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Post by Zyrok on Tue 25 Sep 2012, 04:56

Prytor wrote:Hehe, i like the little bit u put in the end of Ch. 34 Girl 23
I know you do. =D

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Post by Zyrok on Tue 25 Sep 2012, 13:00

Chapter 34- An Intense Day

Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
August 1, 1999
1010 Local Time

“Here, try the Lock 17.” Taylor showed Sarah a pistol from a briefcase.

Sarah took the pistol and a full clip of magazine from the case. She slid the magazine into the gun and cocked it.

“Take two extra clips in case.” Taylor pointed at two full magazines sitting in the case.

“I’m not that bad of a shot.” Sarah laughed.

“No, we’re going outside the center. Always bring more ammo if you can. You’ll never know what we’ll encounter.” Taylor pulled out his Lock 17 sidearm and checked the ammo.

“Outside?” Sarah laughed nervously.

“Yeah, pistol is short range. The best training is to get up close in the environment.” Taylor pointed outside.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” Sarah slid the pistol into her belt.

Taylor took out a Zylon vest from his backpack and handed it over to Sarah.

“Take this, a girl can never have enough protection.” Taylor joked.

Sarah laughed and accepted the armor. She fitted the armor onto her chest and tightened the straps. Taylor approached her and adjusted the straps on her back.

“You got to make sure it’s a good fit so you’ll have mobility plus protection.” Taylor examined the armor firmly snug on Sarah.

“It is.” Sarah patted her chest.

“Well, let’s get going.” Taylor headed towards the gates.

Sarah picked up her pace and quickly followed Taylor out through the gates. Taylor led Sarah into the surrounding communities and quietly avoided zombies until they reached a small park. Taylor set his backpack on a park bench and took out his water bottle. Sarah watched as Taylor drank a gulp and decided to have a drink as well.

“You ready?” Taylor pulled out his sidearm.

“Yup!” Sarah nodded and took out her pistol.

“There, one o’clock.” Taylor pointed at a zombie in front of them.

Sarah held the pistol firmly with both hands and pointed at the zombie’s head. She pulled the trigger and heard a mediocre bang as an empty casing spewed out of the gun. The zombie in front of them collapsed to the ground and remained motionless.

“Not bad.” Taylor complimented.

“I can shoot you know…” Sarah smirked.

“Two zombies, five o’clock.” Taylor pointed behind her with his pistol.

Sarah spun around and fired at one zombie. The shot was successful and made the zombie drop dead, but it attracted the zombie beside and made it run towards Sarah. Sarah panicked by the sudden sprinting zombie and quickly pulled off a shot. She missed and fired again, but only got its shoulder. Taylor watched as the zombie got closer and lifted his pistol to the zombie’s head in a graceful manner. Sarah watched as Taylor coolly fired a round and brought the zombie down.

“Don’t lose your composure. A sprinter is no different than a walker.” Taylor lowered his gun and turned to look at Sarah.

“I didn’t expect it would run at me with this much speed.” Sarah took a breath of relief.

“Well, this is field training. You got to be in the zone to actually learn better.” Taylor looked around for nearby zombies.

“Huh.” Sarah exclaimed.

“Look Sarah, I don’t doubt your ability to shoot or your mark marksmanship. The world is constantly changing by bringing new variables to each shot you make. Only practice will make perfect as you gain all sorts of experience.” Taylor explained.

“Thanks?” Sarah laughed nervously.

“There, three zombies down beside the park bench.” Taylor pointed at three zombies clumped over a dead corpse.

Sarah nodded and the aimed her pistol at the closest zombie. She fired one round and took the zombie down. The other two zombies turned their heads to her and ran. Sarah took a deep breath and focused at the closest zombie and fired. A clean headshot made the zombie fly forward face first into the ground. Sarah paced her breath and fired at the last zombie. The zombie got shot in the eye and cart wheeled into a nearby bush.

“See? You’ll get the hang of it.” Taylor encouraged.

“Thanks.” Sarah smiled.

“More zombies inbound.” Taylor pointed behind Sarah as two zombies walked towards them.

Sarah aimed quickly and fired at the zombies. The zombies were taken out swiftly and Sarah reloaded her gun with a fresh magazine.

“I think we have a problem.” Sarah pointed beside Taylor as she saw a crowd of zombies entering the park.

“It must have been too much noise.” Taylor picked up his backpack.

“I don’t think so. The pistol is pretty quiet.” Sarah studied the gun.

“Or by sheer luck that we were next to a horde.” Taylor watched as more zombies entered the park.

“Run?” Sarah watched with fear.

“Good idea. We should find shelter to hide.” Taylor turned around and began to run.

“Why not head back to the center directly?” Sarah asked as she ran beside Taylor.

“Too far. Plus we can’t outrun a horde.” Taylor pointed at a building outside the park exit.

“So we hide?” Sarah asked.

“Like a storm, we wait till it passes unless we’ve got superior firepower to take them all out.” Taylor ran up to the building door and pushed the doors open.

“Not with these.” Sarah held her pistol and laughed.

Taylor closed the door as Sarah got in and got a glimpse of the horde scattering all over the park. Taylor grabbed a table and a few chairs and wedged the door shut was a makeshift barricade.

“Can’t we call for help?” Sarah wondered.

“I don’t have any radio. Only the UNSC has them.” Taylor said with disappointment.

“Taylor and Sarah sat on the ground as the moans and groans got louder as the zombies approached the door. A few knocks and scratches on the door, but it seemed the zombies haven’t seen them. Suddenly, Sarah screamed. Taylor spun around to see a zombie in a janitor’s uniform tackle Sarah to the ground. Taylor ran up to the zombie and pried the zombie off and snapped its neck.

“You alright? Did you get bit?” Taylor lifted Sarah to her feet.

“I’m alright.” Sarah dusted herself.

“It’s my fault, I should have made sure the area was clear.” Taylor apologized.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m worrying about getting out now…” Sarah watched as the barricaded door shook violently as the zombies outside pounded and bashed.

“Shit! They must have heard us.” Taylor stomped the ground in frustration.

* * *

Cookson left his room to look for Sarah. Although he had not been fully healed, he decided to lightly job around the center to catch a glimpse of Sarah training with Taylor. Cookson approached the training grounds where Sarah and Taylor usually trained, but saw no one. He saw a marine patrolling the area and decided to ask.

“Excuse me!” Cookson called out.

The marine turned to look at Cookson and immediately identified him.

“Cookson! How’s it going?” the marine greeted.

“Johnson?” Cookson was shocked.

“Yeah, that’s me. We finished out task last night and I got shipped back. Sydney is one hell of a mess.” the marine took off his helmet.

“Any word of Az?” Cookson asked.

“I’m sorry, but we’ve got nothing.” Johnson shook his head.

“That’s ok. By the way, have you seen Sarah and Taylor?” Cookson asked.

“You mean a police officer with a girl around the same age as you?” Johnson replied with a question.

“Yeah, them. Where are they at?” Cookson nodded.

“Oh, they left the center about twenty minutes ago.” Johnson looked at his watch.

“Know where?” Cookson asked.

“Check with the gate guards. They might know more than I do.” Johnson pointed at the gate.

“Alright, thanks.” Cookson expressed his gratitude.

“No worries. I’ll be at the radar tower if you need me.” Johnson replied and walked off.

Cookson quickly walked to the gate and approached a marine sergeant sitting in an office.

“What can I do for you Corporal?” the sergeant asked and stood up.

“I would like to know if you got info about a Sarah and a Taylor leaving the center, sir.” Cookson asked politely.

“Give me a second.” the sergeant walked to his computer and typed.

Cookson stood patiently as the sergeant typed and stared at his monitor.

“A Sarah Parks and a Taylor White left the center half an hour ago to do some firearms training.” the sergeant spoke sitting down.

“Whereabouts did they go, sir?” Cookson asked.

“Let me check…somewhere near the Bankstown Memorial Park.” the sergeant studied the computer.

“Thank you, sir.” Cookson replied.

“You going out?” the sergeant asked.

“Not right now sir. I’ve got to get prepped.” Cookson replied.

“I’ll see you in a bit then.” the sergeant smiled as Cookson walked off.

Cookson decided to go find Johnson at the radar tower to get Intel about the surrounding areas near the park. He approached the tower and swiped his UNSC ID badge on the door. He saw a flight of stairs and groaned. After a few minutes of climbing the stairs, he reached the top and saw a couple of marines sitting in front of their work stations looking at the radar.

“Cookson!” Johnson patted Cookson on the back as he approached behind him.

“There you are. I was wondering if you got info about the Bankstown Memorial Park. I want to meet up with Sarah and Taylor, but I figured to check ahead for nearby hostiles.” Cookson requested.

“Sure, no problem. I think the Memorial Park is in Sector Lima Three.” Johnson looked at a map on the wall.

Johnson studied the map for a minute and pointed at it to show Cookson.

“Lima Four, my bad.” Johnson laughed.

“That’s somewhat far.” Cookson looked at where Johnson pointed.

“Let’s head to my computer.” Johnson pointed at an empty workstation.

Johnson logged in the computer and typed “Lima 4” into the radar program. Cookson watched as the computer began its scan and watched as hundreds of blips popped on the screen.

“What’s that?” Cookson pointed at a blip.

“On no…not good.” Johnson exclaimed.

“What’s wrong? Are those zombies?” Cookson was worried.

“That’s a horde you got there. Question, did you say Sarah and Taylor were over there?” Johnson stood up from his seat.

“Yeah…” Cookson muttered

“I’m going to let my sergeant know bout his.’ Johnson printed the radar chart and walked off.

Cookson stared at the computer screen watching the blips move on each scan. Johnson ran up beside him and grabbed his jacket.

“Sarge knows about it, but all our assets are in Sydney. There’s nothing we can do for them.” Johnson said solemnly.

God damn it! That’s two civilians out there.” Cookson replied with frustration and pounded the table.

“What’s the noise?” a bald man in his late twenties with stripes of a sergeant approached Johnson and Cookson.

“Sir!” Cookson saluted.

“Look Corporal, I’ve told Johnson already that all our assets are down in Sydney. We can’t do a search and rescue.” the sergeant looked at the radar refresh on Johnson’s computer.

“They are civilians. Isn’t it our duty to protect them?” Cookson asked.

“You’d be willing to risk your life for them?” the sergeant questioned.

“Rather than sitting here and watching a monitor and doing nothing at all.” Cookson replied briskly.

“I’m game as well. I don’t want to be responsible for someone’s death which I knew I could have done something to save them.” Johnson backed Cookson up.

“Very well. If you insist on going, I’ll let you folks talk a Warthog and rescue them.” the sergeant replied with a sigh.

“Thank you sir.” Cookson smiled.

“Just letting you know, if you call for backup, there will be none.” the sergeant took a set of keys and handed them to Johnson.

“I understand the risks.” Cookson watched as Johnson placed the keys on his belt.

“Good luck marines. I just wish there would be more good soldiers like you.” the sergeant wished.

Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
Bankstown Memorial Park
August 1, 1999
1430 Local Time

Sarah and Taylor watched from the second floor window as the zombies crowded below the building. Sarah took out her water bottle and glanced at the remaining water.

“We’re never getting out of here are we?” Sarah sighed.

“Don’t worry. Sooner or later someone will realize that we’re missing and come looking for us.” Taylor replied with optimism.

Suddenly, a Warthog sped to the intersection and began to drive into the park. Sarah and Taylor watched as one marine drove the Warthog while another fired the turret.

“Is that Cookson?” Taylor looked closely at the marine on the turret with uncertainty.

“Oh my gosh, it’s Cookson!” Sarah jumped up with excitement.

The horde of zombies turned towards the marines and began to run at them. Cookson gracefully laid down a heavy cover fire and slowly took out a lot of zombies row by row. Taylor bashed the window and fired a shot in the air in hopes of getting the marines’ attention.

“Over here!” Sarah shouted.

Cookson seemed to catch a glimpse of Sarah shouting from a building and waved at her. Sarah watched as the Warthog turned towards them and accelerated towards the building. The Warthog sped into the horde of zombies splattering the first few zombies before halting to a stop. Taylor and Sarah watched in horror as the driver got pulled out of his seat and get ripped to pieces. Cookson turned the turret and gunned down the nearby zombies next to the vehicle before jumping off the turret. Cookson took out his M16 and fired a few rounds before entering the driver’s seat. He reversed the Warthog and ran a zombie over with the back wheel. He quickly turned the wheels and drove through some bushes and broke through a metal fence before rolling to a stop outside the building Sarah and Taylor was in.

“Get on!” Cookson shouted as he quickly jumped onto the turret.

Sarah and Taylor quickly ran down to the ground level and removed the barricade. They opened the door and saw Cookson fire furiously at the horde.

“It’s overheating!” Cookson reduced the rate of fire.

“Cookson!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Taylor, man the wheels. Sarah, get on the passenger seat.” Cookson spoke as sweat dripped from his face.

Taylor hopped into the driver’s seat and watched as Sarah got on. He stomped on the gas pedal and drove the Warthog away from the incoming horde. Cookson reduced firing as the zombies grew more distant. Suddenly, a zombie pilled himself up from the front bumper and climbed on the hood. Sarah pulled out her Lock 17 and fired a shot. The zombie slid off the hood and got trampled by the wheels.

“We’re safe…we’re safe now.” Taylor took a deep breath as the UNSC Relief Center came into view.

Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
August 1, 1999
2145 Local Time

Sarah stepped out of her shower and put on a white fuzzy robe. She wiped the foggy mirror and looked at herself. She smiled and began to brush her long silky blonde hair. After a few minutes of straightening her hair, she took a hair dryer and dried her hair. She exited the bathroom and heard two knocks on her door. She looked out the peephole and saw Cookson standing outside her door. She opened the door and smiled.

“Woah Sarah, you look stunning.” Cookson gasped.

“Thanks.” Sarah played with her hair.

“If you are busy, I’ll come back later.” Cookson looked at Sarah’s robe.

“Nope.” Sarah pulled Cookson’s shirt and closed the door.

“You know, I was really worried about you out there today.” Cookson sat down on a chair.

“I know. I thought we weren’t going to be rescued, but you came fore me.” Sarah smiled happily.

“Well that’s because I…” Cookson blushed.

“Shh…I love you.” Sarah placed her index finger on Cookson’s lips.

Sarah pulled Cookson up from his seat and kissed his lips. Cookson breathed lightly and kissed Sarah on her cheek. Sarah unbuttoned Cookson’s uniform and removed his outer jacket and tossed it to the ground. Cookson closed his eyes as he kissed Sarah passionately and ran his hand over her face. Sarah pushed Cookson gently onto her bed and took off her robe. Sarah was bare of any clothes and was striding towards Cookson lying on the bed.

“You are so beautiful.” Cookson looked at a naked Sarah.

“I am yours.” Sarah hopped on the bed beside Cookson.

Cookson quickly took off his shirt and unbuttoned his pants. Sarah touched Cookson’s chest and then kissed him on the neck. Cookson smiled as he slid his hand across her back and came down on her cure buttocks. Sarah got on top of Cookson and grabbed Cookson’s dreamy face with both hands.

“I love you.” Cookson grabbed Sarah’s face over and kissed passionately as he slid his manhood inside her.

“I love you too.” Sarah’s face turned red when Cookson began to push inside her gently.

Cookson reached his hand out and massaged Sarah’s breast while Sarah slowly rocked back and forth on top of Cookson. Cookson moaned as he felt Sarah intensifying with each thrust. Sarah smiled and gently scratched Cookson’s back as she felt a sense of pleasure she hadn’t experienced before. It was a magical night for the both of them. A night which they will remember and cherish in their lives.

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Ch. 35 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 35- Lost in Chaos
Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado, USA
Stormy Peaks
March 26, 2001
1300 Local Time

Zyrok opened his heavy eyelids and watched as blurry figures walked around him. One figure approached him and stood in front of his face.

“Zyrok’s awake!” Nevarez spoke out loud.

Zyrok rubbed his eyes to clear his vision and saw his marines crowding around him while he leaned on a tree trunk.

“Give him some space.” Casey pushed through the marines and knelt next to Zyrok.

“Come on, let’s go.” Taylor waved.

“How are you doing boss?” Casey handed Zyrok his water bottle.

“I’m fine. How long have I been out?” Zyrok looked at his injured hand.

“A few hours. You lost a lot of blood and we stitched you up.” Casey lifted Zyrok’s right hand and examined the dressing.

“Thanks.” Zyrok took a sip of water and poured some over his head.

“You should be fine as long as you don’t apply too much pressure on it.” Casey placed Zyrok’s hand on the ground gently.

“Ok. Where are we?” Zyrok turned his head.

“We’re safe boss. We’re a kilometer away from the grass clearing.” Casey pointed left.

“I wonder where we are…” Zyrok reached to his belt for his datapad and felt an empty slot.

“Did you lose it?” Casey asked as Zyrok fumbled his belt frantically.

“I must have lost it when I was climbing the valley.” Zyrok slowly stood up.

“So we’re lost?” Casey concluded.

“Not yet…” Zyrok looked at the sky.

“I don’t see anything.” Casey squinted his eyes.

“We’ll need to go to higher elevation and find out where we are.” Zyrok pointed up.

“I’ll get Nevarez to climb a tree.” Casey waved Nevarez over.

“Sir?” Nevarez asked.

“Nevarez, climb a tree and tell me if you see any smoke from our crash site. We need a reference point.” Zyrok directed.

“You got it Captain.” Nevarez placed his gun on the ground and walked to a tall evergreen tree.

Zyrok watched as Casey gave Nevarez a boost to a thick tree branch and saw Nevarez slowly make his way up.
“Woah, this is high.” Nevarez called out as he looked down.

“See anything?” Zyrok yelled.

Nevarez pulled himself to another branch and scanned the horizon. He turned his head and continued to scan.

“I think I see smoke.” Nevarez pointed right.

“Are you sure that was from us? Any more smoke?” Zyrok hollered.

“Nope.” Nevarez looked around.

“Alright, thanks. You can come down now.” Zyrok shouted.

Zyrok took a stick off the ground and began to draw on the dirt. He marked a circle of where they were and a triangle of the smoke location.

“Any ideas?” Casey studied the dirt drawings.

“We are here. I remember that the radar station is a few kilometers northwest of the crash site.” Zyrok scratched his head.

“We’ll depart west of this location in ten. Let the others know.” Zyrok pointed behind him.

“Ok.” Casey nodded and walked off.

Zyrok looked at his watch and then picked up his backpack. He took out his USP and checked how many rounds he had left. There were three rounds left and he decided to replace with his last fresh magazine from his belt. Schmidt walked over swinging his arms in a circular motion while Pruett followed behind.

“How’s the shoulder?” Zyrok asked.

“Casey helped me pop it back.” Schmidt touched his shoulder and patted gently.

“How about you, sir?” How’s your hand?” Pruett asked.

“I’ll live.” Zyrok laughed.

“We’re set.” Casey interrupted as he walked over with Taylor and Nevarez.

“Let’s get going. The faster we get there, the faster we can go home.” Zyrok began to jog.

The group of marines followed closely behind Zyrok and they navigated through a wet muddy terrain. Zyrok was watching carefully where he was stepping so that he wouldn’t slip and get himself all muddy. After a few minutes of navigating through the mud lands, the marines began to climb upwards on a hill. At the peak, Zyrok saw a radar dish protruding over the tree tops.

“There!” Zyrok pointed.

“Sweet.” Taylor replied with excitement.

“Come on, let’s double time it.” Zyrok waved and ran down the hill.

Zyrok led his enthusiastic group down the hill and past crowded foliage until they reached a fence. Zyrok looked left and right for a gate and saw nothing so he decided to scale the fence. The marines shouldered their weapons and began to climb beside Zyrok. The radar station was quite small. There was only a small building beside a radar tower that blended in with the trees.

“Casey and Schmidt, establish a perimeter while the rest of us head inside.” Zyrok waved his hand at the fence.

“Copy boss.” Casey nodded and walked off with Schmidt.

Zyrok took his remaining marines in front of the building door and formed a single file.

“Three tangos inside.” Nevarez peeked through a window.

“Breach and clear on me.” Zyrok stuck up his hand.

Taylor took out his Lock 17 and stood in front of the door. Nevarez readied his M16 and stood behind Zyrok. Pruett turned and watched Nevarez’s back holding his pistol firmly.

“Three…two…one!” Zyrok waved his hand downward.

Taylor approached the door and kicked it down. Zyrok held his ground as Nevarez moved past him and entered the room. Gunshots followed after Nevarez was inside with Taylor running inside to clear.

“Clear!” Nevarez shouted.

Zyrok and Pruett headed inside and saw three zombie corpses peppered with bullets.

“Get this thing working.” Zyrok pointed at a microphone on a dusty desk.

“Yes sir.” Pruett put his pistol on the desk and began to operate the computer.

“Taylor, guard the entrance.” Zyrok ordered.

Taylor replied with a nod and walked out the door. Zyrok watched as Pruett turned on the microphone to hear fizzes and static.

“What’s wrong?” Zyrok approached Pruett.

“It’s not receiving any frequencies.” Pruett hit the microphone with his hand.

“Hmm. Is it possible to use our helmet communications and use the radar dish to amplify ourselves?” Zyrok took off his helmet.

“It’s possible. I’m going to need time.” Pruett took Zyrok’s helmet and grabbed a couple of wires from nearby computers.

“Captain, we’ve got a situation.” Casey ran inside the building with Schmidt.

“What’s up?” Zyrok turned and looked at him.

“I think the horde found us. I saw them moving past the bushes outside the fence.” Casey reported.
“Hold the line then. We are getting very close to contacting for help.” Zyrok looked at Pruett connecting cables to his helmet.

“Yes sir.” Casey replied and ran out with Schmidt.

“Nevarez and Taylor, go assist them.” Zyrok called out.

Nevarez walked out in a brisk manner and then jogged with Taylor to catch up with Casey and Schmidt.

“How’s that radio going Pruett?” Zyrok asked impatiently.

“Just about…there. Done.” Pruett turned to the computer and pressed a button.

Zyrok walked over to the desk and looked at the dirty monitor. He smiled and then sat down in front of the microphone.

“This is Captain Zyrok of Echo Squad. Does any UNSC personnel read, over?” Zyrok broadcasted on the microphone.

Pruett shook his head as he heard no response from the receiver.

“This is Echo Squad from the UNSC. If there is anyone out there, please respond.” Zyrok spoke with frustration.

“It should work.” Pruett walked beside Zyrok and looked at the microphone.

Pruett looked at the wires connecting the microphone and followed it under the table.

“No wonder. The wires got chewed. I’ll reconnect in a few seconds.” Pruett tied the severed wires together.

“Thank goodness. I was starting to doubt if the microphone was working.” Zyrok breathed with relief.
“Done, try again.” Pruett walked back to the computer.

“This is Captain Zyrok of the UNSC. Are there any UNSC personnel out there?” Zyrok broadcasted.

“This is Delta 327, go ahead for Captain Zyrok.” a man replied back on the receiver.

“Delta 327, we are currently under fire and request extraction. How copy?” Zyrok asked.

“Captain, what’s your location over?” the man asked.

“We’ve crash landed somewhere in the Roosevelt National Forest and are currently at an old radar station.” Zyrok answered.

“Copy that. I’m currently flying an unarmed Pelican over Boulder, Colorado carrying supplies. Adjusting my heading to get you guys out.” the man replied.

“Copy, thanks.” Zyrok replied.

“ETA twenty five minutes. Pop smoke when I tell you.” the man replied.

“Twenty five minutes?” Zyrok asked.

“Sir, my Pelican is carrying a heavy load.” the man replied.

“Understood, do your best. Zyrok out.” Zyrok ended the communication.

“Sir?” Pruett looked at Zyrok frozen in thought.

“Pruett, get ready to fight for your life in the next twenty five minutes.” Zyrok snapped back to reality.
“Understood.” Pruett took his pistol off the desk and cocked it.

“We’ve got a whole lot of fight coming our way…” Zyrok walked out the building as he heard multiple gunshots echoing within the forest.

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Post by Zyrok on Sun 30 Sep 2012, 04:14

Ch. 36 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Post by Zyrok on Sun 30 Sep 2012, 04:16

Chapter 36- The Last Stand

Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado, USA
Old Radar Station
March 26, 2001
1850 Local Time

Zyrok and Pruett ran up beside Casey and the others. The zombies were violently shaking the fence as the marines shot at them.

“The fence isn’t going to last long.” Casey observed as the fence began to swing back and forth.

“We got to hold the line. Help isn’t on the way till another twenty five minutes.” Zyrok fired his pistol.

“We’re low on ammunition Captain.” Schmidt reloaded his pistol.

“Use whatever you can to fend off the zombies.” Zyrok pointed at a rusty iron pipe on the ground.

Nevarez shouldered his empty M16 and took out his Lock 17. Taylor fired his M21 slowly and made sure that every round took out a zombie. Pruett watched nervously as the zombies growled viciously.

“This is why I’m a pilot!” Pruett sprayed his pistol at the zombies.

Zyrok watched as three Bones squeezed past the horde and stood in front of the fence.

“Fall back!” Zyrok shouted as the Bones began to swing.

With three hits from the Bones, the fence toppled over and flung dirt in the air. The marines ran backwards firing whatever they had to slow down the brutal horde. Zyrok put away his empty USP and took out his bowie knife. A zombie ran at him with its arms out and lunged at him. Zyrok was agile and he took a step to the left and grabbed one of its arms. He stuck his leg out and tripped the zombie and knifed the zombie to the back of its head. Casey swung his Washington 870 like a baseball bat. Every zombie that ran at him was returned with a well placed hit to the skull. Pruett, on the other hand, was not doing so well as the others. A zombie charged at him and pinned him to the ground. Pruett was pushing the zombie’s head away from his face with both hands and was having a hard time breaking free. Schmidt jumped up behind the zombie pinning Pruett and impaled its head with an iron pipe. Schmidt reached to his belt and gave Pruett his combat knife.

“Thanks man.” Pruett dusted himself and took the knife.

Zyrok watched as a Bone whacked Nevarez to the ground and growled loudly. Nevarez fired his Lock 17, but did little damage. Zyrok sprinted towards the Bone and jumped onto its back just before the Bone was going to pummel Nevarez. The Bone roared and spun around in circles trying to shake Zyrok off. Zyrok held onto the Bone tightly with his left hand and jabbed the bowie knife with his right hand into the Bone’s neck. The Bone hissed and cried out loud as Zyrok yanked the knife sideways severing its head. The Bone collapsed to the ground and Zyrok rolled on the dirt. He looked at his right hand and saw blood beginning to seep through the bandage. He ignored the pain and stood up to face two zombies running at him.

“This is useless. We need to find safety,” Nevarez shouted in exhaustion.

“Let’s see if we can get on top of the building.” Casey pointed at the radar station.

“Go guys.” Zyrok ordered as he snapped a zombie’s neck and decapitated another zombie beside him.

Pruett and Nevarez ran towards the building while the rest were fending off the horde. Zyrok watched as Casey, Taylor, and Schmidt stood beside him fighting.

“Taylor and Schmidt, go!” Zyrok ordered as he saw Nevarez boost Pruett to the roof.

“Sir.” Schmidt handed Zyrok his iron pipe.

“Thanks.” Zyrok took the iron pipe and sheathed his knife.

A Bone ran up to Casey and swung at him. Casey attempted to block the swing with his shotgun, but miscalculated. The Bone sent Casey flying a few meters and knocked his shotgun away from him. Casey was injured, but he stood up to face the Bone. Casey shouted a war cry and lunged at the Bone with his combat knife. The Bone swung wide and missed Casey by a couple of inches. Casey slid under the Bone and slashed at its legs. The Bone growled in pain and fell to its knees. Seeing the opportunity, Casey hopped onto the Bone and viciously stabbed its head repeatedly until the Bone was no longer moving.

“Go Casey!” Zyrok smashed a zombie to the side of the head with his pipe and heard a sickening crack.

Casey nodded and ran towards an eager Nevarez standing beside the building. Nevarez boosted Casey to the roof and watched as Zyrok fought the horde by himself.

“Come on Captain!” Nevarez shouted.

Casey, Pruett, Schmidt, and Taylor watched from the roof as Zyrok held an iron pipe with his left hand and a bowie knife with his right. The horde began to circle around him as he swung wildly at the zombies. Zyrok turned to head towards the building when a Bone stepped in front of his path. Zyrok felt that he was a goner, but he was going to give it his best shot and die heroically. Zyrok gritted his teeth and ran towards the Bone. The Bone, however, was walking slowly towards him as if it was not afraid of him. Zyrok watched as the Bone grunted and slammed his fist forward at him. Zyrok rolled sideways and dodged the hit. The Bone jumped at him and pummeled the ground with its feet where Zyrok originally stood. Zyrok bashed the pipe to its arm when suddenly he felt a sense of agonizing pain to his back. He turned around and saw a tentacle zombie swinging at him. Zyrok winced in pain as he felt blood dripping out from his broken Reactive SLX. The armor had absorbed some of the damage and had served its purpose. With that, Zyrok threw his knife at the tentacle zombie’s head and dropped his armor to the ground and watched as more zombies crowded around him. He held the pipe with both hands and watched as the Bone advanced towards him. Zyrok was in a lot of pain and he was exhausted. He moaned in pain and charged at the Bone. The Bone did an uppercut, but was parried by Zyrok’s pipe. Zyrok saw blood drip from his hand down the pipe as he countered the hit.

“My turn.” Zyrok smiled as he spat blood on the ground.

Zyrok crouched and put a well placed stomp to one of its knee. The knee snapped and the Bone fell to one side. Zyrok quickly turned and dispatched an incoming zombie as it was just about to claw at him. The Bone roared and swung at Zyrok, but Zyrok easily stepped back and dodged the shot.

“You can do it boss.” Casey and Taylor encouraged as they watched from the rooftop.

“I can do it.” Zyrok muttered under his breath to realize that all he needed to do was to kill the Bone so he could get to the roof.

“Kill the Bone and get out. There are more zombies coming.” Taylor shouted as he scanned the area behind Zyrok with his M21 scope.

Zyrok turned his head quickly and saw three more Bones and two more tentacle zombies. He shifted his weight forward and brought the iron pipe down on the Bone’s head, but was blocked by its muscular arms. Zyrok danced left and right until he stood in front of the Bone and jabbed the pipe upwards into his jaw and penetrating through its skull. The Bone collapsed and lay in a pool of blood. Zyrok climbed on top of the Bone and ran towards Nevarez. Zyrok could hear the thundering footsteps and the vicious growls as the horde chased after him.

“You go up first.” Zyrok commanded as he stood beside Nevarez.

“You go first boss.” Nevarez offered.

“No, you go first. That’s an order.” Zyrok ordered.

“Alright, let’s make it quick.” Nevarez watched as the horde was a couple meters away from them.
Zyrok crouched and boosted Nevarez to the roof. He cursed at the pain in his back and hand after he boosted Nevarez.

“Come on boss. Jump!” Nevarez stuck his hand out over the roof.

“We got you.” Casey stuck his hands out.

Zyrok watched as his marines stuck their hands out to catch him. He hadn’t seen this camaraderie before in his team. He smiled and jumped upwards. The first jump was off and he was nowhere near the hands.

“You can do it Captain. We’ll catch you.” Taylor reassured.

Zyrok looked at the horde behind him and swallowed his fear. He took a few steps back and ran towards the wall. He jumped and managed to slip his right fingers to Nevarez’s hand.

“Got you.” Nevarez held Zyrok’s hand tightly.

Zyrok swung his left hand upwards as he began to feel himself slip from Nevarez’s hand as blood oozed out of the bandage. Pruett managed to get a hold of Zyrok’s left hand just in time as his right hand slipped from Nevarez’s grasp.

“Pull!” Pruett shouted at the marines beside him.

The marines pulled Pruett back slowly and Zyrok began to ascend. Suddenly, Zyrok felt his legs get pulled downwards as the horde below him clawed at his dangling legs. Zyrok felt intense strain to his left arm and saw himself beginning to descend downwards as more zombies grabbed his legs.

“Nooo…” Casey shouted.

“Pull harder people.” Pruett held Zyrok’s hand tightly refusing to let go.

“It’s not working.” Nevarez pulled Pruett with all his might.

“I’m not going to lose you Zyrok.” Casey shouted and pulled Pruett.

Zyrok knew the inevitable was going to happen. He was going down and he was losing his strength in his arm.

“First casualty of this mission and it’s going to be me…” Zyrok thought.

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Ch. 37 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 37- The Paths of Life

Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
August 3, 1999
1100 Local Time

Taylor, Cookson, and Sarah stood in front of the “Wall of Fallen Heroes” and watched as a sergeant stuck a plaque marked “Private Daniel Johnson” next to a wall full of plaques. The sergeant looked at Cookson and saluted before walking off.

“We are in your debt.” Taylor looked at the plaque.

“Thank you Private Johnson.” Sarah stood still as she remembered his sacrifice.

“He was a great man to the very end.” Cookson touched the plaque.

“Cookson, I can’t express how sorry I am for you to lose your friend. Thank you for coming to get us.” Taylor placed his hand on Cookson’s shoulder.

“Everyone makes sacrifices…” Cookson thought of Az.

“Thank you.” Sarah leaned and placed her head beside Cookson’s arm.

“I’m glad you are all safe.” Cookson brushed Sarah’s smooth hair.

Taylor looked at the pair and decided to give them some space.

“Oh, I have to meet up with an officer.” Taylor interrupted as he looked at his watch.

“I’ll see you soon Taylor.” Sarah replied as Taylor walked off.

Cookson held Sarah’s hand and gently pulled her away from the wall. Sarah smiled joyfully and watched as Cookson grabbed her to bench. Sarah sat down comfortably on the bench as Cookson stood in front of her.

“Sarah, close your eyes.” Cookson requested.

“Why?” Sarah looked at Cookson in the eyes.

“I want you to imagine a place without zombies. Close your eyes and I’ll tell you the imagery and you can picture it.” Cookson explained.

“Okay.” Sarah closed her eyes.

“Good. Imagine life with any troubles or worries. Neither chaos nor destruction. Imagine everyday being happy and carefree.” Cookson spoke as he moved behind Sarah.

Sarah smiled as she imagined the place Cookson had spoken. Sarah felt a nice cool breeze of wind blow her hair and bird chirping nearby. She saw herself running bare foot on the warm sand down in Gold Coast, Queensland. She saw birds flocking in the clear blue sky and the sound of water splashing on the shores. She smiled warmly as she saw herself lying on soft tall grass looking at the starry night at the Royal National Park in New South Wales. She could hear the crickets chirping in the distant and wind shuffling through the tall grass. Life seemed so good.

“Open your eyes Sarah.” Cookson whispered into her ear softly.

Sarah slowly opened her eyes and saw Cookson stick both hands from behind her holding a bouquet of red roses.

“This is for you.” Cookson presented the roses.

“Aw…this is so sweet of you.” Sarah took the roses and smelled them.

“It’s so hard to find roses these days. Took me a while.” Cookson walked up in front of her.

“I know.” Sarah sniffed the roses and smiled.

“Sarah, I’ve been thinking about it for the past couple of days.” Cookson spoke nervously.

“Thinking about what?” Sarah wondered.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Cookson spoke and blushed.

With that, Cookson crouched onto one knee in front of Sarah and reached into his pocket. Sarah gasped and was speechless.

“Sarah Parks, will you marry me?” Cookson presented Sarah a small box and opened it to show her a silver ring.

“Oh my gosh…” Sarah covered her mouth.

“It’s not the typical ring with a big rock on it. This ring was passed on by my grandfather to my father.” Cookson looked at a Sarah with shy eyes.

Sarah looked at the ring and then looked at Cookson. She didn’t know what to say to Cookson.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you and give you the life that I described. I want you to be the happiest girl in the world. We can take the journey together. What do you say?” Cookson looked at a speechless Sarah.

“I…” Sarah tried to find the courage to say the words.

Cookson smiled and continued to crouch holding the ring in front of Sarah.

“I do.” Sarah blurted out and smiled.

“I love you Sarah.” Cookson took the ring out of the box and slid it onto Sarah’s left hand.

“I love you too.” Sarah looked at the ring on her finger and looked at Cookson.

Cookson sat next to Sarah and gave her a passionate kiss. Sarah savored the moment and kissed Cookson for a very long time. Cookson brushed her hair as he kissed and felt her luscious lips pucker his lips. Cookson was happy that Sarah had agreed to marry him. He was never going to let her go and finally had someone to love and be loved back.

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
August 3, 1999
0945 Local Time

With the new alliance with the Scavengers, the civilians were allowed access to live at either place. Civilians were given the opportunity to live under the UNSC government of the Scavengers’ government. This new access allowed the alliance to become stronger and more stable. Charlie was temporary referred to as the UNSC’s liaison officer until a suitable candidate was found so that Charlie could return to his other duties.

“Hi Zyrok.” Mary greeted Charlie as he entered the cafeteria.

“Hello Mary, how are you?” Mary took off her apron and stepped out of the counter.

“I’m fine, thanks.” Charlie smiled.

“I see your career is taking off.” Mary grabbed a seat as Charlie sat down.

“Yeah.” Charlie nodded.

“A liaison officer? That’s a big role. I still can’t believe you opened up an alliance with the Scavengers.” Mary spoke with disbelief.

“It’s only a temporary position. Someone should have offered an alliance a long time ago. We’re all the remaining humans left on this planet. Why not work together?” Charlie explained.

“I’m glad all is going well for you. How are you with finding Sarah?” Mary asked.

“Thanks. I still haven’t made contact with her. Perhaps she’s busy or the UNSC has taken control of her communications.” Charlie sighed.

“Don’t give up.” Mary placed her hand on Charlie’s hand.

“Thanks. I won’t.” Charlie reassured.

“Hey Zyrok.” Mary looked at Charlie.

“Yeah?” Charlie returned with a glance.

“I wish all the best for you and your life.” Mary wished.

“What do you mean?” Charlie wondered.

“I’m officially moving to the Scavengers’ Holdout tomorrow.” Mary spoke and smiled lightly.

“Why?” Charlie looked with concerned eyes.

“Well, I want to live a normal life. The Scavengers seem to be the one that offers a life that was similar before the apocalypse.” Mary reasoned.

“Too militaristic here?” Charlie asked.

“I think so. I want to give the Scavengers a try.” Mary spoke her mind.

“Very well. I wish you al the best as well.” Charlie wished.

“Thanks. Look, before I go tomorrow, I’ll come see you.” Mary said with a smile and stood up.

“Okay…” Charlie spoke sadly and stood next to Mary.

“You can still visit me at the Holdout. After all, you’ve got access.” Mary patted Charlie’s chest.

“I guess so.” Charlie muttered.

“Don’t worry too much.” Mary smiled and walked off.

Charlie stood motionless as he watched Mary enter behind the counter and put on her apron. He watched as she served food to a few marines before Mary noticed Charlie watching. Mary smiled and turned back to doing her work.

“Perhaps I worry too much.” Charlie mumbled under his breath.

Charlie looked at his watch and decided to head to his office.

“Perhaps I worry because I care…” Charlie told himself as he waved at Mary and left the cafeteria.

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Ch. 38 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 36- Angel From Above
Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado, USA
Old Radar Station
March 26, 2001
1920 Local Time

Zyrok hung on the wall with his left arm being tugged upwards and his legs dragged downwards. Zyrok swung his right arm into a crevice and attempted to pull himself up. He looked upwards and saw a Pelican block the sunlight.

“Don’t move!” Taylor took out his Lock 17 and pointed at Zyrok.

Zyrok saw the pistol pointed at him and closed his eyes. Bang. Bang. Bang. Zyrok could hear the bullets whiz past his ear. Taylor took out a few zombies grabbing his legs and aimed again. Zyrok could feel himself move upwards as Taylor took out a few more zombies. Taylor slid his empty pistol into his holster and assisted Pruett. Zyrok watched as he reached the edge and a sea of hands reached towards him and pulled him onto the roof. Zyrok lay flat on the roof in exhaustion as he saw the Pelican slowly descend next to the roof edge.

“We’re safe sir. We did it.” Nevarez patted Zyrok.

“Uh huh.” Zyrok moaned in pain.

“Let’s get him on board.” Casey pointed as the Pelican hovered over the edge.

Nevarez, Casey, and Pruett lifted Zyrok off the ground and ferried him to fully loaded Pelican. There were piles of wooden crates occupying many seats.

“Find whatever seats you can get.” the pilot called from the cockpit.

Casey pointed at a seat beside the cockpit door and watched Nevarez and Pruett strap Zyrok to his seat. Taylor and Schmidt squeezed between a seat while Pruett headed into the cockpit. Casey and Nevarez grabbed a medic kit from under a seat and began to administer Zyrok’s wounds.

“Good to go?” the pilot called.

“Yeah, let’s get out of here.” Casey shouted as he pulled out a roll of bandages.

“Lance Corporal Pruett.” Pruett offered his hand to a young man with stubble.

“Lance Corporal Foo.” the young man shook Pruett’s hand.

“Let’s lift off.” Foo shouted to the back and flipped a switch.

The Pelican lifted into the sky as the zombies swarmed frantically under it. Pruett grabbed a seat beside Foo and looked out the window.

“That’s quite a horde you got.” Foo looked at the horde below them.

“Yeah, I’m glad we’re safe now.” Pruett took a breath of relief.

Casey sprayed a bottle of antiseptic spray onto Zyrok’s back. Zyrok groaned in pain and clenched his hands. Nevarez took out a morphine needle and injected the dose into Zyrok’s arm.

“This will make it better.” Nevarez smiled.

“I’m cold.” Zyrok shivered.

“You are either in shock or your adrenaline rush is over.” Casey examined Zyrok’s bloody back.

“Have my jacket.” Nevarez took off his jacket and placed it over Zyrok.

“I feel like I’m dying.” Zyrok shivered.

“No your not. You’ve just lost a lot of blood.” Casey looked at the blood stained seat.

“How’s Zyrok doing?” Pruett stood at the cockpit door.

“Not too well. We need to get him to the nearest medical facility.” Casey stared at a dizzy Zyrok.

“Closest one is at Layton, Utah. That’s the one Forester is at.” Pruett answered.

“How long?” Casey looked at Pruett with concerned eyes.

“I’d say a few hours tops considering it’s carrying a full load.” Pruett looked at the crates.

“Ask the pilot to head there.” Casey ordered.

“Yes sir.” Pruett acknowledged and went inside the cockpit to inform Foo.

“Hang in there Captain.” Nevarez gently nudged Zyrok.

Zyrok continued to shiver as he sat on his seat. He could feel himself breathing shallowly as his head spun. He looked at his men standing beside him and he could not make out who was who. His vision was blurred and he could feel himself lean forward. There was no strength in him to cling on to his seat. Luckily, Zyrok was strapped to his seat so he didn’t fall off. The morphine was kicking into his system and his back no longer throbbed with excruciating pain. Zyrok was fatigued and dizzy. He felt his eyelids become heavy and vision darkening. Before he knew it, Zyrok was laying unconscious on his seat.

Layton, Utah, USA
UNSC Layton Outpost
March 26, 1999
2200 Local Time

“How’s he doing doctor?” Casey stood outside the door which Zyrok was undergoing an operation.

“Moderate lacerations to the back and his right hand. He should be fine in a few days after a blood transfusion.” the doctor replied as he watched Casey stare outside the window.

“Yeah, he’s lost a lot of blood.” Casey looked at he doctor.

“I’m surprised that he hasn’t got himself infected from contact.” the doctor pulled out a notepad.

“Oh, he’s got nanites in him. It was one of the perks given to him by High Command.” Casey responded with a smile.

“Then he’ll need his dose of Nerotonin-2.” the doctor jotted down some notes.

“He hasn’t been administered yet?” Casey asked.

“Well, we didn’t know he had nanites.” the doctor put his notepad away.

“Oh.” Casey shrugged.

“Well, I’ve got to inform the others and get him a dosage.” the doctor replied and walked into the room.

Casey decided to see how Forest was doing and figured it might be a while for the operation to finish. Casey walked down a hallway and saw Pruett sitting beside Forester. Forester sat upright on her hospital bed with a heart monitor beeping beside her.

“Hi Casey.” Forester greeted.

“Hello Forester, how are you doing?” Casey looked at Forester and then Pruett.

“I’ll go for a break.” Pruett stood up and walked out the door.

“I’m fine. Doctor says I can be out after two more days. I heard about Zyrok. Any updates?” Forester worried.

“Zyrok’s currently undergoing an operation. He seems to be doing fine.” Casey assured.

“He’ll pull through. I know he will.” Forester smiled with optimism.

“He always does.” Casey laughed.

“How was the mission?” Forester asked.

“Mission is complete. Other than a close encounter with a massive tentacle boss and crash landing the Pelican, we’re fine. Just fine…” Casey laughed lightheartedly.

“New zombies…I wonder what else is out there after the radiation.” Forester wondered.

“I don’t want to find out. We need out rest.” Casey shrugged.

“Yeah and our CO is injured.” Forester pointed out.

“We should be able to take our time off. After all, we got the DNA samples.” Casey sat beside Forester.

“Well, I’m going to get some rest.” Forester closed her eyes.

“I’ll sit here and rest too if you don’t mind.” Casey sat comfortably and closed his eyes.

“Sure, I don’t mind.” Forester grinned.

“I’m sure by the time I’m awake, Zyrok would be out in general care.” Casey laughed and listened as the heart monitor steadily beeped in the background as Forester fell asleep.

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Ch. 39 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Is Az really gone for good? UNSCDF Fanfiction - Page 4 1668220880

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CenturyWarlord wrote:Is Az really gone for good? UNSCDF Fanfiction - Page 4 1668220880
What do you think...? =D

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Chapter 39- A Farewell

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
August 4, 1999
0900 Local Time

Charlie stood at the landing pad and saw a Pelican descended from the sky. The Pelican dropped in front of Charlie and blew a gust of warm air over him.

“Looks like my ride is here.” Mary walked up behind Charlie with a small suitcase.

“Yeah…it’s here.” Charlie sighed.

A marine stepped out of the rear of the Pelican and waved a bunch of civilians to get on. A family of four grabbed their belongings and stepped inside the Pelican.

“Here, let me take this.” Charlie picked up Mary’s suitcase as she began to walk to the Pelican.

“Thanks. You’re such a gentleman.” Mary smiled.

“Thanks.” Charlie blushed.

Mary was the last to get on the Pelican. She sat at the last seat at the rear as Charlie placed her suitcase in between her legs. Mary clutched on to the suitcase and smiled at Charlie. Her glistening hair fluttered in the air as she brushed it behind her back. Charlie smiled at Mary as the marine got on the Pelican.

“Goodbye Zyrok.” Mary stood up from her seat and placed a warm kiss on Charlie’s soft cheek.

“Goodbye Mary. In case I don’t see you, I wish you all the best. It has been a pleasure to meet you.” Charlie blushed.

“Likewise. Go find Sarah.” Mary sat on her seat and fastened her seatbelt.

“I will. Bye Mary.” Charlie stepped off the Pelican.

“Bye Charlie…” Mary smiled and waved as the Pelican began to lift upwards.

Charlie stood his ground and watched as the Pelican lifted off into the cloudy skies. The Pelican hovered in the sky for a brief second before turning away from the Outpost. Charlie watched as the Pelican disappeared into the fluffy clouds. He looked down at his feet and touched his cheek where Mary had kissed him. Mary was a good girl and now she was gone. Charlie shook away his thought and looked at his watch. He would have to find Sarah before it became too late.

“You alright, sir?” Hawkes walked up beside Charlie interrupting his train of thought.

“Huh?” Charlie snapped back to reality.

“You seemed a bit stressed.” Hawkes pointed out.

“Yeah, just a bit.” Charlie sighed.

“I heard that Mary left.” Hawkes pointed at a Pelican landing beside them.

“Yes, she left…” Charlie watched as a group of civilians got on the Pelican.

“Man, you should have gone for her.” Hawkes voiced his thoughts.

“But…” Charlie thought about Sarah.

“Sarah can wait. Mary is right here man.” Hawkes read Charlie’s mind.

“I can’t.” Charlie shook his head.

“Dude, it’s not cheating. It’s keeping your options open.” Hawkes reasoned.

“Well, I’ve got to find her and talk to her first before I do anything that I’ll regret later.” Charlie explained.

“Very well, do what you must. I’m just telling you that time and opportunities don’t wait for you.” Hawkes sighed.
“I know Hawkes…I know.” Charlie replied with disappointment on his face.

Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
UNSC Relief Center
August 4, 1999
1315 Local Time

“Congratulations Sarah.” Taylor looked at a joyful Sarah looking at her ring.

“Thank you.” Sarah smiled happily.

“Is it Cookson?” Taylor asked.

“Yup.” Sarah nodded.

“You two make a good couple. I’m so happy for you.” Taylor opened up his arms.

“Thanks. I’m so happy too.” Sarah embraced Taylor with a hug.

“Alright Sarah, let’s finish your training.” Taylor pulled out a black briefcase.

Sarah studied Taylor as he opened the briefcase to reveal two pistols with four clips of magazines.

“Meet the USP. A major upgrade compared to the Lock 17.” Taylor took out a USP and two clips.

“I’ve heard about this gun…” Sarah took the gun from Taylor’s hand.

“Most UNSC officers carry this sidearm.” Taylor took the other USP and loaded it with a magazine.

“Wow.” Sarah studied her gun in awe.

“This one definitely packs a big punch than the Lock 17.” Taylor slid the USP into his gun holster.

“So, where are we going today to train?” Sarah asked.

“Somewhere that’s not near a horde.” Taylor laughed.

“Where to this time?” Sarah asked.

“Bankstown Memorial Park…” Taylor grinned.

“Again?” Sarah replied with disappointment.

“Well, radar info that I gathered indicates almost zero to nothing for hostiles.” Taylor pulled out a printed radar sheet from his pocket.

“Alright. Let’s go.” Sarah looked at the sheet and headed to the gates.

“We’re not walking this time. The UNSC has given us a Mongoose for transportation.” Taylor pointed at the garage.

“Sweet.” Sarah started to run towards the garage.

Taylor quickly followed behind Sarah as she made her way to the garage entrance. Sarah looked at the Mongoose in awe and touched its leather seats.

“I’m driving.” Taylor pulled out a set of keys from his jacket.

“Fine.” Sarah crossed her arms and sat on the back seat.

“Cheer up. It’s going to be a fun day.” Taylor sat in front of her and turned on the ignition.

The Mongoose engine roared as it came to life and Taylor drove it out of the garage. Taylor halted to a stop as the gate guard began to open the gates.

“Sarah!” Cookson called out from behind.

“Hi!” Sarah smiled.

“Be careful out there honey.” Cookson cautioned.

“I will.” Sarah nodded.

“Have fun then.” Cookson walked up to Sarah and gave her a kiss.

Sarah smiled and kissed back while Taylor pretended not to see anything.

“I’ll be back before dinner.” Sarah smiled.

“Alright, let’s get going.” Taylor began to accelerate the Mongoose to the opened entrance.

Sarah waved a goodbye to Cookson as Taylor drove out of the entrance and turned onto the streets.

The pair drove down a small street and turned into an alley. Taylor shut off the engine and got off.

“We’re here?” Sarah looked at the alley.

“Not yet. We’ll park the Mongoose here and walk the rest of the way. I don’t want to attract zombies with the engine noise.” Taylor explained.

“Oh, good idea.” Sarah got off her seat.

“We’ll cut through the buildings and make our way to the park.” Taylor pointed at a rear door that was partially open.

Sarah took out her USP and watched as Taylor approached the door cautiously. Taylor gently pushed the door back making a squeak as the rusted hinges collided with the door. Taylor saw a zombie walking in front of them and quickly dispatched it with his hands.

“There.” Taylor pointed at the main entrance leading out to the streets.

Sarah stepped over the dead zombie that Taylor had dispatched and made her way slowly towards the entrance. Taylor opened the door and scanned the streets. There were five zombies scattered around the streets roaming around unaware of their presence.

“We’ll book it.” Taylor pointed at a building across the street which appeared to be an apartment.

“Ok.” Sarah nodded.

Taylor waved his hand as he began to sprint towards the apartment. Sarah put away her sidearm and quickly ran after Taylor. By the time the pair reached the entrance of the apartment, the five zombies had walked away unaware of them. Taylor walked inside the apartment and saw a group of zombies huddling in front of a dead corpse.

“We’ll go up one level and go down another set of stairs to bypass them.” Taylor whispered as he walked to the stairwell beside them.

Taylor and Sarah silently made their way up the stairs to the second floor. Taylor pushed the door open and saw a sign displaying where the emergency exits were.

“Down this hallway and turn left. There’s another set of stairs.” Taylor pointed at the hallway.

Sarah nodded and quickly followed behind Taylor as he reached the corner. Taylor peeked his head over a corner and saw two zombies standing still in front of the stairwell.

“I get one and you get one.” Taylor pointed at the zombie he was going to kill.

Sarah watched as Taylor charged at a zombie and knocked it to the ground with his shoulder. Sarah ran out of the corner and slid across the hall and tripped the zombie. The zombie fell to the ground and Sarah smashed its skull with her USP.

“Good work Sarah.” Taylor snapped the zombie’s neck.

“Thanks.” Sarah got up and grinned.

“Down we go.” Taylor pushed the door to the stairwell open and saw a mob of zombies.

“Oh shit!” Sarah replied in horror.

“Run back.” Taylor watched as the mob turned their heads towards them.

Sarah turned and ran to the corner of the hallway when she bumped into a zombie. Behind the zombie was another mob.

“Oh damn…” Sarah froze in terror.

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Ch. 40 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 40- Dead Silence

Bansktown, New South Wales, Australia
Travelodge Hotel
August 4, 1999
1500 Local Time

Taylor ran up beside a frozen Sarah and yanked her back just in time as a zombie swung at her. Taylor fired two rounds at the zombie in front of Sarah. He quickly spun around and kicked a zombie to the ground.

“Sarah!” Taylor shouted.

Sarah snapped back to reality and pulled out her USP. She fired and took down three zombies. More zombies poured from front and back.

“We need to enter a room. Find a door while I hold them off.” Taylor fired his USP.

Sarah looked around and saw a door blocked by two zombies. She aimed her gun and fired. The two zombies dropped to the ground and the door was clear of hostiles.

“Here!” Sarah shouted and ran up to the door.

Sarah turned the handle to realize it was locked. She stomped at the handle and broke the door frame. She turned around and saw Taylor swarmed by the two mobs. She fired a few rounds and took out nearby zombies. Taylor saw the small clearing and ran towards Sarah clutching his left arm and ran inside the room. Sarah immediately slammed the door shut, but could not fully close the door because the frame was broken. Taylor pushed a drawer and wedged it against the door. The door shook and trembled as the zombies pounded on it violently. Sarah grabbed a table and placed it on top of the drawer. Taylor pushed a sofa behind the sofa and sat on it. Sarah watched at the makeshift barricade and sat down beside Taylor.

“God dang it.” Taylor looked at his left arm as blood dripped onto the sofa.

“Oh no.” Sarah looked at a bite mark on Taylor’s forearm.

“There’s no cure…” Taylor sighed.

“Don’t say that. Maybe the UNSC has something.” Sarah pulled out a medic kit from her backpack.

“If they do, I probably won’t get it. I’m a nobody.” Taylor watched as Sarah sprayed antiseptic spray on the bite.

“No you’re not. You’re Officer Taylor White and you are my friend.” Sarah applied plasters and covered up the wound.

“Thanks.” Taylor smiled warmly.

“We need to get out of here.” Sarah watched as the door rattled.

“Yeah, this time the UNSC won’t know where we are. Plus, radar doesn’t scan inside buildings.” Taylor looked at his watch.

“We can try to shimmy our way out.” Sarah got up from the sofa and walked to the window overlooking the streets.

Taylor stood up from his seat and watched as the sofa shifted a bit. He quickly hurried over to the window and looked around.

“We’ll break this window and shimmy our way across to the next room.” Taylor suggested.

“Ok.” Sarah turned her head to the door.

“Stand back.” Taylor motioned.

Sarah took a few steps back as Taylor slammed the butt of his pistol and shattered the window. A breeze of cold air rushed into the room.

“Let’s hurry.” Sarah watched as the table fell off the drawer and crashed to the ground.

Taylor slid his pistol into his holster and climbed on the window ledge. He grabbed the window sill and looked at the window next door. Sarah watched on the ledge as Taylor shimmied across the window sill and looked at her. Sarah climbed onto the ledge and shimmied beside Taylor. Taylor hung on to the ledge with one hand and smashed the window beside him with his other hand holding his USP. The window shattered and Taylor climbed inside. Sarah took a quick glance at the room they were in and noticed the door crashing down as the zombies pushed away the barricades. Sarah quickly shimmied to the window beside and saw Taylor checking the room for zombies. She pulled herself up and saw Taylor standing behind the door.

“See anything?” Sarah asked as Taylor looked through the peephole.

“It looks like the zombies are clearing up. They must have moved into the room we were in.” Taylor continued to look through the peephole.

“Oh, I saw them break down the barricade.” Sarah reported.

“Good.” Taylor sat down beside the door and looked at his bitten forearm.

“Looks swollen.” Sarah examined.

“Let’s rest. I’m feeling tired.” Taylor reached into his backpack and pulled out his water bottle.

“We need to keep moving. We have to get your bite looked at.” Sarah stood next to the door.

“Alright.” Taylor coughed as he stood up.

“Book for the stairs?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, we’re heading back to the Mongoose.” Taylor slowly opened the door.

Taylor opened the door and silently took out a zombie standing in front of him. Taylor motioned for Sarah to run as he saw a few zombies turning their heads. Taylor took out his pistol and fired at the three zombies while Sarah headed for the stairs. Taylor backed up and reloaded his pistol. He fired twice before running to Sarah. Sarah pushed the door to the stairwell open and saw three zombies. Taylor quickly fired and killed the zombies. Sarah covered Taylor’s back as he took point. Sarah noticed the mob approaching the door and quickly jumped the stairs. Taylor opened the door to the first level and shot down two zombies. Sarah entered the lobby and closed the stairwell door shut. Sarah watched in horror as the front door crashed down as a group of zombies charged in. Taylor fired a couple of rounds to hold the line when suddenly his gun ran out of ammo. Sarah watched as a zombie jumped onto Taylor and tackled him to the ground. Sarah pulled off a few shots into the group and ran up beside Taylor. Taylor was severely injured, his Zylon vest was broken and he had several bite marks on both arms. Sarah dragged Taylor across the carpet and took him to safety out the back door into an alley. Sarah fired a couple shots and slammed the door shut. She reloaded her gun as she saw Taylor groaning on the ground in pain. Sarah grabbed a wooden plank and wedged it to the door handle. Taylor lay flat on the ground clutching to his chest.

“Sarah…” Taylor called out weakly.

Sarah knelt beside Taylor and saw blood oozing out from a nasty bite on his chest.

“I’m not going to make it.” Taylor spat blood onto the ground beside him.

“Don’t say that.” Sarah cried.

“Reach into my side pocket.” Taylor touched his left leg.

Sarah reached her hand into Taylor’s pocket and pulled out his wallet.

“Take out the police badge. It’s yours to keep Lance Corporal Sarah Parks.” Taylor applied pressure to his chest.

“You keep it. You’ll make it.” Sarah assured.

“Take it. You’re promoted and deserve a badge.” Taylor winced in pain.

Sarah took the badge and placed it into her pocket. Taylor looked at his arms and saw a significant amount of blood dripping to the ground. Both Sarah and Taylor know it was too late for help.

“Come closer Sarah. I feel so cold and weak.” Taylor said wearily.

Sarah sat beside Taylor and placed his head over her lap. Taylor shivered and coughed as he struggled to breathe properly.

“Do me a favor would you?” Taylor looked into Sarah’s eyes.

“What’s that?” Sarah felt a tear drip down her cheek.

“I’m out of rounds for my gun. Please kill me so that I don’t turn into one of them.” Taylor requested as he gasped for air.

“No…no…” Sarah cried.

“I’m in a lot of pain. I beg that you put me out of misery and don’t make me turn.” Taylor requested as he gasped for air.

“Oh…” Sarah sighed as she took out her USP.

“Thank you Sarah. The keys to the Mongoose are on my belt. You’re doing great.” Taylor unclipped the keys from his belt with shaky hands.

“I’m so sorry.” Sarah took the keys.

“Don’t be. I’ll be seeing my family soon. It’s about time I joined them.” Taylor smiled as he looked at the sky.

Sarah turned her head and saw a couple zombies moving down the alley and she looked at Taylor.
“Do it now Sarah, you’ve always been like a daughter to me. I’m very proud of you.” Taylor looked at Sarah with droopy eyes.

“I will always remember you.” Sarah promised and lifted her gun.

“Remember to live and survive. One day, you will live to see peace again.” Taylor closed his eyes and coughed heavily.

“I will.” Sarah gently placed Taylor’s head onto the ground.

“Goodbye Sarah. Take care.” Taylor smiled with his eyes closed.

“Farewell Taylor. God be with you.” Sarah whispered as she pointed the USP at Taylor’s forehead.

Sarah saw her reflection in Taylor’s pool of blood and cried silently. Taylor’s breathing was shallow and his body trembled from the cold. Even though Taylor was in a lot of pain, his face showed nothing of it. He was happy, free, and perhaps finally at peace.

“I’m so sorry.” Sarah turned her head and fired.

Bang! The gunshot echoed down the alley and broke the dead silence. The shot had marked the sound of a good man falling to the infected. Sarah saw a couple zombies run towards her and she got up. She looked down at a lifeless Taylor and ran towards the streets and didn’t look back as tears of sorrow streamed down her warm cheeks.

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Ch. 41 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 41- Goodbyes and Farewells
Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
Travelodge Hotel
August 4, 1999
1700 Local Time

Sarah’s footsteps paced quickly as she ran on the asphalt ground. She could hear the growls and moans of zombies chasing behind her. She turned around a corner and entered the alley where they parked the Mongoose. She hopped onto the seat and inserted the key into the ignition. Sarah turned her head and saw zombies entering the alley. She turned her head and saw the zombies entering the alley. She turned the Mongoose around and accelerated towards the entrance. With one hand on the handle and another hand holding the USP, she fired at the zombies and rammed them over. The Mongoose bounced up and down over the zombies as the wheels crushed them to pulp. Sarah noticed a zombie cling on to the Mongoose with its hand on the rear seat.

“Die!” Sarah shouted angrily as she fired a round striking the zombie’s forehead.

Sarah was upset and angry. She wanted to kill them all. Had it not been for the zombies, Taylor would have still been alive. Sarah drove around the streets on a road rage splattering every zombie in her path. Eventually Sarah’s USP ran out of bullets and she decided to head back to the Center so she can live to fight another day. Sarah sped the Mongoose down the debris filled road and approached the Relief Center. The gates opened and welcomed her in, but she hesitated for a few minutes outside the gates. She reflected as she thought about Taylor as she turned her head and looked at nearby buildings. A tear dripped down her face and she wiped it with her sleeve. She turned her head and drove into the Center. Sarah drove slowly into the garage where she was greeted by Cookson.

“Hey Sarah.” Cookson stood at the entrance with a cheeky smile.

“Hi Cookson…” Sarah replied with a depressed face.

“What’s up?” Cookson spoke with concern.

“It’s…” Sarah tried to find courage to speak.

“Wait a second, where’s Taylor?” Cookson looked around.

“It’s Taylor.” Sarah blurted and burst into tears.

“What happened?” Cookson hugged a sobbing Sarah.

“The zombies…the zombies…” Sarah cried on Cookson’s shoulder.

“Oh no…” Cookson sympathized.

“He got infected…and I had to kill him.” Sarah weeped.

“I understand.” Cookson brushed Sarah’s hair.

“I had no choice. There was so much blood loss.” Sarah remembered Taylor lying in a pool of blood.

“You did what you had to do.” Cookson looked into Sarah’s wet eyes.

“I had no choice…” Sarah mumbled.

“Come on, let’s head inside and talk about it.” Cookson grabbed Sarah’s hand.

Sarah looked at Cookson and held his hand tightly. Cookson was the last person she knew. Azrie went missing and Taylor died in her hands. As for Charlie, she wasn’t even sure if he was still out there. It had been a long time since she had contact with Charlie online.

“Sarah.” Cookson interrupted her deep thinking.

“Yes?” Sarah blanked out.

“Don’t worry about it too much. Everything is going to be alright.” Cookson turned and kissed Sarah’s cheek.

“Yeah…that.” Sarah reached into her pocket and pulled out Taylor’s police badge.

“That his?” Cookson glanced at the shiny badge and smiled softly.

“I’m so proud of you.” Cookson patted Sarah’s back.

“Thanks.” Sarah rubbed her eyes.

“Let’s get in.” Cookson opened the door to a building and watched as Sarah enter slowly.

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
August 4, 1999
1800 Local Time

Charlie sat beside Hawkes and Casey at a table near the cafeteria. The person serving the food was a man with some age. The cafeteria seemed much quieter than before.

“Perhaps I noticed it more after Mary left.” Charlie thought.

Charlie ate his pasta staring at the wall in deep thought. Casey looked at Hawkes and scratched his head.

“Zyrok?” Casey couldn’t help to break the silence.

“Yes Casey?” Charlie chewed on the pasta.

“You alright? You sure seem pretty quiet today.” Casey examined.

“Fine. Just need some time to think.” Charlie looked at Casey.

“Take your time.” Hawkes nodded at Charlie understanding what he was going through.

“Thanks.” Charlie smiled as he ate his pasta slowly.

After a quiet twenty minutes of eating, Charlie wiped his mouth with a napkin and emptied out his tray into the garbage bin.

“Alright marines, I’ve got to head to my office to get some work done.” Charlie stood up.

Casey and Hawkes acknowledged with a nod and walked out the cafeteria. Charlie walked briskly out of the cafeteria and headed to his office. He opened the door and found a slip of note on the ground. He bent over and picked up a small piece of paper. It was from Mary and she had written something thoughtful. Charlie looked at the note and smiled.

“Hello Zyrok or Charlie,

I didn’t know if I should have told you in person, but I wanted to tell you here. I’ve decided to permanently live with the Scavengers. I’m moving on with my life and I wish you all the best. Remember, don’t you give up in finding Sarah. You’ve come a long way for a man chasing his dreams. Don’t stop and good luck.


Mary Jamieson”

Charlie closed the door to his office and sat down on the computer. The note from Mary prompted him to give him another shot to go back online to the chat program. He took a deep breath and logged in. He looked at the network settings to double check if the override code was in place.

“Here goes nothing.” Charlie whispered to himself as he opened the chat program.

The program loaded for a few minutes attempting to establish a connection. Charlie sat on his seat with his eyes glued on the monitor. Finally the program connected and Charlie smiled hopefully. Charlie looked at the contacts list and scrolled down. Everyone was in offline status except one…Sarah’s. Charlie nearly jumped his seat in surprise.

“Thank you Mary.” Charlie looked at Mary’s note on his desk.

Charlie took a deep breath and entered the chat not knowing how it was going to turn out.

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Ch. 42 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 42- Haunting of the Past

Seattle, Washington, USA
UNSC Seattle Outpost
March 30, 2001
1500 Local Time

Zyrok sat by his desk looking at a five-paged report he had typed of what happened at Colorado. The mission was a success and a big step for understanding the new zombies. Even though there were no casualties, Zyrok felt that it was a failure because of all the near misses. There were some parts where he would have lost his marines or gotten himself killed. He got up his seat and walked crisply out the office with the folder under his arms.

“Captain!” a young man with stubble greeted him.

“What can I do for you?” Zyrok inquired.

“Lance Corporal Brandon Foo reporting for duty.” the man saluted.

“Nice to see you join the team. Have we met before?” Zyrok saluted back.

“I was the Pelican pilot that extracted you.” Foo answered.

“Oh, my deepest thanks.” Zyrok stuck out his hand.

“Sir, it’s nothing.” Foo shook Zyrok’s hand.

“The rest of the team is probably in the Mess Hall. You can introduce yourself over there.” Zyrok pointed at the elevators.

“Oh, thanks.” Foo nodded.

“Down one level.” Zyrok motioned downwards.

“Ok.” Foo smiled and walked off.

Zyrok walked slowly down an empty hallway with his mind focused on the mission. He walked and turned around the corner and bumped into Forester.

“Oh, sorry.” Zyrok snapped to reality as he looked at the person he had bumped into.

“Oh, it’s you…” Forester gave Zyrok an evil, but playful glare.

“Yeah it’s me.” Zyrok pointed at his name stenciled on his shirt.

“Haha. Where you headed?” Forester laughed.

“Major Tory’s office. Just finished my report.” Zyrok held his folder and shook it.

“Have fun. I’ve got to report twice. One for Tory and the other one for High Command.” Forester sighed.

“It’s fine. I know you can do it.” Zyrok smiled.

“Thanks. Oh, by the way, do you want to go for dinner later tonight?” Forester asked.

“Yeah, sure. Where and when?” Zyrok looked amused.

“I’ll take you to the High Command building. We have more delicate foods served there.” Forester smiled.

“Oooh!” Zyrok widened his eyes.

“How about 1900 at my office to meet first?” Forester looked at her watch.

“1900 sounds good.” Zyrok agreed.

“Well then, I’ll see you soon.” Forester walked around the corner.

Zyrok stood motionless for a few minutes in thought. Forester had asked him for dinner and he was really shocked that he had agreed. His logical mind was kicking in place and warning him that he shouldn’t pursue a relationship.

“Are you ready for this?” Zyrok’s mind asked him.

“I don’t know…” Zyrok replied in thought.

“Remember what happened with Sarah?” Zyrok’s mind interrogated.

“Sarah…” Zyrok’s heart stun.

Zyrok felt a sea of sadness swept over him. Sarah was gone. Zyrok could feel his eyes water as he stood motionless. He had kept his past locked away for three years and now the chest was open and pouring out his dreaded past. Zyrok quickly shook away his thought about Forester and Sarah and rubbed his wet eyes. It has been a long time since he had experienced that kind of emotion. Zyrok looked down at his folder to remind himself of his duties he had to do for Tory. He hurried himself outside Tory’s office and knocked gently.

“Come on in.” Tory called out.

Zyrok opened the door and stood in front of Tory with a crisp military salute.

“At ease, Captain. Take a seat and close the door while you’re at it.” Tory pointed.

Zyrok nodded and turned to shut the door. He closed the door gently and grabbed a seat in front of Tory’s desk.

“Here you go, sir.” Zyrok handed the folder to Tory.

Tory took the folder and opened it. He quietly read the first page of the report as Zyrok watched seriously. Tory flipped the page and continued to read. Zyrok was becoming nervous by the minute as the silence dawned on him.

“This is good stuff.” Tory finally broke the silence as he read halfway through the third page.

Zyrok breathed relief and felt himself ease up. He didn’t know how Tory was going to interpret his report.

“You know, I know how you feel about your marines. Hence, you make a great Captain.” Tory finished the report and closed the folder.

“Thanks. I still think those near misses could have been avoided.” Zyrok spoke his thoughts.

“Well, we’ll be prepared next time in case we encounter the same thing. I’m glad everyone made it back in one piece. Zyrok, you got to know…near misses and casualties are bound to happen. This is a war.” Tory explained.

“I know sir. If there’s a way to reduce risk, I’m up for it.” Zyrok replied.

“War is risky.” Tory smiled.

“The safety and the mission is my priority one.” Zyrok countered.

“Then what comes first? The mission or the marines?” Tory challenged.

“Well sir, both are equally important. But, if I had to pick one as the first priority, I would go for the marines.” Zyrok addressed his points.

“Go on…” Tory was amused.

“Sir, without the marines, the mission can’t be completed efficiently or fully.” Zyrok explained in detail.

“Point made.” Tory nodded in agreement.

“Thank you sir.” Zyrok smiled.

“It’s funny how my other officers tell me that it’s the mission that comes first.” Tory grinned.

“Well, I don’t see my marines as an UNSC asset. Instead, I see them as one of us, human.” Zyrok reasoned.

“Perhaps…I guess I would have to find out how my officers think.” Tory took a pen and jotted on a notepad on his desk.

“Well, everyone is different.” Zyrok replied.

“True. I definitely know one officer pretty well…” Tory’s voice trailed off.

“Who?” Zyrok asked with a curious face.

“You.” Tory pointed.

“Me?” Zyrok laughed nervously.

“Yes, you. Every time we talk or I go through your reports, I get a better sense of you than my other officers.” Tory explained.

“Why is that?” Zyrok was puzzled.

“I have no clue either. Perhaps it’s because you didn’t start of with a military background…” Tory guessed.

“Perhaps…” Zyrok rubbed his chin.

Tory reached into his drawer and pulled out a set of stamps. He placed the stamp on the ink pad and pressed it down. He placed Zyrok’s folder in front of him and brought the stamp on top of the folder. Zyrok watched as Tory stamped the stamp in the center of his folder and saw the words “Top Secret” imprinted on it.

“Why top secret?” Zyrok asked out of curiosity.

“Well, High Command needs to see this and we need to keep this Intel about the new zombies and bosses to ourselves.” Tory explained as he watched the ink dry.

“I’m assuming we don’t want to spread panic?” Zyrok hypothesized.

“Exactly. The last thing we want out marines to lose is hope and morale.” Tory took the folder and filed it into a locked cabinet.

“Indeed.” Zyrok nodded in agreement.

“Go get some rest Zyrok. You and your team deserve it.” Tory smiled as he looked at Zyrok.

“Thank you sir.” Zyrok stood up and saluted.

“No problem.” Tory saluted back.

Zyrok opened the door and closed it as he left. He paused for a second and looked at his watch. It was still early to meet up with Forester. He decided to head back to his quarters to rest wanting to clear his mind and forget his troubles. He took the elevator down and walked past the Mess Hall. Zyrok glanced at Foo fitting well with his squad and smiled as he continued to walk towards the lobby. He pushed the side door open and walked to a concrete building adjacent to where he exited. He swiped his UNSC ID badge and the doors unlocked. Zyrok walked down a hallway and pushed a stairwell door open. After a few flight of stairs, he entered a quiet hallway and walked to his room. Zyrok unlocked the door and unbuttoned his top collar. The room felt stuffy and hot. Perhaps Zyrok was stressed or perhaps the room was just hot. Zyrok walked to the window and opened it. A breeze of cool air blew on his sweaty face and he smiled as he felt himself relax. He took his shirt off and sat on his bed. After thinking for a quick minute, he decided to take a refreshing shower. Zyrok stepped into the washroom and undressed himself. He stepped into the shower and felt the coldness of the ground numb his feet. Zyrok turned the handle towards “Hot” and stood underneath the shower. Warm water drained out of the shower and splashed onto Zyrok’s bare back. Zyrok turned and placed his head under the stream of refreshing water and closed his eyes. He could feel warm water trickle down his face and drip off his open mouth. As the hot steam fogged up the glass door to his shower, a soft steam lifted from Zyrok’s feet to his head as water splashed onto the ground. This sudden surge of heat brought Zyrok’s mind to the past.

“Sarah…” Zyrok felt himself slowly getting emotional as he let warm water shower over his head.

Zyrok felt his eyes water and breathed heavily as he blew water out of his mouth. Sarah was gone and his past as well. Zyrok ran his fingers through his wet hair and brushed it back gently. He shook away his thoughts of Sarah as he wiped his eyes. To his surprise, he was immediately haunted by his memories of Mary.

“Why…” Zyrok cried out loud and knelt to the ground in despair.

He had bottled up his past for three years and all it took was for Forester to ask him for dinner to trigger it all. Zyrok sobbed quietly as water continued to fall over his slouched body. In the washroom, there were only the sounds of water colliding with the ground and a man sobbing in despair. It was just that and nothing more.

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Ch. 43 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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Chapter 43- The Beginning of the End

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
August 4, 1999
2000 Local Time

Charlie saw the window open to the chat for Sarah and was immediately dazzled by her beautiful face and warm smile. Charlie didn’t know how to start the conversation off because he was nervous and excited to get back in contact with Sarah.

“Hi Sarah.” Charlie typed thinking it would be best to start off with a simple greeting.

Charlie sat at his computer patiently waiting for Sarah to reply. He had been patient for so long trying to get back in contact with her. Now, seeing Sarah has made him feel emotional and his heart flutter.

“Hi Charlie.” Sarah typed back after a long period of time.

“Oh my gosh, thank goodness you are safe. I’ve been worried sick about you.” Charlie replied speedily spilling out his heart.

“Aw, that’s so sweet of you. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Sarah asked.

“Yes it has. I’ve been working hard over here trying to find you.” Charlie answered.

“Really?” Sarah was surprised.

“Yes, no joke. I had to do a lot of missions to get my reputation and clearance just so I can find you.” Charlie typed quickly.

“Oh, wow.” Sarah was amazed.

“There were times that I nearly died or had given up hope, but you were my inspiration. My hope. My passion.” Charlie typed with shaky hands as he felt himself shake from the nervousness.

Charlie waited for Sarah to reply, but got no response for more than five minutes. He figured that he might as well type out the poem he had written for her on his first mission.

“Sarah, I want to show you a poem that I had written for you when I was cornered by zombies on top of a tower.” Charlie typed and pulled out his napkin from his pocket.

Charlie unfolded the napkin and began to type. Some words had faded, but he knew exactly which words he had written in the poem. After a couple of minutes transcribing the poem, he hit “Enter”. He waited for a few minutes for Sarah to digest his poem and he stared at the monitor.

“That’s…” Sarah replied.

“I know I’m not the best poet or a good writer.” Charlie quickly added.

“It’s fine. That’s very nice of you. It’s the thought that counts.” Sarah replied with a happy face.

“Thanks.” Charlie smiled.

“How’s the military life?” Sarah changed the subject.

“The UNSC life is very dangerous and hard work. But, it’s all worth it for me just so I can see you. If I work here long enough, I’m going to Australia to meet you.” Charlie spoke his mind.

“Oh…” Sarah typed.

“Yes, I want to meet you in person. I love you Sarah.” Charlie typed as he felt his heart flutter and beat rapidly.

“About that…” Sarah replied.

“What?” Charlie asked shyly.

“I don’t want to hurt you anymore.” Sarah typed slowly.

“What’s wrong?” Charlie felt his chest tightening.

“I don’t know how to tell you without hurting you.” Sarah put on a sad face.

“Go on, I’m sure it’s not that bad…” Charlie assured.

“I’m in love with another man…I’m sorry.” Sarah blurted out.

Charlie felt his heart sting as he read the words Sarah typed.

“What…” Charlie typed with sadness.

“I’m sorry.” Sarah replied.

“There’s no chance is there?” Charlie typed with a sigh.

“There isn’t. I’m married, Charlie. I’m really sorry.” Sarah typed back.

“What?” Charlie squinted his eyes in sorrow.

“Please don’t make it harder that it already is…” Sarah requested.

“Okay Sarah…” Charlie tried to toughen up and lock up his emotions.

“Thank you.” Sarah thanked.

“Congratulations Sarah. I’m so happy for you. The very last thing I can do at this point is making you happy. If you are happy, I will be too.” Charlie typed with a grim face.

“Thanks Charlie. I am happy…” Sarah replied.

Deep down, Charlie was crumbling to pieces. Sarah was happy, but was he? The only thing he cared left on this forsaken planet was Sarah and she was married to another man. It hurt him very deep. Charlie joined the UNSC to find her and meet her, but it seems like all of that seemed impossible with the current situation.

“Good.” Charlie replied with a forced smile.

“You are a wonderful guy. I’m sure there are people out there.” Sarah typed with a happy face.

“I don’t know if I can find someone like you…” Charlie felt a tear trickle down his cheek.

“I’m sure there is.” Sarah reassured.

“If there is, I’m sure I wouldn’t have the same feelings that I had for you because I’ve given a piece of my heart to you.” Charlie felt another tear trickle down his cheek.

“Well, don’t stop looking for the One.” Sarah replied.

Charlie couldn’t take it anymore. Tears that he’d been trying to hold had now begun to drip down his face. Sarah had felt like the One, but it seems that destiny had played its cards.

“Charlie, I’ve got to go now. Accessing the network here is very limited.” Sarah typed.

“Okay…I hope to see you soon.” Charlie typed quickly.

“Yeah…” Sarah replied with uncertainty.

“Always know that I will always love you regardless.” Charlie blurted out his broken heart’s content.

Charlie sat uneasily on his chair looking at Sarah’s picture. He loved Sarah for who she was. It was not just the looks, but her soul. And that was the beauty.

“Goodbye Charlie, may you live a happy and peaceful life.” Sarah typed her warm wishes.

With that, Sarah went offline and left Charlie staring at her last message in deep thought. After processing the last message from Sarah in his mind, Charlie covered his face and weeped silently. Uncertain with the future ahead of him, he reached for his sidearm and pulled the pistol out of his holster. He looked at Sarah’s photo and smiled.

“I don’t know if I’ll have a happy life without you.” Charlie mumbled as he studied his USP.

Charlie placed the USP on his desk and sobbed as he laid his head on the desk. After twenty minutes of wallowing in despair, he lifted his head up as he heard a knock on his door. He quickly wiped his tears with his sleeve and reached to grab his pistol. Just as he lifted up the pistol, he saw Mary’s note.

“Mary…” Charlie’s eyes widened with some hope.

As much as it pains him after what he’d been through, Charlie felt a little hope flew back into him. There may be a chance for him in the darkest of times after all…

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Post by Zyrok on Thu 18 Oct 2012, 04:41

Ch. 44 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

UNSCDF Fanfiction - Page 4 2mr73nl

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Post by Zyrok on Fri 19 Oct 2012, 06:27

Chapter 44- Missed Connections

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
UNSC Richmond Outpost
August 5, 1999
1030 Local Time

Charlie walked to an office beside Cole’s office and knocked. Charlie wasn’t too happy with the information he received from Cole after his conversation with Sarah. His temporary position as the liaison officer for the Scavengers was now transferred to Captain Jones Friedsam. What this meant for Charlie was limited access to travel to the Scavengers’ Holdout and less chance of seeing Mary. Charlie placed his worries behind as he knocked on Friedsam’s door. The door opened and a man in his mid thirties with a mustache greeted Charlie.

“Sir, Lieutenant Charlie reporting.” Charlie saluted.

“Ah yes, come on in Lieutenant.” Friedsam waved.

“Thank you, sir.” Charlie walked crispy and stood next to a chair until Friedsam sat down.

“Take a seat.” Friedsam waved.

Charlie sat down on the chair slowly and watched as Friedsam opened a folder on his desk. Friedsam flipped through the pages and took out a sheet.

“Here’s the official document relieving you of your duties as the liaison officer.” Friedsam handed the paper to Charlie.

Charlie took the paper and read through the fine print. He set the paper down in front of him and looked at Friedsam with a blank face.

“There won’t be a chance to visit the Holdout any time soon right?” Charlie summarized the document.

“Nope. You’re a valuable asset too good to be wasted as a liaison officer.” Friedsam smiled.

“Any chance I may visit the Holdout?” Charlie’s mind was focused on Mary.

“Not really. Why?” Friedsam asked out of curiosity.

“So I can bid my farewells to the people I have befriended.” Charlie reasoned.

“Very well Lieutenant. Let me take a look at the flight plans…” Friedsam nodded and looked at his computer.

“Thank you sir.” Charlie relaxed himself.

“There’s one Pelican transporting a few civilians and supplies tomorrow evening.” Friedsam clicked his mouse.

“That’s fine.” Charlie nodded.

“It’s a quick drop off flight so you’ll only have an hour tops over there.” Friedsam typed on the computer.

“That would be fine.” Charlie looked at Friedsam.

“Ok, so you’ll need to make full use of that hour. I won’t guarantee the next time you’ll be heading there.” Friedsam inputted Charlie’s name into the flight plan.

“Thank you sir.” Charlie spoke quickly.

“Not at all.” Friedsam turned away from his computer.

“What time does the Pelican leave tomorrow?” Charlie took out his datapad.

“1700 with Sierra 22.” Friedsam glanced at his computer.

“Alright, thanks Captain.” Charlie inputted the info into his datapad.

“Once you’re back tomorrow from the Holdout, head to Cole’s office. I believe he will have a new assignment for you.” Friedsam stood up.

“Sir.” Charlie stood up and saluted.

“Good luck Charlie.” Friedsam saluted back.

Charlie walked out of Friedsam’s office and saw Casey walk in front of him.

“Sir.” Casey saluted.

“Hello Casey.” Charlie returned a salute.

“How are you?” Casey asked.

“I’m alright…” Charlie lied as he tried to hide his emotions.

“Good to hear. You should come chill with us Zyrok.” Casey suggested.

“Oh, I can’t. I’m making a trip to the Scavengers’ Holdout tomorrow. I think we’re going to have a new mission tomorrow night. Have the most fun you can before work begins again.” Charlie replied.

“What about you?” Casey questioned.

“Have fun without me.” Charlie spoke softly.

“Alright Zyrok, we’ll see you soon.” Casey bid his farewell and continued to walk down the hallway.

Charlie stood his ground and watched Casey disappear into an elevator. He was not doing fine, but at least he had something to look forward to, Mary.

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Scavengers’ Holdout
August 6, 1999
1800 Local Time

Charlie watched as the civilians beside him exited the Pelican as they were greeted by Anthony and a few guards.

“Hey!” Anthony greeted Charlie with open arms.

“Hi Anthony.” Charlie smiled as he got off the Pelican.

“What can I do for you?” Anthony offered help.

“Since I’m no longer the liaison officer, this is probably my last visit here. I wanted to bid farewell and look for somebody.” Charlie replied.

“So I’ve heard…” Anthony rubbed his chin.

“Yeah, not my decision to make.” Charlie replied.

“I know. Oh, you said you were looking for someone?” Anthony asked.

“Yes.” Charlie nodded.

“Who?” Anthony asked.

“Mary, Mary Jamieson.” Charlie replied with hesitation.

“Oh, someone special?” Anthony raised an eyebrow.

“I guess you can say that…” Charlie turned his head to look around.

“Is she a Scavenger civilian?” Anthony waved Charlie to follow him.

“You can say so. She was originally a civilian at the UNSC. She moved here a few days ago.” Charlie replied.

“Oh.” Anthony stopped in his tracks.

“What?” Charlie stopped as well.

“This way.” Anthony pointed right to a building.

Charlie followed Anthony to a small concrete facility and entered. The pair walked past a crowded hallway and entered a gym which appeared to have been transformed into a cafeteria. Charlie scanned the food servers assuming Mary would be one of the, but she was not there. What was different for Charlie was that no one seemed to notice them standing still scanning the people. If it was in the UNSC Outpost, a marine would have got up and offered help. Perhaps because Charlie was an officer, but at the Holdout, his uniform meant nothing. The civilians seemed much more relaxed and happier than he had seen back at the Outpost. Charlie scanned the gym left and right glancing quickly at each table. On the very last table to the right sat Mary, but she was beside a man. It was not just an ordinary man; the man was holding her hand as they talked. Both Mary and the man seemed happy together and Charlie felt that he shouldn’t interfere with their business.

“See her?” Anthony asked.

“No…” Charlie lied as he looked away.

“Then she might be elsewhere. Come on.” Anthony waved.

Anthony and Charlie turned towards the door when someone tapped Charlie’s back. Charlie turned around to see who it was. To his surprise, it was Mary.

“Hi.” Mary smiled.

“Oh, hi Mary.” Charlie was shocked.

“I saw you, but it seems like you didn’t see me.” Mary turned around as the man walked up behind her.

“I guess there were too many people.” Charlie lied.

The man approached Mary and held her hand. He seemed to be a couple years older than Charlie with a tanned skin.

“I’d like you to meet Derek.” Mary introduced.

“Charlie.” Charlie stuck out his hand.

“Nice to meet you.” Derek shook Charlie’s hand firmly.

“So what are you doing here?” Mary asked.

“It’s my last time here since I’m no longer the liaison officer for the UNSC.” Charlie could feel his heart die as Derek continued to hold Mary’s hand.

“Oh, that’s unfortunate.” Mary frowned.

“Yes, it is.” Charlie thought about Sarah and then Mary.

“Well, I’m glad you came back to let us know.” Mary smiled.

“Yeah, I’m not sure the next time I’ll be back. Is the life here good?” Charlie asked.

“Yes, it’s been good thus far.” Mary eyed Derek with dreamy eyes.

“Good to hear.” Charlie nodded.

“I’m glad Mary came here.” Derek added.

“And I have nothing to be glad about.” Charlie thought with his mouth closed.

“Me too.” Mary replied.

“Well, I’ve got to go now.” Charlie looked at his watch wanting to remove himself from the pain.

“Ok, good luck with everything. May our paths cross again.” Mary hugged Charlie.

“Thanks. I hope so…” Charlie hugged Mary tightly.

Charlie needed a hug after what’s been happening around him. After a minute, Mary released Charlie, but Charlie didn’t.

“You can let go now.” Mary laughed.

“Oh, sorry.” Charlie snapped to reality and released his embrace.

Charlie smiled nervously as he saw Derek watch him with a perked eye.

“Bye Mary.” Charlie said goodbye and walked off towards Anthony standing at the hallway talking to a guard.

Charlie walked out of the gym and didn’t look back. He couldn’t find the strength in him to turn around. There was nothing he could do either. Just like Sarah, he was too late with Mary. Any hope he had left in him was extinguished and Charlie was nothing. It was going to be a long painful trip back to the Outpost on the Pelican. He had no more purpose in living anymore. For now, Charlie would have to reflect upon that later when he’s alone in his quarters.

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Ch. 45 is complete. It will be posted on Memoirs of Zyrok (http://memoirsofzyrok.blogspot.ca/) first before here. Be sure to check it out and see if it's released to get a sneak peak!

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