacrifice for me.” Cookson felt upset.

“What happened to Az?” Sarah looked concerned.

“We got cornered at the top of the Centerpoint Sydney Tower. We had only one parachute and only Az knew. He gave me the chute and pushed me off the tower.” Cookson covered his face in sorrow.

“Az…” Sarah spoke to herself.

“He sacrificed himself so that I could live.” Cookson touched Sarah’s hand.

“It’s my fault.” Sarah looked away.

“It’s not your fault. There was no way out from the tower. Both of us would have died if neither of us jumped.” Cookson grabbed Sarah and hugged her.

“No, I made Az sacrifice himself. He said that he was going to watch out for you even if it meant his life so that we could be together.” Sarah rubbed her eyes.

“That’s what he said to me before he pushed me down.” Cookson soothed Sarah.

“I didn’t stop him…” Sarah reflected.

“There’s nothing we can do now. We can only hope that he’s still alive out there.” Cookson pointed at the smoke coming from Sydney.

“Oh, he’s still alive out there?” Sarah replied with hope.

“Well, he’s MIA. We’ll never know until we find him.” Cookson answered.

“Alright, let’s get you inside.” Sarah continued to push the wheelchair towards the building.
A marine opened the door for the pair and Sarah pushed Cookson to the front desk. Sarah looked at a sign and turned towards the elevator. Cookson sat in the wheelchair and watched as Sarah pressed the elevator button.

“Sarah.” Cookson called out.

“Yeah?” Sarah spun around.

“During the time we thought we were going to die, I realized that I didn’t tell you before I left.” Cookson looked a bit nervous.

“And what is that?” Sarah wondered.

“I love you.” Cookson blushed lightly.

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Ch. 28 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 28- Desperate Measures

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
City Park Heights
March 25, 2001
1800 Local Tim

Taylor watched as the grenade hit the Titan’s chest and exploded violently. The explosion consumed the Warthog beside the Titan causing a chain reaction of explosions. The Warthog blew up and flung hot searing shrapnel everywhere.

“Keep your heads down.” Zyrok shouted as debris flew over his head and smashed into the ceiling.

The Titan got its legs blown off and was crawling away from the flames. Zyrok got out of cover and began to shoot at the Titan’s head.

“Aim for the head.” Zyrok hollered.

Casey and Nevarez got out of their cover and ran out to the streets. The marines concentrated their fire at the injured Titan and unleashed a torrent of bullets. In a matter minutes, the Titan was dead and burnt to crisp. Zyrok and Taylor ran down the stairs and regrouped with Casey.

“Hoorah.” Nevarez shouted.

“Mission complete.” Taylor reloaded his M21.

“Time to head to back. I’ve got to see how Forester’s doing.” Zyrok looked at his watch with a worried face.

“Call it in, sir?” Casey tapped his helmet.

“Yeah, call it in. Taylor, get another DNA sample of this Titan. Nevarez, pop green smoke.” Zyrok nodded.

“Roger.” Casey nodded back.

Taylor took out his combat knife and walked up to the dead Titan. He stabbed the knife into its skin and cut out a piece of meat. Nevarez reached into his backpack and pulled out a smoke grenade and released the pin. Nevarez looked for a clear area on the street and threw the grenade. The grenade exploded and began to release green smoke into the sky.

“Foxtrot 515, this is Echo Squad, come in over.” Casey spoke on the RaidCall.

“Go ahead Echo Squad.” Pruett responded back.

“Mission is accomplished. Request pickup at green smoke, how copy?” Casey reported.

“Copy, confirm mission accomplished, over.” Pruett asked for confirmation.

“That’s correct Pruett. What’s your position?” Casey looked at the skies filled with green smoke.

“I’ve just entered Fort Calhoun. ETA twenty minutes over.” Pruett answered.

“Copy, we’ll hold position. Echo out.” Casey acknowledged and ended the communication.

Zyrok looked at Casey as he walked towards him. Zyrok glanced down the streets and saw a few zombies coming their way.

“Let’s head indoors while we wait.” Zyrok suggested.

“Good idea boss. We’re real low on ammo anyway.” Taylor looked at the zombies in the distant.

Nevarez looked at the smoke beginning to fade and decided to grab another smoke grenade in his backpack.

“Don’t. We’ll pop another one when there’s five minutes left.” Casey grabbed Nevarez’s hand and stopped him.

“Okay.” Nevarez nodded and pulled out his hand out of the backpack.

Zyrok watched as his men get inside a building and closed the main door. He looked inside for a washroom and saw one down a corridor. He opened the door and saw three zombies. One of the zombies had two heads and turned to face Zyrok.

“Oh damn.” Zyrok pulled out his USP as the two-headed zombie screamed.

Zyrok shoved a zombie and then fired his USP at the other zombie right at its head. Zyrok pulled out his bowie knife and charged at the two-headed zombie. He gracefully decapitated one head and then snapped the other zombie’s neck with his bare hands. He spun around and threw his knife at the zombie he had shoved over and fired a round into its eye. The head exploded and flung brains all over the wall. Zyrok ran out the washroom to see five zombies burst out of the women’s washroom. Zyrok fired a round and then realized he was out of ammo. He quickly ran into the washroom to retrieve his bowie knife, but was not quick enough to escape as the zombies entered the washroom.

“Boss?” Casey called out from outside the washroom.

“I need a hand!” Zyrok combated a zombie as he got corned to a wall.

Casey kicked the door open and fired two shots of his shotgun into the backs of the zombies and then swung his gun like a club and took out the last zombie.

“Thanks. Let’s get out of here.” Zyrok said with relief and headed out to the main entrance.

“Guys…there’s a horde coming our way and it’s been fifteen minutes already. Should I pop smoke?” Nevarez looked out the window.

“Pop it. We’ll have to hold them off.” Zyrok took a look out the window.

“Here, have this.” Casey handed Zyrok his Lock 17.

“Thanks Casey.” Zyrok smiled.

Nevarez opened the door and threw a smoke grenade in front of the building. Green smoke erupted out of the canister and slowly lifted to the sky. Taylor steadied himself as he aimed his sights at the distant horde arriving.

“Fire if necessary or else we should conserve with what we have left.” Zyrok ordered.

“Echo Squad, this is Foxtrot 515. We have visual of your smoke. Hold position, we’re coming in just a few minutes.” Pruett spoke on the RaidCall.

“Roger, see if you can hurry up Pruett. We’ve got a horde coming up.” Zyrok spoke hastily.

“Copy, I have Schmidt on the turret to assist.” Pruett spoke calmly.

“Alright, make it quick. I want a quick extraction.” Zyrok fired his pistol as the zombies were in range.

Taylor saw the cue and fired his M21. Nevarez fired single shots from his M16 and watched Zyrok look at the skies. Suddenly a shadow cast over them as the Pelican flew on top of them. Zyrok waved at Schmidt manning the turret to shoot at the incoming horde. Schmidt waved back in acknowledgement and began to spray a heavy cover as the Pelican slowly descended.

“Get on board.” Zyrok shouted as the Pelican hovered a meter off the ground.

Nevarez spun around and ran onto the Pelican. Casey patted Taylor to go as he continued to fire his shotgun. Taylor nodded and shouldered his rifle and hopped onto the Pelican. Zyrok waved at Casey to go and then looked at the horde. He saw a variation of special zombies and the new ones they’d encountered. Zyrok turned and ran onto the Pelican while Schmidt continued to fire. Zyrok looked out the Pelican and heard multiple screams within the horde. He wondered if there was going to be another Titan nearby, but reassured himself that it probably was the horde they’d separated before killing the Titan.

“Let’s go!” Zyrok went to the cockpit and patted Pruett.

“Alright.” Pruett lifted a lever and the Pelican began to ascend.

“Guys…” Schmidt called out.

“What?” Zyrok exited the cockpit to look at Schmidt.

“What the hell is that?” Schmidt pointed at a massive zombie with multiple tentacles sprint down the street towards them.

“Holy shit.” Casey got up from his seat as the zombie sprinted closer towards them.

“Pruett! Get us up and out now!” Zyrok shouted as he froze in terror.

The Pelican quickly lifted up to three stories high when the zombie slashed its tentacle at the Pelican.

“Hang on!” Zyrok grabbed a handrail as the Pelican shook from the hit.

The Pelican continued to lift ups while Schmidt fired the turret at the tentacles. The zombie swung again and this time it hit the rear thrusters and the Pelican began to smoke. Pruett managed to get out of the zombie’s reach as it lifted to the rooftops of nearby buildings.

“Sir, we got a situation.” Schmidt pointed at the rear thrusters leaking fluid.

“Pruett! Status update!” Zyrok shouted as he entered the cockpit.

“Our fuel line’s been severed and hull integrity at fifty percent.” Pruett looked at the flashing lights on the console.

“God damn it. It means we can’t get back, doesn’t it?” Zyrok kicked the cockpit door.

“That’s correct. I’ll see how long she can hold. We have to steer clear from that tentacle monster.” Pruett looked down at the streets below them.

The massive tentacle zombie appeared to have lost sight of them as it wondered around the streets. Pruett steered the Pelican towards the outskirts of the city and pushed the thrusters forward. The Pelican spurted out sparks from the rear thrusters and ignited the leaking fuel.

“It’s going to blow…” Nevarez watched as the rear thrusters went up in flames.

“I’m going to divert all power to forward and vertical thrusters. It will consume more fuel, but reduce the flames at the rear.” Pruett flipped some switches and watched the computer screen.

The Pelican groaned as the rear thrusters shut off and the flames began to die down.

“Land there!” Zyrok pointed at a forest a couple kilometers outside the city.

“I know sir. There’s not much of a choice either.” Pruett replied with frustration.

The Pelican tilted forward and began to descend slowly at a sharp angle.

“Son of a…” Pruett watched as his computer screen went black.

“What?” Zyrok grabbed a seat beside Pruett.

“I’ve lost navigations as well as hydraulics. I’m going to have to go manual on this.” Pruett took off his helmet as he turned a knob on the console.

“What can I do?” Zyrok watched as the ground became closer into their view.

“Hold this lever and grab it tight. It’s our flaps.” Pruett pointed at a lever.

“Ok.” Zyrok grabbed the lever.

“It’s going to give a lot of resistance as you pull it. Never let it go or we’ll increase our fall rate.” Pruett explained.

“Got it.” Zyrok grasped the lever with both hands as he felt the strain in his hand.

“I’ll see if I can steer clear of obstacles so we won’t have a big crash.” Pruett focused at the forest in front of them.

The Pelican flashed an orange light and Pruett glanced at it.

“Great, we’re losing steering.” Pruett hit the console with his fist.

“Call it in.” Zyrok nodded as he knew they were going to crash hard.

“Alright.” Pruett wiped sweat off his forehead.

“Everyone buckle up and sit tight.” Zyrok hollered to the marines sitting in the rear.

“Mayday, mayday, this is Foxtrot 515. We are hit and we are going down.” Pruett broadcasted on the RaidCall.

“One thousand feet.” Zyrok buckled his seatbelt as he watched the altimeter drop rapidly.

“Mayday, mayday, this is Foxtrot 515. We are going down. Anyone copy?” Pruett broadcasted again.

“Five hundred.” Zyrok watched as the skies disappeared from their view as the Pelican tilted forward.

“Mayday, mayday.” Pruett held on to his seat tightly.

Zyrok felt his muscles cramp as the lever exerted a tremendous amount of force as the Pelican dropped.

“Three hundred…two hundred…” Zyrok watched as the Pelican hit some trees and pieces of its wings chipped off.

“Ah!” Pruett covered his face as the nose of the Pelican hit a tree and shattered the cockpit windows.

“One hundred!” Zyrok watched as the right wing broke off as it smashed a tree trunk.

Flames erupted on the right side of the Pelican and scorched the nearby trees. The rear thrusters reignited and exploded sending engine parts everywhere.

“Seventy five…fifty…twenty five…God help us.” Zyrok saw the ground covered with mossy rocks and bushes.

Just as the Pelican was about to smash into the ground, Zyrok’s life flashed in front of his eyes. He saw himself graduating high school as he walked down the aisle. He saw himself spending quality time with his family before the apocalypse. He saw himself sitting in his room chatting with Sarah, the girl who he truly cared about. He saw himself talking to Mary and enjoying a good time talking about life. Now, all of it was going to end. The highlights of Zyrok’s life flashed so quickly and Zyrok smiled as the visions disappeared and time began to speed up.

“Thank you Sarah, for everything. I’ll always love you.” Zyrok closed his eyes as he embraced himself for the impact knowing that it may be the last words he will say on this forsaken world and he wanted to have no regrets.

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Ch. 29 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 29- Similarities and Differences

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
July 27, 1999
0830 Local Time

“Good work on retrieving our asset.” Cole took the briefcase from Charlie’s hand and placed it under his desk.

“Sir, if I may, can you tell me what’s in that case?” Charlie asked politely.

“To be honest, it’s even above my clearance. I’m a Lieutenant Major and I don’t have a clue either.” Cole looked at the briefcase.

“Then who knows?” Charlie glanced at Cole.

“Only High Command knows and can open it.” Cole took a piece of scrap paper and jotted down some notes.

“Alright, what about the Scavengers?” Charlie patted his report on Cole’s desk.

“Well, I’ve got to admit; you’ve definitely got talent in doing extra work.” Cole laughed.

“What do you mean?” Charlie was confused.

“Look, we only assigned you to recover out asset and not deal with any negotiations or open up an alliance.” Cole opened the report folder.

“Are you saying that we are not going to be allies with them?” Charlie sensed uncertainty in Cole’s voice.

“They’ve killed a lot of our men and women serving in the UNSC.” Cole looked at Charlie with glaring eyes.

“With all due respect, so have we.” Charlie argued.

“Well, most of the time we don’t engage them. They attack us first.” Cole countered.

“That’s because we’re near their home and they are protecting themselves.” Charlie explained.

“They started the rivalry first, not us.” Cole closed the report folder.

“Just like that? We’re not going to offer a partnership aren’t we?” Charlie felt angry.

“Yes, just like that. I suggest you scrap any ideas you had for an alliance out of your head.” Cole stared.

“This is outrageous!” Charlie stood up from his seat and shouted.

“Stand down Lieutenant!” Cole slammed his desk and stood up.

Charlie closed his mouth and looked at Cole with disgust.

“Go to your quarters and cool off.” Cole ordered.

Charlie nodded and left Cole’s room fuming about what Cole had done. He had thought of Cole as a good man, but now he was beginning to doubt it. He knew innocent civilians were officially relying on the UNSC for medical supplies, but he had no support. Charlie decided to find a senior officer until there was change. To him, it’s all about helping each other and surviving in a post apocalyptic world. Charlie walked down a hallway and saw an open door marked with “Major Tory”. He knocked on the door as he saw a bald man in his early forties looking at his computer.

“Come in.” the man answered.

“Major Tory?” Charlie asked.

“Yeah, that’s me. What can I do for you Lieutenant…?” Tory looked at Charlie standing at his door.

“Lieutenant Charlie.” Charlie stuck out his hand.

“Ah, I’ve heard of you by your other name.” Tory shook Charlie’s hand.

“Zyrok.” Charlie smiled.

“Yeah, that one.” Tory offered a seat.

“Are you busy?” Charlie asked.

“It’s alright. What can I do for you?” Tory sat down.

“It’s about the Scavengers…” Charlie began.

Charlie began to tell Tory of his search and recover mission and how they got captured by the Scavengers. He then went on describing what he saw and the discussion he had with the leader of the Scavengers. After that, he told Tory what Cole had to say about a possible alliance.

“I see.” Tory took out all the info and jotted down some notes.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Is there any way we can work together?” Charlie concluded.

“I really don’t see why not. Even thought we’ve fought with each other, an alliance will be beneficial to both parties.” Tory grinned.

“Is that a yes?” Charlie widened his eyes.

“I’ll have to file some paperwork. It’s great you were able to open discussions with the Scavengers. Eventually we would have either attacked them or negotiated terms of an alliance. It’s good an alliance is underway, we already have difficulty fighting the zombie faction.” Tory laughed.

“My thoughts exactly.” Charlie laughed in agreement.

“I’ll go have a chat with Cole. I don’t think he sees the big picture like we do.” Tory opened his drawer.

“Ok, thanks. I think he’s still mad at me.” Charlie got up and headed out to the door.

“Don’t you worry Charlie; I’ll take care of it.” Tory searched his drawers for a stapler.

“Ok, thank you sir.” Charlie saluted and walked out.

Charlie got in an elevator and stopped at the second floor. He decided to find the Communications Department and wanted to see if he could get clearance to access the UNSC network. He approached a metal door marked “Communications” and swiped his badge.

“Access granted.” the computer spoke as the door slid open.

Charlie walked in and saw a room full of computer servers. In the center of the room was a circle of marines sitting at their work stations. A marine in his late twenties with the marking of a sergeant stood up and walked over to Charlie.

“What can I do for you sir?” the sergeant asked politely.

“I would like to access a network for a chat program.” Charlie answered.

“What for?” the sergeant questioned.

“I want to find someone.” Charlie replied as he thought about Sarah.

“Sir, you are in the wrong department. If you are looking for someone, you should go to the Archives.” the sergeant explained.

“Alright fine. What is your name sergeant?” Charlie sighed.

“Pat Douglas, sir.” the sergeant offered a handshake.

“Lieutenant Zyrok or Lieutenant Charlie.” Charlie shook Douglas’ hand.

“I think I’ve heard of you over our communications before.” Douglas said.

“Douglas, here’ why I want to access a network...” Charlie began to tell his story about the day he joined the UNSC in hopes of finding Sarah.

Charlie grabbed a seat and sat down beside Douglas as he navigated through his computer.

“You know Charlie, I usually don’t do this even for my superiors unless they give me paperwork.” Douglas clicked his mouse.

“I really appreciate it.” Charlie smiled.

“You remind me of myself when I was your age, except your spirit and hope is stronger than what I had.” Douglas sighed.

“What do you mean?” Charlie asked.

“Well, I used to search for a girl who moved on to the East Coast after I finished post-secondary. I’ve lost contact and slowly lost hope over time. I should have told her, but I hesitated.” Douglas typed a command into the computer.

“Aw, that’s sad.” Charlie sympathized.

“I know. This is why I’m doing it for you. You can still have your shot and won’t live with regrets like I did.” Douglas turned and looked at Charlie.

“Thank you.” Charlie placed his hand on Douglas’ shoulder.

“Your welcome. Also, I didn’t want to be that jerk that ruined your dreams.” Douglas joked.

“No, you’re not. Be glad that what you did means a lot to me. You have helped me and I can assure you that you won’t regret his.” Charlie assured.

“I hope so.” Douglas printed out a page and handed it to Charlie.

“What’s this?” Charlie observed.

“It’s an override code to access our network.” Douglas explained.

“How does it work?” Charlie studied the code.

“You’ll need to login to your account and go into your account. Find the network configuration and go to advanced settings. After that, copy and paste the code and you’ll be granted access to the UNSC network.” Douglas slowly explained step by step.

“Thank you Douglas. Much appreciated.” Charlie thanked and folded the paper into his pocket.

“I hope you find her.” Douglas wished.

“I hope so too.” Charlie thought about the possibility of seeing Sarah.

Charlie waved goodbye to Douglas and left the Communications Department. He was excited to get back on chat and talk to Sarah. He missed her very much and was relieved that there were people out there willing to help him find her. He hurried back to his officer to see Cole standing outside.

“Lieutenant.” Cole greeted.

“Yes sir?” Charlie asked.

“Looks like my superior wants an alliance with the Scavengers. Here’s your new task.” Cole handed Charlie a folder.

“Okay.” Charlie accepted the folder.

“Good luck. Once again, you’ll be departing in an hour. Sorry for the short notice.” Cole spoke and laughed.

“It’s fine. I’ll get ready.” Charlie opened the folder and looked at the documents.

“I’ll see you later once you’re back.” Cole walked off.

“Great…just great.” Charlie muttered as he looked at his computer and then at his watch.

Charlie locked his door and walked off to the armory in disappointment.

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Ch. 30 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 30- The Wilderness

Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado, USA
Signal Mountain
March 25, 2001
2015 Local Time

Zyrok woke up from the sounds of electric sparks and fire crackling beside him. He turned his head and saw Pruett moaning in pain as he touched his cracked visor. Smoke was pouring into the cockpit as fire spread from the cockpit doors.

“Zyrok, get out!” Casey shouted from the back of the Pelican.

“You guys get to safety first! We’ll have to escape from the windows.” Zyrok shouted back as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

“Alright sir.” Casey replied with a cough.

“Pruett, let’s get you out of here.” Zyrok shook Pruett.

“I can’t. It’s stuck.” Pruett frantically pulled his seatbelt as he saw the flames dance towards him.

“Hold on.” Zyrok pulled out his bowie knife and slashed at the seatbelt.

With a few slashes, the belt ripped and Pruett pulled away in time as the flames consumed his chair. Zyrok looked at a side window that was cracked and began to hit it with his knife. Pruett reached under the console and pulled out a fire extinguisher.

“I’ll hold back the fire as long as I can.” Pruett sprayed the nozzle at the flames nearby while Zyrok continued to smash the window.

After a minute, the window began to chip and the fire became more and more intense. Pruett coughed as he inhaled smoke and began to wobble.

“Pruett, take my helmet. You’re breathing in too much smoke through that crack in your visor.” Zyrok turned around.

“You need yours too.” Pruett replied with a cough.

“Give me your helmet and I’ll give you mine. That’s an order.” Zyrok commanded.

Pruett took off his helmet and exchanged with Zyrok. Zyrok took the damaged helmet and swung it at the window while covering his face with one arm. Pruett stopped coughing as he felt smokeless air enter his lungs.

“Let’s go!” Zyrok shouted as he smashed the helmet with all his might at the window and broke it to pieces.

As the window broke, a surge of fresh air entered the cockpit and added oxygen to the fire.

“Argh!” Pruett screamed as he caught fire on his chest.

“Get out now!” Zyrok shouted as he grabbed Pruett to the window.

Pruett climbed out of the cockpit and ran outside where he was greeted by the other marines. Zyrok dropped the damaged helmet and coughed heavily. As he was climbing out, he saw the flames consume the whole cockpit. Once Zyrok was out, he felt his chest burn from the smoke inhalation and dropped to the ground.

“Zyrok!” Schmidt called out as he saw Zyrok drop a few meters away from the flaming Pelican.

Nevarez and Schmidt quickly ran up to Zyrok and pulled him to safety just in time as the Pelican exploded. The explosion shook the ground and ignited the nearby trees.

“We have to get out of here. Either the fire is going to kill us or zombies nearby.” Casey ordered.

“Agreed.” Taylor nodded as he clutched his injured arm.

“An explosion that big…I don’t want to see that tentacle zombie pop up here.” Schmidt shivered at his thought.

“Nevarez and Schmidt, carry Zyrok while Pruett and I take point.” Casey commanded.

“Yes sir.” Nevarez and Schmidt replied in unison.

Nevarez lifted Zyrok to his feet and slung one arm around his back while Schmidt slung the other arm. Taylor looked at the gash on his left arm and applied pressure to it.

“Here.” Casey reached into his backpack and pulled out a roll of bandages.

“Thanks.” Taylor thanked as Casey wrapped the bandages around his wound.

“How are the others?” Pruett looked at Taylor’s wound.

“A couple of bruises and scratches, but we’ll live.” Casey replied.

The marines continued walking away from the crash site until they could only see the smoke in the sky. Zyrok muttered something under his breath and coughed.

“He’s awake.” Nevarez shouted to Casey.

“Zyrok! Can you hear me?” Casey asked as Nevarez and Schmidt placed Zyrok onto the ground.

“Water…water.” Zyrok coughed as his lungs burned.

“Alright.” Casey took out his water bottle and poured it slowly into Zyrok’s mouth.

“Thanks.” Zyrok felt refreshed.

“Take it easy boss.” Casey patted Zyrok.

“Is everyone okay?” Zyrok turned his head to look around.

“Still standing.” Taylor walked over.

“Sir, you can have your helmet back.” Pruett walked over beside Zyrok and crouched beside him.

“Thanks.” Zyrok took his helmet and wore it.

“No, thank you. You saved me.” Pruett expressed his gratitude.

“Zyrok, always putting yourself first before others.” Casey exclaimed.

“That’s what I do.” Zyrok sat upright.

“Best CO ever.” Pruett clapped.

“Indeed.” Taylor clapped along.

“Gee, thanks.” Zyrok felt uncomfortable.

“I knew you were a good man from the first time we met.” Casey lifted Zyrok to his feet.

“Let’s head west.” Zyrok looked at his datapad.

“Anywhere we can get rescued is really all that I care.” Nevarez gave his thoughts.

“Let’s go then. We should be able to reach an old radar station in a few kilometers.” Zyrok tapped his datapad screen.

“We can our communications here.” Schmidt tapped his helmet.

“Go ahead, we’re in the middle of nowhere. RaidCall only works short range.” Taylor laughed.

“Hopefully, our distress signal got heard.” Pruett looked at the darkened skies.

“It will.” Zyrok reassured with optimism.

“Let’s stay positive people.” Casey smiled.

“We’ll go for another kilometer trek down and set up camp at the base of the mountain.” Zyrok pointed down the mountain.

Nevarez sighed as he kicked a rock with boredom and Taylor stopped in his tracks as he examined his bandage.

“Everything alright?” Zyrok patted Taylor’s back.

“Yeah boss, I’m fine.” Taylor replied and continued to walk.

The group of marines slowly made their way down a steep slope holding on to nothing but bushes, vines, and tree roots for support. Next, the men trekked on a rocky terrain full of gravel and coarse rocks before reaching the bottom of the mountain.

“What a day!” Nevarez threw himself to the ground in exhaustion.

“Indeed Nevarez.” Schmidt sat on the ground and stretched his legs.

“We’re not done yet. We’ve still got a camp to build.” Zyrok laughed as Nevarez groaned.

“Just when I thought the day was finally going well.” Nevarez joked.

“Casey and Nevarez can go look for firewood. Pruett and Schmidt will establish a perimeter while Taylor and I will set up shelter.” Zyrok directed.

“You heard the Captain. Let’s move it people!” Casey ordered.

Zyrok watched as Nevarez and Casey headed off to find firewood while Pruett and Schmidt readied their guns to scout the perimeter.

“I’ll see if I can find some leafy plants for shelter.” Taylor took off his backpack and dropped it to the ground along with his M21.

“Okay. I’ll find a soft place for us to rest.” Zyrok looked at the gravel under his feet.

“Sounds good, just be careful.” Taylor cautioned.

“You too man. We’ll never know what we’ll find in this forest.” Zyrok smiled as Taylor walked off.

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Ch. 31 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Thu 20 Sep 2012, 17:26

Chapter 31- Settling Down

Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
July 28, 1999
1400 Local Time

Sarah steadied her M21 as Taylor watched her look through the scope. She took a deep breath and concentrated on a zombie twenty meters away. Sarah adjusted the angle of elevation and tested the direction of the wind. She fired one round and earned herself a headshot.

“Nice.” Taylor applauded.

“Thanks.” Sarah reloaded the rifle.

“You know Sarah, we can make you into a police officer. You’ve got the skills.” Taylor looked at her as Sarah looked at the zombies in the distance.

“Me? A police officer?” Sarah was surprised.

“Yeah, a police officer who specializes in sniping.” Taylor spoke his thought.

“Do I have to do law enforcement duties?” Sarah asked.

“Some, but not all. Basically you’ll be joining our ranks.” Taylor replied.

“So I’ll be starting off as a recruit?” Sarah wondered.

“Yeah, but you’ll rank up easily because I see you’ve got potential.” Taylor complimented.

“Thanks.” Sarah blushed.

“So, what do you say?” Taylor nudged her.

“Sure, I guess.” Sarah nodded.

“Alright then. I’ll let my other police buddies know.” Taylor smiled.

“When do I begin officially?” Sarah wondered.

“Starting now.” Taylor looked at Sarah.

“So what will I need to do?” Sarah put down her rifle.

“Well, let’s finish your sniper training course. Then we’ll move on to basic firearms.” Taylor pointed at a zombie walking on the roof of a building.

Sarah acknowledged with a light nod and picked up her M21. She tested the wind direction with one head and then aimed her rifle at the distant zombie. She took a quick breath of air and fired. The M21 muzzle flashed and Taylor watched the zombie get struck in its head and collapsed.

“Well done.” Taylor complimented.

“Do I pass?” Sarah asked with a serious face.

“Not that fast.” Taylor burst out laughing.

“Darn. Then when?” Sarah whined.

“Soon. In time Sarah…in time…” Taylor voice trailed off as he looked at his watch.

“Fine. I’m not going anywhere.” Sarah joked as she pointed at the ruined buildings outside the center.

“We’ll do some more training tomorrow morning.” Taylor took Sarah’s M21.

“Ok.” Sarah quickly replied.

“Go see Cookson and tell him I said hi.” Taylor smiled.

“Yeah, I will…” Sarah stopped talking as she thought about Az.

“Look Sarah, I’m sorry about Az. I know exactly how you feel. Az was a good friend of mine and he was a good friend till the very end.” Taylor looked at an upset Sarah.

“I know.” Sarah looked at her feet.

“Come here.” Taylor opened up his arms.

Sarah approached Taylor and hugged him. Taylor soothed her back as Sarah closed her eyes.

“Everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to be alright Sarah.” Taylor repeated as he whispered into her ear.

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Scavenger’s Holdout
July 27, 1999
1445 Local Time

Charlie looked out the cockpit window as Stewart landed the Pelican a block away from the Scavenger’s gates. He left the cockpit and saw his men moving crates of medical supplies out of the Pelican. Charlie grabbed a crate and lifted it outside the Pelican.

“I feel like the Red Cross.” Hawkes dropped his crate to the ground.

“Well, we’re here to help, so you can say that.” Casey replied.

Charlie watched as a group of men exited the gates followed by Anthony. Charlie waved at Anthony and Anthony waved back.

“Look whose back.” Anthony approached Charlie and greeted him with a handshake.

“Yeah, here are the medical supplies.” Charlie pointed at the crates beside him and some more crates inside the Pelican.

“I didn’t expect the UNSC would be this generous.” Anthony waved at his men to take the crates.

“You have no idea what I went through to do this.” Charlie thought about the conversation he had with Cole.

“Must have been a hassle?” Anthony guessed.

“I almost had to reach for the top officers.” Charlie replied.

“Well, thank you. Come on in!” Anthony waved at the marines to enter the base.

“Sir, what about the Pelican?” Taylor asked.

“Stewart is going to head back to base. He’ll pick us up after we’re done.” Charlie answered.

Charlie watched as Casey, Taylor and Hawkes entered the gates and waved a goodbye to Stewart. Stewart waved back and continued to assist the Scavengers with the unloading of medical supplies.

“Come on LT.” Casey waved.

Charlie turned around and ran up beside Anthony as he took a clipboard from Hawkes. Anthony read the contents on the clipboard and handed it back to Hawkes.

“Five hundred medical supplies of all sorts. Not bad, not bad at all.” Anthony looked at Charlie.

“So how do you want this alliance?” Charlie asked.

“Come to my office. The rest of your men can chill with the ladies.” Anthony pointed at a building.

“What did I just hear?” Hawkes opened his mouth.

“Women. Don’t do anything stupid Hawkes. We still have a job to do.” Charlie replied with a cold stare at Hawkes.

“Aye sir.” Hawkes saluted.

“Good.” Charlie grinned

“You should come with us after you’re done.” Hawkes suggested.

“It depends on the priority of the mission first.” Charlie looked at an amused Anthony.

“Let’s leave Zyrok alone guys.” Taylor looked at Hawkes.

“Zyrok, you never know. You might get lucky today.” Hawkes grinned.

“Hawkes…is that what you view women? As objects for your own satisfaction?” Charlie replied with disappointment in Hawkes.

“Nope, it just relieves my stress. You don’t need to be so uptight about it. Maybe some women might do you good.” Hawkes joked.

“Hawkes…” Charlie was getting annoyed.

“Come on guys, let’s go.” Casey grabbed Hawkes to walk away.

Charlie stood beside Anthony as he watched his men chat excitedly as they went inside the building.

“Not much of a player, are you?” Anthony patted Charlie’s back.

“Nope. It’s just that I have a great deal of respect for women.” Charlie answered as he walked beside Anthony to a nearby building.

“How is that so?” Anthony was interested.

“I’ve met some very good people in my life.” Charlie replied as he thought about Sarah.

“Ah.” Anthony nodded.

“Let’s finalize the terms of alliance.” Charlie changed the topic as he opened the door for Anthony.

“Thanks. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it.” Anthony walked down a hallway and opened his office door.

“So am I.” Charlie replied enthusiastically.

“Take a seat.” Anthony offered a chair.

“Thank you. Let’s begin.” Charlie the office door and sat down.

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Ch. 32 is complete along with Concept Art 9. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Fri 21 Sep 2012, 17:31

Chapter 32- Obstacle Course
Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado, USA
Signal Mountain
March 26, 2001
0815 Local Time

“Wake up gentlemen.” Zyrok nudged Casey and Taylor sleeping under a makeshift shelter.

Casey slowly opened his eyes while Taylor groaned as the sunlight lit his face. Pruett was adding more sticks to the campfire when Zyrok approached him.

“No need Pruett. We’ll be continuing our trek.” Zyrok patted Pruett on the shoulder.

“Captain, I think we should look for water.” Nevarez dripped the last few drops from his water bottle into his mouth.

“I’m low as well.” Schmidt peeked at a half empty water bottle.

“Alright, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for water.” Zyrok replied.

“Thanks Captain.” Nevarez replied.

“All right marines, we’ll move out in five. Pack your gear.” Zyrok ordered.

Zyrok took down a camouflage tarp and folded it into his backpack. Nevarez took a large stick and extinguished the campfire by covering sand and ash over it. Casey helped Taylor readdress his injury with another bandage. Taylor winced in pain as Casey wrapped a new bandage around his arm. Schmidt inserted bullets into his magazine and slit it into his pistol.

“All set?” Zyrok looked around.

“Yeah.” Nevarez and Taylor replied in unison.

“Let’s go people.” Zyrok waved and looked at his watch.

“This reminds me of training.” Schmidt reflected as he looked around.

“What do you mean?” Taylor walked behind Zyrok.

“Well, I remembered that we had some wilderness survival training.” Schmidt laughed.

“Be glad you got trained because I didn’t. I got trained to fly.” Pruett eavesdropped.

“Yeah man, never knew I would have to use it.” Schmidt laughed.

“Shh.” Zyrok spoke out loud.

The marines shut their mouths and stopped in their tracks. Zyrok froze and turned his head slowly. In the bushes which were a couple meters in front of them, it was shuffling and shaking gently. Zyrok waved at Casey and Nevarez to flank left while Pruett and Taylor flanked right. Zyrok pulled out his USP and slowly walked forward while Schmidt held his M16 firmly behind him. Nevarez slowly advanced from the left keeping his eye on the bush when suddenly he stepped on a twig and made a loud snap. The rush rattled for a second and a rabbit ran out. Zyrok and Schmidt were shocked for a brief second as the rabbit ran towards them. Zyrok pulled out his bowie knife as the rabbit ran past him. He took a quick aim and threw the knife striking the rabbit’s back.

“Why’d you kill the rabbit?” Nevarez looked at the dead rabbit.

“We still need to eat food.” Zyrok replied.

“Yeah Nevarez, I don’t know about you, but I would like to have dinner.” Casey looked at Nevarez.

Zyrok crouched over to the dead rabbit and pulled out the knife. He picked up the rabbit by its ears and wrapped it in a bag before placing into his backpack.

“Dinner’s on me.” Zyrok shouldered his backpack.

“Great.” Taylor licked his lips.

“I’m assuming Nevarez don’t want a piece.” Zyrok grinned.

“No, no. I would like rabbit too.” Nevarez shook his head.

“Ok…” Zyrok continued to lead his men.

The marines walked down a hill until they came across a small creek. Zyrok took out his water bottle and waved at his men.

“Water!” Nevarez exclaimed as he wiped sweat off his neck.

“I’ve never been so happy to see water before.” Schmidt splashed his face with cool refreshing water.

Zyrok turned his head upstream and saw a Bone walking towards them. He pulled out his USP and fired as the zombie ran towards him. Nevarez and Taylor quickly turned towards the sound of gunfire and fired their guns at the Bone. Pruett watched as three more Bones ran out from behind the trees to the left side of the creek.

“Bones on the left!” Pruett shouted.

“Run people, run!” Zyrok shouted as he killed the Bone with a well placed shot into the zombie’s eye.

A mob of zombies suddenly ran out of nowhere and was running upstream towards the marines. Schmidt fired his M16 into the mob as the marines retreated into the forest.

“Run!” Casey fired a round of shotgun as he saw a zombie run up beside Pruett reloading his gun.

The group of marines ran past thorn bushes and uneven terrain as the mob of zombies chased after them. Schmidt ran and fired hoping to slow down the zombies when suddenly he tripped on a tree root and slammed his shoulder into a tree trunk.

“Ow!” Schmidt cursed as he clutched his right shoulder with his left arm.

“Come on. Forget the pain.” Casey helped Schmidt to his feet and picked up his dropped M16.

“I think I dislocated my shoulder.” Schmidt moaned as he began to run.

“We’ll fix it later when our lives are not on the line.” Casey fired his shotgun and unleashed a hail of bullets.

Nevarez and Pruett covered fire while Taylor and Schmidt got to safety above a small hill.

“We can’t do this forever. We’re going to run out of ammo and get cornered.” Casey concluded.

“We have to get to high grounds.” Zyrok pointed at a steep rocky valley.

“Let’s go marines. Double time!” Casey commanded.

Zyrok looked at the injured Taylor and Schmidt and waved them to move first.

“Pruett and Nevarez, go assist Taylor and Schmidt up that valley. Casey and I will buy you the time.” Zyrok ordered and looked at Casey.

“Here you go.” Casey handed Schmidt’s M16 to Zyrok.

“Thanks.” Zyrok slid his USP into his holster and fired the M16.

Zyrok fired bursts of two and took down multiple zombies. Casey fired his shotgun twice and quickly inserted more shells into the gun. Zyrok glanced as the marines slowly made their way up the valley struggling to makes their way to the top. Zyrok walked back and continued to shoot at the mob while Casey has switched over to his pistol for better accuracy.

“We’re clear boss.” Pruett spoke on the RaidCall.

“Copy, on our way. Cover us from above while we climb.” Zyrok replied back as he turned and began to run towards the valley.

“You got it Captain.” Pruett answered as he steadied his pistol as Zyrok and Casey ran towards them with a mob of aggressive zombies chasing after them.

Casey climbed the coarse rocks while Zyrok provided a light cover fire with Schmidt’s M16. Zyrok watched as Casey reached halfway up the steep valley and began to climb. Zyrok felt his foot throb with pain as he stubbed his foot while climbing. Zyrok hopped on to a jagged ledge and smashed his hand on a sharp rock. Zyrok ignored the pain and held his hand firmly as blood dripped from this right palm. He watched as the zombies below him fought each other hungrily for his blood. Zyrok climbed up a small ledge and then shimmied across a platform before making a jump to the top.

“You’re almost there Captain!” Casey shouted as he waved from the top.

Zyrok balanced himself on the platform and took a quick observation and jumped up to grab a rock. He winced in pain as the impact stunned his injured hand. He wiggled himself sideways to grab another rock when the rock he was holding on came loose. Zyrok fell a few feet down and landed on a ledge. Schmidt’s M16 bounced off the ledge and disappeared into the mob of zombies. Zyrok looked at the lost gun in frustration and looked at his hand. There was a deep cut in the palm of his hand.

“Forget the gun.” Schmidt yelled.

“You can do it boss.” Pruett shouted.

Zyrok got up and looked at the wall of rocks. He saw a handhold a few meters up and jumped. Zyrok managed to get a grip on it and pulled himself upwards. He placed his feet on a small protruding rock and took a deep breath. Zyrok looked at his knee and saw blood stains appearing on his left knee.

“By the time I’m finished, I’ll probably be bleeding to death.” Zyrok thought.

Zyrok continued to scale towards the top taking short breaks in between. Casey and Nevarez reached their hands over the top and successfully pulled Zyrok to safety. Zyrok panted and lay flat on the ground in exhaustion. The zombies below the valley attempted to climb up, but made no progress.

“We got to keep moving. They can circle around.” Zyrok got up and wrapped bandages to his hand.

“You need to rest Zyrok.” Taylor looked at a tired Zyrok.

“Rest later until we’re safe for sure.” Zyrok turned his head over the valley.

“Alright marines, move it!” Casey ordered.

The marines began to lightly job away form the edge of the valley and headed into a small grass clearing. Zyrok reduced his pace and stopped in his tracks as he felt his head spin.

“You alright Zyrok?” Pruett approached a dizzy Zyrok.

“My head…my head is spinning.” Zyrok sat on the ground.

“Sir, we need to get away from the open.” Schmidt looked at the open grass fields.

“Here, have some water.” Nevarez gave Zyrok his water bottle.

“Thanks.” Zyrok took a sip and closed his eyes.

“I think you’ve lost a lot of blood.” Casey pointed at Zyrok’s bandages soaked with blood.

“I think so too…” Zyrok’s voice trailed off as he looked at his hand and fainted.

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Post by Zyrok on Fri 21 Sep 2012, 17:31

Ch. 33 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

UNSCDF Fanfiction - Page 3 2mr73nl

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Post by Zyrok on Mon 24 Sep 2012, 08:46

Chapter 33- Deep Reflections
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Scavengers’ Holdout
July 27, 1999
2115 Local Time

Anthony took Charlie to their warehouse and opened the door.

“Here’s our food storage.” Anthony pointed at bags marked with “Seeds” and “Millet”.

“That’s quite a supply you got there.” Charlie widened his eyes in disbelief.

“I’ll have my men load up fifty kilos of these.” Anthony waved a man over.

“Thanks.” Charlie smiled.

“I’ll also put in two boxes of fresh vegetables.” Anthony offered as he walked Charlie out of the warehouse.

“Organic?” Charlie joked.

“Of course.” Anthony laughed.

“I’m really glad we got this alliance going.” Charlie spoke his mind.

“I like this free trade agreement we got going.” Anthony directed Charlie to the farms.

“Definitely increases the survivability of the human race.” Charlie watched two women dig up potatoes.

“You married Lieutenant?” Anthony watched as the women waved at them.

“No, I’m not.” Charlie waved at the women.

“If you’re looking to settle down, this is a good place.” Anthony pointed at the surroundings.

“I’m sure it is, but I’ve got duties and a personal goal I need to do.” Charlie replied with a straight face.

“Ah, yes. You’re an officer in the UNSC, but do you really want a career in the military?” Anthony questioned.

“Well, everyone has their reasons.” Charlie thought about Sarah.

“Then what’s your reason?” Save humanity? I’m sure it’s not that.” Anthony asked as he sat down on a bench.

“It’s complicated.” Charlie sat down beside Anthony.

“Tell me, we’ve got time.” Anthony relaxed himself.

“I don’t feel comfortable.” Charlie felt uneasy.

“Hey man, I’m not here to judge. I’ve heard many different reasons as to why people enlist. I’m sure yours might be common.” Anthony looked at Charlie’s face.

“I joined the UNSC in hopes of finding a girl I like in Australia.” Charlie said with one breath.

“Wow man. Australia is far…” Anthony wondered.

“Yeah, it’s insane isn’t it?” Charlie asked.

“I don’t see it as insane. I see it as determination.” Anthony complimented.

“Thanks. Sometimes I wonder if she knows I’m out there looking for her.” Charlie looked at the dark sky.

“I’m sure she will.” Anthony reassured.

“I hope so.” Charlie looked upset.

“Cheer up big fellow, you’re making a lot of progress in the UNSC. You’ll find her one day.” Anthony patted Charlie’s shoulder.

“Thanks.” Charlie’s face lit with some hope.

“Let’s get you a drink.” Anthony got up and pointed at a building.

“Sure.” Charlie got up and watched as the women on the farm headed indoors with a basket of potatoes.

Anthony led Charlie to a building filled with lively music and people. Anthony walked up to the bartender and grabbed a seat.

“Hop on. What can I get you?” Drink’s on me.” Anthony patted on a stool beside him.

“Iced water would be fine.” Charlie sat down.

“Water? You got to be kidding me.” Anthony laughed.

“I don’t drink alcohol.” Charlie looked at people dancing around him.

“I see, you’re still on the job.” Anthony waved the bartender over.

“What can I get you sir?” the bartender asked.

“I’ll have a glass of red wine and iced water for this young lad here.” Anthony replied and pointed at Charlie.

“Alright, red wine and iced water coming up.” the bartender repeated in acknowledgement.

“You dance Charlie?” Anthony looked at a couple of women dancing alone.

“I’m fine. You go right on ahead.” Charlie scanned the crowd and saw Hawkes sitting at a table with three women.

“Here you go.” the bartender interrupted and placed their drinks in front of them.

“Very well Charlie, I’m going to dance.” Anthony took a sip of red wine and walked off towards the women.

Charlie grabbed his glass and drank it halfway before walking over to Hawkes. Hawkes seemed to be enjoying himself as the women played around his uniform and hair. Charlie slowly stood in front of Hawkes amused until Hawkes finally realized that he was standing

“Sir!” Hawkes jumped up and saluted Charlie.

“At ease Hawkes.” Charlie returned a salute.

The three women stared at Charlie like they’ve never seen a guy before. Charlie felt a little uneasy and turned his face around to Hawkes.

“Ladies, that’s my Lieutenant.” Hawkes introduced.

Two women approached Charlie and touched his arms. Charlie took a step back to distance himself from the women.

“I’m sorry ladies, but I’ve got work to do.” Charlie lied.

“You need some help boss?” Hawkes offered.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’ve got to oversee some operations.” Charlie made the story up.

The women expressed their disappointment and then turned back to Hawkes. Charlie sighed and then walked out the building. Charlie looked at the starry night sky and sat down on a curb with the remaining glass of water in his hand. Charlie took a sip and watched as more people entered the building which he came out.

“People here are having a good time even when outside the holdout is nothing but chaos and destruction.” Charlie thought and reflected.

Charlie felt a surge of sadness sweep over him. He missed the good old days. Life seemed to be better before the apocalypse, but it seems like life remained the same at the Scavenger’s Holdout. Charlie finished his glass of water and slid an ice cube into his mouth. The coldness of the ice spread throughout his cheek and he coughed.

“You alright Zyrok?” Hawkes sat down beside him.

“Why’d you come out? I thought you were having a good time.” Charlie asked and crunched the ice in his mouth before swallowing.

“I was, but I’ve never seen you look so down before. So what’s up?” Hawkes asked with concern.

“Stars and the moon.” Charlie looked at the sky and replied with a serious face.

“No seriously, what’s going on?” Hawkes spoke directly.

“It is the stars and the moon.” Charlie stressed.

“What about them?” Hawkes asked.

“They remind me of someone.” Charlie sighed.

“Who?” Hawkes questioned.

“Sarah.” Charlie reached into his chest pocket and pulled out the poem he had written on his first mission.

“Ah, a girl. What about Sarah?” Hawkes replied.

“She’s the reason why I’m in the UNSC. I enlisted hoping to find her one day.” Charlie looked at his poem.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find her. The Scavengers can help as well.” Hawkes assured.

“You don’t understand.” Charlie sighed “She’s in Australia.”

“Oh…” Hawkes paused for a moment.

“It’s fine mate, I’ll have to take this journey alone.” Charlie replied.

“You don’t need to. You’ve got me. What’s that in your hand?” Hawkes pointed at Charlie’s poem.

“Oh, it’s a poem I wrote for her when I got stuck on that comms tower back in Abbotsford.” Charlie shrugged.

“Oh that. May I see it?” Hawkes held out his hand.

“Sure.” Charlie handed the napkin to Hawkes.

“On that dark cold weary night…” Hawkes began to read.

After a few minutes, Hawkes smiled and returned the napkin back to Charlie.

“You’ve got some skills in poetry as well.” Hawkes complimented.

“It’s really nothing, I won’t be famous anyways.” Charlie joked.

“You should show this to her after seeing how much she means to you.” Hawkes suggested.

“If I find her…” Charlie looked at the stars.

“Come on, it’s getting cold out here. Let’s head indoors to chill.” Hawkes shivered as a gust of wind blew his hair.

“Alright.” Charlie stood up and walked with Hawkes to a small building which was quieter.

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Post by Zyrok on Mon 24 Sep 2012, 08:46

Ch. 34 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Prytor on Tue 25 Sep 2012, 00:47

Hehe, i like the little bit u put in the end of Ch. 34 Girl 23

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