List of Collected Supplies

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List of Collected Supplies

Post by CenturyWarlord on Sun 22 Jul 2012, 20:25

Please edit or post a reply if I missed anything.


Group A

3x handguns (Luger, Glock, USP)
1x M1 Garand
1x M21
2x Winchester 1300
1x Claymore broadsword
1x bullet-proof Kevlar vest
4x rucksacks
2x backpacks
1x military-grade spotlight that runs on batteries
2x large batteries
5x cans of food
326 9mm handgun rounds
55 .45 handgun rounds
30x twenty gauge shotgun shells
3x Red Wine
4x Mixed Nuts
1x damaged Sega-20

Group B

2x handgun
50 9mm handgun bullets
One sledge hammer
One shopping cart of canned food
One large stack of barricading supplies

Group C

A pair of raccoons

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