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As i woke up from my sleep I i grabbed my new gear that the UNSC gave me. The UNSC gave me a HMG and melee weapons so i was excited about it. So as i walk outside to meet Chalk and Kueler to go look for my wife they told me to run fast so i don't slow them down. as we are walking down the street we hear screaming so we ran after it thinking it was my wife but it was a two headed witch. The witch made lots of aggro from her screaming but just as we got a distance away from the horde of zombies. Brandon comes and helps us get rid of the aggro he distracts them while running to the base.

As the horde was following Brandon back to base we headed off to the EZ again but on are way to the EZ we encountered a gang partying so we went over there and we see Kulon tied up. So Kueler goes to untie him but the gang spots him and then me and Chalk jump out and blast at the gang. so Kulon thanks us for are help after we all go down the street and see a horde of zombies walking towards us. I think it was the music and gunshots i said as i was shaking we locked and loaded are guns and started to blast the zombies.

It turns out that Warhero and Nova Blade where being chased by a Titan but i see my wife there we all scream over here just then the Titan burst through all the zombies and then we start to shoot it but Kulon is wounded bad. The Titan hits my wife flinging her to the car that we were standing by. I ran up to here checking her pulse to see if she was alive i couldn't feel anything but i know that i wasn't a doctor. So i asked Warhero that i needed his help while Warhero was checking her pulse then Kueler gets shot by a gang packed with Uzi's Kueler went down. Then a horde of zombies where about to attack him but then a Pelican came through shooting the Titan and horde of zombies before they could get to Kueler. The pelican scared away the gang, but When Chalk and Nova Blade was shooting at the Titan they wasted all their ammunition but as the Titan fell to the floor dead thanks for the help of that pelican.

As the pelican came to pick us up KUELER, KULON, CHALK, NOVA BLADE, WARHERO, MY WIFE, AND ME got into the pelican and flew off as we see the sunset go down i get reminded that my daughter and son are still out there. when we get back to base we take my wife on the gurney and take her to the medic me and and the clan waited outside in the lounge with me i thought that was nice. Zyrok walked up to me and said for your bravery of saving Kulon i promote you too lance corporal. I already gave the other clan members there new rank for helping you. I told Zyrok if it wasn't for Chalk and Kueler i would have never survived looking for my wife. he said don't thank me thank them, as i walk up to Chalk and Kueler i said thanks for your help but they responded back saying no problem. That day i found out i actully made new friends i can talk to.

After they doctor came out she said she will make it. Everyone was happy but the doctor also mentioned that she had to recover from her brain memory loss. I was sad cause she probably wouldn't remember so the doctor said she is going to have to go rest in your bunker for a while i told the doctor its okay if she does. At last i went to my bunker ill helped her into the bunker since she still had to recover i layed right next to her on the floor and fell asleep.


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