Probationary period for new members

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Probationary period for new members Empty Probationary period for new members

Post by ben333 on Wed 01 Feb 2012, 18:41

Last updated: 2/05/2012

Here is the list of members currently on a probationary period before they are fully accepted into the clan.

  • USSHUNK ( Joined January 30th, probation ends on the 1st of March)
  • EngineerX ( Joined February 1st, probation ends on the 2nd of March)

It is not recommended to loan items or gear to the newbies, as they are more likely to scam you...
Recruiters, please follow the new application policy, PM me on DF for details. (Preferably on my main.)
This policy only applies to new members after January 30th.

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