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Post by CenturyWarlord on Fri 05 Oct 2012, 22:21

Every survivor needs something to carry and store all survival essentials.

To make things less complicated, we will simplify the weight system of D&D with item sizes. This means you carry less but easier to track inventory spaces.

Equipped weapons and armour, are not listed in the inventory. Only stored items are listed as inventory.

Each pack has its own fixed carrying capacity.
  1. You can’t store a Large item on a pack that have no Large inventory slot. This also goes for Medium sized items.
  2. You can store 1 Medium and 1 Small item on a Large inventory slot.
  3. You can store 2 Small items on a Medium inventory slot.
  4. You can store 3 Small items on a Large inventory slot.

This is how inventory spaces are calculated:
1 Large = 1 Medium and 1 Small, or 3 Small
1 Medium = 2 Small

So be sure to keep track of your own inventory spaces based on the backpack you are equipped.


Vest Pouch (6 small inventory slots)
School Pack (3 medium, 2 small inventory slots)
Patrol Pack (1 large, 3 medium, 7 small inventory slots, -2 Dex check)
Camping Pack (2 large, 2 medium, 2 small inventory slots, -3 Dex check penalty)
Sailor’s Duffle Bag (6 large, 2 small -6 Dex check penalty)
Military Pack (2 large, 20 medium, 8 small inventory slots, -5 Dex check penalty)
Medical Pack* (4 Bandages, 6 Pain Killers, 1 Rad-X, 1 Blood Pack, 1 Surgical Tool Kit)

*You can carry this pack with another pack, but you can’t carry two Medical Packs. This pack has slots only for the listed items.

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