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Post by Etrius99 on Thu 05 Jul 2012, 14:11

Guys, I need a little bit of Help with the game here. Ive played for Awile and Im bout to Move off to P13, Yet i Still dont know how to Take Screenshots and post them, Can someone Help here?

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Re: Screenshots...?

Post by CenturyWarlord on Thu 05 Jul 2012, 14:16

On your keyboard there is a button called Print Screen (or Prnt Scrn), press that to take screenshot.

Then open a Paint program or any image editing software.

Press CTRL+V to paste the screenshot.

Save the image in .jpg or .png format.

To post on forum just click this icon:

Upload image.

Copy the link and paste it on the forum.

Links should look like this:

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