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Post by CenturyWarlord on Tue 02 Oct 2012, 17:01

Your goal in this game is to survive as long as you can alone or with your companions. You may encounter other npc survivors out there, however their motives will be unknown.

The game will mostly be based on Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rules. Some modifications will be made to fit the game's setting. Some of the creatures will be taken from various sources including Dead Frontier and the Last Stand.

Sessions can be done either live via Raidcall, in this forum via play by post method, or a combination of both.

I am also planning to combine this with The Fortress RPG if possible, and perhaps integrate the events at the same timeline as Zyrok's novel.

You're living in a world overrun by zombies, mutated creatures, and genetically engineered experiments gone awry. Timeline is somewhere before Resident Evil: Afterlife movie.

You're basically in the United States at a location which will be chosen later as a starting point. Each character will have a main goals in how they are going to survive in the world. How you chose to reveal it to others is up to you. Be it to find a cure, looking for a safe haven, or just to take this opportunity to become a ruler with what's left.

Major Factions
You may encounter the following factions throughout the sessions. There are other factions as well but it will be considered as minor faction. Major factions are known all around the world, so it may be a good thing to affiliate yourselves with one of them.

1. Alice Clones
The Alice clones are perfect recreations of the original Alice, retaining all of the original's physical and psionic abilities. They were specifically created to derive a strain of the t-Virus to reverse the ravenous effects of the original virus in the undead by increasing their intelligence. They are very rarely seen but their presence and handiwork are felt throughout the world especially when it has something to do with the Umbrella Corporation.

Very dangerous to take on even one with a well armed group. They may wear minimal protection and small firearms, but they possess special psionic abilities on top of their inhuman agility and strength. They will do their best to avoid meeting other survivors except when trading for supplies.

2. Umbrella Corporation
The Umbrella Corporation was a giant conglomerate which operated ruthlessly as a major international player in a number of markets; including pharmaceuticals and medical equipment along with top-secret operations utilizing genetic engineering and biological weaponry. They are also responsible for the outbreak and creating the Alice clones.

Ever since the outbreak, they field hi-tech and well armed soldiers. They may even deploy genetically engineered creatures to do their bidding. If you encounter one of them, it is probably best to run and hide, or end up becoming their test subjects.

3. STARS (Special Tactics And Rescue Squad)
It was an elite special forces division of the Raccoon City Police Department. It employed ex-military personnel and academic civilians for appropriate positions within the police department. The overall idea was to form a team combining tactically-sound soldiers with scientists, allowing the team to operate in both anti-terrorism and anti-drug operations. Since the outbreak ran out of control, STARS expanded by gathering survivors from around the world and work together to find the cure. Can be commonly seen in towns and outskirts of a city, however due to the threat of the Umbrella Corporation, they were forced underground.

They are typically armed with law enforcing weapons, but their elites are equipped with military gear. They are non-hostile to survivor unless threatened, and would forcefully take you in under their protection. Avoid them if you wish to roam the world freely.

4. UNSC (United Nations Space Command)
This faction serves as the military, exploratory, and scientific agency of the Unified Earth Government. Upon receiving the news of the outbreak of T-virus on Earth. A detachment of their fleet were dispatched to rescue survivors and eradicate the zombie infestation. Evacuation priority were given to government officials and their families. They operate in capital cities around the world eradicating the undead and rescuing survivors. Sometimes a small group of them can be seen operating at small towns and cities.

These military personnel are equipped with technology more or less like the Umbrella Corporation. Joining them is almost impossible as survivors are commonly treated as civilians who need to be evacuated.

5. Arcadia Pilgrims
A group of survivors embarking on a pilgrimage for a place called Arcadia where there is food, protection and no infection. They distrust authority figures which they think would offer them nothing but a hopeless promise of safety. Most of them are headed for Alaska, but there are groups who thinks Arcadia lies somewhere else. These people are seldom seen travelling in convoys or large groups along highways and made camp in the wilderness to avoid the undead and other factions.

The equipment they have varies greatly due to their reliance on scavenging arms and supplies. Surprisingly they are the most mobile faction out there fielding assortment of vehicles tweaked and reinforced for defence. What they lack in quality they made up for it in numbers. So expect a large group in an encounter.

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