Update: 4/02/2012

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Update: 4/02/2012

Post by CenturyWarlord on Sat 04 Feb 2012, 07:31

Update: 4/02/2012

1. Added "Quick Reply" feature, like in Dead Frontier forums.

2. You can "Draft" your post before sending it.
button located in between 'Preview' and 'Send' buttons. not available in "Quick Reply" mode

3. Images which are too big to post in the forum shall be automatically resized to 800x600 pixels. feature yet to be tested

4. Limited 15 posts per page. reduces slowdowns when loading a page/topic

5. You can now add a topic to your Favourites list. open up a topic and click "Actions" button to access it.

6. Old Chatbox revived and can only be accessed via the Portal.

7. Additional option to access Old chatbox on a new window is listed in the Weblink on the Portal.

8. The new chatbox and the old are actually merged, so no matter which one you login at, your messages are displayed at both.

9. Online Gaming Radio is listed in the Weblink on the Portal.
it now opens on a new tab to avoid Portal slow loading time

10. Raidcall server status is displayed on the Portal. you can view who is currently online there

11. Hosted 3 flash games of my choice* located at the Portal. May take time to load, so you may see a blank/black screen for a while.

*Leave a suggestion on the type of flash games you want us to host.

For suggestions on this forum, please post at this thread:

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