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Looting Training

Post by Chalkline on Mon 02 Apr 2012, 22:13

As you all know I have had major success looting. I dont want to be known as....HEY that guy is always looting the good stuff or blah blah blah.....I just loot thats the simple truth. I would love to see every one have the same succes I do. But alot of people do not have GM. JUST because you do not have GM does not mean you cant make money. The purpose behind this is to make every one in the clan as self sufficient as possible thus increasing Clan wealth as a WHOLE not just individuals. The lessons learned whether your a pro looter or just a freshly made character, will be invaluable in this game. I am a firm believer in this qoute "Give a man a fish he can eat for a day, Teach that same man how to fish he will never go hungry again" The key here is you have to be willing to learn.

I am willing to once or twice a month hold a looting training session.

The different types of looting builds for your play style....there are many and I have spent ALOT of in game money buying credits and changing builds ALOT until I found one's I like. Yes I have more than one looter type and looters.
Atrocious By Nature: Instructor at Dogg's
Chalkline: Instructor at FP
Lillith Demented: Instructor at P13
(will be once I lvl and fix her stats)

Each one of these characters have crowd control capabilities and boss killing tools. I will protect you when needed as long as you follow my every command you should not die...but for certain situations i may have you run for ur life.

These lessons will include:

* Market Research

* Helpful looting tools

* Equipment

* Where to loot

* Of course how to loot.

* Based on what type of account you have whether its GM or Non GM will determine which method I teach....Yes there are 2 different methods...GM's stay out longer and loot less consumables and more scrap value....Non GM's Stay out shorter and loot more consumables and have to compete with market prices.

* One on one time
1. With this I will personally take you out to the color of area you feel the most comfortable with.
2. Will go on section recognizition runs and how to plan routes.
3. Will show my way of looting....the basics to advanced depending on my initial placement test to see what you do and dont know.
4. I plan on each session taking a couple of hours so make sure you have time before setting something up with me....If you cannot make it please let me know!

Rules and Payment:
1. Time is money to me so yes I will be charging a very small amount (will explain payments further down)
2. I will not train those that are not willing. PERIOD! By this I mean if your not paying attention or constantly interrupting or my biggest peeve having a negative attitude....remember I can log into another alt and keep playing the game.
3. ABSOLUTLEY.... No guns... I will be the only one carrying weapons If I catch you shooting I will leave you on the spot and go looting on another one of my looters....this is negoitiable depending on red or EZ looting training. Can always talk to me about this but 9/10 times I will say no.....when I go looting the only thing I kill are spiders with melee and I know you can accomplish this also with proper training and time.
4. Requirements
At least 20+ agi for green to yellow
At least 50+ agi for orange
At least 80+ agi red
At least 100+ agi for EZ
For Long term EZ looting Training you must have at least 110 agi and 50 endurance....this is non negoitable.

These are subject to change upon results of my personalized test....Which is a timed run with me traveling and observing...and observing is all i will do... i will not intervene to save you if you get urself into a tangle....this is for me to see what you can do and how to either improve on or simply teach everything....if you have never looted before thats fine....still gonna see what your capable of Smile in the zone previous to the one you want to be trained in.
If you want to be trained in EZ ill test in red, in red ill test in orange, in orange ill test in yellow ect ect.

Green - 1k and 2 box's 5.5
Yellow - 5k and 3 Box's of 5.5 and 3 box's of 7.5
Orange - 10k and 5 of 5.5 and 5 of 7.5
Red - 50k and 3 box's of nades and 5 box's 12.7
EZ - 100k and 7 box's of 12.7 and 7 box's of nades

50% of the money will be returned to you upon the end of the training session. This is to ensure you are serious about the training and not wasting my time. I believe these are reasonable prices for the information and everything I am going to teach you. The ammo is not for my own gain or anything the ammo will go to people in the clan free of charge. Once again if you are the reciever of any of these ammos and you sell it on the market and I find out about it not only will I be pissed but I will never help you out again and will prolly never talk to you again either....purpose of this is to help the clan not for you to make money.

Ammo does not have to be paid until your able to loot it...as you send me FULL box's I will mark it off on a seperate post. If payment is not recieved in the time frame discussed I will impose penalties or just simply cut loss's and shunn the non payer! hee hee Smile I will also list who the ammo is going to!

If you do not have money a payment plan will be arrange. Ammo amounts are negoitable with items as long as its an item equivalent to the "Market Prices of stated Ammos" AND some one in clan needs it!


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