UNSC Vice Leader and Bravo Team Leader official resignation

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UNSC Vice Leader and Bravo Team Leader official resignation

Post by NovaBlade on Tue 01 Jan 2013, 10:32

This will go into effect January 1, 2013.

My fellow UNSC members:

To say the past 3 years hasn’t been more than playing an online game with good people would be a blatant lie. I have learned so much about myself and the good of the online community of gamers around the world within Dead Frontier and the world. I gave Dead Frontier a chance back in 2008, I quit for a year, and then came back in 2009 when I really put more time into it and joined the UNSC. Zyrok welcomed me with open arms and I never looked back since. From that point, I’ve been promoted several times, gained leadership of Bravo Team, and was granted the position of Vice Leader in Zyrok’s absence in the early summer of 2010. There have been numerous times I wanted to give up on this game, but the constant improvements and the connections I made with my clan members made me stay. It was a no brainer decision to stay. When Zyrok was absent for more than 2 months, I had to take the initiative to get the UNSC up and running again. Things fell into place as LT, Mechanic, and other senior members came back to help run the clan. At that point, I handed back the torch to the real leaders of this clan and gladly cooperated with whatever they wanted to do. Up until this point…..

It is with humble sincerity that I officially announce my resignation of the UNSC as Vice Leader and Bravo Team Leader. This will take effect January 1, 2013. I don’t know who reads the forums posts anymore, but I’ll do my best to spread this around the UNSC communication channels and let everyone know I’ve stepped down and left. This isn’t because I dislike my clan or teammates; it is something else, which I will touch base on in the following paragraph.

Now as for the reasons why I am leaving the UNSC, I’ll begin to explain myself. When I was granted the position of UNSC Vice Leader, I was expecting to be able to get some creative freedom as to how to run small sectors of the clan (aka Bravo Team). For a while it did flow perfectly. I had set up a good system with Ben333 and Zerogen14 to run Bravo Team to become one of the most feared, elite, and active units in the UNSC clan. That ended abruptly when Zyrok came back in, took command (when I was MIA due to school and other problems) and it took me a while to get back into the swing of things.

As for why I was absent a large majority of this year: Little known fact: My father was in the hospital from early September to October 21st, where he passed away in the city. This year has been one of the most grueling, painful, and excruciating times in my life where I had to question several times if I’m selfish to indulge in video games to fight off the lifeless void that my father once filled when he was with here. Unless you’ve ever lost a loved one to liver cancer or cancer in general, no one will know the pain and sorrow I’ve felt these past couple of months. He is gone now, but I still love him and miss him to this very day. He will always be an influence in my life and has inspired me to take a stand for the things I dislike and take the first step in being my own leader in life. His unfortunate death has taught me life is too short to keep living the same way and adding in bits of change gradually is good but not all at one time. If things are going to change, I will make sure they change on my own accord. It is a selfish mindset to say, but I’ve always been looked at as a pushover and I need to build in my foundation as an individual to fight for what I believe in and go with that, no matter what the consequences that I have to face later.

After being able to sort of resume life back to “normal” or as normal as it could be after my father’s funeral, I transitioned back to the UNSC. I resumed my normal command of Bravo Team and my role as Vice leader was dissolved because Zyrok took over again, which was a good thing. I felt suffocated and helpless to do things because I was just another soldier in this clan. Things went well for a while, but Zyrok pushed for more changes. The changes were in rankings, command structure, competition among different squads, changing names to “Fire Team Bravo or Alpha” instead of just simplifying it to “Bravo Team”. You may call me stupid, but I still see no difference in adding one extra word to the fire teams. It’s still the same thing! Lol. I wanted to push for more activities, but Zyrok was engaged in writing his book (not bad, but priorities bro!), dealing with other things, or clan members were always on their own. The sense of unity the UNSC once had was dead. It won’t be a problem for me anymore after this year. Overall, most of the changes were good, except that those that were higher ranked are now demoted to a former shadow of what they aspired to. At least Zyrok made it fair. Anyways….

As Zyrok pushed for all these clan changes, I started to reconsider my career and position in the UNSC. Activity was low, Raidcall conversations were being drowned in off-topic things, which are ok, but when I pushed for missions on the weekends, I was kicked around like a neglected child. It was disappointing and I expected better out of the community. I’m guilty of not playing Dead Frontier enough myself, but it’s because of the lack of unity the UNSC once had. The early days of weekend clan events have diminished to “hey, if you’re not busy, we should go looting together!” but even that only works every now and then. And I didn’t enjoy the fact that the clan didn’t want to hang out beyond Dead Frontier. I’m talking games beyond minecraft and stuff. I tried to get Zyrok to play a couple of different games with me online, but he refused. I respect it, but I didn’t like it. I would encourage the future of the UNSC to be open to other games or it may suffer from being fresh in Dead Frontier.

Since I’m resigning from the UNSC, I am going to start my own clan in the New Year. Zyrok and I have creative differences and that has led me to grow apart from this clan and the direction it is going. I am thankful he has nurtured my leadership spirit thus far, but unless he would continue to support that and give me the freedom I desired with Bravo Team, I have to leave. He did the right thing and took command of Bravo Team, but when I got back, too much had changed for me. It’s like when he came back after a while and I, ben, rabbit, and jayleau were running the clan, he was worried there was going to be an insurrection in our ranks. I don’t blame him to be worrisome, but I have to yield to Zyrok because this is his clan and I can’t overrule when the leader says.

That being said, I can’t return to the UNSC if my clan fails. I will invest all that I have into this new clan to get it running and off the ground, then hand off responsibilities to my vice leader. I will say I have drawn inspiration from the UNSC’s command system, but have tweaked it enough to differentiate it to stand on its own. It is a different way of how a clan is organized, but not necessarily the best. It will be in its prototype phase and will adjust accordingly to how clan members want it to be. Returning to the UNSC after my clan failed would be disgraceful and despicable on my own self-esteem. I have no shame in returning but for better or worse, this new clan will be my life in Dead Frontier and the future.

I want to personally thank the following for supporting me throughout my service in the UNSC: ben333, Zyrok, Zerogen14, Kulon, CenturyWarlord, Brandongamer14, Lieutenant, Mechanic, sacredwarrior, Rabbit, Jayleau14 and anyone else I've done a mission with or helped do training with. Good times and bad, you were with me every step of the way. I can’t thank you enough for your uncompromising support. Without your support and enthusiasm, I would have quit Dead Frontier long ago.

To the future hopeful recruits of the UNSC: I wish you all the best in everything you do. Zyrok is a great leader and will teach you as much as he can dish out. Work hard enough and you might even get to be Vice Leader like I once was. Always be open on what you can do out there in Dead Frontier and I encourage all of you to be as active as you can in the clan and in the game. That’s what keeps the spirit of this game alive and to not do so would slowly decay the point in playing Dead Frontier. So play hard, work hard and give it your best every time you log in to kill a zombie!

I promise I’m almost done with this atrociously long letter! Haha anyways, so the next order of housekeeping for me is weaponry and gear. If you have ever loaned me gear or weapons, message me asap so I can get it back to you. When I start my new clan up tomorrow, I want to start with a blank slate. I want nothing to owe anyone as I will have to make a living on my own and with my new clan. So if I borrowed something from you, message me and I’ll give it back.

Now here’s the part I hate doing. The good-bye part. I don’t see this as an end to our story, but a new beginning to the next chapter in my life. I will continue to play Dead Frontier for as long as I can, because it will always improve (that is until State of Decay comes out for the X360 Tongue ). You will all still be my friends no matter what, but I have to do this. I can’t serve in the UNSC anymore if I don’t have purpose serving anymore. As much as it appeared for me to rag on Zyrok in this letter, I honestly believe he’s a great guy and leader. I wish him and all members of the UNSC the best in the future and I’ll be around the neighborhood to check up on you guys and girls every once in a while. For now, my ultimate focus in Dead Frontier is my new clan and I look forward to seeing what will happen. If you’d like to keep in touch, add me as a friend on here and I’ll be around to chat every now and then.

Signing off, for the last time as a member of the UNSC
Good bye everyone

Proud UNSC Vice Leader
Proud Bravo Team Leader

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Re: UNSC Vice Leader and Bravo Team Leader official resignation

Post by Prytor on Tue 01 Jan 2013, 11:17

I'm sorry to hear that Nova, both about your resignation and your father's demise. I hope that your clan is able to flourish and prosper. Also where am i on the thank you list Razz

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Re: UNSC Vice Leader and Bravo Team Leader official resignation

Post by Zyrok on Tue 01 Jan 2013, 19:49

Thank you for your time here at the UNSC. Wish you all the best.


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Re: UNSC Vice Leader and Bravo Team Leader official resignation

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