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What should be done with the Alpha Armory?

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Ye Ol' Alpha Armory Empty Ye Ol' Alpha Armory

Post by Jayleau on Mon 26 Nov 2012, 16:08

Back when Alpha Force (now known as Fire Team Alpha) was in it's early days, I had a vision of having an armory full of low level gear to loan out so people didn't have to buy stuff they wouldn't be using for long.
With this in mind I collected many weapons and armor. Some had stats, some didn't.

Now, no one has requested anything from me for a long time, and this vast collection of low level gear is taking up a lot of space.
Seeing as it's Clan property, I'm going to ask you, the clan, what I should do with it all. I created this handy-dandy poll to do just that.

A few things you should know:
1 - Godcrafted items are staying with the clan.
2 - If you donated something, you can have it back if you want it.
3 - I have no plans to make a profit from this. All cash will go to the clan.

The list of items in the Alpha Armory can be found here.

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Ye Ol' Alpha Armory Empty Re: Ye Ol' Alpha Armory

Post by Kulon on Wed 28 Nov 2012, 11:37

Honestly just get rid of the crap. I know I donated a bit but it's not really much anyways. Low level items will always get replaced and in the end it's the performance of the items that'll matter more, not the stats. A clean Mesh RX-2 is better than a GCed Sports armor. Some people may disagree but for newer players who get hit more and don't know their weapons yet, I think stats are secondary.

That being said, keep anything 4+/4+/4+ or 10+/10+

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