The Epicallyness Epic Adventure of Lillith Demented......Episode 1....lvl 1

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The Epicallyness Epic Adventure of Lillith Demented......Episode 1....lvl 1

Post by Chalkline on Thu 22 Mar 2012, 22:37

So I was thinking of some cheap entertainment when i came across the idea of how long can i keep a lvl 1 out and lvl with out going back to the outpost for anything.....SO this adventure started at 2am after I tested it with a dummy account to see if the equipment i had would suffice.
Titanium blades 3/5/8 = already had
Pen knife 7/7/6 = 3k
pen knife 4/2/7 = 2k
Mesh RX-2 24/16 = already had

The best starting lvl 1 character is the athelete.
+25 agi right off the bat + armour = 74 agi as a lvl 1 ZOMG! let the rampage begin.....

2:35 am - So after about 30 minutes now only got hit once cuz i went to inventory screen and did something something right quick and a lil zombie turd snuck a hit in on me....SO i went slash slash goes the TB's.......revenge was mine! healed back up!

2:45 am - WOOOT in yellow now and faced off my first boss mr deadmanwhowalksonfire!!!!!!!!!

was too scared of dying to get the first snap

2:49 am - OH duhhhhh bloats.....time to take a pen knife off and equip the tom cat
2:50 something am - OH SHIZNits 2nd burning

shortly after

3:00 Time to check GPS

3:25 am - started fighting titan

3:40 titan finally got me stoopid body........
LETS try this again with more stats this time lol
OH forgot the best part.....any xp i get as a lvl 1 i do not lose when i die Smile
DING lvl 14 in an hour and a half with only using titanium blades and killing 2 burning zombies and fought a titan for 15 minutes before dying
so 65 points to spend what am i going to go for................. SCHWEET come here mannberg!


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