Rules for our Voice Chat System

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Rules for our Voice Chat System Empty Rules for our Voice Chat System

Post by CenturyWarlord on Wed 15 Aug 2012, 15:08

Currently we are using Raidcall for inner clan communication. These rules are not only for that, but for all voice chat room you will be visiting when representing yourself as a UNSC member.

The basic rules of this forum still apply for voice chat. These rules are an addition for the purpose of voice chat.

1. Make proper preparations
Please make sure you got everything setup first before you enter the chat. Examples are microphone is switched on, microphone test, sound clarity test, push-to-talk settings, etc. I recommend you use the push-to-talk function.

2. No massive amounts of swearing
It makes it easier if you keep it to a minimum and just get your point across. You can still swear, just at appropriate times.

3. No talking over people
If you talk over someone then all you accomplish is that no one hears either of you. Try not to talk over people and learn to wait your turn.

4. No talking all at once about different topic
This is an extension for Rule 3. If person A is talking to person B and person C is holding their own conversation with person D, stop. Type it out if you really need to, or if it is urgent then call them in a separate room. In fact, just run the conversation on a private chat or in an unused room. If there isn't any free room to chat, request the present chat moderator/administrator to make a temporary one for you.

5. No shouting
Shouting just breaks eardrums, it doesn't accomplish anything. Leave the room if you're mad/got upset.

6. Don't be annoying during meetings
Seriously, it's hard to get the meeting done when we are distracted by silly stuff.

7. Do not turn on your sound, music, or radio out loud
We're not running a radio station so please don't flood the chat with your music. Turn it down so it won't be a bother for us. Use the headphone or earphone if you have one.

8. Respect
Treat others with respect and you will gain one in return. Plus it helps us building up a good reputation. I trust I don't need to elaborate to you on how to be respectful to others.

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Rules for our Voice Chat System My_war10

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