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Post by CenturyWarlord on Thu 04 Oct 2012, 20:06

I need your opinion on this. Do you want a character to have a class? If so what class would you want this game to have.

Below is the planned classes to be made for the game.

1. Warrior (soldier, fighter)
A professional combat specialist. Usually soldiers, police officers, mercenaries and even mafia hitman. Based on D&D Fighter.

2. Recon (sniper, ranger)
A marksman and a natural survivalist. A class for rangers, snipers and sharpshooters. Based on D&D Ranger.

3. Saviour (the divine chosen, paladin)
A warrior monk in service of God. You can say this warrior have been blessed by God to bring salvation and protection when the world is about to end. Based on D&D Paladin.

4. Scavenger (thief, rogue)
Street smart or a street rat. A class made for thieves, burglars, and urban survivalist. Based on D&D Rogue.

5. Angel (priest, cleric)
A person possessed by an angel, granting him or her divine powers for selfless sacrifice to save God's creation. Doctor, priest, nurse and even vetenarian suits this class. Based on D&D Cleric.

6. Engineer (mechanic)

7. Thug (inmate, barbarian)
A brute and a street brawler who excels in close combat. Convicts, club bouncers and street gangster favours this class. Based on D&D Barbarian.

8. Martial artist (karate student, monk)
A disciplined hand-to-hand warrior. If you want to be like Chuck Norris, this is it. Based on D&D Monk.

9. Musician (guitarist, bard)
A person who sings and play music to entertain people, now does it to inspire and demoralize people in this dark times. Based on D&D Bard.

10. Psion* (Alice project experiment, wizard)
Not much is known how one have such mysterious abilities. Perhaps the infection have different effect on some people which awakens a dormant ability or perhaps a victim of an experiment. Based on D&D Duskblade.

*You can't start out with this class. Only specific kind of PC behaviour can unlock this class which replaces the current class with this one. The PC's current background will be considered a fake and will be replaced with a true background. Only the DM and target player know about this until the player decides to reveal his/her PC's true nature.

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