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Post by Zyrok on Thu 28 Mar 2013, 12:34

Hello fellow members,

This is Zyrok here with some updates. Something big is going on with me and I'm going appoint Mechanic, a veteran member of this clan who ranked up to Major, to take over the reigns of leadership while I'm away.

Mechanic has been in this clan since December 2008 and assisting me with assignments that were needed in this clan during the past. He is currently a Second Lieutenant engineer, under new ranking, and a member of Wolf Squad. He has agreed to assist this clan and bring it back to operational status with the aid of current members. Mechanic has been issued a UNSC Handbook and a UNSC Contingency Plan that will assist him to the best of his ability.

The UNSC Handbook will be available on the web:

UNSC Handbook 2013

The UNSC Contingency Plan will be available in the UNSC Archives.

So let's give a warm welcome to Mechanic as the new leader in charge until I return when the time is right.



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