YouTube: Who are you subscribed to?

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YouTube: Who are you subscribed to?

Post by CenturyWarlord on Sun 12 Feb 2012, 00:08

Share us your YouTube subscription so we can bask in your awesome-ness.

Here are my own:

ELPRESADOR - Best commentator for CoD and MW. Not recommended for serious gamers.

TheSandyRavage - Most entertaining gamer I've ever seen. Join his server on BF3.

FPS Russia - If you don't know him, you're missing a lot of fun stuff.

AngryJoe Show - My favourite game reviewer. (Probably because we think alike in terms of games).

GamerSpawn - I get updates on new game releases/updates via this channel.

freddiew - Best gfx artist on YouTube.

lifehacker - Random tips that would be useful in life.

frenchge - Helpful tips and tutorials if you are preparing for A+ computer certifications.

fcrabbath - A self taught film maker. I prefer to see his stuff compared to Hollywood stuff.

ghidghid - A cool CGI animator. Check her out.

scoutthedoggie - Have the largest collection of Airsoft action. To me, Airsoft is as close as you can get to a realistic game.

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Re: YouTube: Who are you subscribed to?

Post by Ryu Shizuka on Sat 09 Feb 2013, 16:42

Here are the people who I subscribe to. owo
pewdiepie- Best and most funniest guy on youtube. xD

tobuscus- Good comedian and interesting stuff. x3

tobygames- Minecraft! That is all~

tobyturner- Announcements

dcigs- Hilarious guy! You should check him out. XDD

maxmoefoe- One of the biggest trolls i've ever seen.

smosh- Hilarious shows.

smoshgames- Gameplays

ianh- Awesome and weird commenting.

wzr0713- The meme known as 'Overly Attathed Girlfriend'.

captainsparklez- A pretty good Minecraft player and commentary person.

thetoychannel- Weirdest failed toys... o__o

mondomedia- Gory humor. xD

oneyng- Dragon Ball Peepee... XDDDD

collegehumor- Weird yet somehow useful things..?

deadexposuredf- One of the best Dead Frontier players. *o*

parrygripp- Amazing music check him out~ ~_~


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