The Fortress. (IC)

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DAY 3: Duty Calls

Post by CenturyWarlord on Thu 06 Sep 2012, 18:41

Dena was dismissed to attend to her normal duties. Arytom and Micheal were ordered to join the ranks. Zero made his way to the assembling people and made some inspection on them one by one.

"I hope you had fun last night. Today we're up for business. Now from what I can tell from your past lives, none of you have ever seen nor trained to use those gun at your hands. Probably why a single of my men here managed to kill off three of you, and left Jake end up captured. Well I don't want that to happen under my watch. I need soldiers, not a bunch of goons waving that gun around like a dumb@$$,"

Zero paused for a moment and took one of the gun from their hands. He rest the AK47 in a proper manner like how a soldier would held it.

"This is how you hold a rifle, from now on starting today you will wake up this early in the morning for a weapons and tactics training session with me. If any of you can't cope with the training, I will have you replaced with one of my own and you will be reassigned to another duty. Only soldiers earn the right to hold this gun, henceforth you are no longer a raider. If you want to survive out there and shoot straight, listen to every word I tell you, and watch when I show you how it is done. Am I understood?"


After a couple of hours of intensive training, Zero gathered all inhabitants to the square for their daily assignment of duties.

"Alright, I promised you all for a major change. Some of you will have a new role in this place, some of you will have the same shit done. If you aren't happy with my decision, live with it or pack up and make your way outside that gate because I have no use for those who can't pull their own weight. Here's the assignment for permanent roles:"

Mayor: Zero
Deputy Mayor: Dena Hendren
Sheriff: Maribel Railey
Deputy Sheriff: Tountan Morturang

Saloon Staff:
Dean Shmuck - Bartender
Rudolf Lehning - Entertainer
Kaena Franklin - Entertainer
Alex Willard - Entertainer

Timothy Rickerson
Mack Little
Herman Armes

Armory, Bank and Storage Management:
Ricardo Helfrich - Armory
Glenna Kriz - Banker
Rick Corman - Storage
Derrick Bertolini - Storage

Medical Staff:
Shyeni Peresta - Supervisor
Kelsey Stotts
Sandra Bogner
Jenifer Pineiro

Food and Provisions:
Tim Pruden - Hunter
Morril Galen - Cook
Tarah Lenigan - Assistant Cook
Sotan Galen - Butcher

Engineering/Construction (also covers invention and jury rigging):
Greg Etheredge
Eric Dahning
Randy Kieran
Joe Hoover
Angelina Delany

Gatekeeper: Arnold Roebuck

Sentry and Patrols:
Jake Westing
Jack Dahning
Eric Petersburhg
Arthur Cain
Edgar Harris
Samuel Goode

"So if you are not assigned for any outside expedition, those will be your roles. I don't want any of you loitering around and complaining that you are bored and have nothing to do. Those working on the saloon, you can begin converting one of the lower floor of that residential building to a bar. Farmers, you can begin surveying the area for a plot of land and give me a list of what you need to make it happen. I also want those fortifications around the place completed with whatever you have right now. For today's expedition, here are the teams:"

Team 1 - Hunting, continue training
Tim Pruden (Leader)
Morril Galen
Sotan Galen

Team 2 - Scavenging
Zero (Leader)
Jake Westing
Randy Kieran
Angelina Delany
Mack Little
Joe Hoover

Zero noticed that there are other survivors not part of the inhabitants nearby watching them.

"You guys can tag along with my team if you want. If you want a job and stay here for good, please report in to Dena Hendren over there so she can assign you some work to do," said Zero to the other survivors.

"Those on my team, gather some essential repair tools if we have any. If you can rig up some improvised tools that will be great. We will move out in thirty minutes,"

((OOC: I will continue RP when I have enough response from the PCs or next week if there isn't enough))

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Re: The Fortress. (IC)

Post by Guest on Tue 11 Sep 2012, 07:57

As Boris observes the surrounding Fortress he realizes these people are just a bunch of greedy raiders that care about no one but themselves. A good 30 minutes pass by as Boris stares into space. With no weapons, Boris walks up to the guards at the armory and greets them. He then pulls out his bottle of vodka and begins to engage the guards.


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Re: The Fortress. (IC)

Post by ben333 on Tue 11 Sep 2012, 08:03

You try to use your vodka bottle to at least inflict some damage upon the guards, but they shoot the bottle out of your hands before you even got close enough to do anything. (?)

"Don't try anything stupid, kid." one of the guards say after he delivers a kick to your ribcage leaving you in the dirt with a mild bruise.You're sure this will leak upwards.


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Re: The Fortress. (IC)

Post by lonewolf4515 on Sat 13 Oct 2012, 09:53

Wolf comes out of his intense, non stop training session he has been in for days, working on his swordsmanship, and sits down to meditate for the rest of the day.


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Re: The Fortress. (IC)

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